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George Formby Sang That Tune

Friends and readers.

The snow is with us and our old mate and dog poo czar Cammy squint tie day can breath a sigh of relief as the white stuff will cover the brown stuff that has become an increasing irritant in the North. The luckier of the punters can and will come out from their house through their gate and straight into a heap of dog shit[where's Cammy when you need him] Dog shit the enemy of all who have grooves on the soles of their shoes has become a common sight in the sunnier climes of Forth and is even stretching into dreamy Drylaw the estate that Prada Hinds has to share with those awful working class types.

Even the local buses are carrying a Government health warning, that anybody with dog shit on their shoes will not be allowed on Lothians finest, means they might be running empty then. The Forth Neighbourhood partnership is all but a memory although the salary bill hasn’t gone down, and it’s their responsibility to ensure that dog shit is jumped on, not literally of course but enforcing the already existing powers to fine these owners who let their dogs shit where they please.  The clean green and safe action group used to make sure that dog shit was kept to a minimum but Cammy put paid to them in his night of the pen knifes.

We are told that Neighbourhood staff have been issued with flat soled shoes so they can scrape the dog shit off easily on the kerb of the pavement. Care manager Lorraine half nelson Banks has had to have extended leave, again,  just so she can formulate a plan to avoid the dog shit, in fact we hear that care workers under her charge can volunteer to pick up and dispose of any dog shit they come across and get themselves a certificate of endurance signed by half nelson herself, that’s when she gets back from her latest break.

We have grass growing out of the pavements, roads that have more holes than craters on the moon, bus shelters that are used as public toilets, even the dogs won’t use them and a Waterfront that has become a standing joke. Never mind we can have a good old moan while we are standing in the queue in Scotmid. Mind you we will have landed on Mars by the time we all get served in Scotmid, but the dog shit will have hardened in the Summer sun.

Destry Rides again

Friends and readers.

Not long now till we find out the extent of the Cuts and where the axe will fall. Already the greedy oil companies are shedding jobs, Tesco have announced store closures and Councils across Scotland are preparing to axe services and the ensuing job losses. But we will still have an army of pen pushing bureaucrats making life as hard for the rest of us as possible. We already know that bully boy Craig has received two years notice, presumably so he can come to grips with losing his fat salary. As always it will be the weakest that will suffer, they have less of a defence and make easy targets.

Local Government has become bloated and lazy with well paid cushy jobs for those who wouldn’t see the light of day in the real world. It is now a cash cow with officials running the show and politicians frightened to say anything in case they lose their extra responsibility payments. The SNP Government have failed to act even in the face of overwhelming evidence that Edinburgh shity Council have managed to turn a surplus into a massive deficit, yet a blind eye is seemingly turned. The SNP group on the Council is completely silent about Labours mismanagement, who at national level have voted again for another round of austerity cuts.

The gilt will soon come off the gingerbread and with Labour in the doldrums it’s likely that the SNP could do well at the General Election, but they would do well to mind that they do not fall into the same trap as Labour did and take the voters for granted. The referendum is in the past and real issues have to be dealt with. With job losses on the increase people will start demanding action and answers not slogans and might have beens.  The people is where the power lies and not with politicians and certainly not with appointed officials. Party politics has destroyed individuality allowing unelected faceless appointees to make the rules up as they go along.

If the current opinion polls are right then the SNP could well replace Labour as Scotlands largest party in Westminster and possibly hold the balance of power, this as well as being the governing party in Scotland then there will be nowhere to hide. We could well end up with an Edinburgh type situation with Labour as the largest party but without the necessary seats to form an administration, and the SNP coming riding to the rescue ending up as a silent partner in a coalition, regardless of the rhetoric.  Maybe Dame three jobs could offer her services as an intermediary, for a fee of course.

Public services being squeezed, wages bumping along the bottom except for the favoured. Zero hours contracts almost a norm, working class communities going backwards and bankers still robbing us blind, you would think Labour was in power in Scotland. And that dear friends is the problem,  with Labour vanishing wannabee candidates like the newly selected SNP candidate for Edinburgh East and former Scottish secretary for the Labour Party Tommy Shepherd infiltrating a party that on the face of it is on the rise, suddenly becomes an SNP candidate ahead of a sitting SNP councillor. So how did that happen, was it the old Labour party trick of stacking meetings.

Here we go again. If the First Minister doesn’t keep one eye on the situation instead of telling everyone she is in charge then control will drift away from her as public support will, and if you doubt it just take a look at recent history. Some of these new SNP candidates won’t know their ass from their elbow and they may well be part of a coalition, gift to the Labour party comes to mind. The punter has to be given something to vote for, something to believe that things will change for the better. Last thing we need is for a bunch of newbies heading for the trough of Westminster crowing about a referendum.

60 Not Out, Yet

Friends and readers.

Once again Edinburgh shity Council is in hot water, this time with 60 cyclists suing the City over negligence in regard to the design and impact of the Tram tracks which have caused  a number of accidents to cyclists. This is another City mess and under the watch of Dame three jobs Bruce. This once proud City is in the hands of a few corrupt officials led by the multi job Dame who once again is nowhere to be seen when the shit hits the fan.

With an army of overpaid officials no-one was available for comment over this latest fuck up, and you can bet your shirt the Dame won’t want to know.  When will the Scottish executive waken up and realise that Edinburgh Council is not only corrupt and inept, it’s in a financial mess, led by a Chief Executive whose outside interests have clouded her duties and given her the false belief that she is more important than she actually is. She needs to be brought to account by her so called political masters, who themselves haven’t a clue whats going on.

This City is hugely in debt and having to cut services to those that don’t understand that they are being robbed and cheated by a handful of crooks who are accountable to no-one. We are aware of at least two major development projects in the North of the City which would have netted in excess of 30 million pounds into the Council coffers only to be thwarted by officials PETER WATTANA and ERIC ADAIR who were working to their own agenda. This is not the first time these two chancers have thwarted development to protect their own positions. Along with GREG WARD who is one of the Dames mouthpieces development in this city has ground to a standstill. And this at a time when Edinburgh’s homeless population is at an all time high, yet we know of several developers who are willing to invest in Social Housing but cannot break down the Troy like walls of the City Council.

This City is drowning in ineptness and corruption and the citizens of this City are the ones who will suffer as none of these creeps we have mentioned are in any threat of losing their well paid jobs. Pilton Sucks has posted a link to a petition which has over 5000 signatures demanding an investigation into the running of this City. What does it take to get an official investigation into the workings of this City and the activities of the officials we have named, and the outside activities of the Chief Executive.  The politicians we elect to run the City couldn’t run a message and are out gunned, out thought and out manoevered by a handful of officials who know how to shaft the system to their own benefit while making it look all above board.

They are betraying the citizens who bothered to vote them in, in favour of grabbing what extra allowances they can. We are not getting anything like best value and we are being put further into debt while our City fathers ignore alternative projects that would generate money for the City, and much needed infrastructure.  We have been informed that a full dossier has been put together and ready to be sent to the national press, outlining activities which are at best totally inept and at worse completely corrupt.

Craig To Go, Eventually

Friends and readers.

Ian bully boy Craig CEO of Lothian Transport has been sacked but won’t leave his well paid post for another 2 years. Along with the Annandale three who were amongst those that complained of Craigs behaviour all will depart for pastures new by 2017, some notice that eh. Of course it is not known whether Craig will remain involved with the disastrous Tram system. So Craig will be allowed to stay for another two years, hardly a night of the long knives cull.

Queen of blunderland and pretty much chair of everything Lesley Prada Hinds welcomed the changes, pity she didn’t speak up sooner as it was known she was a supporter of Craigs, another blunder from probably the biggest horses ass in local politics. Prada never gets it right and she was wrong on this one as well. She was floated onto the board and immediately did nothing, as usual, how do these numpties ever get elected. Prada Hinds is the biggest reason for doing away with local Government, along with the corrupt officials that plague Waverley Court. Edinburgh Shity Council is a cash register for these fuckers who wouldn’t even get an interview for a job in the real world.

Craig should be kicked out now along with his pals Hinds and Bruce. This is yet another corrupt scandle that this Council is involved in and yet another with the Bruce stamp on it. It seems to be obvious to everybody except  the Council and the Edinburgh Evening News that this Council is bent with a very dodgy Chief Executive at the helm, who clearly has a number of the politicians in her pocket. It’s time for the auditors to come in and have a good look at the books and see who is getting what, who has been awarded contracts and how it was done and what part does three jobs Bruce play in all this murky dishonesty.

Deep In The Trough

Friends and readers.

Since we exposed City Chief executive Dame three jobs Bruce as little more than a cheap crook who has abused her position,  we have received numerous supportive comments many demanding she be sacked and all her outside activities investigated to see whether she should face criminal charges.

We can tell you that this won’t happen as the whole running of Edinburgh shity Council is knee deep in corruption and incompetence. We broke the story of three job’s links to the Henderson Group who coincidentally have the St James Quarter contract this after we received information from a reliable source within the Council. We also broke the story which blew this whole corruption scandal wide open, the former Royston School site.  We named the corrupt officials involved in lying to and misleading elected members on the instructions of three jobs.

We told our readers about a Community led project that we were informed was fully funded and ready to move. Since then we have seen a document which confirms that this project was indeed fully funded and would have cost the City nothing. Yet we have the ludicrous situation of a near bankrupt Council trying to borrow millions of pounds to fund the building of a care home which would have cost them nothing. A document put together by corrupt inept officials which we have also seen confirms that position.

We are also reliably informed that Economic Development Chair, the impotent Frank fingers Ross was aware of this alternative funding package, as was Housing vice convenor Cammy squint tie Day. We have been informed that there is a paper trail leading to the door of Dame three jobs who has been silent on the subject, instead she has delegated the lie telling to her minions and we again understand that one of her officials GREG WARD was instructed to warn off anyone who was supportive of the alternative scheme. We are told by our reliable source that Community’s Minister Marco Biagia is aware of the current situation.

this is an appalling situation, coming on the back of all the other scandles Edinburgh shity Council is involved in. We are now certain that the City is being run by a small band of corrupt officials with the elected members seemingly unable or unwilling to do anything about it. Pilton Sucks is standing firmly behind our allegations of corruption and we have an inside source who has passed us the evidence backing our claims. Millions of pounds of public money has been mismanaged by this Council and the financial scandals the City is embroilled in shows beyond doubt that the elected members don’t have a clue what’s going on, as decisions are made without their knowledge.

The responsibility lies squarely at the door of the Chief Executive and unlike the Edinburgh Evening News we are not going along with the call to have three jobs sanctified. We suggest that the News do a little digging into the outside activities of the Dame and see if they are still in love with her once they uncover what we did. The residents of this City are being conned and deceived by a Council not accountable to anyone except themselves.

In addition, we have received a message from a reader who tells us that his 71 year old Mother who lives in Council accommodation in Granton has been without heating for over a week, this is quite unacceptable. Mr. Millar told us that he was ignored when he contacted the Council about his mother’s plight. He also told us that when someone did visit his mother to sort out the heating problem, not only did the clown concerned not fix the heating he blew all the power in the house, this cost Mr. Millar who is on benefits 60 pounds to get someone to fix it privately.

This problem is easily solved but it seems that the idiots at the local office in West Pilton Gardens cannot be bothered dealing with this pensioners heating problem. The manager of the local office is none other than Pete[formerly the perm]Strong, while local Councillor Cammy squint tie Day is Housing vice convenor. Yet between the two of them they can’t get a minor problem fixed. The temperature at the moment is below freezing and this lady has no heating, and as it’s a combination boiler she has no hot water either, disgusting. Mr. Millar has turned to Pilton Sucks asking if we can do something to help. Yes we can and yes we will. So Strong had better get his finger out of his ass and get this persons heating fixed. This clown earns in excess of 60,000 pounds a year,  yes hard to believe but he’s the queen of blunderland Lesley Prada Hind’s pal, and his Labour Mates are running the show.

No doubt Strong will pass the buck to some other dunderhead, but knowing Strong he couldn’t pass water.

March Of The Fat Free Pies

Friends and readers.

News from the world of Scotmid is that they are to produce their own in house newspaper quaintly titled ”Queueing Weekly” which of course will have it’s own readers comments page, should be interesting plus all the latest Scotmid offers, although there will be a disclaimer stating that should you not get served within a week of standing in the infamous queue,  then Scotmid cannot guarantee the price of a product from when you picked it off the shelf till you eventually get served.

The staff are to undergo a revamp and as part of that revamp be given new luminous overalls so the over stressed shopper can spot a Scotmid worker even when they put the lights off and try to hide. The bargain section will be given a higher profile with products that are a year past their sell by date removed and put in their pre Xmas bonanza,  with an extra 20% off the reduced price. A tannoy system will be introduced to stop the staff yelling at each other or telling customers in a loud voice that there has been a run on their own brand toilet rolls,  but they have some Andrex through the back as they shout on the chap with marmalade on his chin and strange stains on his shirt, to bring through more toilet rolls as they have a desperate customer waiting.

Consultants will be brought in to instruct the staff how to be more efficient at the checkouts, and how to calm down a short tempered customer who has been waiting in the queue since dawn broke. We are told that a consultant secretly bought something and stood in the queue to find out for himself what all the fuss was about. By the time the punter was served he was ready to throttle the assistant  so the consultant will need an anger management consultant to calm him down, must be the same consultants that Edinburgh Shity Council waste taxpayers money on with such regularity.

Fag breaks will be cut down to 10 a day and dog owners will have to ensure that their pet does not shit outside the front door [where's Cammy when you need him] and the excuse that the owner had to wait all day in the queue will now not be accepted, so consultants will be brought in at Scotmids cost to train the owners to train the dogs to cross their legs when they need the toilet just as the customers have got to do. There was mentioned the possibility of a porta loo outside Scotmid in the car park but it was felt that the punters and their pets would fight over who was first to use it, certainly wouldn’t want to be last, especially when it would only be cleaned out once a week.

Punters will now be met at the door and given a ticket telling them what number they will be in the queue, along with a complaints slip should their number not be called the same day. If you should happen to be unlucky enough to accumulate up to six tickets without getting served then you will win Scotmids version of the Lottery, a weeks free shopping but you will still have to get it scanned at the checkouts, so make sure there is nothing perishable in your basket. Scotmid are now selling off their Xmas stock at reduced rates, that is to the punters that are still in the queue from December and whose Turkey and stuffing now resembles something that you stepped in as you came in the front door of Scotmid, Bloody dogs, where the fucks Cammy when you need him.

So Scotmid are going for the charm offensive big style and bringing in entertainment for the battle hardened queuers, and giving away as an incentive the new publication which is sure to be a big winner with the queuers, The wit and Wisdom of Lesley Prada Hinds that should take all of 10 seconds to read. As part of Prada’s latest genius scheme, the 20mph maximum speed, Scotmid will be running a similar non workable scheme called, serve the punter the same day, sounds about as bright as Prada’s 20mph joke. Someone should tell Edinburgh’s answer to the Titanic that with all the roadworks and complete lack of traffic management in the City that you are lucky to get out of first gear, that’s except if you drive along Lower Granton Road where it’s a free for all.

The new speed limit will of course allow the jobsworth traffic wardens to run after and catch drivers who will now be issued with a ticket should they fail to be driving at the new speed limit, and stopping at road works or lights will not be accepted as a valid excuse and you will be prosecuted and jailed without limit of time should you fail to pay the fine within 10 minutes of being issued with a statutory penalty notice, maybe that’s what should happen in Scotmid, issue penalty notices if the punter has been queuing for longer than it takes Prada Hinds to think up another daft scheme. And as it happens and you just couldn’t make this shit up, our bestest mate and chair of everything Lesley Prada Hinds is on the Board of Scotmid, she just had to be didn’t she. AH where the fuck is the valium.

Pavlov’s Cat.

Friends and readers.

You may well have cast a passing glance while ageing in the Scotmid queue at the continuing drop in the price of oil. This means or should do cheaper prices at the pumps and lower prices all round, except it seems in the price of Gas and Electricity. Currently we are seeing around a 30% drop in wholesale costs yet not as much as a fart from the Utility companies. These greedy bastards are the first to scream about rising costs and using the high price of oil on the spot market as a major factor in rising costs.

So as we hurtle towards deflation and possible stagnation, why are these cartels being allowed to profiteer as costs plummet. Demand in the world has dampened and we now have a serious glut in the oil market as all the major producers refuse to reduce production and protect the price, in fact quite the opposite with production set to stay or increase to protect a dwindling market share. Americas investment in Fracking has paid off for them and has seen their reliance on foreign fuel imports become much less.

And yet while the American consumer can look forward to cheaper domestic fuel costs, we in the UK have a Government that are in bed with the Utility companies and will not use the powers they have to force these parasites to lower their prices in line with the reduction in wholesale costs. Inflation is at an historic low, so the Government will seek to contain wage rises to zero citing that higher wage costs at this time will cost jobs, and as they have the ball at their feet that’s exactly what they will say. Already we are hearing mutterings of interest rates being held down and the Governor of the Bank of England Mark Carney may well have to drop the chancellor a little love letter explaining why we are getting a little to close to stagnation point.

We need to have these company fat cats in front of the Commons select Committee answering why they have not dropped the power prices in line with the oil cartels. The world economy is once again looking at fiscal difficulties which may well see the end of the Euro as a unified currency, and a return to Nation states setting their own fiscal agenda and interest rates, something which has been missing in this Euro dream and has cost Nations dearly. This is the cost of Bureaucratic policy making, trying to make ideology fit reality, never works, never will. This is dear friends what has saved Britain from the economic graveyard, although the Tories have tried to fast track us there.

Capitalism, the form of ideology we live under has as always favoured the few and imprisoned the many, forcing them to work harder for less and then be criminalised for complaining about it. Capitalism is you might argue the lesser of the economic theory evils,  but it’s price of failure is high with no mercy shown to those who cannot cope with the demands of an institutionalized set of financial laws designed to make sure that the majority of us are kept in our boxes only let out to pay for the sins of others. It by it’s nature makes criminals out of individuals who are only to willing to exploit a system open to abuse, which we have seen all to clearly within Edinburgh City Council.

A Chief Executive who should have been sacked, has been rewarded for her incompetence and financial mismanagement never mind her outside links that have benefitted from Council patronage. She won’t be sacked or rightly investigated as she has dirt on a lot of these other chancers who have abused a system which is so punch drunk it can barely put up a fight. Dame three jobs is another who has seen an opportunity and taken it using a corrupted system to protect herself. Edinburgh has been run into the ground by those who shouldn’t be allowed to push a shopping trolley never mind run a city.

But will anyone be called to account for anything, of course not, to busy with their noses in the trough while at the same time chopping services and trying to justify it, just read the latest utterings of an SNP finance chair who couldn’t spell politics. And right through the political and bureaucratic sphere we see the same thing, greed and incompetence,  justified in a system that promotes and protects the guilty. Capitalism has been exploited by the greedy and corrupt, as was Communism as are all these ism’s, so it doesn’t matter a damn what political and financial system we have as the ordinary citizen will continue to get shafted, and it will still be done under a flag called legal.


F O I Request

Friends and readers

We have been informing you of the conflicts of interest which Dame three jobs Bruce has,  and how this has made Edinburgh City Council,  a City already labeled as one of the most corrupt city’s in the UK,  a laughing stock, and now in serious danger of being declared bankrupt. Dame three Job’s outside interests have spilled over into her civic duties, with board members from two of the organisations she sits on SSE and Young Scot benefitting from lucrative Council contracts.

Recently coming on the back of Suck’s revelations, the Edinburgh Evening News has been coincidently running a charm offensive, putting the Dame up on some kind of pedistal while the City burns. We suggest the News take a closer look at her activities in Aberdeen and then that pedistal may well begin to crack a little.

But we have been informed and are happy to mention that the Edinburgh Evening News submitted a Freedom of Information request as to the details of the then Sue Bruce’s contract  with SSE. This is the same company that Labour Group and City Leader Andy Pandy Burns didn’t know had a lengthy contract with the City to supply energy to Council housing stock. This request was submitted in October 2013, and still silence. First of all thanks to the person from the News that informed us,  and secondly if there is nothing to hide why the silence. Clearly not all News employees are convinced the Dame is a living Saint.

Edinburgh is so corrupt and incompetent that no-one is prepared except Pilton Sucks to demand that not only that this award be removed but that the Chief Executive should be made the subject of a Criminal investigation, with serious questions being asked about her relationship with the Henderson Group who have the St James Quarter contract along with several millions of pounds of taxpayers money.

Is Labour group leader Andy pandy Burns seriously telling us or trying to get us to swallow the notion, that when he sanctioned Bruce’s job with SSE, he didn’t know that they had been convicted of fraud and fined millions of pounds, and that they had an existing contract with the City to provide energy to Council housing stock. Now taken in context and given that he’s allegedly leading the City, apart from into oblivion, Andy pandy Burns is either stupid or he’s being economical with the truth, in other words he’s lying. We have been shown minutes of a meeting which clearly shows that Burns was aware that SSE had a contract with the City, so must have been aware that a conflict of interest was inevitable should Bruce take up the role which friends and readers as we all know she did, declaring proudly that the 50,000 pounds would be donated to local charities, interesting fact is, there is no information on which charities are benefitting from this generosity.

So while the few at the top remain untouched by any sleaze although they are up to their necks in it, they are also austerity free, with their well paid posts not up for scrutiny. Sucks has already suggested the contribution they should be making but won’t. We have also laid bare the myth that you must pay the best to get and retain the best, and the question we asked was, ”what happened in Edinburgh’s case”. On the advice and recommendations of an incompetent and corrupt officialdom, our noble elected leaders will vote on decisions that will adversely affect the lives of many thousands of our citizens, who are now at the mercy of a system that couldn’t give a toss and is only interested in protecting itself and it’s power base. If as reported up to 1200 jobs disappear, and up 1200 lives are adversely affected, can the Dames 168,000 pound salary be justified, and will she keep her penthouse office and free car parking space.

The SNP group  the other half of the coaliton should bury their heads in shame, as they have been shown to be both leaderless and toothless, they might as well not be there. While those at the top of the City’s tree enjoy the fruits of the loom plus expenses the rest must await their fate.

Hotting Up

Friends and readers.

You may well have read or heard about the proposal to cut up to 1200 jobs which will be put before the elected members by appointed officials this week. What you won’t read, see, or hear is any of these over paid pen pushing bureaucratic cowards offering to take cuts in their own inflated salaries in order to help to protect their much lesser paid colleagues.

Dame three jobs Bruce, the closest thing to Sainthood we have in Edinburgh, is as Pilton Sucks has uncovered up to her neck in massive conflicts of interest, and many are now saying personal gain. Lets be very clear the Dames exploits in Aberdeen, you know the City that came close to financial collapse, was because of her decision making, and now that she’s gone and Edinburgh is lumbered with her we are now in serious financial trouble.

So first of all, everyone earning over 50,000 pounds a year must take a 10% pay cut and if they are not happy then they can leave and go off to the private sector and see if there is anybody stupid enough to give them that kind of salary. Between 50 and 100,000 pounds a 20% cut in their salary, and the same applies to this lot if they are not happy. Anyone earning over 100,000 pounds a year should receive a 25% pay cut. Pilton Sucks can assure all our readers that there certainly wouldn’t be a mass exodus from the cushy numbers these overpaid officials have.

Many will remember the excuse we used to get when the issue of inflated salaries at the taxpayers expense was brought up, ” we need to pay high salaries to get and retain the best people” So where did Edinburgh go wrong, and can anyone name an official who earns these high salaries who we would miss if they decided to go, of course not, and the private sector would run a mile, except from their pal Dame three jobs who seems to make a habit of ingratiating herself with the private sector for her own benefit.

We the citizen are the victims of institutional corruption made legal by self made rules. We know things are wrong, we know the brown envelope culture exists in a more sophisticated way, we know nests are being feathered and we are just being laughed at and dismissed if we question what’s going on in our name. Unlike the Evening News that has Dame three jobs as being next in line for Sainthood, Pilton Sucks does not and calls it like it is, she’s a crook in charge of a system of organised crime.

We urge all our readers to sign the online petition demanding an investigation into the running of Edinburgh City Council. Up to now there are over 5000 signatures on it, and don’t worry if you are an employee of the City and fear a witch hunt, your details are private. 5000 and growing angry people who want answers into the crooked way this city is run and why Dame three jobs is getting away with it. Don’t delay sign today.

Obsequious Drivel

Friends and readers.

Since the revelations brought into the public eye by Pilton Sucks over the running of the Council by Dame three jobs Bruce, a charm offensive has been launched putting the Dame close to Sainthood. We at Sucks have provided information which shows corruption and incompetence at the top of Local Government, with the Dame right at the heart of it. The Evening News 7-01-15 has a luv in with the Dame with what looks like the longest resignation speech in living memory. Clearly the News is not aware of what this woman has been up to, or simply doesn’t care.

Corruption and incompetence under Dame Sue’s watch has got worse. No-one in the Statutory repairs scandal has been charged, and we are reliably informed that the Council struck a deal with the Crown Office. How on earth is the Council allowed to dictate the course of the law,[apart from the fact that the Dame and her buddy from Aberdeen appointed Stephen House, one of so many conflicts of interest] Alarm bells must now be ringing as Sucks uncovers more dishonest, corrupt practices hidden behind the rule book.

We have information released to us concerning another maze of corrupt practices glossed over and unknown by the public at large.  JONES LANG LaSALLE who happen to be employed by Napier University in relation to all their property interests are also employed by the Council in more than one capacity. One of their roles seems to be finding Tenants for the Atria building [also caught up in another massive overspend EICC scandal], and an interesting list of Tenants they are, including the Henderson Group which Sucks showed direct links to Dame three jobs, and who we also pointed out were awarded the St JAMES QUARTER redevelopment, which friends and readers, and this is of real significance, came with a gift of millions of pounds from the Council, that in itself is an appalling state of affairs, it gets better the Council will then borrow the money back with interest, incredible completely incredible and organised crime of the most obvious nature.

JONES LANG LaSALLE also seem to be advisors to the Council regarding the EDI group as do RETTIE and CO, and as it happens are also advisors to the HENDERSON GROUP in relation to the ST JAMES QUARTER. It couldn’t be more obvious that this is a stitch up and Dame Three jobs is right at the heart of it. The Obsequious drivel that the Evening News printed is sickening to say the least, and we once again ask for a full and open investigation into the outside interests and massive conflicts of interest by the Dame.

The Dame wins the prize for the longest absence in the history of Scottish Local Government, although it seems that illness did not prevent her from continuing with her outside interests. It may well be and as time goes on looks more and more possible that the Dame’s legacy will be Audit Scotland putting Edinburgh City Council into special measures.