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In The Beginning

Friends and readers.

Before Sucks became the phenomenon it now is, there was nothing. No forum for those who wished to speak out without being bullied and targeted, no accountability from those who spent public money and created their own little empires,  and patronising of Communities that came to expect to be used as voting fodder, and had no outlet to voice concerns and opinions that they knew would be ignored and dismissed. Bit by bit Pilton Sucks and It’s excellent big brother Edinburgh Sucks started to change all that and opened up to all what was going on in your names.

Pilton Sucks has been appaluded for it’s work on Domestic Abuse and workplace bullying, two hidden crimes that are at last starting to see daylight and be treated as the crimes they are. We have tried to make politics understandable and humorous and judging by your comments we have to a large extent succeeded. Pilton Sucks is now recognised as an important contributor to Community life, as we cannot be threatened and intimidated, we will not be silenced when we see or hear about misdeeds and chancers at work.

We have made household names out of a number of our regular characters and they have never received as much publicity as they do now, and our reliable sources tell us that a number of our noble elected members have Pilton Sucks high on their reading agenda, that’s good as they will learn a lot about what is really going on in their wards and constituencies. We have exposed those that say one thing and do another  and receive taxpayers money so are therefore open to scrutiny from anyone whether they like it or not. The one’s that complain are always the one’s with something to hide, so please complain and we will expose what you are up to, however you try to cover it up.

Several people elected to public office have privately thanked Pilton Sucks for raising concerns and the humorous look at Community life. For those who read Sucks and start at first to let their belly’s rumble and decry what we print, to bad, then, instead of looking at their own practice, scream and shout about the printed word, shows clearly that all is not right and further investigation into their practice is warranted, and we at Pilton Sucks are beautifully placed to do just that. We are well aware that even within a Communtiy such as North Edinburgh, there are one or two projects that receive public money but want as little to do with the public they are supposed to serve as humanly possible.

Oh yes lip service is paid to the punters but the reality is quite different, and we have testimonies from a number of individuals which show exactly that. And dear friends that is exactly the purpose or one of them of Pilton Sucks, for as we have already said before Sucks there was nothing and nowhere for individuals to voice their concerns and expose malpractice, fraud and expolitation of Communities. Now there is and we take every concern seriously, do our own research and then let our wide and growing readership decide for themselves what the reality of the situation is.

Sucks has it’s own sources and people we can talk to, and our associates who write the posts are given a free hand. Sucks has no owner nor any single author, it belongs to no-one and everyone. We also have heard names bandied about over who Pilton Sucks is or are. Pilton Sucks was founded by a group of disenfranchised individuals who had seen corruption and the jobs for the boys industry, and who also wanted to make the writing humorous and the characters real. No-one actually realised how big it would be with an offer now on the table to collaborate on a major piece of work.

We have and will continue to bring out into the public arena information that others would rather you didn’t know. We have been picked up by Channel 4 on a couple of occasions and we are aware that the media both local and national take a peek at us now and again as even they cannot get to the parts we can. The one continuing growth industry in Communities like North Edinburgh is the poverty industry where jobs have been created, not for local people, couldn’t have that could we, but for the few who do quite nicely thank you very much. They grace us with their presence while they milk the public purse and then by words and deeds prove how unworthy we are to receive their gift of patronising.Of the millions of pounds of public money that has been spent in North Edinburgh, how many local people have benefitted through employment, answers on the back of a stamp.

The biggest travesty and yes disaster was the blindness of not having a local Labour agreement when the development of the Waterfront was first muted. Yes there were jobs but none for the locals, the undesirables who watched and waited for some scrapes from Labours table. None came. We have the tee shirt and written the book on how we were conned and continue to be, so those who decry Sucks and sites like ours but not as good as, watch out for you will get away with nothing, and neither you should. So cry and moan like babies Sucks is on your case.

It’s Hard to Believe

Friends and readers.

Cameron got his ass felt in Europe and has decided to go in the huff because he couldn’t get his way, but over the period of his Government he has sucked up to the EU singing it’s praises and warning of the consequences of non- membership. Fast forward to the present and he tells his dwindling support that Britain’s membership would be harder to justify now in the light of a punter he didn’t fancy getting the top job.

To bad Dave now you can join Ed in his tent as he tells the adoring faithful that he will camp in Scotland until he can convince the voters to give two fingers to independence. Thinking is we would vote no just to keep this champagne socialist out of Scotland. No point in trying to make a run for it by taking a foreign break the police in all their glory will be on red alert at the airports to catch the master criminals who haven’t paid their parking fines and such like. Hard to believe that the police can’t find a little more important work to do than harass fine dodgers at the airport.

A tax dodger gets 11 years imprisonment for failing to cough up, while a rapist gets a few hours Community Service, shows what the judicial system values more. The police have a huge database of motorists so they can within seconds pinpoint someone who has not paid their road tax or missed their MOT date, yes friends major life threatening crimes which so desperately need such intense policing. But yet they cannot do the same for Domestic abusers, shows where the priority lies.

Millions of pounds spent on a trial to find a scapegoat over phone hacking, only to make those vulture lawyers even richer. Yet justice for ordinary working people is out of their financial reach so they can be picked off by an establishment that is more reactionary that at any time in our recorded history. Is it not a crime of enormous proportions to have such a massive gap between rich and poor. Housing is fast becoming a luxury many cannot afford while we are surrounded by homes priced in excess of a million pounds. Rents are an obscenity and nobody does a thing to alter this malpractice.

We are at the point of a homeless generation, is that not a crime which should be punished, but no it’s easier to target motorists, as this is simply an easy revenue raising exercise and little or nothing to do with public safety. Ordinary working people are under siege as never before by the enemy within, we are being persecuted, intimidated and harassed to a standstill as the powers that be bleed us to death by any means they can. We are paying for all the problems created by the greedy few. we are under the cosh from a legal system where fat assed lawyers get rich off the backs of a corrupt and deviant system that encourages open attacks on the most vulnerable.

The police are all but politicised, the Civil Service certainly is. Our NHS is openly being privatised and sooner all later we will all have to have some form of private insurance or take pot luck with the charity on offer, just like the good old USA. And yet the rich get richer and enjoy more privileges and we are powerless to put a stop to this abuse. The education system is all but a joke as politicians have constantly interfered and changed things to such an extent that teaching the next generation is secondary to meeting targets and making sure your back is stab proof. In the forth richest country on the planet we have witnessed the growth of food banks and a generation who may never know what it is to have a job or choice of career, unless they have the resources to buy them, but again only the privileged few can enjoy that free ride.

We are being spied on from every angle in an attempt to squeeze every last penny out of us. We are being forced to work longer for less and accept the indignity of zero hours contracts. We do not have to look very far from our own doorstep in Sunny Forth to see foul play and jobs for the boys,  while paying lip service to a working class population. The self righteous indignation when Pilton Sucks pipes up with information which some would rather bury is proof enough that one or two very well funded and supported projects are not playing ball, but try to convince us with either threats or shock and horror when we expose them.

Is independence the answer, of course not as those that are firmly against it would suddenly become it’s biggest supporter should the yes side win. Just look at your history, not the abbreviated version we are fed but the real thing. The very people who violently opposed the Russian and French revolutions and all the other uprisings we have witnessed suddenly become their biggest fans when the tide begins to turn, and this non violent referendum will be exactly the same. Someone once said, beware the ides of march, march being the wolves in sheep’s clothing, who will wear the coat of any colour depending on which way the wind blows.

We the mushrooms who are kept in the dark and fed bullshit are the same mushrooms who are stamped on, shit on, constantly lied to and then asked to pay for it all. Lucky us

Oh No It’s Here

Friends and readers.

This is the week that parents dread, when the valium intake increases and the streets change ownership. We speak of course of the dreaded school holidays when the little darlings are let loose amongst the unsuspecting innocent general public. A few will be leaving us to go off to sunnier climes and cause havoc amongst our European partners, but many will remain to take control of their kingdom. International border controls have been on red alert for some time as an influx of little darlings hit their shores and mesmerize the locals.

X boxes packed along with a plethora of expensive games have to be packed as does their personal mobile phones so they can keep in contact with their fellow protagonists on the various social network sites. 6 weeks of torment as parents and relatives try to find ways to keep their offsprings amused and stop them taking bits out of each other. Many parents have been in intensive training for some time as they try to retain some sort of sanity in this insane time of the year. Some lucky parents will manage to ship off their offsprings to the grandparents or organised school trips which they have saved furiously for seeing the obvious benefits of such a spend.

Communities all across the nation are on red alert and a war footing as the bell goes for the final time on Friday. Then comes the mad rush from the school gates to temporary freedom as uniforms are left discarded on the ground and surrounding vegetation, with some of the pupils still in them. Blinds are drawn shutters are put up and shopkeepers start to perspire furiously in anticipation of the demands of the hordes that will descend on them.

Of course there are those that will more than welcome the summer hols, as McDonalds order in more gut busting crap and sugar laden rubbish thereby increasing the hyperactivity of their customer base causing parents even more pain both in their heads and wallets. We wondered what our friends in the North the Infamous Five will be getting up to,  as little as possible as usual. Deadloss, Useless, Dopey, Dotty Doris and Moonie the sneak will no doubt have plans to spend the summer at someone elses expense, and we wonder who that could be. The one thought a month they have will probably wander to the delights of Amsterdam Tobacco or a touch of Morocco’s finest, as they look to rest after a long year of mooching and freeloading, we wonder what is next on the agenda for our friends in the North.

We are reliably informed that our bestest mate and fanatical sucks reader Leslie Prada Hinds is off to Disney world and no not as one of the attractions although we feel she could do well in Disney land.  Cammy squint tie Day is plotting and planning how to do the impossible and win in Edinburgh West, we offer our mate a word of constructive advice, forget it, try the Costa plenty it’s warmer and the natives are a bit more friendly. Vickie the hat Redpath is we are reliably informed going skiing, we hope it’s the downhill run, that would mirror her political career.

Well dear friends whatever you are doing to try and avoid the luvies that plague Edinburgh at this time of year, make the most of it as the yesers and noers are planning to haunt your every moment as they go hunting for votes in the in or out campaign. But you can relax in the knowledge that wherever you are Pilton Sucks will be available to bring some extra sunshine into your stressful lives. We ourselves are off on an expedition up the Amazon in search of Pandora’s box.

The Sucks View

Friends and readers.

We are delighted to announce to our wide and growing readership that Pilton Sucks has come to an agreement over a joint piece of work. This will put Pilton Sucks on the High Street in our first joint collaboration with a leading political journal. As there are one or two details to sort out which should see us in the mainstream market come the Autumn we cannot confirm as of yet a done deal.

Our format will probably not change, as we feel it’s not necessary, and we will remain in control of Editorial rights. Sucks has grown rapidly since we returned from our enforced exile, and we will still  endeavor to bring to you the stories that others won’t print, and as before we refuse to be silenced on the issues that affect the punters who never get to hear about them due to the sinister secrecy that we live amongst. Sucks has it’s critics and we hope they don’t go away and continue to exercise their rights to make asses of themselves.

We now have imitators but they cannot reach the parts that Sucks reaches, as they pay homage at the altar of ass licking, Sucks doesn’t and will never lick ass, we’ll kick it instead it’s more fun. We have contacted Twitter to tell them that the real Pilton Sucks makes the imposter look decidedly third rate, but we have no real objection other than the embarrassing content. We will now widen our associate base which will bring you potentially more slimey goodies to enjoy.

We are pleased to say that we received a comment from a politician who welcomed our site and was glad it was back after it’s enforced absence. Our friend also went on to say that Pilton Sucks has made politics and political life much more interesting and engaging. He also said that most if not all of his colleagues read Sucks even though they deny it. We are happy to welcome anyone even politicians to the Sucks family.

We have highlighted major social issues such as Domestic Violence and we are happy to say that at long last it is receiving the attention it deserves and we hope that this cowardly crime is punished as severely as it should be. We brought to you the dreadful crime of workplace bullying and highlighted the abuse of staff within the Muirhouse Social Work Center which the Sunday Mail took up. We named both the cowardly thugs who consistently abused staff,  and absolutely no action was taken against them even though the evidence was overwhelming. We have been asked over the period about the whereabouts of both Frank Kane and Jimmy Hewitt. We know little of the whereabouts of Kane but we have been informed that former pig farmer Hewitt is still employed by Edinburgh City Council, still within the Health and Social Care Department, based at Riddles Court dealing with placements for punters who have been sentenced to Community Service.

That dear friends is how seriously your Council takes workplace abuse, keep the abuser in post and give him access to potentially vulnerable people. Nice one. We are still on Hewitts case. So Sucks is not just about bringing to you the stories that others want to keep under wraps, but we have a campaigning arm which we will use to it’s maximum. Predators like Hewitt should never have access to others and certainly not any position of authority, he is a shameful, horrid, disgusting individual like all workplace abusers.

But Sucks also has a lighter side, with a range of characters which have brought our wide and growing readership a lot of laughs and made them household names, which secretly they are delighted about, the theory being all publicity is good publicity. We have the only Tory in the Village and long serving fence sitter and avid Sucks reader Alan the weasel Jackson. Cammy squint Tie Day has blossomed under Sucks and now avidly looks for a mention knowing the value of the publicity.  Newbie Vickie the hat Redpath and of course the mummy of them all, the best character anybody could have, Agatha Christie would have given her eye teeth for such a character, Enid blyton would have walked over hot coals to get her, while Andy pandy Burns always has to look over his shoulder as the spectre of this grim reaper haunts his every moment.

We speak of course of fanatical Sucks reader, chair of everything, the lady who has a mirror for every occasion, Harvey Nic’s devotee and flag waving Unionist until the opinion polls say different, our bestest mate and 24 carat character Leslie Prada Hinds. We are reliably told from an excellent source in fact it could be Leslie herself, that the first thing our mate does when she toddles up to the Chambers of a morning is tune into Pilton Sucks to see if she has had a mention. Our Leslie is a gift and a one off. Nobody mucks it up like Leslie, and then spins a success out of it. She is head and shoulders above the rest, so carry on Leslie we are right behind you, literally.

Caught Short

Friends and readers.

Many of you will have undoubtedly at one time been caught short and unable to find a toilet in this festival city. It has got to the stage now that its easier to find a parking space than a public loo. Now the Public loos at the Tron are to be shut, and many will say thank fuck as they have got to be the most disgusting public conveniences in modern history.

And speaking of public conveniences, up pops the chair of everything, Sucks favourite character and flag waving unionist Leslie Prada Hinds. Wherever there is shit around Our Leslie won’t be far away, and our bestest mate and Environmental chair was right on the ball telling the punters that the toilets at the Tron were not fit for purpose, they never have been Leslie, and new all singing and dancing bogs will be open in the next few years, so what do the punters do till then, hold it in.

The shame of it all. In a few weeks time the Luvies along with the tourists will descend on Edinburgh to enjoy the overly expensive and now very much exclusive Festival, so what do these punters do if they are caught short. most of the local boozers have signs in the windows telling the desperate ones that Toilets are for patrons only, and if you go into a cafe or suchlike it’s more expensive to use the bog than it is to have the watered down coffee.

You can’t nip into a stair and relieve yourself as they all have door entry systems, nor can you use a lamppost as they are commandeered by the Traffic wardens who hid behind them in an attempt to catch and ticket motorists. You could of course nip down one of the many closes in and around the High Street and try your luck there. Or dear friends you could use the walls of the City Chambers as a public loo as the inhabitants are all too ready to piss on us. But all the Lucky punters within the Forth Ward are in the very fortunate position of having a multitude of places in which to relieve yourself.

We have the magnificent toilets at Granton Square, ideally positioned in the center of a roundabout, used mainly by bus drivers who clog the road at times with their buses, as drivers await their turn. We also have the local bookies if you want to chance it, with its wonderful graffitied walls and soaking wet floor. Bring your own towel to wash your hands as the chances of getting a paper towel are about as likely as picking the Grand National winner. We also have two Morrisons Supermarkets, aren’t we the lucky plebs, with their customer friendly toilets, only problem is the hand washing system, nobody can quite work it out.

And dear friends we also have our own dog fouling czar Cammy squint tie Day so the Forth ward punters are all geared up for the influx of the one tourist who accidentally got on the wrong bus and ended up in Muirhouse, which he was told was one big toilet. But we have great faith in our bestest mate and fanatical Sucks reader Prada to get it wrong again, she always does.

The Ballad Of Earnest Glimmer

Friends and readers.

Once upon a time in a land far away, where the population lived a modest yet fulfilling existence, never experiencing the horrors of war and pestilence, came a visitor from another culture who preached the virtues of democracy where you could elect, by a majority vote a leader who would lead them all to the promised land of free healthcare for all, an education system that would enhance the next generation  and a legal system that would offer the protection to ensure their peace and liberty.

Puzzled by these promises which it seemed were already in place the stranger told the people that without order and structure all were at risk of invasion by an enemy as yet unknown. This enemy would destroy all that the population had achieved but this could be avoided by a simple process called voting. The elders of this population had other ideas and wished to remain self governing, making their own laws and protecting their people by peaceful means. But there were those within the population that had been convinced by the strangers promises and had been secretly promised prominent roles in this new way of doing things.

So this group formed a coalition of differences, differences that were put aside not for the greater good but for the grabbing of power which then could be turned on the population and betray not only themselves but the people they promised to protect. This coalition grabbed power and immediately turned on the population blaming outside influences and the enemy within. A once relatively contented population were plunged into poverty and destitution while the coalition blamed the population for the predicament that they were now in. The population could do nothing and became the puppets of the puppet masters, as the coalition used every weapon they controlled to threaten the very population they promised to protect and enhance.

The older members of the population were thrown to the wolves and left without the care they needed. The younger members of the population were offered no hope and left to wander their land searching for a future that had vanished when the coalition took power. The healthcare promised was only for the wealthy in the population and the promise of an education system that would bring out the best in the population descended into a scramble for resources as the coalition gave to the favoured few and left the rest to fight over the scrapes. They encouraged the rich and wealthy to come to the land they had plundered and buy up all the property at vastly inflated prices forcing the existing population into a twilight existence seeking refuge where they could.

The few that had turned against the population preferring to side with the stranger, realised that they would be exiled if they did not side with the population they had turned against. But after years of being subjected to a bitter existence the population would not be fooled a second time. The stranger did not react other than to blame the few who had turned against the population blaming them for all the troubles that the population had suffered. You see the stranger had come from a world far removed from the existence of the population he had promised to improve. He had come from the land of privilege and wealth and wanted to make sure that this wealth and privilege was not only protected but enhanced, and he had seen an opportunity to do this and forever protect the elite.

This land would be forever in the grip of the elite and the population would need to free themselves from this tightening grip and become again a land called hope, it would not be easy as the powers of the elite had spread throughout the land with their tales of gloom should the population dare to try and free themselves. The time was drawing near to make a decision, and even though poverty and destitution had plagued this land there were still those who preferred the rule of the elite. But for the sake and future of the generations to come there was only one decision that could be taken. Would it be the right one?

Burning Bridges Never Made Us Cry

Friends and readers.

Summer has arrived we think, for a day or two anyway, and Pilton Sucks is basking in the fleeting visit of the sun before it decides that the taxes in Scotland are two high and goes elsewhere. The dreadful smell of the barbecues waft all around as the punters chew on burned sausages and hamburgers that shrink to half their size when charcoal grilled.

But dear friends the sun has a peculiar effect on the punters, a good effect, they seem happier and care not about how much they are being shafted by their glorious leaders. The utility companies go in the huff as the heating goes off and the lights go on much later, and nobody remembers just how much these greedy bastards are stealing from us, and with the price of gas dropping on the spot market, will we receive a reduction on our bills, not a chance, and what will the Government do about that little detail, why nothing of course as they are all pals together.

We currently have the World Cup, Wimbledon, Cricket for the insomniacs amongst us and the obscene spectacle of Royal Ascot to detract the punters from the reality of how much damage is being inflicted on the fabric of our society and not to forget the occasional roll over on the Lottery, yes it could be you but its unlikely that it will come in time to help pay your next winter fuel bill. So as we enjoy this sporting care free summer where some of us will be packing our poundstretcher sun tan cream and various insect repellents and get ready to be treated like Sardines at the airport in an attempt to chase the Sun and the various delights of the Turkey trots and Spanish tummy and of course the tan lines which will cause you to squeal in pain, and lets not forget the little darlings who need weeks advanced training from the put upon parents in how to stand in the neverending airport queues and their demands for the grossly overpriced goodies at the airport.

But you have the most expensive transport system in the universe to help get you there, to the airport that is, if you are close to a Tram stop, if not then you need to get a Taxi to the Tram Stop or bugger it all the way to the airport which will burst your holiday budget and that’s not including the tip. You can of course if you feel adventurous get the express bus to the airport, which still means getting yourself and your little darlings to the stance all in one piece of course. And once you get to the airport, well maybe not that’s too long a pain to describe.

But whatever you are doing, don’t forget that reality is just round the corner and a few degrees lower on the thermostat. Forgetting the dreadful soul destroying and completely baffling to the average punter cricket, there is much to be happy about unless you get into your car where the seats have been baking in the sunlight and you forget that fact and get second degree burns on your posterior, enjoy the brief Scottish summer, because once the novelty of holidays end then comes Autumn and the soon to be near you referendum. God help us it makes the thought of Spanish gut buster breakfasts with all the grease you can eat seem like heaven compared to the bombardment that’s just round the corner.

Send us a postcard.

Journey Of The Sorcerer

Friends and readers.

Pilton Sucks goes from strength to strength and we have now been asked to co-operate on a major piece of work with regards to, a working title of, Who Owns Our Democracy. Normally Pilton Sucks declines offers of joint collaboration but we are giving serious consideration to this idea as Pilton Sucks will be given the lead to platform what has the potential to be a ground breaking in depth examination of the lies we are fed and the maze of traps that are laid should we try to get to the reality of how our lives are regimented by a silent elite who control our very existence. Our proposed partner in this journey is an established player in political journalism, who approached us after reading some of our posts and felt we could offer something different to the mainstream rubbish we are subjected to.

Several high profile individuals have agreed in principle to participate in this and Pilton Sucks has already submitted what we feel we can contribute to this undertaking. We are more than pleasantly surprised that our site has reached the parts that other sites fail to do. In our short existence Pilton Sucks has grown to the extent that it now has a life of it’s own with contributions coming from all quarters added to the fact we offer complete anonymity to our contributors, it frees individuals to speak out. Pilton Sucks is now heading to its 4 millionth hit which we feel is a marvellous achievement, and we hope is a testament to the subject matter.

Fear not dear friends we will still be bringing to our wide and growing readership all the goodies you are used to, along with our character base which has delighted our readership and has we hoped made them smile a little, well most of them anyway, which dear friends brings us briefly to a subject which brought some interesting and positive comments last week.

We published a post concerning Spartans Football and Community Academy, and how a growing number of people are concerned about their Community activities or as we were told the lack of them. We are happy to tell our readership that the information came from an ex employee who felt that, much more could or should be done to deserve Community Status. She was vocal in her comments and asked not to be named which we were happy to do. As Pilton Sucks has no direct involvement with this organization we can offer no comment other than to say that the comments received mainly agreed with the sentiments as expressed by an ex employee.

Just to remind our wide and growing readership that we are not on Twitter and have at this point no intention of doing so, we don’t need to. But as we told you there is an imposter on Twitter posing as Pilton Sucks, but they are just that, imposters, and the writing and content clearly shows that, although we do recognise the style but its not in our class and is barely second rate, but good luck to them as the small readership that they enjoy can read the imposter on Twitter and then read the real thing, and we guarantee you won’t go back.

But with a parting kiss and a sigh we wish them luck, but show some imagination and creative writing, in fact contact us and we will show you how.

Money Well Spent?

Friends and readers

Our favourite value for money project, Total Craigroyston, who soak up money like water to a sponge have had their books audited. Super, exciteing, nice is what we were told and so it is, the accounts are whiter than white, wonder how much that cost? But one interesting statistic was hidden away in these Persil whiter than white accounts.

Dear friends it cost 28,000 pounds per young person to get them to, Go in positve destinations. Ah yes, well, but what does that exactly mean? We uncovered that truency where this project is based, Craigroyston High School has actually gone up, so no positive destination there. Get young people into jobs. Yes that could be seen as positve directions. But we uncovered that any jobs this project has managed to get young people into have been short term contracts or apprenticships that lead to nothing. Not that positive then.

We also uncovered that no mainstream employers have signed up for this wonderfully titled Positive Destinations. So dear friends we are as puzzled as you will be as to what this well funded project actually does and what is their definition of Positive Destinations. It’s all very super and nice to produce accounts at a cost to the taxpayer, but what about the ethos of this project, are they just repeating work already being done, are they at odds with existing projects who undertake youth work and do it better.

A massive investment by the taxpayers deserves more than just some salaried experts meeting targets set by themselves and then try and sell a dead end existence for 28,000 quid per punter. Very few even know this bunch of jokers exist and even less know what they are supposed to be doing, more value for money. Total Craigroyston seem very good at being funded, good positive destination, they seem very good at producing shiny bright accounts, good positive destination, and they seem good at keeping themselves above it all, good positive destination. So they are good at positive destinations, only thing is it’s all in their own interests.

How much of that 28,000 quid goes directly into benefitting the user and how much goes on salaries and admin costs, no doubt the vast majority with the punter getting the change. This is yet another example of money badly spent. Patronising is not a gift we wish to receive, as over the period we have had plenty of that.

Who’s Kidding Who

Friends and readers.

Today we look at what is to many in the Community and beyond a secret organisation which pays lip service to the Community but in reality ignores part of what they were set up for. Spartans Football and Community Academy, is based within the North Edinburgh Area in Pilton Drive beside the Ainslie Park Leisure Centre and is or should be a wonderful Community asset.

The Community part of their title gives them access to several income streams and we understand there are two Community members of the board, so common sense tells you that both are outnumbered by the rest of the board who by their actions have ignored the needs of the Community. Pilton Sucks got a copy of paperwork related to Spartans so called Community participation and it made dismal reading.

We are almost prepared to say that the Community is excluded from involvement and Spartans do the minimum they can get away with in order to qualify for Community status. Our wide and growing readership should know that the Football club and the Academy are separate and in fact the club is a tenant of the Academy and not the other way round. While Spartans on the surface appear to be Community orientated, our investigation shows the complete opposite. The reams of paperwork most of which is related to finance and in writing you would need a magnifying glass to read and an anorak accountants mind to understand muddies what should really be happening at Spartans Football and Community Academy.

We got our own accountant to go through this mountain of financial mire and give us a clearer picture of the state of play. We got this paperwork through an FOI request and it took our accountant a full day to work out what was relevant and what was there to confuse. His findings were enlightening to say the least. It also named the Trustees, and it is clear that the two Community reps are excluded from decision making with the decisions being taken in favour of the football club and not the Academy. It is also clear that there is a major conflict of interest amongst the other Trustees.

The accounts are professionally done and hide what is not happening, and what is not happening is what the Academy was set up to do. As part of our investigation into this secretive organisation we spent some time making enquires into what part Spartans actually play for the Community status they enjoy. It’s abundantly obvious that if your face fits then you are included and if not then to bad. Our enquiries revealed a lack of direct Community involvement doing the minimum they can get away with to continue to qualify for Community status and the income streams.

We asked for information as to the regularity of board meetings and they are spasmodic to say the least, so it can be surmised that decisions are being taken without the support or knowledge of the complete board and it appears certainly without the knowledge of the Community reps. We have reason to believe that this is a correct surmise, because if the board meetings are spasmodic which they are then from the paperwork we got access to,  decisions are being taken and definitely without the support or knowledge of the Community reps which include some elected members.

We have several questions for the Trustees, one of which is exactly what resources are utilised for Community benefit, and where is the evidence. We were told that one local organisation Granton Youth Center, a project that should benefit directly from Spartans Community status is being charged more than the local Community Center is charging for football use, which flies directly in the face of what Spartans should be about. One of our associates contacted Granton Youth Center to confirm this situation  but were unable to contact anyone.

Why is there such direct conflict amongst the clubs Trustees ? Who do the club liaise with in the Community, and what should be an open door policy for the kids in the Community is far from that? Why. Why if there are two groups within this organisation is there not two separate boards, one for the Football Club and one for the Academy?

What we have is an insular small group of people making decisions which favour the Football club at the expense of the Academy. What we have is decisions taken without the full board and without it being too obvious the exclusion of the Community Reps. While we applaud the fact we have such a facility within the Forth Ward we are more than dismayed with the active involvement that they should have in the Community rather than the minimum to retain credibility.