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Figure This One Out

Friends and readers.

You may have read recently in the Evening News about the former Royston School site and the now less than adequate Silver Lea care home. Currently there is a report circulating from the Care Commission who inspected Silver Lea outlining a building of poor design, shared toilet facilities, no properly centralised heating system, and well past it’s sell by date.

Poor comments indeed, and we may add at this point could it be due to lack of investment over the period. So dear friends it’s clear Silver Lea has to be replaced with a proper purpose built center. This dear friends is where we part company with financial reality. Silver Lea is on prime land and at least 3 times the size of the Royston site. There is currently 9 elderly complexes within a square mile within the Royston catchment area. This amounts to around 2000 people currently in the care of the City.

Why then is the Labour dominated Committee who have Lesley Prada Hinds, surprise surprise and Cammy squint tie Day in their ranks so keen to move Silver Lea to the former School site when it is plainly obvious even to the most limited of punters that it makes no financial or any other kind of sense. The Royston site currently worth around £1 million pounds depending on who you talk to while it will cost around £4 million to construct a new care home,  now comrades that amounts to around a £ 3 million loss.

The land where Silver Lea currently stands is as we say 3 times the size of the Royston site and on prime land worth around £4 million, even those rough figures gives the City a purpose built Care home for the cost of the land and still frees up more than enough land to sell on for development and dear friends show a profit. This of course does not apply to the Royston site.

Who elects these idiots who can’t do basic sums, why even suggest another care home in Royston when we are clearly saturated now. Constructing a purpose built care home further down on the existing site offers the City a potential profit and the residents of a new care home a lovely outlook. The Evening news points out that the Royston site is attracting interest from a developer making the land more valuable and again the City could turn a profit.

Now depending what evolved from any potential development it could offer possibilities, of employment, regeneration and at no cost to the City. Certainly the land would sell for a good bit more than a million quid. So what’s the difficulty. Clearly the comrades think there might be a few votes in it regardless of the cost and saturation of care complexes in the area. They don’t mind flogging off City park and breaking every rule in the book to grab the dosh, and get a few cardboard houses built.

There is a clear business proposition to be seriously looked at here. The sensible pragmatic income raising move would to be build a new care home further down on the existing site freeing up land for development, offering residents a far more pleasant outlook, and sell the Royston site for development depending on what would be developed.

So dear friends with the Evening News having got a hold of this story it must have been spoken about and in some depth. The question we ask is who has been consulted over these proposed plans, answer no-one. But wait on we might have missed a trick here, because  the wisdom of Pilton Sucks makes us think that there has been some sort of secretive consultation, and we go further than that and suggest that the insular non consultative Development Options Group are more than likely to have known about this. And dear friends who is involved with this secretive cabal? Why none other than our new mate and now avid Sucks reader Henry 2 jobs Houdini Coyle the great escapologist and laughably titled Housing Manager.

We bet with some certainty that this lot in DOG don’t live in this Community and don’t give a dam what happens here as long as they do alright out of it. So we will move to area 51 in the Nevada Desert if we are wrong which we aren’t. At least in Area 51 we would get to see the alien craft which they found in 1947, but none of us know what goes on in the murky top secret world of the Development Options Group, or as it is more commonly known ‘ the anal retentive group’

Told You So

Friends and readers.

Pilton Sucks told you of the skull duggery  surrounding the dubious sale of City Park. Pilton Sucks told our wide and growing readership about the illegal break in and removal of portacabins, Pilton sucks also told you of the lack of responsibility taken by anyone in authority for this illegal act.

Well dear friends we have been informed by a reliable source at City level that no warrant was issued for removal of the portacabins concerned and that an investigation is on going as to who and why this illegal was sanctioned.

Through FOI[freedom as information] we have found out that an application for a building warrant was applied for by the developers in early August to build 28 units.  We understand through further investigation that this application is still to be approved, which in effect means dear friends no work which requires a building warrant can take place.

But dear friends if you care to visit City Park you will see for yourself what looks curiously like preparation works for development. Pilton Sucks invited a QS[quantity surveyor] to have a look at this work and he told us that this indeed looked like preparation work, for development. So what’s going on, is this indeed another illegal act, is Scottish legislation being ignored yet again, certainly Community concerns are.

We contacted the City for comment but as usual no-one was available to talk to us, to busy shuffling papers trying to justify their jobs.

Dead Man Walking

Friends and readers.

Run for the hills, Dave’s in Town along with the empty headed no necked munsters of the Tory Party. Yes dear friends it’s the old Etonian reunion get together and their garbled shit about things are getting better, certainly are for the very few, paid for by the masses who are suffering under the rule of these butchers.

Vatman and Dobbin have transformed Britain as they promised they would, transformed it into the land of plenty for the few and poverty for the many. Poverty at an all time high, homelessness at an all time high, wages and conditions going down the toilet, and no opposition to stop them running riot. The promise to crack down on offshore accounts now evaporated but the crackdown on benefit claimants goes from strength to strength. The promise to end the obscenity of bankers bonuses forgotten about. Nothing done to curb the abusive powers of the utility companies as they get a free hand to further screw the consumers.

The cost of living continuing to rise as wages remain stagnant, Royal Mail privatised and now lost to the investors who will whatever is said end the universal postal service. The gap between the rich and poor now at an all time high and growing. We are being robbed and cheated by this bunch of upper class twits who have a hatred of anybody who is not one of them.

All this comes as a backdrop to a conference that will be a self back patting gloating exercise in how this lot of misfits have managed to con a nation through fear and stealth and a complete lack of any sign of opposition, a complete lack of a stand and fight mentality, and a comfort in the knowledge that the official opposition will not change tactics should they gain power at the next election. The faithful will clap seal like at the stage managed speeches, will cheer Cameron’s smugness and smile with a zeal at the Fagin tactics of Gideon Osbourne.

We have a severe lack of leadership, little heart and no courage other than to attack the weakest, a PR manufactured Prime Minister and a cardboard cut out leader of the opposition offers us nothing in hope and even less in character. The quality of today’s politicians is less than poor, gone is the evangelical leadership replaced by what the media and middle England want to see.

So we advise you to find something more interesting to do next week, like wash your hair or even better read Pilton Sucks.

The Longish Day

Friends and readers.

Here in the utopian twilight of sunny Forth, where the streets, not so much paved with gold, rather dog s–t,[where's Cammy when you need him] where the road repairs always seem to miss out the potholes, where the Scotmid queues are a tourist attraction and where our old mates Pete the perm Strong and Henry 2 jobs Houdini Coyle try every trick in the book and some to avoid anything resembling consulting with the plebs.

Ah yes dear friends as you settle down to watch the glitter and the glam of Strictly Come Dancing, and try out the Argentine Tango for yourselves you can take comfort and solice in the thought that the Forth Neighbourhood Partnership has anything but your interests at heart. Our mate and regular Sucks reader Pete, the King Canute of Forth as he tries to hold back any kind of progress regularly sweats his way through the working day trying to figure out how to do nothing, something he has nearly perfected. Meanwhile our other mate and now avid Sucks reader 2 jobs Coyle constantly invents new methods of escapology, something he has perfected.

We think the person who wrote Ed Milibands conference speech must have drawn up Pete the perm Strongs contract of employment inserting the clause, ‘uninspiring a must’, certainly wasn’t the same barber. Meanwhile our new avid Sucks reader Henry 2 jobs Houdini Coyle who flits in and out of the shadows looking for new disappearing tricks, just stand in the Scotmid queue Henry, nobody will find you for ages, has taken his disciples in the Development Options Group to new heights of secrecy with not a soul knowing who they are, what they do, and how they justify their existence. It’s even possible that our bestest friend, regular Sucks reader, catwalk queen, pretty much chair of everything, inspired Tram champion, pot hole supremo and now flag waving unionist Lesley Prada Hinds doesn’t have a clue who they are and what they do, but then again you could say that about everything our mate Lesley is involved in.

All this must be quite confusing for our newest reader Vicki the hat Redpath whose innocence we find quite charming in the back stabbing, throat cutting world of politics, but then new girl on the block Vicki still has time to become infected, and as she say’s herself, ‘at least I have managed to avoid standing in dog s–t and that’s been the hardest part of the job to date and by the way where’s Cammy’. While we are at it, we understand only from rumour you understand that Pete the Perm Strong has entered Strictly Come Dancing, with partner in crime Lesley Prada Hinds, with their chosen dance being strip the willow, just trying to imagine Pete in lycra and sequins, stripping the willow with the dancing queen herself all clad in Prada tartan and chair of the Labour group formation dancers, or is that chancers, Lesley Prada Hinds. Don’t miss if you get the chance Labour group leader Andrew no balls Burns line dancing to the tune of Amarillo, get’s our vote.

Ending on a not so laughable note. One of our associates has just undergone a further treatment of Chemotherapy, which we do hope has been successful. There is a hard road ahead so Pilton Sucks sends best wishes.

When The Dream Came Pt 4

Friends and readers.

At this early hour with only our friend silence for company Pilton Sucks can reflect on many things over the period which has influenced our lives. From the moment of birth we are born into a world ill at ease with itself, in constant turmoil and in which we each have to make our own way.

For the few it is easy made by privilege gained and passed on. For the masses it is a long hard slog endured for a lifetime and so easily wiped out by the few who own the most. What kind of society allows and looks up to those who assume through birth to have some sort of licence to arrange in order of class what opportunities you will be allowed.

Where once the nobility of the working classes amounted to pride at the thought of having basic sanitary conditions, the few walked the lands they owned worked by the poor for the betterment of the rich. And so became the norm, where poverty, bad housing conditions, poor health, high mortality rates, and the dark cloud of unemployment hung over the heads of a population worn out by the daily rigours of life, and where loyalty was demanded in times of war and where in those fields of slaughter many millions of working class people raised arms to defend a class structure that happily sent them to their death.

The established elite whose own world was surrounded and protected by a country which had been constructed in the interests of the few on the backs and lives of the many, knew only to well that if they dangled the water of life in the faces of the masses then a mad scramble would ensue, and those same masses would fight amongst themselves and forget the real enemy, privilege of birth.

Is this a story from the annals of a long forgotten history, is this a figment of a story where the script has a happy ending and does the director shout cut when it’s in the can. When you waken and get up open the curtains and take a look outside as the masses go to their daily slog, that’s indeed if they have a slog to go to. Watch as the working class kids go off to an education system steeped in a class structure which prohibits advancement unless you conform to a  system set up by those who see it as their devine right to pigeon hole your life from an early age.

Pilton Sucks knows of a story many moons old, where a child was educated by it’s mother before coming of age for school, a child who was taught how to read and write, a child who was encouraged to know what was expected of his class, but how to battle against it, and a parent who taught how to fight back against a system designed to pit one child against another, where a system praised winners and discarded losers, and put barriers up supported by segregation through class and religion.

That mother fought and lost the fight to provide the weapons necessary to fight against the barriers deliberately put in front of a child because of their birth. Pigeon holed through birth, pigeon holed through religion, segregated by a system which set you up for failure should you fail to conform to the white anglo saxon protestant ethic so loved by those who benefited form it.

That child is an adult now and may have seen and done many different things and may now be in a position to relate the experiences to those who will never get to think further than the end of their limited access to life. Many have perished, fallen on the sword of limited belief that they could transform a society based on privilege, finding it impossible to break down the many layers of protection it has.

Now once more that child is born again somewhere, into a society steeped and governed by a class who feel it is in their given to take away the hard fought and died for rights of a people destined to become slaves of the masters who care not about their needs, but more of how the few can have their wealth and status protected and enhanced. Governed by a class who are now dismantling bit by bit what protection we have and tell us it’s our fault that we asked for seconds from the masters table. We are all in some way Oliver twists, innocent and vulnerable and open to attack as we do not have that all important privilege of birth.

Yes dear friends we are required to fight and die to protect the few in the name of freedom, but in reality that freedom is really only enjoyed by the class that demands the ultimate sacrifice from those that would take the very bread from your mouth and pin a medal on your chest smile at you then throw you to the wolves. We have become through those that govern us, that child who was encouraged to fight a system designed to strip away any thought that differed from conformity and may have been seen as a danger. So long ago but only yesterday.

We are back where we started, only the fashions have changed but the mentality has not.


Tea In The Transvaal

Friends and readers

Our Shitty jobs series continues with a rye look at the brain dead call centers. The shitty jobs series is hugely popular with our wide and growing readership, and so we move on. If anyone relates to the following tale or thinks it’s them, to bad.

Everyone knows that call centres are crap, the sweatshops of the 21st century, modern slave trade etc, surprise Edinburgh shitty council has not got in on the act, but there’s still time. My call centre  job was really really crap. After quitting a horrendous menial job with the Edinburgh Shitty Council I found myself lacking funds for an upcoming holiday and so decided that the best thing to do was to get a quick easy job where I would have no trouble working extra hours for more money and which I could leave without any problems.

So I walked into the nearest agency office and a few days later, found myself sitting at a ‘pod’[a cluster of 4 or 5 desks arranged in a circle] a pair of headphones on my ears, staring at a cheap computer screen that froze constantly and taking calls for a cheap phone-call card company. Basically people would buy cheap phone cards that would enable them to call relatives in far off lands for half the price that those robbing bastards BT offered.

There was only one problem,  the company and the service was complete and utter shit. The lines wouldn’t work, the cards would break, the numbers on the cards were inaccurate, the list goes on. This meant that the service only worked reasonably well for a few hours on a Friday afternoon. For the rest of the week I took endless abusive calls from people who couldn’t speak English or were called Darren[aren't they all] Often they would put relatives on to translate and I would find myself speaking to a twelve year old girl about the complexities of Telephone line maintenance.

Old woman from India would begin to cry, men from Bangladesh would threaten me as they had nineteen and twenty year old grandsons living in Edinburgh and they were going to come to the office etc etc. I even got threatened that I would be sent a Hibs season ticket, now that did give me the shits. So fuck it I decided not to answer any calls at all. So I would pretend to speak to a silent line and then, loudly and politely, resolve the problem.

My trick learned from years of drudgery with Edinburgh Shitty Council soon spread round my ‘pod’ and then the rest of the open plan office. In the end I doubt a single call was being taken. One day I was called into the managers office along with my line manager and told that my attitude was wrong and that if I didn’t pull my socks up I would be fired. I couldn’t believe that they weren’t reprimanding me for what I had actually done and so I calmly stood up and said ‘This circus is over’. So thank you and fuck you.

The Moon Is My Mistress

Friends and readers.

Every now and again, events can overtake us and with all the expertise and know how available there is nothing we can do to change what may become inevitable. The banking crisis which lead to the worlds economy falling on it’s ass, and then the people left to pick up the tab as usual.

The cost of living out of control and the people left to pick up the tab as usual. wages and conditions going down the tube faster than you can say cheap foreign labour, and the people left to pick up the tab as usual. The rich get richer on the backs of the poor so it’s business as usual, and the average punter picks up the tab as usual.

The poorest paying the most as usual and 432 landlords owning half the land in Scotland, and the punters pay through the nose for the pleasure of it in terms of grants awarded to these fat cats, business as usual. The working poor pay the most in taxes, the working poor have the worst housing conditions, the working poor get little or nothing in return and are penalised the most. Those not even in a position to work are just the shit that the Tories walk over.

And now we have the Labour Party conference, moving wallpaper is more exciting. Ed is promising to do little or nothing except do things a little differently, just squeeze the poor bastards in a different way. The working poor have no chance and are powerless to exercise their frustration at having to pick up the tab for every problem that comes along, while the new elite benefit from abusing their positions and being encouraged by a Government that are as crooked as they are.

Let’s be honest here Cameron and Osbourne are just the patsy’s for capitalisms poison, which infects everybody in it’s path and doesn’t have or want an antidote. We the ordinary citizens are mere targets which get picked off at will, inflation, unemployment, lack of decent housing, bent and crooked landlords charging the earth knowing that the punters have no option thanks to years of abuse of the system, with no sign of change.

Why is it allowed that so few people own so much land in this country. These robber barons are a throwback to the day’s of serfdom and have no place in a so called modern society. We through our elected representatives have ignored and allowed this. We pay homage and a fortune to a family that control much more than they should, and we should just shut up and like it. The Windsor mob are just a symptom of what is so clearly wrong with the way we the citizens are treated.

It’s the peoples land not the property of the favoured few. We as a nation have fought numerous wars in the name of freedom yet we remain life time prisoners of the established elite who occasionally throw tit bits off the table for us all to fight over. So over the next week or so if you have nothing better to do like walk the dog, listen to Miliband tell us how he and his mob will change things for the better, then if you have even less to do like clean the toilet listen to Cameron when his half baked conference comes along telling us how he and his Etonian mob have changed things for the better, both talking out their asses, both not willing to tackle the real problem of most of the wealth held by a few.

What we will listen to and watch if we can be bothered is both sides of the same coin prepared to do nothing except shit on the weakest, only difference is one of them will do it with a smile on their face and not a grin.

Dance With Dragons

Friends and readers.

As you are all aware Pilton Sucks does it’s best to bring you the news and views that others would rather you didn’t see, and once again Pilton Sucks has it’s ear to the ground and it’s finger on the pulse.

There is we are reliably told a presentation doing the rounds from our friends Places for People. This is an organisation which the Edinburgh City Council has shares in, and who we are told are involved in the building of social and affordable housing. So far so good you may think as did we until we had a glance at their latest offering down by the former car factory at Madelvic House.

Now before we proceed, we are also reliably informed that both West Granton/West Pilton Community Council and Granton and District Community Council both rejected the proposals. Now if they seen what we seen then it’s no surprise that they did. What’s on offer resembles something that would have been more suitable in former Eastern Europe, to high, sardine like accommodation and just rubbish.

But friends lo and behold the now secretive Forth Neighbourhood Partnership passed the plans, so we wonder what do they know we don’t.  Let’s have a shot in the dark. WEL or Waterfront Edinburgh Limited own the land and our mate and regular sucks reader Cammy squint tie Day is on the board, and also chairs the Forth Neighbourhood Partnership and as another string to his bow is vice convenor of Housing, now does that smell to you of a little conflict of interest.

Of course our mate and regular Sucks reader Cammy would not let that influence his view of things or might it? Anyway the proposals are this side of crap and not workable, but hey who cares certainly not the official loaded Forth Neighbourhood Partnership, none of whom live in the Community so it’s not in their backyard. Places for people have been hawking this rubbish round the Community trying to convince everyone what a great scheme it is. Sorry it’s not it’s shit and should be binned.

Now dear friends just to add insult to injury, we are told through the grapevine that our new mate and now regular sucks reader Henry Houdini Coyle,our noble dedicated true to the cause the master of escapology and escape artist supreme has another paid post. Not only is our Henry picking up wages for being the missing  Housing manager for the Forth Ward, strong rumour has it that our mate Henry is employed by an RTO[residents and tenants organisation] and picking up wages there as well.

Well well it must be catching now we have Sue 3 jobs Bruce and Henry Houdini 2 jobs Coyle, where do these buggers get the time, well our Henry being the master of escapology we know where he gets the time. So our mate Henry’s dedication only goes as far as his pocket which must be bulging with all that dosh he is earning. What is Edinburgh Shitty Council thinking about, this moonlighting has to be stopped.

Pilton Sucks feels that our new mate and now regular Sucks reader Henry should decide where his loyalties lie, or maybe he already has. This once again shows the lack of leadership from our elected members. Does Councillor Day know that Houdini has another job and that his attention cannot be on the post that he gets paid for with the Forth Neighbourhood Partnership.

It just makes you sick, these greedy individuals that don’t give a toss about anything other than themselves are in a position that allows them to behave any way they want. Once again the Forth Ward is just a dumping ground for punters who couldn’t care less about anything other than lining their own pockets, nothing changes then does it?

So it’s no wonder that chancers like Places for people, very ill named, get away with trying to offer up shit on a plate. With punters like Pete the perm Strong, Henry 2 jobs Houdini Coyle and our very own dog fouling czar Cammy Squint tie Day running wild it’s no wonder we get served up shit on a plate.

Just Deserts

Friends and Readers

Pilton Sucks and many others will be delighted that sleaze bag and former MSP Bill Walker received a twelve month jail sentence for domestic violence.

Walker a cowardly scumbag abused his partners and also attacked his step daughter. Pilton Sucks hopes this sends a message to all these cowardly abusers that this sort of behaviour will not be tolerated.

These cowardly scumbags operate behind closed doors ruling by threat, intimidation and physical abuse. But this is only part of the story. Amongst all this comes financial abuse, emotional abuse and threats to other members of the family. This can cause the victim to become isolated allowing the abuser to continue uninterrupted.

The victim will often try and cover up the abuse trying to portray a life of normality. This only compounds the abuse further isolating the victim. The victim can often be frightened to come forward fearing they will not receive the proper support and given the police’s attitude in the past it is not surprising victims don’t come forward.

Pilton Sucks has often questioned why does the victim consistently have to leave the family home to escape being abused?. This is madness, it is the perpetrator that should be made to leave. We also question why should the victim who in many cases has to continue to pay for the home, as often the abuser pay’s nothing, yet if the house is mortgaged the abuser remains on the deeds, so dear friends the abuse is compounded by the banks and building societies.

These cowardly mindless thugs are protected even in the face of utter torment for the victim, and it’s time that those in a position to  legislate should seriously think about the changes desperately needed to protect those who society has forgotten and more often than not ignored.

There is and should be no hiding places for these mindless thugs who use violence to exert their cowardly behaviour. We repeat our previous statement, that there should be a register for perpetrators of domestic violence as there is for sex offenders. Communities are as much at risk from perpetrators of domestic violence as they are from sex offenders. We have a right to know if these cowardly thugs are living amongst us should they strike again, and dear friends the statistics clearly show they do.

Not for us the do- gooding mentality of getting these morons to address their offending behaviour that lets them off the hook. A message must be sent out clearly stating that domestic violence won’t be tolerated, and as lengthy a sentence that the current law allows for, which we must say is pathetic will be handed down to the perpetrators of domestic abuse.

And we need a complete change of mentality, which finds it acceptable to encourage the victim to leave the home and seek temporary refuse in a safe house. That feeds the unacceptable face of social preservation, give the victim a room somewhere in a safe house somewhere and then what?, allow the perpetrator to live quite freely in the family home should he so choose. We also need the financial institutions to recognise that they to have a duty to protect their customers and not hide behind outdated practices that feeds the eating frenzy of the abuser.

If the victim is willing to continue paying for the home she is in then she must be accommodated and the thug who often pay’s nothing but can benefit by a law which protects his interests even when he pay’s nothing, again we point to the national statistics that show the perpetrator often abandons the home refusing to pay anything but still has rights should his victim continue to pay for the home. This is archaic in it’s very meaning and has to change.

Boot these moronic bastards into touch, name and shame them and make them register as convicted domestic abusers. The victim will never forget despite outwardly appearances what she has suffered, and the effects it had on those closest to them. The wounds may heal but the scars remain, supported by a legal system ignorant of the real human issues surrounding domestic violence. The victim is the prime target of the abuser, but anyone who gets to close becomes a target as well and who supports them?, no-one, the same no-one that ignores the victim.

We know that it takes many years to recover if ever from the fallout of domestic abuse and it is very costly in more ways than one. Consequently even when the abuser has been stopped the abuse can continue. The victim has to be ever vigilant for the fear of the abuser returning or getting in contact, pleading for something or other, yet another weapon in his arsenal. He might ask for money which the victim might pay for fear of what would happen if she did not, and once again can isolate the victim.

The perpetrator can use any children from the relationship as a weapon of further abuse as the child will have little or no knowledge of how they are being used. This spreads a vile poison, destroying the feeling of security, so by default the abuser is still getting access to the victim. Any support mechanism will also feel the chill wind of abuse as they to then become part of the spiders web of abuse and even more isolated than the victim as the support network has not only to support the victim but also themselves as the victim will not see the necessity of mutual support.

The victim so used to abuse and violence can even threaten the support network with what will happen to them such is the fear the victim has of the perpetrator, this puts great strain on the support network who often can find themselves alone in a world where the victim runs for the sake of it leaving the support network to fend for themselves against a possible onslaught from the perpetrator and his network of drones.

The perpetrator can often stalk his victim even when the physical abuse has ceased, but still the victim will not react positively in the face of this other form of abuse. Frightened to go out in case the abuser is lying in wait, getting property damaged, receiving abusive calls and texts, still the victim is seemingly paralysed to react, out of fear should they react what would happen.

So the physical abuse may end but the mental abuse continues, and can eat away at the victim even though she may on the face of it appear normal.  The crime of domestic abuse is much much more than lashing out with your fists, it casts it’s net much wider and drags in more individuals who enter into this world of fear and violence. Be nice to him so he doesn’t erupt, fuck him. The spiders web of domestic abuse traps more than the victim in it’s woven mass, and can damage more lives than the primary target.

Isn’t It Just Earth Shattering

Friends and readers.

Hold your breath and just gasp with wonder, the over budget, overtime, business shattering, soul destroying and total waste of time Tram system is about to make it’s debut. But not until May 2014, course it is until another fuck up hits it.

Our mate, regular sucks reader, pretty much chair of everything, inspired Tram champion pot hole supremo and now flag waving unionist Lesley Prada Hinds was seen gloating on our TV screens on how marvellous everything was. Pilton Sucks a long time critic of this farce is not so easily conned. It has cost an obscene fortune up to now, it’s grossly behind schedule and just ask all the local businesses that have either gone to the wall or are clinging on by their finger tips.

Didn’t hear Prada mention that or any of the other disasters that have befallen this mess. Now it’s spin time, tell the punters it’s all been worth while and we have all been moaning for nothing. It will never break even, never mind make any money and you don’t need a doctorate in maths to know that. We have put up for years with some politicians ego trips and it’s a total disaster. Here today gone tomorrow politicians without any knowledge or experience of any kind of work or employment should never be let anywhere near projects that cost more than a tenner, better confining them to cutting ribbons and making meaningless statements, at least they can’t cause any trouble that way, or can they?

Prada has her beady eyes on a bigger prize MSP for Edinburgh North and Leith, and if her botch up mis-handleing  of the biggest disaster to hit this city since Arthur Seat erupted then God help us all if she should by some fluke win. We predict quite confidently that should our old mate win this seat then we will be relegated to second class citizens. Prada let us not forget tried with the Tories to stop the Tram at Haymarket, until someone told her it wasn’t the City Centre and the tourist punters would have to get another bus to get there, nice one.

No matter what kind of spin is put on this it has been a complete disaster from start to finish. Badly thought out if thought out at all, managed by people who couldn’t spell job and have only got there because a handful of worthies selected them. It’s all very well knowing the party rules and how to pass a motion or write a resolution, but that does nothing to enhance peoples lives it’s a false insulated world where a few believe that people are actually listening or care. Just take a look at the recent Lib-Dem conference, lot of shit with a handful in attendance, talking crap and then voting on it, who the hell cares.

Next up it’s the Labour mob and the comrades will do exactly the same, say a lot listen to the sound of their own voices, and then pat themselves on the backs or stab each other there whichever is best. They will try and convince whoever bothers to watch that they will light up all our lives and brush away the Tories cut throat attitude to the average person, in a vain attempt to convince us all that they are the peoples champions. Our advice to the handful that will watch is look at Edinburgh and see the mess that Labour have cost us all, and then tell us that they work in the punters interests.

We once again say that if people standing for office have never had a job or any other king of experience other than the closeted world of Politics then they should be disbard  from standing or holding office, and allow those with a little experience of life to step forward and manage the City. One things for sure it then wouldn’t be a bunch of appointed officials running the City with their own agendas.