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Strictly Come Skating

Friends and readers.

Once upon a time there was a dreary looking building in a poor area, and this dreary looking building housed the many minions that worked supposedly on the local punters behalf and in their interests. This of course was an entirely false premise and the good fairy Pete[formerly the perm] Strong waved his magic wand to make sure he spent the devolved budget in his favourite parts of the kingdom.

The inclusion that was meant to be magically disappeared and was replaced by the chosen one and the enemy of dog pooers everywhere Cammy squint tie Day. Comrade Cammy chaired this panel of sycophants who had their own interests at heart as did cuddly Cammy. Money to be used in the areas that most required it was forgotten as the fluffy leafy suburb of Trinity became the main beneficiary of rent payers dosh.

But our Cammy ever the ambitious fellow spotted an opportunity for the main chance and sprinkled a little red coloured dust in dandy Drylaw which coincidently is part of the constituency he was selected for as the comrades candidate at the coming General Election. Lo and behold suddenly 50,000 smackeroos was by magic lifted from the Forth Partnerships budget and handed to the Inverleith partnership to construct a skate park in dandy Drylaw, you just couldn’t make this shit up.

Now this 50,000 smackeroos comes from the rent payers account and is meant to be spent in the areas where it is most needed. But the illusion of need was somehow switched to the Inverleith Partnership who have a low concentration of rent payers and therefore their budget is lower. Now cuddly Cammy being a loyal honest upright sort of dude would never do anything underhand now would he?

But is it not strange indeed that 50,000 smackeroos will be potentially spent where cuddly Cammy is standing as a candidate at the General Election. We are sure there is a rational explanation, isn’t there? Let us not forget that a play park was built in the same area some time ago at great expense to the rentpayer and built on a flood plain, stroke of genius. But a fence has been built that’s bound to keep the flood waters out isn’t it? oh and some soft chips have been laid as well, probably to soak up the water.

Never mind dear friends we can all sleep safely in our beds knowing that rentpayers money is being spent wisely and certainly not used as an election bribe, perish the thought.

Campus Chat In

Friends and readers.

On Saturday 27th September the Community well a handful of them anyway were treated to, according to one observer the usual drivel served up with a side dish of rambling.

We are dear friends referring to the widely heralded Community Conference held at the Telford campus of Edinburgh College. Our observer told us that the attendance was bolstered by a  plethora of the great and good with a sprinkling of Community punters. I MSP 2 Councillors, 12 Council employees, a punter from Lothian Health, 5 kids under 15 who were dragged along on the pretext of inclusion, 10 Community Council members, and around 15 members of the public who were told Bingo would be included.

Not that much short of a farce when the not so great an good outnumbered the local punters. Our mate and avid sucks reader Cammy squint tie Day was chair and master of ceremonies, and the assembled punters were treated to the opening ramblings of raconter and new best friend of Cammy’s Willie-Community Socialist-Black, lucky punters.

What was this love in really all about. A vision for the future, how many visions can one Community stand having seen previous visions come and go only to benefit the very few and leave the rest of the mugs without a pot to piss in. And this latest piece of ingenuity is no different. A handful of chancers masquerading as Community stalwarts, which will result in more of the same indifference when it comes to delivery. Instead of talking to the people who can make a difference and have a track record of getting things done, we have moved back to the old way of doing things, exclude those who can do and include those who talk a lot and do nothing except look after their own interests, something this and other Communities have been plagued with for years.

We have lost our way under the Labour rule who have brought back those know as much about regeneration as Prada Hinds knows about Charity shops. Groups have suddenly sprung up with remits from God knows who to take decisions that have included only their small insular clique, and then pronounce Valhalla is on the horizon, seen it all before.  One of these groups the strangely named Granton Improvement Society have sprung out of no-where and are now claiming to speak for the punters of Granton and beyond, no they don’t. This Community is in danger of being hyjacked by incompetents intent on self preservation and what’s in it for me. The politicians who support this return to the bad old way of doing things may find themselves hoisted on their own petard.

If it wasn’t so serious it could be made into a Carry On film, possibly Carry On chancers with cuddly Cammy in the Sid James role and Prada or Vicki the hat Redpath in the Barbara Windsor role, or there again maybe not.  We have been told of intimidation and other forms of Socialist comradely stuff and again this happened before and which hauled us to the bottom of the social league, giving us the unfortunate title of being one of the socio/economic blackspots in the Country. This changed for the good when the Lib-Dem SNP coalition were the administration in the City and they got rid of the chancers, bringing in a new and successful way of doing things, and surprise surprise we give a lot of credit to former Councillor Elaine Morris who decided rightly that the handful of individuals who had run everything and excluded anyone who didn’t think like them were given the boot.

She took pelters for trying to include more people but she persevered and found support and did force through change which brought daylight back to a Community for so long kept in the dark. She is a loss to this Community but a gain to those who are on the comeback trail and their hangers on. The result a so  called Community conference, an insult to those excluded and a return to the dark ages. We don’t blame the squalid nature of Labour politics they have always done things this way and then been booted out when the punters realised they were getting shafted. A large portion of the blame must lie with the other coaliton partner, the SNP who have the chair of Economic Development in the guise of another of our mates Frank fingers Ross, who had been a huge disappointment as his officials lead him a merry dance which has seen his eye moved from the ball.

Frankie and his colleagues have allowed Labour to make the running and return this Community to the hands of the philistines, shame on you. Labour have a free hand in this Community with absolutely no political opposition and don’t they know it, and how they abuse it. The comrades clamp down on anyone who even thinks of doing something different and makes sure they are excluded by simply outnumbering them with clones and head nodders, it’s an old dodge which works for a short time, but it is that short time that maximum damage can occur and we are witnessing it now.

When we were told who was at this conference it was all the more enlightening to us for those that weren’t there. The real Community leaders who can’t be threatened or intimidated but can be excluded. One more astonishing rumour which we cannot confirm but we will try to investigate, is that our mate and avis Sucks reader Cammy squint tie Day is aware of a potential project worth around 20-30 million to this Community and to Granton in particular, which our source at the City Chambers say’s he has done nothing about. If true this is nothing short of bewildering. Watch this space.

Pickle Lily Pearl

Friends and readers.

We hear on the grapevine that a momentous event has struck our friends in the North, the infamous 5. One of the gang has turned 21 now there’s a thing. Gone are the whimsical  fancies of the teenage years as manhood beckons. But wait a minute the toilet roll is still needing changed and the odd jobs still need doing but they are mere side issues as our birthday boy relaxes till his next birthday, it’s all downhill from here.

The rest of the gang can smell party and are getting geared up for the night’s revelry while the put upon parent panics and flusters over what thickness of toilet rolls will be necessary  for the various asses that will required to be wiped. But the machine gun turrets are in place as is the electrified barbed wire while the demented cat has disappeared into her own version of a nuclear bunker. The despairing neighbours have had their warnings, oops notice of the forthcoming festivities and have been advised that a blackout would be appropriate as would a complete shutdown of all communication with the outside world.

As momentum gathers and the party draws closer,  the demented cat chases the galloping guinea pigs who chase each other and cause the put upon parent to fluster even more as the doomsday event draws even closer. The usual suspects will be there, Useless, Deadloss, Dopey, Moonie the sneak Koran in hand and Dotty Doris fresh from retrieving the hair extensions which were handed into the police after a gust of wind blew them into the face of an innocent member of the public who thought she was being attacked by a seagull on LSD.

There could also be any number of hangers on otherwise known as the party set who trawl the social media sites looking for parties and places to doss.  The Facebook fun seekers live in a world where their every movement including their bowls is posted for all to read and our infamous 5 are regular Facebook punters so it should come as no surprise if one or two uninvited fun seekers join the party animals. A special edition of Crime Watch will be dedicated to the innocent civilians who may wander accidently into the vicinity of this shindig, and be swallowed up and lost in a flood of cheap booze and extremely dodgy Tobacco.

It may well be the put upon parent will have to indulge in a blast or two of the various spliffs that will be circulated just to keep her karma in check. We would also advise a bouncer be deployed at the party and who better that Sue three jobs Bruce who could not only show her leadership skills but do a bit of moonlighting as well. Our mate Vicki the hat Redpath could be part of the entertainment doing a bit of juggling with her vast array of hats. Or our mate Cammy squint tie Day could pull a rabbit out of a hat, or slight of hand with a card trick, he’s had plenty of practice. But better still we could have our bestest mate and fanatical Sucks reader Prada Hinds leading the sing song or the conga or both at the same time, our mate Prada leads everybody a merry dance.

So citizens of this fair City watch out the party revellers are about and making a mess at your door soon.

Aunt Trudy’s Applesauce

Friends and readers.

Following the yellow brick road of prosperity for the few has been the main item on the menu for successive Governments. In this our overtly divided society where the many pay for the privileges of the few the new underclass the working poor have been made the scapegoats for all the socio economic ill’s that we are forced to live with.

It doesn’t matter which way you cut it we end up paying so the elite can pontificate about the need to get our economy back on track.  But who really benefits from a divided society. The beneficiaries and net gainers of the supression of the majority of the population are those who appear as sheep but in fact wear wolves clothing. The Westminster elite fight among themselves in a seedy grasp for power all in an attempt to mantain the status quo where the ruling classes have all the power at their fingertips to use against us at a moments notice.

The forces of the state are a constant threat in a hidden battle to supress the population and keep them in line. The so called democracy we live in is one of fear and intimidation. Let us take a simple example which we have all encountered, the threatening letter. The money grabbing mercenaries that are the Utility companies who are a law unto themselves send out their bills to us the ripped off consumers. The overt threat on these bill is that if they do not receive their money they will cut you off. Oh yes it’s hidden in language designed to con us but it’s there all right.

Another simple example is the letter from the building society. Always somewhere usually at the bottom of the letter in bold black type is the threat that if you do not keep up payments on your mortgage your home will be repossessed. They say they are helpful and understand the difficulties people face but that’s a lie, as a reader of ours told us recently who found themselves short at the end of their mortgage. The company and we shall name them SANTANDER covertly threatened our reader with repossession should they fail to find the sum required.

These are two simple but regular threats used against the population and we have no way to fight back, the politicians don’t give a toss, why should they, as they don’t struggle to make ends meet. Governments use the economy as a hammer to hit us with as do the multi national companies who the Government pay homage to. We are constantly under threat and are in a position of having to do as we are told or face the concequences. This abuse of power is coloured in to make it look palatable but the dark forces of destruction are never far from the surface.

We are only as free as the ruling classes allow, free to pay for our economic imprisonment and cast aside if we can’t. Gone from the agenda is the promise to call to account those who stash mountains of cash in offshore accounts, when was the last time you heard it mentioned, that’s right you haven’t. Have you ever heard any Government tell us that they will use the land held by the elite for the benefit of the nation, no of course you haven’t. They have the law courts on their side and the whole rotten system is geared to make sure we can’t intrude into their ownership of anything.

Corruption is rampant but should you fail to pay a parking fine you will be hounded to your grave. there is now a data base geared to harrassing motorists but where is the data base to protect women who have been victims of domesic violence, there isn’t one and there never will be, money is more important than human lives. Billions of pounds of taxpayers money is used to stockpile Nuclear weapons but our shadow chancellor tells us that if Labour get power at the next election, he will peg the child benefit allowance and continue the war on the living standards of the working poor. No mention of less money being spent on weapons of mass destruction, but lots on how we can expect to receive more of the same.

More and more we are becoming a voiceless majority until that is our vote is needed to upkeep the living standards of the political classes. As hard worked for benefits are under threat and being eaten away at but those at the top who are the real criminals continue as if nothing has happened. We are being stood on and then scraped off the shoes of the ruling classes who sneer at the very thought of ordinary people taking control of the means of production and exchange. Who will stand up and counter this war on the people, why no-one of course as they drink from the trough of plenty and their thirst is insatiable.

So the Tories might get kicked out at the next election, only might, and they might be replaced by a Labour Government intent on continuing the austerity measures bar a bit of tinkering. What a prospect, little or no hope in this democracy of fear.

Spirit Born Of Earth And Water

Friends and readers.

It’s back to the mundane queueing in Scotmid and the everyday shafting we get from the lab rats in Westminster, but before Pilton Sucks say’s goodbye to the referendum campaign we would like to sign off with a couple of funnies we hope give you a giggle.

If  Scotland had gained It’s Independence the remainder of the United Kingdom would have been known as the former United Kingdom [FUK]

In a bid to discourage Scots from voting yes the Westminster political classes had begun to campaign with the slogan VOTE NO FOR FUK’s SAKE.

The yes campaign had a huge boost as Greggs the Bakers threatened to quit Scotland if we had gained independence and treat the English punters to their infamous Steak Bake.

So there you are dear friends you can now get back to doing the washing making the beds and if you are a huffy put upon parent you can tidy up the big kids mess and make their bed as well. Now back in reality with a copy of the Guardian replacing the toilet roll you forgot to get, the demented cat still running around covered in yes stickers and your Tesco shares worth about as much as a Tory or Labour promise, we turn our investigative nose to the latest twist and turns in the heavenly North.

We see our friends at Spartans have made a short film and we have to say it’s impressive stuff with what they are attempting to do. One minor criticism, judging by the stars of the show we don’t think Hollywood will be calling soon, and Scotland manager Gordon Strachan looked like he was sitting in the Hibs stand at a home game.[that's an attempt at a joke watch it and you will get it]. it is available on U Tube.

The faces at the Labour party conference looked as though they were at a public execution and maybe they should have held their conference in the North, we would have suggested the Royston Wardieburn Community Center, where many if not all of them would have if they looked hard enough seen a worker, a real worker or a council worker sleeping in their van between breaks, dog shit in all it’s glory [where's candidate Cammy when you need him]. They could have experienced the queues in Scotmid although they would have had to cancel their conference for that.

Yes dear friends it’s corruption, oops business as usual in Sunny North and our old mate and fanatical Sucks devotee Neighbourhood Manager Pete[formerly the perm]Strong who was seen taking down the last of the better together posters from the windows of the local office in West Pilton Gardens with his signed photograph of another of our avid readers Leslie Prada Hinds hanging out of his back pocket. With his builders bum sticking out of his trendy sepia coloured cords he cut a dashing figure.

For those fortunate enough to be standing at the polling station at St Serfs they would have had the pleasure of an American television interviewer asking punters what the hell was going on, once ex Councillor Stuart Macivor explained that it was a referendum to decide if Conservative stalwart and long serving Councillor Alan Jackson should should join the Socialists Workers Party, our American friend asked what a Conservative was.

Our pal Vicki the hat Redpath was seen regularly on the campaign trail alongside many of her English friends who had been bussed in to help in, the keep Prada out campaign or No for short. The North was awash with posters and stickers and it was rumoured that our Noble Chief Executive Sue three jobs Bruce was out and about during the campaign in disguise of course with a hat borrowed from our pal Vicki proclaiming her neutrality whilst hastily thrusting no leaflets through the doors of the lucky punters in Drylaw. There seemed to be a lot of activity in dandy Drylaw, why ever could that be, answers on a yes leaflet please.

Pilton Sucks wandered round the polling stations in the Sunny North soaking up the throbbing atmosphere as the punters came out in their droves, many not having voted before, this was picked up by a local journalist who reported, quote, ”many of these people have never voted before and very many are Labour voters”  yes friends you couldn’t have made that one up. We are informed by a very reliable source that at least one of the infamous five thought about voting then had to lie down such was his exhaustion at having to think.

It seems many of our young punters in the North voted and we hope will vote again. Foreign camera crews were out and about all over the North and we at Pilton Sucks gave an interview to a Japanese journalist so it may be we will be read in the land of the rising sun.



Edinburgh North And Leith Vote Yes

Friends and readers.

With the Scottish electorate voting by around 200,000 to remain within the Union, we must now move on and deal with the aftermath. The Labour party are now clearly in decline and the future Labour candidates for the Constituency of North Edinburgh and Leith must now answer to a constituency that overwhelmingly voted yes, and will now see that the party hacks sold them short.

London Labour will renege on the promises they made during the campaign and already they are backtracking on the pledge that their hapless leader Miliband made along with Cameron and Clegg. Labour need Scottish seats to win an overall majority at Westminster and Cameron has fired the first shot in that campaign putting Miliband on the spot by suggesting that Scottish Mp’s should not vote on English Issues, which would leave Labour unable to govern should they win.

Labour MP’s, Councillors and candidates paraded their No badges and now how do they square that circle. Labour have sold out to the ruling classes and political elite and have happilly deserted their traditional vote in favour of sucking up to the middle classes and the wooly jerseyed Guardian readers. Those who are unemployed, struggling to pay the rent, using food banks and the working poor can forget getting any help from a Labour party desperate to become slightly less right wing than the Tory party.

We are now in a constitutional chain reaction with Wales rightly arguing for more say over their own affairs, and now the English demanding more say in their affairs. The Westminster elite are in real trouble and the faceless mandarins who have been running the show on behalf of the ruling classes for years are scurrying around looking for reasons and excuses for doing as little as possible in returning powers to Scotland. Meanwhile Unionist Stalwart Gordon Brown is telling everyone he will be demanding that pledges made will have to be kept. No-one will listen to him and all he did was galvanise the middle classes while abandoning the Labour heartlands in the West of Scotland.

Labour are the real losers in all this and rightly so they have taken their traditional vote for granted for years and they will be punished at the ballot box. Their party conference starts shortly and they have nowhere to go. Meaningless resolutions and paper thin promises is all they can offer which will delight the ruling classes and political elite who can return quietly confident to the confines of the Tory party and push through even more reactionary policies and punish those who dared to challenge their authority, knowing the Labour party provide a joke of an opposition.

We witness locally their dreadful management of Edinburgh City even though they are in coalition with a toothless SNP who appear to offer no opposition to their mis-management. They came to power with a set of books which were balanced with reserves of around 15 million pounds. Now we are deeply in the red and it’s the poor vulnerable and weak who will suffer, the very same people Labour pretend to help.  The SNP would appear to be the left of center party but where are they. Burns and Co ably assisted by Three jobs Bruce are making a complete horse’s ass of running the City and these Unionists have no idea or vision on the direction this City should be taking, and now with contractors practically doing everything there is a vacuum of control at the top.

Labour’s agenda is clearly privatisation by the back door and then blame everyone else and that policy runs right the way to Miliband’s office. They like the Tories and the Lib-Dems want to maintain the status quo with as little tinkering as possible. Oh yes they will make it all look good at their conference when the party faithful gather to stare at another term of opposition in the face but the cracks are there for everyone to see as the armchair Socialists shout for social justice when in reality that’s the last thing they want as it would upset the ruling class who ultimately control Westminster regardless of who has the reins of Government.

That leaves the problem of who do the people turn to. Clearly the mainstream establishment parties offer nothing except more of the same, and maybe the time has come to support and vote for candidates who are not prisoners of a decaying party system. The opportunities, Pilton Sucks thinks will come, and the information we have received from a reliable source is that there will be an opportunity if not at the General Election then certainly at the Holyrood Election, where the voters of Edinburgh Leith and North will get the chance to vote for a candidate that has no party loyalties and will be answerable to the people of the Constituency and not a party machine.


Friends and readers.

Pilton Sucks has followed with great interest along with our wide and growing readership, the debate on Scottish Independence. But one thing has stuck in our throat, the hypocrisy of comrade Alistair Darling. This privately educated Socialist has been fronting the Better together campaign talking up why we should stay within a class ridden and socially divided Union. Comrade Darling and his unholy alliance have consistently denied that the NHS is in danger of being privatised if Scotland remains as part of the UK.

Today Pilton Sucks can inform our wide and growing readership that comrade Darling received a speaking fee of 10,200 from a company called CINVEN, this company dear friends is engaged in Private Health in England. Comrade Darling only had to give up 6 hours of his time to pocket this nice little earner. This is the same comrade who is rubbishing claims that there is creeping privatisation within the NHS, yet pockets a few quid for his words of wisdom to a company actively involved in the private health industry. Both Labour and Tory Governments have slowly brought in private contractors to the NHS yet both deny they have any plans to privatise the NHS.

Both are still siding with each other telling us there is no risk to the NHS in Scotland, we will let you make your own minds up on this one. One of the promises that the gruesome threesome have made is that the Scottish Government will have full control over the NHS, what they don’t tell you is that, not if but when they cut Scotlands overall grant it will become increasingly difficult to continue funding at the present levels never mind an increase in funding. We have to tell our wide and growing readership that it is not only comrade Darling who is in bed with private health companies, but around 200 members of both the Commons and Lords are actively involved within the private care industry.

The hallowed center of democracy is lying to us and have consistently lied for years, not that this comes as any surprise to our wide and growing readership. This is going on in our name and these greedy individuals line their pockets at the expense of the nations health. So as the campaign enters its final couple of days, take account of the fact that the political classes in the private members club of Westminster are hard at it, again not another surprise, lining their own pockets and sticking two fingers up to the rest of us.

Whatever happens on Thursday, there will be a General Election in May 2015. If Labour win will they put a stop to this hypocrisy, of course not, will they end the privileges of the ruling classes, of course not, and will they still try and capture Scottish seats if the Union remains intact, of course they will, for in reality the right wing comrades don’t have a cat’s hell in chance of winning in May if Scotland votes for Independence, another reason for thinking carefully before marking your x on the ballot paper on Thursday.

Pour La Victoire

Friends and readers.

We at Pilton Sucks always try whenever possible to bring you a little something different, something that you would not get from normal media sources, and the great strength amongst many that Sucks pocesses is the strange ability to link past and present, entertaining our wide and growing readership whilst at the same time opening their eyes to what they have may not seen before.

So once again we offer our friends and readers a little taste of history which has some remarkable similarities to the present huge constitutional issue we have before us. Let us take you back a few years to around 1789 and the start of the French revolution.

The French revolution was a period of radical and social upheaval in France from 1789 to 1799 that profoundly affected French and modern history, marking the decline of powerful monarchies and churches and the rise of democracy and nationalism. Popular resentment of the priviledges enjoyed by the aristocracy and their hangers on grew amidst a financial crisis following two expensive wars and years of bad harvests, motivating demands for change.

These were couched in terms of Enlightenment ideals and caused the convocation of the Estates-General in May 1789. The first year of the Revolution saw members of the Third Estate taking control, the assault on the Bastille in July, the passage of the declaration of the rights of man and the citizen in August, and a march on Versailles that forced the royal court back to Paris in October.

A central event of the first stage was the abolition of feudalism and the old rules, taxes, courts and privileges left over from the age of feudalism on 4th August 1789.  The next stage was dominated by struggles between various Liberal assemblies and right wing supporters of the Monarchy intent on thwarting major reforms. A republic was proclaimed in September 1792. In a momentous event that led to international condemnation King Louis 14th was executed on 21st January 1793.

Now dear friends can you spot the similarities between then and now. The privileges enjoyed by the elite, the ruling classes running things to suit themselves and their friends, and the monarchy sitting right on top of the pile. Of course this may be just a pure coincidence, or is it? Right now we have the political chattering classes sitting in an ancient chamber in Westminster fighting to preserve their way of life, I.E, the privileges they enjoy and that of the ruling class. They are fighting for the status quo where the immense divide between rich and poor continues to grow and in which social inequalities are vast. We have them now making promises you know in your hearts they will not keep, but watered down until they are worthless and meaningless.

The three not so wise men Cameron, Miliband and Clegg are pillars of the establishment and it’s extremely doubtful if they have ever had a real job between them. They are fighting alongside the class traitors of a Labour party which sold out to the Establishment years ago and are now just another right of centre political cabal, they cannot and must not be trusted. The rest of them are just going along for the ride trying to protect their own jobs and cushy way of life. We are not being represented in that chamber of horrors in London, we are being played for mugs and have been swallowing the medicine they have dished out since Oliver Cromwell lit his last fire with an ancient copy and forerunner of the Guardian.

Vote no in Thursday’s referendum and these political mercenaries will be back in Westminster before you can blink, churning out the same old shit while continuing to rape this nation. Her Majesty who has allegedly steered clear of getting involved was deliberately overheard saying that people should think carefully before casting their vote, replace that with no, which is really what she wanted to say. So the monarchy has at last come out in favour of retaining their privileges and position in society. So they have clubbed together this unholy alliance to crush any potential revolt and retain the Union which has served them so well to the detriment of the weak, poor and vulnerable in our society. Labour won’t change that, they don’t want to they are spineless and offer nothing different to the present hammering of the citizens, that’s your no campaign, threaten, blackmail and bribery and if all else fails get Lizzie to stick her tuppence worth in that should do the trick.

Vote yes in Thursday’s referendum and maybe just maybe there’s a chance for a new beginning, free of privilege for the few and punishment for the many. We the people can then get control over our own affairs with a Government elected by the people for the people in the true sense, and no more Tories, imagine if you will the most awful thought of the dreadful Ruth Davidson lording it over us as her cronies claim victory for the elite, that in itself would make you vote yes. Worse still was listening to Darling and Brown threatening to stand as MSP candidates, who the hell wants them, even their own comrades would choke on that thought. The patronising Darling and the hate filled Brown have subjected us to threat after threat and that’s the same two munchkins who tell us that they love their country. They love themselves and the wages that go with it. This yes campaign has grown from the grass roots, from every community in the country, never before have the people been more politically active and how the ruling classes hate and fear it, for above all it’s the people who have the real power, and it’s we who have abdicated real power in favour of those who promise much but deliver little.

Such was their confidence and arrogance that Scotland would vote no that they stayed in their shires and country piles and waited on the result they thought was a certainty. Well fuck them as the country has mobilised as never before and might never again. So this is your chance to say yes or no, but please vote, you must vote. This is your time in history, this is your moment to decide on change or more of the same. Come Thursday 10pm it will be all over and we will have decided, we just wait on the result. Let’s hope that it’s the right one.

Waste Of Public Money

Friends and readers.

We have been informed that the Forth Neighbourhood partnership plan to spend 50,000 pounds, yes dear friends 50,000 pounds of rent payers money on a Skate park in the park at Drylaw, this is the same park that the same Partnership spent 100,000 pounds of rent payers money on a swing park that is constantly flooded and which more money has been spent on to renew the damage caused by flooding.

Our source close to the Drylaw/Telford Community Council is rightfully concerned that rent payers money should be wasted on this unnecessary scheme, when, quote ”there is more important things to spend rent payers money on”.  This nutty idea goes to the heart of what is clearly mis-management of the Forth Neighbourhood Partnership. We at Pilton Sucks have been critical of how the Neighbourhood Partnership allocates it’s budgets given the mess that the Granton part of the Ward is becoming. Bins removed and not replaced, dog fouling on the up, grass growing out of the pavements and a general decline in Environmental work in the Ward.

This at the same time when the poverty stricken area of Trinity is benefitting from thousands of pounds of rent payers money being spent in that part of the Community, and yet there is very few if any Council Tenants within Trinity. So clearly dear friends rent payers money is not being spent in the proper manner, and a Skate Park is certainly not the right way in which to spend rent payers money. And let us be even more candid, the monies available to the Forth Neighbourhood Partnership comes directly from the rent payers account and should be spent where the need is most and it certainly is not in leafy Trinity.

Ugly gap sites, dog shit everywhere [where's Cammy when you need him] pavements a disgrace, grass growing out of the pavements and streets, bins removed and not replaced and yet we have officials coming out of our ears supposed to be allocating monies and overseeing work done within the Granton/Royston/Wardieburn area, so what are they doing apart from sitting with their thumb up their asses doing what is in reality nothing. This is an appalling state of affairs and the lunatics are certainly running the asylum, and the starting of the rot setting in can be traced back to the dismantling of the action groups and a larger use of delegated authority, and dear friends the last person you would want to give delegated authority to is our old mate and fanatical sucks reader, Neighbourhood manager Pete[formerly the perm]Strong.

Why is it that this part of the world has always been blessed with more than it’s fair share of idiots, and the self interest brigade. We have contacted  people within other Neighbourhood Partnerships and those that would speak to us and we have to say there is now a culture of fear, which is always the case when the comrades are running the show, told us that Forth is just a laughing stock and while they have adopted the system Forth used to have and which was seen as an example of inclusion, Forth has retreated into itself which allows the few loud mouths to talk a lot and say nothing but get a hearing which the rest have to be subjected to.

Forth has slid into a wee club were a few hold sway and try and dominate proceedings, and the result is obvious it’s all around us. No accountability, no political opposition no real consultation of any kind regardless of what you might read or hear, there’s none, none except for the favoured few. So the idea of being more inclusive was just a cover for bringing in or back some of the characters that have an eye for the main chance and don’t give a jot about the rest, just use it as an excuse to get their own way.  This is the road to ruin and we have been there before and ironically it was when the peoples party were running the show and once again there was little or no opposition. Send out notification at the last minute for meetings, the oldest trick in the book, agendas set by a little cabal and then stage manage meetings with decisions already taken.

This dear friends has the effect of sickening people, and putting them off getting involved, another old tactic of the comrades. We at Sucks have seen it all before and it’s happening again. No political voice raised in opposition is the green light for those who have their own agendas to go Forth[no pun intended] and plunder. Certainly the information we received points very much in the direction of gerrymandering and mismanagement, but our own vast experience tells us that anyway.

What’s the answer, political activism which allows and encourages individuals to oppose what is going on and force accountability out into the open. Easier said than done as it would have to be started from scratch given that the comrades and their cronies have complete control at present. But experience and history tells us that this state of affairs won’t last for ever they never do, and change will come it always does, doesn’t it comrades.

Concerned Citizen ?

Friends and readers.

If you were out and about in the Forth Ward and beyond yesterday [Saturday] you could not have failed to see the various stalls promoting their views on the referendum for Scottish Independence. We were out and about and we seen a number of Yes campaign stalls handing out stuff and talking to people but we have to say we did not see anything like the number of No campaign stalls around. One of our associates did however come across a group of individuals proposing to be from the No campaign outside the shops in Pennywell Road.

This group were all wearing Labour party material which was fine until our associate who was wearing a yes badge was shouted and and told to remove it. She was rightfully frightened by this aggressive stance, and was told by a passer by that they had been bussed up from England to bolster the No campaign and were just shouting at people as they passed by. We at Pilton Sucks deplore these kind of bully boy tactics from either side and will be reporting these disgraceful tactics to Scottish Labour party headquarters, and hopefully they will take the necessary action to stop this behaviour.

Following on from that we have been told that a concerned citizen who lives in Drylaw complained to the police that the stalls which were at the Drylaw shops were causing an obstruction.  We of course do not wish to see people being restricted in their movements by whoever they might be, but this complaint appears to be groundless and smacks of sour grapes as one of our associates was at the Shops in Drylaw and found people only too willing to be engaged in what was going on. So who could this mysterious complainer be. We understand from a reliable source they know who the complainer was and it didn’t come as any surprise to them. We shall let our wide and growing readership decide who they think our mysterious complainer is. We think it’s obvious but we wouldn’t like to influence our readers.