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Stop Me And Buy One.

Friends and readers

In these days of changing ways and so called liberated days, a story comes to mind of a friend of mine. Enough of that romancing and let’s get down to the latest gossip this time emerging from the under pressure Mark the cat Lazarovicz’s election camp. We are very reliably informed by a Sucks devotee that our bestest mate, pretty much chair of everything and Queen of blunderland Lesley Prada Hinds is seen as a vote loser and is to be given a behind the scenes role in the election campaign, in other words she’s to be dumped. Bad news for the SNP who would be hoping that Prada the dark star in Labours celestial body would be a prominent player thereby angering the voters who might turn to the SNP.

We also understand from our insider at Waverley Court, the bastion of democratic accountability that the three stooges, Adair, Ward and Watton have been reported to the Scottish executive over their mishandling of the former Royston School site. These three inept fools who are over protected and overpaid have conspired to make sure that their agenda is adhered to, while their boss and insider dealer Dame three jobs Bruce remains aloof but with her finger firmly on the trigger. We hear from another of our readers that they also have been having problems with this lot, what a surprise.

Pilton Sucks has posted well over 600 reading delights in our second life and our readership has grown since we first saw the light of day some years ago. We are delighted to say we are as much a part of the punters life as their morning porridge is, although not as lumpy. Pilton Sucks will shortly produce their own web page bringing even more fun and games from the nations favourite website.

Well back to the election and the fever pitched excitement of it all. The SNP have hit the ground running but ructions still remain in the camp and our latest info is that complaints are flying around all over the place. We have been probing to extract what info we can but a lid has been put on things which means all is certainly not well at camp SNP. But that’s the rich tapestry of politics and it would be very boring if there was no in fighting regardless of all this new politics shit that’s flying around. Elections are fought on issues always have and always will be. Passions fly high and that’s a good thing shows that politics still matters to people, but then so does oxygen.

During this election Pilton Sucks will be reviewing all the parties candidates even the Tories, we are nothing if not even handed. Markie the cat Lazarowicz is on a weight loss reduction program so he can fit into his election leaflets, while waltzing matilda Deidre cobber Brock has yet to show face in the Forth part of the Constituency, someone should tell her that a 14 bus takes her from the sanctuary of Leith to the politeriate of Forth. One snippet we do have is that the SNP have come to their senses and scrubbed the idea of a first floor election headquarters, whoever thought that one up needs their head examined, we understand that the alternative headquarters will be in or around Stockbridge somewhere.

Ah the middle class wannabes of Stockbridge and Markie boy’s hunting ground,  home of the cheese and wine set, armchair experts and NO voters in the referendum, not may we remind you matters a jot in a general election campaign. This is a part of the world where SNP is a swear word and cobber has her work cut of if she is to score points in that part of the world, so we advise our Deidre to break free from the chains of Leith and go in search of that most elusive of animals in Stockbridge, an SNP voter. Although the SNP do have one thing in their favour, they weren’t stupid enough to vote for Joan my heart is in the North Cherry, who subsequently found that her heart was really in Edinburgh South, replacing one Lawyer with another would just about be enough to make you puke.

So the Constituency breaks down into several parts, bit like the great british bake off only not as tasty. Sunny Forth with it’s lumpen proletariat and the poor neighbours of the Constituency apart from leafy Trinity which has traditionally voted Tory but may decide to vote tactically since they have no bloody chance of winning. Into the Dudleys and Newhaven, anybody’s guess where this lot will mark their X but SNP must be in with a good shout. We have spoken about Stockbridge and unless cobber Brock works it like hell then it’s a lost cause, could be damage limitation. Along and into Leith it’s cultural mix and cobbers stomping ground, but Labour and Gordon the snake Munro were first past the post in the Council elections, and where MSP Malcolm man in black Chisholm is popular. They haven’t done themselves any favours by selecting Prada Hinds as Labour candidate to replace Malcolm Chisholm at the Holyrood elections, talk about shooting yourself in the foot, they have blown the whole thing off. So SNP could give Labour a real fright in that part of the constituency but it may be a close run thing.

So in the early stages of the campaign with tactical voting sure to play a part then it’s the SNP who have made inroads catching Labour on the hop. A demoralized Labour with an absentee leader in Scotland hands a gift to the SNP who have the momentum for the moment. The Tories can’t win neither can the treacherous Lib-Dems who may be severely punished for their support of a right wing reactionary Conservative Government, now there’s a mouthful. If the Lib-Dem supporters tactically vote in enough numbers then it is ironically them who could have a huge bearing on who wins in Edinburgh North and Leith.

Markie boy has a 14,000 plus majority but doesn’t have the human touch his comrade Malcolm man in black Chisholm has and he just scraped in with his personal vote deciding it in his favour. Markie boy has no such personal vote and comes across as aloof and distant except with his cheese and wine set and they won’t be enough to win him the seat. So cobber Brock should keep that in mind and go for the personal touch, it works wonders, and break away from what appears to be a shield that has gone up round the candidate, big mistake. But Markie boy is the incumbent and is experienced enough to know he has a real fight on his hands, and that 14,000 plus majority can soon evaporate so his battle plan had better be a good one or his worst nightmare, spending more time with his family could become a reality.

It Stinks

Friends and readers.

The latest scandal that this corrupt and inept Council are embroiled in, involves council workers in front line services and vulnerable people being put on the scrap heap. Kids with learning difficulties who were looked after by the Engine Shed are being abandoned, whilst nonsensical grand projects are still promoted and 60,000 pounds a year management jobs within the Council that produce nothing are protected.

This tactic is known to Council insiders as the Bleeding Stumps approach, because it cuts off limbs, it hurts the public and it sends a message to central government not to take their money away whilst protecting the the overpaid, useless and inept, characters who we have named like officials Watton, Adair and Ward who are part of an institutional corrupt operation which is headed by Dame three jobs Bruce who should by rights be shown the door.

This is a cynical and scandalous ploy that the Scottish Government should not tolerate and yet another scandal to add to the list of a Council knee deep in them already.

Off And Running

Friends and readers.

The election is now starting to go up the gears, and although it hasn’t officially started yet the parties are gearing up their front line troops for an assault on the defenceless voter. Out in force on Saturday were the SNP gathered together outside Morrisons where they could combine their electioneering with a browse through the bargain isle. Quite a few turned up we are told but no sign of waltzing Matilda and candidate Deidre cobber Brock. It would appear our Deidre is a firm believer in keeping a low profile, practically an invisible one.

Over in Edinburgh West Labour Candidate and absentee Councillor Cammy squint tie Day is firmly pulling his weight in an attempt to con, oops persuade the voters that he is the man for the job. And if you are very unlucky and are trapped by Cammy then he is offering a selfie with himself and the lucky voter. Cammy is well known for his love of photography and Pilton Sucks, having been in bother with the law for the former whilst using the excuse of reading the later. Rumour has it that there are some photo’s of our mate Cammy in a more shall we say relaxed mood doing the rounds, but Sucks certainly hasn’t seen them but perhaps as the election progresses we might all get a peek.

Back in the frozen wastes of the North it would appear that the SNP despite Deidre are riding high, so it might be good politics to keep her out of sight, something cobber would be in favour of as she is not renowned for her energetic electioneering. On the other hand avid Sucks reader Mark the cat Lazarovicz is pumping iron in an attempt to get into condition for the fight ahead. Markie boy who often used to get his exercise up and down the isles of Tesco’s in Broughton Road has surcumbed to home shopping in an attempt to avoid the voters, and to much Caramel Shortcake has resulted in Markie boy putting a little weight on so he won’t be going to any barbecues in Stockbridge, but there is even less chance of him climbing stairs to shovel leaflets through letterboxes. We suggest Markie boy starts walking around the Constituency, at pace, but he shouldn’t worry as there is little chance of bumping into his nemesis cobber Brock she will be to busy trying to work out how to operate her DVD recorder so she can catch up on the back episodes of Home and Away

Pilton Sucks as always likes a bit of fun so we intend to open a book on what is or seems to be a two horse race. As we have no gaming license no dosh will be changing hands not knowingly anyway, so lets get going on the 75 day election handicap chase.

Mark the cat Lazarowicz 10/11 on

Deidre cobber Brock  5/4 against

10/1 bar these two beauties.

That’s the opening prices but will indeed fluctuate as the campaign progresses. Keep in mind that the SNP have what seems more troops on the ground and are on a high as the polls give them a huge lead overall in the country, but of course that means nothing when it comes to the voter casting their francaise in the ballot box  Labour are in the doldrums but beware of a wounded animal. Their moral is low and have a severe lack of leadership at the helm both in Holyrood and Westminster. Murphy is a trier but he just hasn’t got it, apart from the fact he lives in Westminster so his role is left to the jobless wonder Kezia Dugdale who tells us her Dad votes SNP, nice one Keiza, hows that for sure footed politics.  Miliband, well what can you say that hasn’t already been said. Brought up in the closeted halls of Westminster he had to look up Hansard to find out what a worker was.

Labour have a mountain to climb and no gear to do it with. Markie boy has a 14,000 majority and in normal times he would be returned albeit with a smaller majority. But this is not normal times we live in and that 14,000 majority that he covets can soon evaporate if he doesn’t pull a rabbit out of the hat. Markie boy has remained pretty much clear of sleaze apart from a dodgy expense return but the voters may well have forgotten that little blemish on his character. Otherwise he is good to go, but to where the question has to be asked. More time with his family, could be if he doesn’t whip the dwindling band of loyalists into action. Labour have a cranking machine in the North so do not underestimate them and take for granted that Markie will be forced into retirement.

They have over the years funded many of the projects in the North and filled them with their own people, many of them are still there, including Forth Neighbourhood manager Pete[formerly the perm]Strong. Cobber Brock does not have that in,  and if she as is rumoured continues to surround herself with a band of disciples then the alarm bells will ring. Already the Nats have got off to a poor start with Cobber no-where to be seen and this if it continues will be disastrous. Labour have a hold on the Constituency and have a presence in Leith Walk where their Constituency office is. The SNP on the other hand have a first floor office, who thought that one up? not the cleverest move ever as a shop front, on the ground floor has always been the better bet, another bloomer.

Does it matter maybe not, but the punters will have to look up the way to see the troops beavering away, while further up the road the punters can just walk in and enjoy the ambiance of Labour headquarters. If they are smart and that’s in question they will acquire another premises in the Constituency and present a face to the voters not just in Leith but in other parts of the Constituency.  It could be that Labour have a secret weapon, so secret in fact that Markie boy hasn’t been let in on it and they will catch the SNP on the hop, they need to do something and fast or they might be left at the post. Rumour has it that our bestest mate, pretty much chair of everything and Queen of blunderland Lesley Prada Hinds will be hidden away by the Labour campaign team as they are already at a disadvantage, any sign of Prada and that might seal victory for the Nats.

Even at this stage we would advise our old mate to think about resigning as Labour’s candidate for Edinburgh North and Leith at the Holyrood elections, she could well be hammered. As of now the bookies are offering odds of 10/1 against a Prada win, and even money for current incumbent Malcolm man in black Chisholm to make a comeback. It seems even the bookies are desperate for Prada to chuck it.


Friends and readers.

Pilton Sucks has been made aware of an act of vandalism carried out against vehicles belonging to PEP [Pilton Equalities Project]. This act of wanton destruction brings shame on the Community and once again we ask about the validity of Stronger North, yet another buck passing exercise.

Well Pilton Sucks has it’s own strength and wants nothing to do with anything that Dame three jobs Bruce has got any links with. Unlike the greed machine Bruce we at Pilton Sucks do care about people living in peace  and safety in their Community. So Pilton Sucks will grass these scum bags to the police, and have two names which we will pass to the authorities. Sorry about this shit that has happened Helen but Sucks will lend it’s weight to helping catch the bastards who did this.

Be warned that Pilton Sucks will give up anyone who is causing distress to others in this Community to the Police. We have said before that this and other Communities have been patronised for far to long, so Sucks says watch out we will name and shame you if we have the evidence.  Community projects are just that, projects for the Community, and any fucker who thinks they can steal vandalise and abuse these projects think again.

Ah Ha

Friends and readers.

After our post yesterday on the two front runners for the Edinburgh North and Leith Westminster constituency Mark The cat Lazarowicz and Deidre Cobber Brock, lo and behold a piece appeared on Face Book, after Cobber turned up surprisingly at the Forth SNP branch meeting, clearly she had the sense to read Pilton Sucks and the disharmony within the branch. In glorious technicolour our Deidre was facebooked alongside her election agent in the sporting surroundings of Spartans Academy.

We received several comments which were anonymous so can’t be verified saying that Sucks was on the money and indeed disharmony is rife within the branch, naming several individuals who were allegedly causing the trouble, once again we cannot verify this so will not print the names. According to one of the comments there was indeed a little band of poison dwarfs trying to isolate cobber for their own reasons, we don’t know what went on at last nights meeting but safe to say if our Deidre doesn’t jump on this problem then it’s likely to spill over and the fallout if it becomes public could have dire consequences in her bid to unseat Markie the cat Lazarowicz.

Once more Sucks gets the inside story and once again the Nations favourite blog site brings you what others won’t. Markie boy who as we know is an avid reader of Pilton Sucks may well have a grin on his face this morning but if cobber has any sense then she will move quickly to make sure she has the most experienced team she can muster which she will certainly need if she is to quell any uprising and win a seat Labour has held since Noah found dry land. Every political party has it’s share of wannabes, chancers and backstabbers, political party’s seem to attract such individuals and the SNP is no different, so much for the heralded new politics.

Not to worry though it’s just part of the rich tapestry of political shenanigans. At least cobber had the malum to show up at the branch meeting last night, as not showing up may well have added fuel to the poor start to the campaign. We reported to you that Labour have been out and about not letting the grass which the Council are now not going to cut grow under their feet. Winning any election is about timing and how best to use the resources that are available to you. If by ignoring the most experienced members of the SNP locally as one of our comments said then disaster will follow regardless of some opinion poll which for the moment puts the SNP a mile or two ahead, but indeed friends anyone who has been around long enough in politics will tell you polls can change quicker than the weather.  And while the sun may be shining on the SNP at present, there are always clouds on the horizon ready to block the sun out and rain on their parade.

But that aside we could well be in for an interesting contest and there is no question that Labour will be hard pressed to hold on to a seat which has been solid Labour even before Noah found dry land. And Sucks will be there every step of the way bringing you all the fun and antics which will no doubt play a major part. So sit back friends and readers and let Sucks take you on a political merry go round which could well make your head spin.

Someone To Watch Over Me.

Friends and readers.

Politics is the art of governing the populace by deceiving them. Election fever is coming to your door soon and will inevitably bore you shitless with all the usual crap and garbage that you get fed with. We will hear of this and that outcome and who will govern hand in hand with someone else, or be given the fear factor of what might happen should you vote a certain way.

Many of us are now sick to death of hearing what might have been if the independence referendum was won, it wasn’t so we all have to get back to the bread and butter politics and the many twists and turns of the politics of Government. Candidates for election are now in place all over the country and the promise and hypocrisy machine has kicked into action. The media is predicting an SNP landslide in Scotland but you would be foolish to put any credence in that. Punters who have only been in the SNP 5 minutes are now candidates so clearly the experience and calibre is not there and what appears to be a kick in the teeth to the experienced members of the party, huge error and one that may come back to haunt the party.

New Labour did the very same and came to a very sticky end, beware of complacency and taking the voter for granted. The more the media crow on about an SNP landslide the more the voter will be turned off, the media are no fools and no friends of the SNP.  Nothing can be said about politics that has not already been said about hemorrhoids, so there is nothing new to tell us and no magic wand new politics to enhance our existence. Down in the dreary world of constituency politics there is a flickering light  like a torch which has a battery just about to run out. Sunny Edinburgh North and Leith has a sitting member who was new Labour before it was invented, who thought clause four was a Spielberg movie and who gave the term Champagne Socialist a whole new meaning. We speak of course about Labour incumbent and Tesco home shopper Mark the cat Lazarowicz. The ever so slightly bloated Markie boy who has become a tad overweight living off the fat of the land and previously questionable expense claims comes into this contest quite a few votes in front and we hear doon the gym getting fit.

Markie boy is no mug and knows he may well have a fight on his hands against SNP candidate and beer loving Deidre cobber Brock. Deidre who hails from Aussie land was we hear selected from 11 other hopeful punters, although nobody knows quite how the vote went and if they do they are not saying. So it’s Cobber anyway and she will be hoping to ride on the coattails of the SNP surge in the opinion polls. We are reliably informed that there is some disharmony within the camp, surely not but indeed there seems to be. Our Deidre has apparently got herself a hand picked bunch of disciples to the detriment of everyone else, bad start Cobber. We scanned the press and seen no sign of a press release, another bad start, or is that new politics. Again we are told she has ignored the membership and made no contact with many of them, yet another bad start. Lots of bad starts, must be giving Markie boy a spring in his slightly laden step.

Seems Cobber and her election agent who ever that is are falling into the old Labour ways of doing things, bad start. But as we say there is a growing discontent early in the proceedings although with only a short time to go till P day, that’s polling day friends, then it’s not early in the proceedings but may be costly. Not much information is coming out of the SNP camp so they have learned that from Labour and put it into practice. But Sucks will try and keep you posted on all the juicy bits. No such disharmony from Markies camp couldn’t be it’s not big enough and their weekly meetings in the first available telephone box seem to be going well with some Labourites already out and about, and the Labour News hitting our doorstep, in trendy black and white, with mug shots only, not surprisingly given Markie boys slight weight problem.

We are told that Markie boy will be holding meetings whilst running on a treadmill and be jumping up and down on the spot at any hustings. He may well have a lot to jump up and down at if the poll trend continues. Markie will of course ignore the polls giving the faithful the usual guff about the only poll that counts is the one in May. Privately he has bought another 40 packs of toilet roll just in case. He got a good deal though it was buy one get one free, bet he’d rather it was votes instead of bog rolls. So we have alleged disharmony in the SNP camp and weekly meetings for the comrades in the nearest available telephone box, great thing this democracy, but we can’t call it that for fear of upsetting the newbies who think that the ballot papers will have a yes or no question on it. Who knows, and who really cares apart from Mr. and Mrs. angry of Ann Street[that's a posh street folks]

In the end politicians of all persuasions have the ability to foretell what is going to happen tomorrow, next week, next month and next year. And to have the ability afterwards to explain why it didn’t happen—SUCKS 2015.

All The Kings Men

Friends and readers.

Your favourite blog site always welcomes your comments and interesting tit bits,  and from what one of our readers tells us there are interesting times down sunny Forth way. With Cammy squint tie Day having more or less vanished to wet his beak in Edinburgh West and add to his collection of squint ties in the many charity shops of Corstorphine High Street, sunny Forth is bereft of his many talents, can’t think of one immediately but there is time yet. Only Tory in the Village Alan I’ve had a real job  Jackson has been showing his support for the punters in Lower Granton Road who have suffered from the shakes for many a year due to the never ending traffic which clogs that road, by lying prostrate in the road preventing traffic from moving thereby not alleviating the problem but exacerbating it. Careful Alan or we find ourselves with no Tories in the Village.

Vicki the hat Redpath was spotted in the gutter this week, not literally of course but her happy smiling face was spotted on a Labour leaflet doing the rounds, it’s called Labour News, won’t be much in it then. Unfortunately our eagle eyed reader could not pick the leaflet out of the gutter as some dog which was a cross between a Staffordshire Terrier and a French Poodle who had just consumed a Scotmid pie was relieving himself all over our Vicki, at least it stops her talking shit. Sunny Forth will be quieter on Tuesday evening as the punters make their way to Berwick to hopefully watch local team Spartans thrash Berwick Rangers. So when the mice are away Mark the cat Lazarovich can quickly get bused round the ward taking notes knowing he won’t get stoned, the concrete variety not the smokey stuff that’s for later on at one of his many champagne barbecues he loves so much and where the rest of the wooly jerseyed revolutionary Guardian readers can moan about the drop in the value of their shares and enjoy the ever so slightly bloated Markies words of wisdom.

Oh by the way Markies face appeared on Labour News as well, as part of their competition which if you win gets you a free lift to the polls come election day with the second prize being two free lifts to the polls, along with your very own customized designed slightly reddish tee shirt brandishing a vote early vote often logo. All you have to do to win this once in a lifetime offer is guess who Markie is, what he does, and how much he charges for it, dead easy eh. Yes friends Labour News with our bestest mate, pretty much chair of everything and Queen of blunderland Lesley Prada Hinds. Our Lesley is pictured beside the shy and retiring Malcolm man in black Chisholm, with Malcolm praising our Lesley with what looks like through gritted teeth and you don’t even see his lips move. Our Lesley has a number of strings to her bow and she is certainly fiddling while Edinburgh burns, never in our history has one person fucked up so often, and still had the cheek to gobble up her extra allowances.

Meanwhile our latest mate and reader Mike where’s the fire Bridgeman who was gazumped by Tommy I’ve seen the light Shepherd as SNP candidate for Edinburgh East has decided not to take the huff at being shafted by his own party, and instead get his firefighters gear out, that’s if it still fits him and start doing stag nights on the side, to not only get fit but bare his essentials and get back to basics, aye bugger the lot of them Mike one at a time of course. Pilton Sucks has some sympathy for our new mate Mikey, who clearly was a victim of a party who is beginning to mirror image the Labour Party, and look what has happened to them.

We hear from our reliable source within fortress City Chambers that winning candidate for Labour opps sorry the SNP in Edinburgh North and Leith Deirdre cobber Brock won by an unknown margin as nobody seems to be able to find out who actually won although favoured sister cobber Brock was declared the winner but to only a handful of disciples, better watch one of them isn’t called Judas. Nobody knows how many votes were cast, who was second or third and who dropped out, and you thought the Labour party was bent.

So if you believe the hype which you shouldn’t then it’s a straight fight between Markie the cat and Cobber Brock. Its first blood to Markie as his mob have got off to a flyer while cobbers mob can’t agree what day it is, have a secret ballot but at least tell everyone so everybody can share in the news. Pilton Sucks doesn’t believe the hype and nobody with even a limited political brain and there’s a few of them believe that the SNP are the answer we have all been waiting for, take a look at the candidate list if you can find one there’s more questions than answers amongst this lot, but who knowes the Tories might come up through the middle and win the seat, there’s more chance of Markie the cat forgetting to fill in his expence sheet, that’s what a long shot it is.

The Tories have been campaiging for the length of the parliament, Labour have done much the same but missed the boat when it comes to realising that while they eat with the establishment their traditonal voter is suffering. The Lib-Dems, who have shot their bolt so their punters will be looking to transfer their vote, but to who? The Greens, well who knows. Patrick Harvie their noble front punter is well up for it as he can clock up even more air miles, how green is your valley Paddy my boy. And then came Nicola, looking even more the Queen maker than she thinks she is. Might be wiser if her better half stood down as SNP chief exec, looks a bit naughty when there are punters who are eating from food banks while the only bank Nicola and Pete use is the one where they bank their dosh thank you very much.

Nicola is increasingly looking like the cat who has got the cream, and she may have grown a few inches as well as her party look strong and certain to do well, which they probably will but not as well as everyone thinks. The final days of the single issue referendum campaign should have taught the punters a lesson, don’t take the voters for granted, and that was a single issue campaign, a general election is a multi complex issue campaign, where a straight yes or no is not on the ballot paper. There are thousands of silent voters out there the same thousands that voted no, and the same thousands that can decide an election. We don’t think Labour will do as badly as the doom and gloom merchants are telling us, but they certainly deserve to.  There won’t be the same kind of turnout, nothing like it, so the status quo in sunny Edinburgh and North Leith could see Markie the cat returned albeit with a smaller majority, and it doesn’t help the SNP’s cause that they are invisible up to now, not a good idea, and reeks of complacency.

Nicolas plan to look regal and in charge and talking about doing deals with Ed’s mob could backfire on her and we remind our readers of Neil Kinnock’s rally in Sheffield which backfired severely on Neily boy and let the Tories in, Nickies talk of doing deals and holding the balance of power reeks of similarity, something history tell us the voters don’t like, so we say to Nickie beware the ides of May.

Exit Stage Left

Friends and readers

The UK Government told us mug punters in Scotland that if we voted for independence we could end up as a third world country. Hmm. Don’t know if things would have improved to that extent but we will never know.

Those smug Tory bastards who have bought their own brand of financial sectarianism to a point where they don’t give a fuck about tax dodgers, swindlers, and the fat cats who parasite off our taxes, have again with the support of those other bunch of back stabbing shites Labour pushed through another round of austerity measures designed to impoverish the already impoverished population of this nation. That even smugger fucker Iain Duncan Smith the axe wielding secretary of state for work and pensions and a confirmed hater of the poor has gleefully announced that it has only cost a billion pounds or so to turn the screw further on the already oppressed citizen who is trying to survive on benefits, not including the scumbags who cheat the system and we all know that there are punters who do screw the system and thereby are crippling those in most need.

But hang on a mo, only a billion or so to make it even harder to survive in this country if you are poor or in dire straits, how much smithy old boy is being spent to catch the real criminals who are dodging tens of millions in tax, more than enough to feed our public services and leave the poor alone. These greedy bastards who fleece the country out of tax and pile it up to watch it gathering dust then hand some of it over to the Tories so they can further enjoy the patronage of the Bullingdon Boys. Thieves and robbers these are the real state swindlers who happily gorge on the carcase of poverty and then throw the bones to their pet dogs, the Tories.

And who supports them? why the jobless wonder Ed Miliband and his nemesis Ed no Balls, who happily tripped through the lobbies with their Tory chums to tighten the screw deeper into the hearts of the poor while colluding to keep the tax dodgers and swindlers out of harms reach. Dear friends poverty has and always will be the parent of revolution and crime, and by God these two establishment parties are fanning the flames of revolution and poverty. They propose an evangelical enlightenment, and come May if you vote Tory then they will free the rich of the scourge of having to look upon the faces of poverty and destitution, by stripping them of any rights they thought they had and return them to shit street and ghetto land, that’s our promise and they intend to keep it.

Meanwhile if you support Labour with the intent of ridding the country of Tory rule think again. There is not a cigarette papers thickness between the two of them and be in no doubt that if you vote Labour and the leadership of Ed vacant Miliband then you will be crucified only it will take you longer to die than the shotgun bullet of the Tories. Dear friends those who know how to win are much more numerous than those who know how to make proper use of their victories. It’s easy to hammer the poor they have no defence and no leader who they can call upon to defend their families and their very existence. Yet both parties despite the patronising crap they come out with are desperate to court the tax dodgers and swindlers, modern day robber barons who have a massive power base, based on their wealth and the stealth they applied to get it and then hide it.

Both parties pay homage to these scumbags who are the real enemies of the state, and who would jump into bed with any political leader that offered them a deal to shut up and go away, but leave a donation as you close the door behind you. We live in a society built on corruption, and patronage, it’s so built in that we don’t give it a second thought, it’s part of all our lives, but it shouldn’t be and we should offer up these thieves to the altar of justice, and either make them pay or take their money and throw the bastards in jail, although that would cost the taxpayer money as well, best put them on a desert island somewhere and let them live in the tropical warmth they so enjoy only this time courtesy of the taxpayer.

Come May it’s heads you lose tails you lose, so why bother. We have no democracy to fight for, it’s in the hands of the thieves and swindlers who bought it as a job lot. We have no hope of any of the two major parties investing in the nation quite the opposite, forget the Lib-Dems Clegg and his treacherous band of brigands will pay heavily for their support of right wing policies that created the base for armageddon should these ratbags gain power again. We are surrounded by those who would take from us and have nowhere to hide and nowhere to run to for sanctuary, we are the victims of the equivalent of domestic abuse, political abuse the symptoms are similar, the only difference is you can with help get free of domestic abuse, but we are all fucked when it comes to political abuse.

What you leave behind is not what is engraved on stone monuments, but what is woven into the lives of others.

News From Sucks

Friends and readers.

Your favourite blog site as always has it’s finger on the pulse and we bring you news that many are saying is long overdue. We have been told by a reliable source within the stronghold of the City Chambers that our bestest mate, pretty much chair of everything, Queen of blunderland and Harvey Nic’s regular Lesley Prada Hinds is in yet more hot water. Our source tells us that a motion potentially going before Council on Thursday 19th February will demand that our mate Prada be suspended pending investigation over her total mishandling of the Transport portfolio. Surprise is that it has taken so long for the SNP to find their balls.

Chances are that a deal may be done to save embarrassment to both Prada and the Labour group, but why? Prada Hinds has proven herself to be totally incompetent and it’s time, in fact it’s long overdue that she call it a day and live in the real world, and try and get a real job where she doesn’t have any authority she can abuse and where she can’t bully to get her way. She is now the Labour candidate for Edinburgh North and Leith at the next Holyrood elections and the SNP must be jumping up and down with delight, as she certainly unless there is a miracle will lose a once safe Labour seat.

Moving on, our reliable source has told us that Councillor Mike Bridgeman who surprisingly failed the SNP vetting procedure which allowed former Labourite Tommy Shepherd to become the SNP candidate for Edinburgh East, that after Mr. Shepherd sent out 7 mailings which we are led to believe was against the party rules which allowed only 3. The Vetting panel has now said Mr. Bridgeman was knowledgeable enough about party policy to pass vetting, sounds like the gate being locked after the horse or in this case Mr. Shepherd has bolted or been selected. If it sounds like a stitch up, looks like a stitch up, dear friends it is a stitch up. We have warned against the SNP becoming another Labour party, looks like our warning was not heeded.

Moving on again. We told our readers about the hideous situation of a Council being in 1.4 billion pounds in debt, trying to borrow 60 million pounds to hand it to the Henderson Group to redevelop the Saint James Quarter, and by the way where was the competitive tendering there, and just to add salt in the financial wound this corrupt Council handed out 1.7 million pounds in bonuses, and wait for it, 70,000 pounds of that 1.7 million pounds was given to Chief crook and bottle washer Dame three jobs Bruce, incredible absolutely incredible. This nest featherer has used her position to her own benefit while hanging anybody who didn’t agree with her out to dry. Her outside interests are clearly in direct conflict to her duties as Chief Executive and we have reported to our readers about her links to the Henderson Group.

What a mess and coupled with the corrupt activities over the former Royston School site, which has we are told been made known to the Scottish Executive including the activities of certain officials, then it’s quite obvious that Edinburgh is in the hands of the self interest party, with the citizens being conned and left to pick up the tab. The Audit commission have expressed their concerns about the state of the City’s finances, a petition with over 5000 signatures on it demanding an investigation into the workings of the Council, and a city regardless of what you hear close to the edge of financial meltdown and still the Scottish Executive don’t act, what does it take to get them to see the obvious.

This wonderful city is in the wrong hands with corrupt officials hiding behind the rule book in order to watch their own asses, politicians not understanding their briefs, reports not being read properly, and reports that were supposed to be commissioned not in existence at all. Pilton Sucks is seemingly standing alone trying to get accountability, asking for the removal of officials who are sitting collecting their generous salaries while conspiring against the very people we the citizens elected to take the proper decisions in the interests of everyone. We are calling for a full and in depth investigation into who is running what and in whose interests. Just listen to former Russian interpreter and current chair of finance, obviously suitably qualified for the post, Alistair establishment Rankin, who is just so out of his depth it’s laughable. He listens to officials of which he was one once, bamboozle him with figures and bullshit of which he hasn’t a scoobie and then tries to defend his position which he singularly fails to do. If ever there was a wrong person in the wrong position apart from Prada Hinds then its Mr establishment himself Alistair Rankin. He’s an officials dream, ask no questions, sign what’s put in front of him, and then try and defend it. Is it any wonder that Edinburgh shity Council is corrupt and inept.

A small ray of light. Let’s hope Spartans win their Scottish cup replay against Berwick Rangers on Tuesday night. We have been asked to tell our readers that Spartans are running buses to Berwick at a cost of 2 pounds a person. Let us hope that as many as possible can go and support Dougies Dynamos create a little bit of history. Good luck to them.


Friends and readers.

The budget has been passed and we know now what will be cut and what we can expect. But that only tells one side of this dreadful Council. 1.7 million pounds paid out in bonuses, 1.4 billion pounds in debt and a further 60 million pounds to be borrowed to redevelop the Saint James Quarter, and the contract given to the pal of Dame three jobs Bruce, the Henderson Group.

Nothing but silence from the SNP group as they back Labours budget, if this is a preamble of what could be expected if SNP hold the balance after the General Election in May, then maybe Sturgeon should stay south of the border, as shamefully no questions have been asked about the mismanagement of Edinburgh Shity Council. We wonder if the three officials we named Eric Adair Peter Watton and Greg Ward will get their marching orders, no chance, these chancers are safe to carry on doing nothing and doing it their way.

Will the Dame take a pay cut, no chance she’s to busy feathering her own nest to give a toss about anyone else. Will Prada hinds give up any of her paid posts, no chance and she even had the brass neck to tell the punters that Scottish Water who have made a mess of our streets are marvelous coming back to repair them, when what she should have said is these useless bastards should have done it right in the first place, she really is completely usless. Any cuts will always affect those least able to deal with the fallout, and with Andy pandy Burns and Jambo Cardownie in charge we have two pocket liners who aren’t in the slightest bit interested in who loses out as long as it’s not them.

And supported by an SNP group whose national leadership have eyes on cleaning up in Labour held seats at the General Election. One look at this Council and the voters might decide to stay with the chancers they know and forget electing another bunch who will potentially back Labour anyway. Deirdre cobber Brock has been selected by the SNP to contest Edinburgh North and Leith so it’s doubtful Mark dodgy expenses Lazarovich will be losing much sleep. The SNP are running around as if it’s all cut and dry and we have to say the first few months of new first minister Nicola Sturgeon’s leadership has hardly been awe inspiring, but then again absent Labour leader Jim smiler Murphy is certainly not setting the heather on fire, while deputy and new Labour luvie Keiza never worked Dugdale looks like she has a hedgehog up her ass, just read her column in the Daily Record that say’s it all.

So is it any wonder that Edinburgh shity Council are getting away with it and not been called to account. Finance chair, thats a laugh, Alistair establishment Rankin looked like a fish out of water as he stumbled and bumbled on TV the other night trying to justify a budget that a primary school kid could have written. Former Civil servant Rankin is so unsuited to the job that he’s not only painful to listen to he’s excruciatingly painful to watch. You have to scratch your head and wonder how middle class twats like Rankin get selected and then elected, it shows the SNP must have been desperate for candidates when he got selected. Now they are overflowing with new members, problem is they will not know their ass from their elbow and have to learn the ropes.

Now that’s not a bad thing as they will have to learn about party structures and disciplines. And from what we are led to believe, the selection meetings that were held recently to select an SNP candidate for Edinburgh North and Leith was farsical with all but three of the twelve candidates not having a clue about the area they were trying to be selected for and much less about party policy, what a farce. We are told that if the punters voted for a particular punter and that punter should bugger off and get selected somewhere else the members who voted for, in this case Joan my heart is here Cherry who fucked off to stand in Edinburgh South, would get to vote again. Even Labour are clued up enough to rig the vote before a selection meeting not after.

All in all it’s very depressing to think that the SNP are in real danger of becoming another Labour party, and they are well on the road, and this leaves the voter with a clear choice come May. Vote SNP in May and yes you might get a barrow load of newbies who couldn’t spell politics and would be an officials dream, and they might be in a position to support a minority administration, which might be Labour, follow so far, good. Or vote Labour and hope Miliband doesn’t get his ass felt south of the border, in which fact would or might return a Tory administration. Yep it’s that clear. Cameron will be praying for an SNP landslide here in Bonny Scotland, and a status quo in England which will mean dubious Dave and slimy George will slither back into Downing Street.

But it’s not clear that dubious Dave would have the seats to form a Government, so he might turn to Nigels mob should they do well, that’s unclear. Of course he always has the Ulster Unionists to turn to they will always support the Tories but they would want something in return as would Nigels mob so a deal is far from certain. Any clearer now? Good. The SNP Labours new best friends have said they will not support a Tory administration, but if they win in Scotland then they will or might help the return of a Tory Government. Labour is nothing short of hopeless and inept and completely clueless about what to do should they be in a position to form a Government.

They have some real beauties in their ranks and one of the stand out beauts is shadow Education Secretary Tristan Hunt, bet he used to sell the Socialist Worker on a street corner before he got himself a well paid job, what a wanker. They have plenty more in their ranks but we will keep that bit of fun for later. So there you have it, a Labour led Council Supported by an SNP group whose leader was a former Labour stalwart, terrific heads you lose tails you lose. Good luck in May as the only losers will be the mugs that bother to vote.