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From Clyde To Pilton

Friends and readers.

Saturday’s Scottish cup day and we have a big game down here in sunny Forth. Local team Spartans have drawn Scottish league side Clyde at home and we hope a big crowd comes out to support them as their Ainslie Park complex. Pilton Sucks will be cheering them on and we hope that they do us and themselves proud.

So good luck to Dougie and his shock troops as they go into battle against Barry Fergusons Clyde.

The Party’s Over

Friends and readers.

For those anoraks that pour over opinion polls, they could not have failed to notice that Labour is heading for electoral disaster. Trailing badly in Scotland, if the General Election was held tomorrow Labour would be decimated with the likelihood of holding on to only four seats. Pilton Sucks whose finger is always on the pulse has been saying for quite some time that Labour had deserted it’s values selling out to the twee middle classes forsaking their core traditional support.

Their candidates now come from the private school sector or worse still punters who have never worked and have no idea what ordinary people and their families have to go through to make ends meet in today’s divided Britain. They sneer at those who they have taken for granted for years and have moved so far to the right that there is very little daylight between them and the rest of the London Party’s. Labour has no plan to revive the nation and are happy to go with the flow saying what they think the punters want to hear and they can’t even get that right.

Labour are not interested in you the ordinary voter who just wants a fair crack at the whip, they would rather pander to the fickle punters in the leafy suburbs. Panic has now well and truly set in as Labour look set to lose heavily at the General Election. Union support is ebbing away as is their dosh and the once proud defenders of the poor and disenfranchised are no more than a bunch of wooly jerseyed Guardian readers happy to sit and wait on the Tories messing up. Messing up they are but it is not Labour who are the beneficiaries but another bunch of chancers UKIP.

We spoke with a current member of the party who confirms what we have been saying. He has been a member for over 10 years and has never seen the party in such dire straits, as the work shy political careerists have got control of the party and are steering it towards oblivion. There is no room for working class candidates only for the party hacks and their lackies. The infighting which was always a strength of the Labour party is now being played out in the public arena and this has turned the punter well and truly off.

It’s too late for them to regain the massive amount of ground they have lost and it’s debateable whether they can survive in their present form.  Already splinter groups are forming sickened by the party’s lurch to the right, and it’s clear that Labour is fast becoming if not already unelectable. You could not trust the party to remove the cruel nasty inhuman policies that have crippled many many families in this country, and it’s already muted that they would continue with the present Governments policy’s giving strength to the feeling that they have absolutely no ideas themselves on how best to transform this nation into a fairer place to live.

Poverty is higher in Labours traditional heartlands than anywhere else and what this shows is that they care not a jot, rather blame others for their own miserable failings. They have sold their own people short for a long time as they snubbed their noses at anything that remotely resembled democratic Socialist policies. Most of the shadow cabinet couldn’t spell Socialist and have come from a world where talking about it is far more favourable than putting it into practice.

Is it really to late for Labour to salvage any credibility? Well unless they at least try to put their middle class aspirations behind them and start encouraging working people to take an active role in the party then yes it’s too late. Will  they realise it? No of course not, their noses are too far up their asses. What our readers and everyone else must ask themselves, is simply this. Do Labour offer the alternative Government that this nation so desperately needs. Do Labour have the policies and the courage to carry them out. And do Labour really represent what they came into being to represent. If you can answer yes to any of these points then you may be living in hope more than reality.

Sinking To A New Low

Friends and readers

Just as you thought the disintegrating Labour party couldn’t sink any lower, how wrong you were. We have caught sight of an Internal Labour Party e-mail which clearly and openly says that everything possible should be done to discredit the Scottish Government. Bereft of any ideas or policies that would make them at least credible this motley lot are descending further into the sewer pit of politics.

We are witnessing the meltdown of these workshy wasters who would rather try and dish up dirt on their opponents than actually develop anything remotely resembling credible policies. This internal   e-mail reached us via a disgruntled member who tells us that the Labour is going nowhere and offers nothing except soundbites and cheap bribes. This astonishing e-mail with it’s subversive contents is shocking in the extreme and makes a complete mockery of the ordinary working class member who has seen his party hijacked by the middle class wannabes and their armchair politics which bears no resemblance to real life.

Union support is drifting away and the spectre of UKIP on the horizon only adds salt in an open wound, a wound which was widened and deepened by their comprehensive defeat at the last Holyrood elections. The Scottish Labour party is in total disarray and they are scrambling around looking for a credible candidate to put forward as a potential leader. The latest name amongst those flung about is London Labour luvie Jim orange box Murphy. He may represent a Scottish constituency but he is very much on the right wing of the party and his allegiance is to London Labour and their elitist pals.

Murphy would be a gift to the SNP as he would be a fish out of water, and he may want to think twice before he is catapulted into the leadership of a quickly sinking ship with no lifeboats. There is no-one who would offer what is so clearly lacking, a left wing opposition fighting to be the Government with credible policies not based on what the media think, but what the people need. But no instead they send out a sinister e-mail instructing the muppets to discredit a democratically elected Government. Miliband has to get a grip, take his finger out of his ass, throw the guardian down the toilet and start to look like someone who talks the language of progressive workable Socialist policies, instead of looking like a little boy lost and a bit of a public school twat.

At this stage of the electoral cycle it’s probably unlikely that Miliband would know what a Socialist policy was, he hasn’t up to date but then the same can be said of his inbred shadow cabinet, another lot of job shy chancers. Let us be very clear and predict the obvious, Labour have no chance of winning an outright majority at the coming General Election absolutely no chance, and if there were an election in Scotland tomorrow the Labour party could well be annihilated, would be annihilated and their middle class aspirations along with their fur coat and no knickers members would be dumped in the political dustbin by the very people they have betrayed.

The Hurdy Gurdy Man

Friends and readers.

Labour in meltdown official and predicted by Pilton Sucks. We have been consistently saying that the Labour party had been hijacked by the wooly jerseyed Guardian readers and those who have never touched the real world of work, and this would be the downfall of a once noble movement. What has happened to Scottish leader Johann Lamont is systematic of a poison within the Labour party.

They have sold their political soul to the right wing and many of their current MP’s and MSP’s have never had a real job and have no understanding of the realities of the people that they propose to support. Labour is riddled with these work shy chancers who turn their noses up at anybody who doesn’t think like them. This bunch of back stabbing chancers are disintegrating before our very eyes as they turn on each other in an attempt, not to improve the lot of the proletariat but to gain position for themselves.

They offer nothing, with no ideas and no belief in what is morally right.  They have deserted their core support in favour of sucking up to the pretentious middle classes who will desert them as soon as look at them. We now see reports in the press of London Labour and Milibands middle class clique sticking the knife into Lamonts back and using Queen of the sweetie wifes to do it, Margaret nippy sweetie Curran, a politician who,  if she ever had an idea would need to lie down in a darkened room to recover.

This horrible bunch of no users are a treacherous mob who hate the working class and would rather they go away and leave them to lick the asses of the middle class voters. In fact the Tories are doing the job of destroying the quality of life that was fought for over many generations, saving Labour the job of making the cuts they would ruthlessly do. Labour are finished and not before time. To rise from the dead they need to win the trust of the mass of the working people with policies that come from the need to improve the lives of the many and not policies that pander to the selfish desires of the few.

Just to add salt in the wound, Pilton Sucks has received information from a Labour Party member of long standing who is utterly sick of what is going on within the party and feels sites like Sucks offer him and others a platform to air their grievances. If this information is accurate then Sucks will be forwarding the information to Labour party HQ demanding that action be taken. Our informant tells us that at a recent selection meeting in Edinburgh West a member who is the husband of a high profile Edinburgh Labour councillor tried to get a member selected who had only been a member of the party for a little longer than 5 minutes, completely at odds with their own internal rules. He has subsequently resigned from the Constituency Labour party, giving weight to the information we received as he himself must have known that he was breaking the rules and trying to cheat.

If our information proves conclusively correct we will publish the names of both this cheating member and his councillor wife. This is  yet another disgrace which is poisoning the Labour party and is  contributing to their downfall. Sucks say’s bring back the real party with members who have lived a life, who have first hand knowledge of the realities of today’s world. Get rid of the careerist punters who have done nothing except sit in meetings and read the rule book, and then pontificate about the needs of the a working class that they know nothing about. Until that begins to happen then we will witness the peoples party disintegrate to oblivion.

Tip Toe Through the Dog Poo

Friends and readers.

Once more dog poo is on the City agenda. The war on dog shit has just gone up a notch on the political agenda with a mission statement from the Environmental Committee, and who do you think is chair of this campaigning Committee, why it’s none other than our bestest mate,  fanatical Sucks reader and pretty much chair of everything, which is why nothing much ever gets done, Leslie Prada Hinds, it had to be didn’t it.

Our Leslie has declared war on the phantom dog pooers and is determined to make sure that she doesn’t step in some of the good stuff especially in her designer heels, so she is going to personally take control of the strategy so we can all look forward to playing dodge the dog poo for the foreseeable future.  But wait just a mo dear friends because right down here in sunny Forth we have our own dedicated dog poo czar, and it’s our old mate and avid Sucks reader Cammy squint tie Day.

Our absentee czar who spends much of his time over in Edinburgh West where he is trying to con, oops persuade the voters to elect him to the pigs trough of Westminster come the General Election. Our Cammy who is fast becoming the invisible man of Forth and is tipped to take over the mantel of former chancer Henry Houdini Coyle who was the master of the vanishing act and who could squeeze through a cat flap if it meant avoiding doing anything at all. Strange as it may seem our old mate Henry is over in the green and pleasant land that’s if you exclude Wester Hailes of Edinburgh West where he is the Neighbourhood Manager, just shows you the bigger the chancer the better your job prospects with our imaginative Council.

But Dog poo czar our Cammy is,  and he hit the ground running in his resolution to go to war on the scourge of dog poo. Now just at first glance and a double check at the soles of our shoes it’s apparent that Cammy is losing the war on dog poo, along with the grass growing out of almost every pavement,  and the roads and pavements in a poor state and getting worse, worse that is unless you happen to live in Trinity where you benefit from money lifted out of the rent payers account and spent in the leafy suburbs of that bastion of Socialism.

The dog shit in the area is awful and the initiative first started by the Clean Green and Safe action group which had resulted in a marked improvement in the shit where you like attitude has been replaced by a do nothing and talk a lot dog poo policy. Might as well spend the rent payers money on signs saying SHIT HERE NOBODY CARES AND NOTHING WILL BE DONE. So once more the disintegrating Labour Party and their elected stooges are talking shit, maybe they should be shoveled up and thrown away.

Every time Prada Hinds opens her mouth she puts her foot in it, but where would you get all the laughs she delivers for the cash it costs us to pay her to be an idiot. She is certainly value for money and never fails to deliver a killer line. As for our other mate Squint Tie, he’s catching up fast but will never really be in Pradas class but he is giving it his best shot, fucking up the Neighbourhood Partnership along with his mate Pete[formerly the perm]Strong and making it the laughing stock of the rest of the city. But credit where it is due, these two jokers might actually believe they are getting away with it and nobody notices that Hansel and Gretel have made a pigs ear of everything.

At least the punters of North Edinburgh have Pilton Sucks to keep them up to date with the shenanigans going on in your name. At least Pilton Sucks doesn’t scrounge taxpayers dosh and then get the reporting wrong or omit the facts. At least Pilton Sucks can’t be intimidated into silence an old comrades trick. Stack the committees with head nodders and then call it democracy. And no-one can seriously believe that 50,000 pounds of taxpayers cash will be spent on a Skate Park in an area [Drylaw]where the chair of the committee who sanctioned the cash is a  candidate at the general election. Just a mere coincidence of course. But at least Pilton Sucks is here to help you make up your own mind on that one.

So dog shit is part of a do nothing package of nothingness managed by a nonentity who does nothing for the Community he is here to serve. This do nothing policy is paying dividends as all agree with it as all have a vested interest in making sure they get their cash and bugger the rest. We were horrified to read a set of minutes we found lying on the seat at a bus stop. It reinforced our view that all is not right, and that as a matter of urgency the abuse of delegated authority must be investigated. Dog shit is a cover for the real shit that is going on, only thing is that this lot are reveling in that particular shit.


Friends and readers.

We at Pilton Sucks which is in the running for blog site of the year would like to correct or possibly add to an article which appeared in the tax payer sponsored NEN. In building new futures it was quoted that some cynics will say ”we’ve hear it all before”. Yes we have and Pilton Sucks is one of these hard bitten experienced and knowledgeable cynics. Patronising rubbish is putting it mildly and to put a little meat on the bones we can simply turn to National Grid the Land owning chancers down Waterfront way.

Let’s put the NEN straight on something which our research discovered and we suggest the NEN try a little research as well. National Grid told the gathered officials and the scattering of Community reps that they were in negotiations and close to getting the listing on the gas holder lifted and demolished. Our extensive research shows this to be UNTRUE as we contacted the powers that be and were told they were unaware of any such proposals. So essentially the audience was lied to, what a surprise. Let us also add that in 18 months National Grid have changed their Scottish area manager 3 TIMES, yes three times so where is the consistency there.

While we are at it and in the spirit of clarity we turn our attentions to the ”NEWS FROM TRINITY COMMUNITY COUNCIL. They tell us under the NEIGHBOURHOOD ENVIRONMENT PROGRAMME that out of a total budget of 440 thousand pounds Trinity has received 126,000 pounds. Now dear friends this money comes directly not from the taxpayers pot but the rent payers account. As a little background which the NEN also managed to omit, this budget was to benefit in the main areas of poverty which Trinty certainly doesn’t come under. We do not include the improvements which took place for the benefit of developers Cala at their Sanctuary in the City site in Trinity, which was sanctioned under delegated authority, this after it was rejected by a Community led Clean Green and Safe. And who has that delegated authority, why it’s our old mate Neighbourhood Manager Pete[formerly the perm]Strong ably assisted by the dog poo czar Cammy squint tie Day.

We ask the question what is the Council doing about this clear misuse of rent payers money, we don’t expect the vanishing Labour party to do anything about this mis-use but where the hell are the SNP on this flagrant misuse of rent payers money. Next we turn to the NEIGHBOURHOOD PARTNERSHIPS, MAKING IT HAPPEN. In this self patting on the back piece it starts by stating ” Following extensive consultation”, with who? we found out that little or no consultation has taken place. They Talk about bringing together community, police, health, fire and voluntary sector and elected members and are supported by officers from the Council. Well they got the last bit right but as for the rest it’s extremely doubtful. We were approached by an official at Waverley Court who questioned whether any of this is accurate as she has received information to the contrary.

We are aware of a serious complaint made to former Director for Communities Mark Turley regarding the lack of consultation and the excessive use of delegated authority. We are unaware of exactly the complete content of the meeting but we have on good authority that Mr. Turley was in the process of investigating the complaint but was removed from post before he could make head way. This complaint has subsequently been buried.  Once again Pilton Sucks brings you the reality of what’s going on in your name. We are independent of mind and opinion and are not funded by anyone or any organisation nor do we intend to go down that road.

We are also aware that there have been moves to try and shut Sucks down, but they have failed and will continue to do so. Our readership has gone up since we came back bigger and stronger and continues to grow. We bring to you what others would hide and we have no political allegiance. This community is being conned as it was before and those that are still around and remember the lies we were told should not be afraid to come forward and say so, we aren’t. The danger we face now is the same as before. The chosen few get to wield authority and haven’t the heart, imagination or soul to instigate what’s required. The real leaders have been isolated and can only watch as the Community once again falls into the hands of those who shout the loudest.

But at least Pilton Sucks is here to voice their concerns and print what others won’t. We cannot be intimidated by tactics that are designed to exclude, and not afraid to voice our concerns. The bully boy tactics of Labour and their lackies won’t work as they did before, that’s before Pilton Sucks.

Lost Vision

Friends and readers.

Our people are swimming against the tide as the forces of the extreme right bed in and continue to attack the social fabric of the nation. Scotland itself is screaming out for a radical political agenda. Over 200,000 children trapped in poverty, close to 200,000 families are prisoners on social housing waiting lists and one fifth of workers are paid below the living wage, working to stay in poverty.

I20,000 plus Scots are caught in zero hour contracts which denies them basic rights like paid leave and pensions. And where dear friends are Scottish Labour on this as they continue to alienate droves of their natural supporters. Labour have turned on their natural supporters as they also lurch to the right under the hopeless leadership of comrade Lamont. When leadership is required to unite against the common enemies of tax dodgers, bankers and firms who pay poverty wages while stripping away the rights and security of working people. The left of politics is vacant as the political party’s try and appease the infamous middle ground. The Labour party have been for many years dumping people who don’t meet their middle class criteria and have a party full of people who have never worked and shy away from having anything to do with them.

When was the last time a real working class person climbed up the greasy political ladder of the Labour party,  when was the last time Labour had policies that had at their heart the improvement of the lives of ordinary people, and when did they last elect a leader who knew what it was to struggle in the real world. At the last UK general election 76% of middle class professionals voted, but just 57% of unskilled workers did so. Now contrast that if you will with the Scottish referendum if there is a real choice punters will engage with the political process.

But while this showed that democracy was thriving in Scotland and elsewhere it left Labour behind. Labour formed a catastrophic alliance with the Tories as they cheered on Establishment threats of pulling the plug and other warnings of economic disaster should the Scottish people vote yes. And once again contrast that with the traditional heartlands of Labour like Glasgow and North Lanarkshire who voted on masse for Independence.

So keen to be seen as friendly to the ruling class and established order that Labour had jettisoned all their values and moved sharply to the right. No working class candidates, no vision or idea on how to move towards a redistribution of wealth, and internal battles just waiting to break out again. Lamont is not at fault she is just a symptom of the ill’s of the party. The desire to lead must be coupled with the vision to bring about change and improve the quality of life for those who have fallen into the jaws of poverty and all the negatives that go with it.

Labour don’t have any of this at either Scottish or UK level and until or if they return to the core values which the Labour party came into existence with then the games over and they will self destruct and allow the forces of the right to divide this nation for ever.

Reflections Of My Life

Friends and readers.

How did we become prisoners of a democracy designed to benefit only those who control the apparatus and levers of power?  Why did we go to sleep while the prowlers of the night took the dignity and self respect once the pride of the working populace? And while we slept as prisoners of a contrived democratic land we were over run by the worshipers of market forces, the monetarists and those that sought to wipe from the political map all that the people had struggled for over many generations.

They took the controls of economic power and used them against the people who fell on their sword and retreated to their bunkers as the forces of the state came down hard and ruthlessly. Their desire was to change the political landscape of Britain forever casting aside the weakest and poorest to the chill winds of poverty and destitution. The establishment and ruling classes had seen and had enough of peoples rights and freedoms and the time had come to close pandoras box sealing it forever.

We were thrown to the insatiable wolves of privatisation and bit by bit the peoples strength was drained and ebbed away. Yes there were moments when we surfaced for air only to find that what had replaced Government by the ruling class for the ruling class was a pale imitation of a once proud Labour party which had now slid between the sheets alongside those who hated and loathed the ordinary citizen whom they viewed as a disease which needed eradicating by any means.

Handcuffed to the money markets and torn loyalties the Blair Government surcumbed to the vision of wealth and it’s temptations. Had they taken another road and not eaten the  forbidden fruit from the tree of capitalism then the road to revival and the restoration of a people’s democracy may have been kick started. But they did not preferring to lunch at the table of greed while selling their souls to the highest bidder. The left in politics had now been officially abandoned and a massive hole created where those who needed assistance most fell into never again to come out but to languish in a limbo like state waiting for the time when fairness and evenhandedness would return to their lives.

It was not to be and the march of cruelty and vindictiveness gained momentum as the nation lurched further to the right under the control of those who believed they had a divine right to rule. The power of the trade union movement had long since been diluted and the protectors of the working populace could protect no more only put a finger in the dam. The fingers have run out and the flow of austerity, cruelty and vicious right wing ideology cannot be stemmed and the disintegrated political left can but stand on high ground and watch the floodwaters drown us, while the life jackets they throw us are devoid of air so we must inflate them ourselves while trying to stay afloat.

The political right have never been stronger and the lack of opposition gives even more strength with which to strangle the people with. All our hard fought gains are now under real and imminent threat. Wages and conditions have been worn away as the Government for all their lying protestations have encouraged a massive flow of cheap labour into the country heaping pressure on existing wages and conditions and allowing unscrupulous employers to exploit this seismic shift. The Labour party have no answer to this, and are seemingly only to happy to turn a blind eye to workers wages and conditions moving towards a sweatshop Britain.

Our Welfare state is disintegrating and this Government who hate the very thought of helping people are happy to spend more to get rid of this weight round their neck. The NHS which has served this nation so well for so long is an open example of privatisation by stealth, and sooner rather than later, what was once the pride of Britain will be in the hands of pirates from the private sector so dear friends don’t get ill unless you have a platinum American Express card, if not then the American style charity sector is where you are headed, and the Labour party have no answer to this, and if they gain power do not expect Milibands muppets to come to the rescue, all they have in the locker is sound bites and back of a fag packet ideas.

Captured by the lure of all that glitters is gold, there is no-one, no organisation, no grouping ready to pick up the baton and take this country back from the brink and into steady waters. We have no voice, we the people have been sold on the slave market of commerce and sold to the lowest bidder. Blinded by technology and the throw away society we have become numbed to the realities of the country we live in. Battered by successive Governments, lied to consistently and left to rot in a desert of corporate finance, we are left to fend for ourselves as the oasis runs dry. Multi national companies run the world and we are the slaves who are chained rowers on their slave ships.

For those who think Miliband will change anything, you are living in a fools paradise, he can’t, he wouldn’t anyway, he’s part of the Westminster Establishment who has never known what a real job was and couldn’t care less which is roughly the characteristics of the current Labour front bench. He will be but a puppet of the new order and a mere tenant until the right come back to carry on their vicious mandate. The media label anyone who rebels against this ideological onslaught as loonies and figures of fun and the Sun readers go along with that. We have lost our way and have been tricked into turning on one another and calling it progress. We have returned to serfdom and Labour have no answer to that nor do they want to.

The Trade Unions are reduced to passing meaningless resolutions at their conferences which barely get air time, and they have become a world within a world with groupings that divide not unite. They have no power left it has been stripped away and membership is dwindling away to such an extent that corporate Britain laughs at them. A once powerful organisation who fought for workers rights has vanished to be replaced by a talking shop and pressure group more concerned about offending this group or that group which has further diluted their power base. The vehicle that we need is no longer viable which sees the working populace vulnerable to further attack and the right wing know it.

We as a nation must return to the center left and not be conned and fooled that money would drain out of the country if someone wore a red tie. The greatest asset a nation has is it’s people, an asset that requires investment to produce results. The exact opposite is happening. We are the nails which the hammer of the right wing hits, stripped of investment we are adrift, the mirage of a Labour Government changing anything is because in the absence of hope we will drink from the cup of despair hoping it will quench our thirst for change. It won’t, it never will, it never has.

Born To Die

Friends and readers.

Suddenly we are told that those who live in poor areas of the country won’t live as long as the punters in affluent areas. Tell us something new. In working class Communities all across the nation the evidence is all to clear to see. In fact dear friends we don’t have to travel to far at all to see the evidence. Down here in Sunny Forth we have as many carry out food outlets as we do holes in the road, churning out overpriced shit with a smile. These places should carry a Government health warning.

Yet if we walk, yes dear friends walk just a short distance to the leafy suburbs of Trinity or Ravelston or even Cramond we will seen very few if any fast food outlets. Wonder why that is? While in Pilton Muirhouse and Granton you can smell one every few yards. Why so many, why do our City fathers licence these dens of greasy crap, and why are working class Communities always the tail end of the pantomime donkey.We have to put up with all the social ills and none of the benefits which the upwardly mobile enjoy. Let the peasants put up with all that shit that’s all they understand. Bookies, pubs and fast food outlets are thick on the ground in poorer areas and we should waken up to the fact that while we are being sold freedom of choice we are in fact  being kept down and mocked.

Pilton Sucks is no kill joy far from it, but if you just sit back and think about what’s right in front of you then you may start to see how we are treated. Yes of course nobody forces anybody to use these places but they are designed to take your money for very little in return. It is extremely expensive to buy from these fast food outlets on a regular basis and yet all do good business, so what does that tell us. Is it the case that this poverty stuff is a fable and everyone has plenty of money to waste on shit and crap. Well the state of the housing stock tells a different story, and the employment statistics tell a different story and the health of the punters tells a different story, so what’s the truth.

One possibility is that the food which is supposed to be healthy and good for you is so expensive it makes the greasy carry out shit look value for money which of course it clearly isn’t. Morrisons both of them have operated a cartel and lock out agreement for some considerable time and have worked it right up the punters charging what they wanted to as their only real competition was Scotmid, so no competition then. It’s only recently that they have been forced to lower some prices but it’s mainly loss leaders and not the food which is recommended you eat. Iceland along the road is just a heart attack waiting to happen, while the rest of the also rans are not worth mentioning. There is no competition in working class Communities just cartels operating on a policy of, the punters will put up with anything as who’s going to listen to them.

It’s no surprise that almost every single working class Community in this nation has been run and dominated by the Labour party and what have they done for their punters, fuck all except get their vote and run like hell. This poverty lark and early death stuff is something poor Communities have always had to deal with, they have always had to make do with the leftovers from the masters table, while the fur coat and no knicker brigade where pandered to. So now we are being told what we have always known, that not only have we been exploited by the upwardly mobile and their political bum chums, we are going to die before them, we are less healthier than them and we live in worse conditions than they do, and we have to suffer Scotmid and the dreadful Greggs Steak Bake.

But if you want a night on the tiles you can treat yourself to a Dominoes Pizza, or a Mcdonald’s chemically enhanced mega meal, possibly some dodgy Chinese concoction of some description or fuck it lets just go to the boozer and have a punt on the late night racing. What a wondeful choice and at your finger tips. Problem is not only will you be wasting your cash, in some cases you are shaving time off your life, time which could be spent trying to improve your Community and the quality of life within it.

North Edinburgh The Second Front

Friends and readers.

We are told that  head Honcho Sue three jobs Bruce is putting together a strategy  to deal with the problem of some young people running wild mainly in the West Pilton area. We have experienced these strategies before, lots of talk and very little action except get the police to make a few more rounds then forget there was ever a problem. We have had the lot, every so called expert under the sun telling us that we must do this and that give people false hope then do a runner. This is not a new problem it’s a generational thing brought about by those who should be doing something, doing nothing except benefit themselves. We’ve had Social Workers who couldn’t tell their left hand from their right give their stupid opinions only to make matters worse, take a look have they improved anything, of course not, any improvements have come about through the struggles of local people to make changes.

And that’s where we come in. Three jobs should be encouraging local initiatives and asking experienced local activists what they think and how best to deal with what is a socio/economic problem. Will that happen, of course not we will be bypassed for the armchair experts who will demand money for themselves before they pass on their words of wisdom. We are sick to death of these buffoons who disappear like snow off a dyke when a better more lucrative opportunity comes along. There are a number of very experienced knowledgeable activists in this Community and not party hacks who have a working understanding of what is required to include these excluded youngsters. Nobody condones criminal behaviour and Pilton Sucks is the first to say any kind of criminal behaviour cannot go unpunished, but we must look further than shift the problem to another bunch of middle class punters who care not a jot about this Community.

Every Community has it’s share of chancers and we are no different, so let’s not kid on we don’t, but don’t let some civil servant who likes the sound of her own voice dictate what should happen in a Community which has had more than it’s fair share of economic problems. The recession hit Communities like ours much harder than more affluent Communities and thereby needs more inward support through proper investment targeted to benefit those who need it most, and managed by experienced local leaders who have the best interests of the Community at heart, and why? because they live here that’s why. This is not a political football and we should beware of politicians bearing gifts. Any change and improvement will only come through letting those who know and understand what’s needed get on with it and given the resources to do it.

And here’s something for nothing it’s not the feeble Forth Neighbourhood Partnership, hopeless is not enough to describe this lot. We don’t want inane speeches and statements from Johnny come lately’s, and we certainly don’t need so called professionals telling the minions what’s needed, we have had a belly full of them and we still have them, in fact we are plagued with them and we still have the problems these punters are well paid to deal with. What will we get, here’s what we might get, the old pals act with the worse than useless Total Craigroyston given the remit to patronise us. A van load of Social Workers to make matters even worse. Or worse still and a road to nowhere, the limp wristed Forth Neighbourhood Partnership taking on the mantel of Community saviours, God help us all.

This forgotten generation will be guinea pigs for some half baked ideas that are doomed to failure or worse still just a platform for a few to pontificate and then run a mile back to their safe sanctuaries. For those who like us have seen it all before then it won’t come as a surprise that bugger all gets done, just a lot of talking and hot air, and maybe a Community conference or two just to patronise us all or to let a couple of chancers talk a lot. Seen it, done it, got the fucking tee shirt.

Give us the tools and we will do the job.