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Election Frolics

Friends and readers.

The polls are telling us mug punters that the SNP will gain a landslide on May 7th. They may be right who knows, but politics has a strange way of coming up behind you and biting you hard on the bum. Certainly Labour are in disarray and deserve to get stuffed, but the downside of that is it may let the Tories back in through the back door. Still lots to play for and there will certainly be many twists and turns before the voting fodder go to the polls.

But dear friends we have a fascinating contest right on our doorstep in sunny Edinburgh North and Leith were the SNP are hoping to unseat sitting MP Mark the cat Lazarowicz. Markie boy who has been in training for the election restricting his self the delights of the good life he has come to enjoy over his period as MP. None of that for SNP candidate, waltzing Matilda herself Deidre cobber Brock. Unfortunately our Deidre thinks the campaign will be won by the yes mob, which it clearly won’t be and according to our reliable source has surrounded herself with them, rarely venturing out of her bolt hole in Leith.

And we must remember that for all her posturing she has never actually won an election, coming second in the seat she represents in the Council. No second prize in this election. On the other hand Labour have dominated this constituency for generations and it shows. Their complacency is staggering, an example of this arrogant complacency was to select our bestest mate, pretty much chair of everything and Queen of blunderland Lesley Prada Hinds as their candidate for the Holyrood elections. What a gift for the SNP,  somebody up there must like them as our Lesley was the worst possible choice, she’s a complete numpty and never gets it right usually costing the City a fortune into the bargain.

The Drylaw Dragon certainly breaths fire but it will be extinguished come the Holyrood elections. Labour have hit the skids and in Scotland could seriously become an irrelevance come May8th. The warning signs are already there for the SNP, get to big and forget what their purpose is. Fill the party with 5 minute wonders and pander to their every whim. We see this in clarity in Edinburgh North and Leith where Markie boy believes he is invincible and the Labour faithful will come out in their droves and return him to the trough of Westminster. He realises that the turnout will not be as big as the referendum and that his stance on the issue will serve him well with the no punters supporting him as well as some of the yes punters.

That’s a flawed plan just as it is for the SNP who believe that the yes punters will come out in their droves and vote cobber to the trough in Westminster. It just won’t happen, will someone please put them out of their misery and tell them this is not a referendum, but a complex election where there is not a yes no on the ballot paper. We are informed by one of our readers that they are actually asking punters on the doorstep, would they like to see an independent Scotland. Nice one really clever thinking. wonder who the genius was that thought that one up. The SNP are in danger of getting carried away with their own importance and that dear friends will hand it to the dead beats of Labour, who we are told have more or less resigned themselves to losing.

At least the party had the sense not to select a five minute wonder as their candidate, and fortunetly not the dreadful Joan my heart is in the North Cherry, she makes Markie boy look honest. These are the very people who will eventually drag the SNP down to their own level and return them to a fringe party. But enough of that, cobber marches on, only in Leith of course surrounded by hangers on and wanabees, while Markie boy struggles to find anyone to hang on to him, and in typical comradely fashion desert the sinking ship. Labour have a history of back stabbing, in fact they have made it into an art form and there is nothing the comrades like better than tearing each other apart, the SNP should take note.

But we are swimming in leaflets and door knockers promising us the world if we vote for them, they are all liars of a form but it’s a tradition in this country that politicians lie to you and candidates lie even more, wouldn’t be the same if they told the truth, the electorate would be shocked. Labours election consists of critisising the Tories rightly so while forgetting to tell us what they are going to do apart from put the top rate of tax back up to 50p and impose a mansion tax, that won’t raise much. Be brave put it up to 60p, plug the tax loopholes immediatly instead of promising they will crack down on the dodgers. End the charity status of private schools and make them pay their share. Tax the private health sector and invest the receipts in the NHS. Build houses that people can afford and end the scourge of rogue landlords.

Break up the cartel that own most of the land and sell it for the benefit of the nation. And dear friends take back Government which has been handed over to the Eurocrats. Will Labour do any of that, of course not they are prisoners of the money markets which they did so much to embrace and who hate the sight of Labour. They will just tinker about and in the end do fuck all. What of an SNP influence, would that change Labours view on the financial institutions and the dodgers and crooks who steal from the country and the well heeled who take advantage of the system. Why of course not, fuck about with  Trident which even the SNP know they have no chance however noble of removing. Will a potential SNP influence do much good for the punters, maybe but unlikely.

Will an SNP influence force a Labour administration to take on the financial crooks and the obscenity of these bastards that brought us to the brink of financial collapse. No not a chance, probably won’t even be mentioned and that’s a sad fact as any potential horse trading takes place. We will still have food banks, still have the crooks in the banking and financial sector, still have a huge housing problem, and still be just the mug punters that watch it from afar. Who do you vote for? do any of them have a clue or give a toss once they have their snouts in the trough? We are adrift on the sea of uncertainty, but one thing is certain, when we wake up on May 8th something will have happened but it won’t be a revolution of any kind just a slight blip until normal service is resumed. Wonder what odds Ladbrokes are offering on the first SNP MP to be involved in a scandal of some sort, not worth betting on Labour MP’s involved in dodgy dealings that’s a cert, and as for the Tories they don’t need to their pals in the City hand it to them. Heads you lose tails you lose even more.

The Pyramid Is Collapsing

Friends and readers.

We at Sucks broke the news to you of the corrupt activities of the Council’s Chief Executive Dame three jobs Bruce and her minions who have been running things their own way and brought this City to the verge of Bankruptcy. We reported to you of three jobs Bruce’s links to Henderson Global, and how she handed a 500,000 pound consultancy deal to another of her cronies. We suggested she would soon leave before she was found out and rightly sacked. Well she has gone and not soon enough and once more Sucks is vindicated. Will her corrupt activities be exposed? Who knows but given that it was politicians that appointed her it’s unlikely she will be exposed for the crook she is.

We have also reported to our readers of the behaviour of officials within Edinburgh City Council, in Particular, GREG WARD, ERIC ADAIR and PETER WATTON who have abused their positions and must also be removed from their posts. Sucks has the evidence to back up our claims and at any time would be more than happy to furnish the Council with it, should we be able to find someone honest enough. WARD, ADAIR and WATTON have for some time systematically abused their positions by deceiving elected members and working to their own agenda. We at Sucks are amazed and sickened that they have got away with it for so long and dragged the City down with them.

We are hoping that new SNP group leader Sandy Howit gets to grips with these crooks and gets rid of them, if not then they will turn on him. Bruce’s tenure as Chief Executive has been a disaster as was her stint in Aberdeen. She fooled everyone except Sucks who have consistently questioned her actions. We have received many notes of support and information from our readers some of whom have direct experience of Bruce in action. History will show that while she was Chief executive of this City it was our darkest hour as we straddled the precipice of bankruptcy.

The Zen Guide To Voting

Friends and readers.

Maybe we shoudn’t vote it just encourages them, but once every so often we have to put up with people coming to the door pestering us about who we might vote for, crap coming through the letter boxes promising you this and that alongside the shity menu leaflets we get continually bombarded with. And then once you cast your vote you never see or hear from who ever it is gets elected, no they in this case go off to Westminster to earn themselves a fat pay day plus expences.

What then becomes of the poor downtrodden leaflet weary voter who by the time it comes to voting day can’t tell the difference between any of them and coudn’t give a fuck anyway. Out on the street some of the nupties out leafleting and canvasing are still banging on about the referendum and they are the ones that lost, one sure way to sicken people is to ask them questions pertaining to something that is irrelevent to this election. But the poor old voter is a target for all the ecentricities that come with electioneering, and it’s one of the few times they get to express their feelings however brief it is.

The dutiful canvasser is told that they shouldn’t engage in conversation, do not discuss politics and whatever you do avoid issues that you don’t have an answer for, why bother? The new politics we are bored to death hearing about and is non existant should be about engaging the voter not avoiding their concerns and opinions. The best laugh and probably the most intrusive form of home invasion is the telephone canvasser. The script is priceless and usually done by those cute enough to avoid the leafleting and the door to door drudgery. These punters will stick robotically to the instructions they have been given and by the time they have repeated it over and over again they end up talking to themselves as the poor punter on the other end wonders who on earth these weirdos are who ask the questions and don’t listen just warble.

It’s all part of the rich tapestry of voter confidence trickery. Take for example those who talk a lot but do very little and have every excuse in the book for doing nothing. These are the jokers who will criticise and moan and tell everybody else how it should be done, but are visible by their absence when it comes to the hard graft. Oh and these are the very same punters who appear towards the end of the campaign claiming all sorts of remarkable things they have achieved during the campaign. Over the campaign period the voter becomes more not less confused as they are subjected to a bombardment of propaganda from all quarters, in fact it becomes so bad that you are afraid to open your curtains in the morning or answer your phone or God forbid open the newspaper for fear of a candidate jumping out to shake your hand and ask for your vote.

Going to bed at night becomes a trial as you are so brainwashed you are convinced the candidate is lying in wait beneath your duvet ready to jump up and surprise you with a promise or three should you vote for them. You sneak out in the morning camouflaged to avoid any possible confrontation with a party hack, and you race round the supermarket like a Grand Prix circuit just in case they are lying in wait ready to jump out at you asking who you are voting for. You hear strange noises everywhere, coming from your telly, out of your computer, even your mobile phone, nothing is safe from the dreaded canvasser who will stop at nothing to enlist your support.

You may think you have locked your car and have the latest anti vandal alarm on it, but you would be wrong, it may even be locked up in a garage with Fort Knox like security, but you can bet when you get into the front seat and switch on the ignition and about to start up a voice from the rear of the car will ask you who you are voting for, and would you have a few minutes to complete a survey. The voters guide to escaping the inquisition would be a bestseller, and it will get worse as the election gets ever closer and candidates become ever more nervous that a street has been missed or a voter has eluded their net, or a volunteer stopped to take a piss losing vital canvassing time, we understand that the SNP are issuing cafeters to all their volunteers, that’s  new,  Labour have been pissing themselves for years, relying on lampposts, bushes and the hubcaps of punters cars to releive themselves while out on the campaign trail.

The campaigning becomes even more intense should you live in a marginal seat, which in Scotlands case would seem to be most of them, and the voter should expect to see teams of happy volunteers out and about looking to pounce on the poor unsuspecting electorate. Here in sunny Edinburgh and North Leith we would appear to have that most telling of seats, a marginal one or at least we are told it is. Markie the cat Lazarovicz is the sitting MP and by the look of his waistline he’s been sitting a bit to long, and Waltzing Matilda Deidre cobber Brock is the candidate most likely to run him close or even win, one draw back for cobber though is that she has enlisted the Calum Cashley team which ran a disastrous campaign last time according to all accounts and has shut the door on everyone else, not the brightest of ideas.

We at Sucks are nothing if not fair so we point out in the interests of balance and fair play that there is also a Lib Dem candidate who were second last time round and a Tory who were third last time round and possibly a Green candidate who keep going round and end up in the same place. So It’s fair to say that it’s not all over till the slightly overweight lady sings. Having said that it does at this stage look to be between Cobber for the SNP and Markie boy for Labour, but who knows how the vote will shape up as the SNP are coming from a poor forth place, so much ground to be made up.

The voter in this constituency will have more promises to ponder over, more pledges to ponder over and a Green candidate should you wish to see an environmental world were we all go back to living in caves, that’s except for the Greens who will still use the fossilised fuels that will be plentiful in their world, but good luck to them they may make the difference in this constituency. For the voter it’s confusion by the bucket load unless you are committed one way or the other and if you are you should be, committed that is.


Friends and readers.

A number of our readers have pointed out to us that they are missing from the voters register, all of these readers voted yes in the referendum. Two of our subscribers who also voted yes are missing from the register as well. We advise all our readers and anyone who voted yes to check an see if they are on or have been removed from the register.

We looked on the website and it appears you cannot adjust it online you have to phone in to query it. We did and were told that it was a mistake, bullshit and once more it seems the faceless establishment are up to their old dirty tricks. We warned there is no such thing as new politics just a rehash of things gone before. We also warned of politics being a dirty business. This dear friends is yet another example of both. Please check now and make sure you are registered to vote.

Thanks to our readers who pointed this out to us.

Life’s A Gas

Friends and readers

News from afar and Edinburgh West where our old mate,  ravenous Sucks reader,  mobile photographer of the year and a man with a vast selection of ties all of them squint, yes friends it’s cuddly Cammy squint tie Day who is running around madly trying to convince the punters in Edinburgh West to vote for him and not only let him escape the corrupt inept City Council and the elongated clutches of another of our pals and rabid Sucks reader Lesley Prada Hinds, but return him to Westminster as the Labour MP for Edinburgh West. There’s more chance of Dame three jobs Bruce being honest than squint tie being elected.

But our mate Cammy who we hear is making a photographic record of his campaign, we hope while not mobile, has graciously grabbed 1000 quid donated to his campaign from former PM Tony smiler Blair. We do hope that Cammy dosen’t forget to mention it in his election expense returns as his memory can be quite patchy from time to time. With Cammy unlikely to win in fact very unlikely to win he can use the 1000 quid to hire some leafleters and canvassers on an hourly basis, given that Labour activists are as thin on the ground as members of the Dame three jobs Bruce fan club are. We have been told that Cammy practically froze to the spot when it was mentioned that his nemesis and Queen of blunderland Lesley Prada Hinds could be drafted in to help as she has been sensibly given the push from the Edinburgh and North Leith campaign.

Our Cammy was overheard saying that he may lose but he didn’t want to be slaughtered, so it seems our Lesley may have to spend more time with her family during this election, not that that will bother her, she’s only interested in herself, well at least that’s one for her own doomed campaign to come.  Cammy could draft in the soon to go but not soon enough Three jobs Bruce but he would have to pay her, he might as well she’s on the take everywhere else. Bruce will also demand biscuits as well and not the cheap digestive cardboard ones. Happens that he might ask his comrade and fellow candidate Ricky flatulence Henderson to help as he’s another one who’s likely to feel the chill wind of defeat as Joan my heart is in the North Cherry an SNP opportunist could well win the Edinburgh South West seat, indeed friends there is no justice, replacing one chancer with another.

Ms. Cherry who is a newbie and a Lawyer of course,  jumped onto the SNP train during the referendum has somehow managed to con members into selecting her, we warn of disasters to come with this one. Clearly the SNP have not thought this through and have ignored long standing members in favour of chancers like Ms. Cherry, we point to Edinburgh East as a prime example where sitting Councillor Mike Bridgeman was nobbled in favour of Tommy i’ve seen the light Shepherd former Labourite and staunch Unionist, good move from the SNP given they are the party of Independence, difficult to square that circle.

But all of that is above the head of our Cammy who is on the campaign slog promising voters that he is the punter they have been waiting on, a true conviction politician or is that a politician who should have been convicted. Edinburgh West is hardly a bastion of revolutionary discontent and Cammy may have to modify his views whatever they are to appeal to the gentile punters of Corstorphine while wearing the battle dress of revolution complete with squint tie for the handful of punters that bother to vote in Wester Hailes. Although he does have the former Council housing estate of dreamy Drylaw to support him, or does he. With our old mate and rabid Sucks reader Prada Hinds hailing from that neck of the woods the Drylaw punters who had the odd yes poster stuck to their windows might decide that having Prada as an inhabitant is one chancer to many and may well decide to cast their vote in another camp.

So Cammy must plough his furlough alone with his leaflets and his camera to keep him company. 1000 quid might go a little way to help him but as for trying to get three jobs Bruce to help him he can forget it. 1000 quid wouldn’t keep her in biscuits.

Shortbread Travels

Friends and readers

All the armchair wooly jerseyed Guardian readers seem to think that there will be no overall majority come the morning of May 8th. Wouldn’t be so sure about that. If you believe all the pundits and opinion polls there may well be an overall majority in Ecosse.  Currently as things stand the good old SNP will have the majority of seats in Scotland with all the rest trailing far behind. So it’s more likely that the rest of the UK will have no overall majority, which means dear friends that Vatman and Dobbin could well hang on in Downing Street albeit with a minority Government.

Now this is where it gets interesting. Everybody and his cousin is writing off the Lib-Dems so we at Sucks won’t and will play a little numbers game. Popular or press and media opinion give the Lib-Dems no chance more likely they will join the ranks of extinct species and be resigned to the history books. So let’s say they are wrong, wouldn’t be the first time and the Lib-Dems hold reasonably firm returning double figures in seats. With Labour in complete disarray and the SNP should they get what they think they will get making demands on any potential partner that might prove hard to swallow then things might get a little interesting.

First of all dear friends do not for a second underestimate the power of the establishment and ruling classes to stick like glue together in an attempt to retain complete control of the economy and the robber baron system we live under. As we write this post the number crunchers will be doing their sums to see what comes up and how it can be manipulated to suit the status quo. Emergency measures will already be in place should a constitutional crisis be a possibility, and it most certainly is. The faceless party managers will already have had talks to avert this possibility and there is more than a distinct possibility that both the establishment party’s could carve up a deal to run the country slotting in a couple of quick laws to prevent civil unrest. Laws dear friends we already have they just need dusted down.

This will be all acedemic should the Tories and Lib-Dems just stand still and hold the seats they already have or perhaps pick up one or two, don’t rule that out, after all we in Scotland get a distorted view of what goes on in the rest of the UK. We should learn something from the referendum result and ignore the bang drummers for yes who still harp on about what a great campaign it was. The result was a majority in favour of staying in the Union and there’s the clue. The silent majority spoke up and voted no, and don’t forget once inside the polling station minds would have changed, and the turnouts will be a lot lower than for the referendum. So we must not ignore this fact, and throw that factor into the melting pot.

The three major parties at the moment are all pro Unionist parties as are the Ulster Unionists, the clue is in the title. So whatever they return they will support Unionist policies. The media have failed to take any of this into consideration and have come up with the easiest answer, no overall majority and the most likely outcome being a deal between the SNP and Labour. If you look at our simple analysis then that outcome is very unlikely. Some or most of the English Labour backbenchers won’t support that as their constituents will kick up merry hell. The SNIPS have already said no deal with the Tories, read into that what you will.

So if the Tories retain what they have as do the Lib-Dems and it would be a fool who would rule that out and there seems to be quite a few, then it’s as you were. The SNIPS are riding high in the opinion polls and Labour in Scotland are clearly in meltdown with no ideas, policies or leadership apart from media darling Kezia Dugdale whose recent performance on Question Time was woeful. So it’s odds on Labour will get a deserved drubbing at the ballot box in Scotland, so you can rule out an overall Labour majority which in itself is a disgrace given the dreadful austere policies of the present Government.

So back to the rest of the UK including Wales and Northern Ireland. Wales will surely go red if it doesn’t Labour are in serious trouble. Northern Ireland will return it’s usual bunch of Unionists of one shape or description, which leaves the battlegrounds of England to give us a result. There will be the usual shock or two but in the main the three major party’s will carve it up between them minus the UKIP factor who are Tory orientated anyway. Regardless of all that the faceless party managers will have hatched a plan in the event of even the remotest chance that the status quo will be put in danger.

Sucks believes that this however unbelievable it may sound could well be the outcome of the election. Come the morning of the 8th and the results are all in and it has become apparent that no one party can make up a Government and Lizzie is left twiddling her thumbs in Buck House waiting on the new PM to put in an appearance, then the hatched plan will be put into action, the plan that has already been drawn up to prevent the great and the good from losing their position in society, and to prevent the stock markets around the world from imploding, something else the media has conveniently forgotten to mention.

A deal between the hierarchy of the Tory and Labour party’s to form a Government of what will be called consensus. We know already secret talks have taken place at the highest level with this in mind and those involved having not ruled out this possibility then it’s green for go. And from a status quo perspective it makes sense. Problem is who is PM and how is Government carved up. Simple answer is largest party gets the choice, and at this point it looks like the Tories who will want not only to keep number 10 but 11 as well. This would have to be sorted out quickly to avoid a constitutional crisis which is why a deal has been done already.

Where is the voter in all this? Nowhere really they just sit back and see what happens. Could it happen? Oh yes it could and there is a precedent, just look back to the 1940′s and you will get the answer.  Could such an alliance work? probably to prevent a run on the pound and to satisfy the money markets, because whatever your view it’s the money markets that have the final say it always has been.

Knock Knock Who’s There

Friends and readers.

Labour candidate and barbecue loving Mark the cat Lazarowicz was spotted out and about door knocking in the Labour heartlands of Trinity, not for our slightly portly middle class Labour MP the council estates in his Constituency, oh no but the leafy suburbs of Trinity and the lovely Victorian mansions in Craighall Road. Markie boy ever the workers friend has decided to forget about the voter in the urban decay and try and capture the few voters that inhabit these des reses. Don’t think that will work Markie boy but carry on by all means.

The latest copy of Labour news with a little tinge of red in it has been coming through the letter boxes from the distribution company that is delivering them, can’t get the staff oops activists these days Mark. Lots of pledges and promises, but wait a mo Markie boy has been in place for a good few years and done bugger all for the punters, except put a little weight on living off the fat of the land and all those cheese and wine parties he goes to with the fikkle middle class voter who will desert him faster than rats leaving a sinking ship. Switch on Markie boy and get your fattish ass into the areas where you need to be.

Meanwhile back at the ranch and our all singing and dancing SNP candidate herself, waltzing Matilda, Deidre cobber Brock who seems to be everywhere at the same time, almost like a bad dream you don’t wake up from has her team of hearty volunteers pounding the concrete in an attempt to capture every available vote, now that’s the way to do it Markie boy. There are SNP canvassers and leafleters everywhere, almost like an infestation, knocking doors, car windows, people who stand still to long and it’s even been reported that one of the volunteers canvassed the queue in Scotmid, not only a trapped audience but a big one at that. Another dedicated canvasser knocked on a bus shelter to canvass the punters waiting on the number 19, yep another long queue.

The snips are crawling all over the constituency working away like bees in a hive hoping to produce a honey of a result [terrific stuff eh!] Even our old friends the infamous five formerly known as the hotbox three are figuring out something is happening, don’t know what just yet but it will come to them, maybe. Now that our first minister Nickie Sturgeon has admitted to smoking a little of that good old Amsterdam tobacco she may go up a notch in the glazed eyes of the infamous five. They may even smoke a toast to her and let the demented cat have a blast as well, as long as it’s non sleeping time, priorities, priorities.

Cobber Brock has the bit between her teeth and is spinning a positive message rightly so, given the story in the armchair politicians favourite reading material The Guardian. Yes friends they have a story that suggests Tory big wig and pollster supreme Lord Ashcroft and Labour lackie Danny my seat is safe Alexander have had secret talks to look at a Labour Conservative deal if the election should not produce which it won’t an overall winner. Smells true and if true the death nail in the democratic process, and the establishment scared shitless of an SNP Westminster invasion.

Both austerity party’s getting together to stuff the voter and keep the status quo. What a bunch of fatherless children[think about it] But in the panic that must be sweeping Westminster anything is possible. Meanwhile unaffected by the talk of the chattering classes cobber Brock continues to strut her stuff and make inroads into Labours fragile majority. Labours one big problem, they don’t have an answer, don’t have a policy worth a toss, and have for years filled their ranks and candidates from the middle classes who will desert them just as quick. If you wanted any evidence of how crap they have become just google Kezia Dugdales performance on question time, worse than embarrassing, and that’s their new great hope, best thing she can do is go and find a real job.

Markie boy must be creaming himself and with every reason. His middle class chums will run a mile from him and vote accordingly, and his days of getting invites to the cheese and wine do’s are fast coming to an end. What a plonker, another complacent MP who has taken the voter for granted. This chump is in real danger of getting his ass felt, and another joker who may well be spending that famous more time with his family.

Heavens Above

Friends and readers.

Things have moved fast, well fast for Edinburgh City Council with First chief crook and bottle washer Dame three jobs Bruce deciding to quit before it becomes public just exactly what she has been up to and Steve jambo Cardownie quitting as SNP group leader to spend more time with his family, wonder if the two are connected, no couldn’t possibly be could they?

Latest on the Dame is her bill for biscuits 48,000 quids worth, must be good ones. Three jobs Bruce has been a total disaster for this City and once the accounts are made public then we will all be able to see the damage she has caused. Sucks predicted she would jump before she was pushed and we were proved right. Not for us the love in that the Edinburgh Evening News conducted with her, we have stuck to our guns consistently asking for her removal and questioning her outside activities which directly conflicted with her duties as an employee of the taxpayer.

Never before has a Chief Executive wielded so much authority and abused it, allowing inept officials that this site named to do as they liked to the City’s detriment. Unprecedented corrupt activity disguised as doing it by the rule book. Sandy Howit has a huge job on his hands to rid this house of horrors of the blood sucking leeches that have closed Edinburgh for business unless it suited them. We reported of the activities of GREG WARD and his hobnobbing with a director of Henderson Global, has any action been taken against WARD? it should have been. We are happy to furnish our evidence against WARD to the press if the Council can’t sort out their dirty washing. Fraud and criminality within building services, any criminal charges? Why no of course and why not? Where are the reports that the Dame was supposed to have commissioned? Not a sign of them.

Andy pandy Burns the Labour group leader should also go and take Prada Hinds with him. Her complete mishandling or non-handling of the Lothian Buses scandal warrants her removal. The money spent on consultants must be looked at closer and how they got the contracts to do the work they were engaged to do. Once again Bruce must be questioned on this. Problem is with replacing Burns is that Labour are in meltdown and have no-one to replace him, maybe ask Jim Murphy, he will be unemployed soon. So Councillor Howit has a massive clean up operation on his hands but he has said the right things now lets see him act, and let’s see the SNP group do what they were elected to do and not play second fiddle to a directionless Labour group.

Quids In

Friends and readers.

Our dossier on corrupt practices by officials within Edinburgh City Council shows that the citizens of this city have been defrauded while a few benefit from abuse of their position. We have spoken to an individual who has told us that elected members are being lied to while these corrupt officials are feathering their own nests.

Our source comes from within this web of deceit and informs us that because Sucks has named and shamed those involved panic has ensued and they are trying to cover their tracks. Now that Dame three jobs Bruce has decided that the heat is getting to close to her so she is off, but our readers can be sure she will surface elsewhere in some highly paid post.

Sucks has uncovered through investigation and whistle blowing that Bruce heads the pyramid of corruption pulling the strings of her minions that do her bidding.  She has the elected members tied up in knots and has used that situation to her own benefit. We reported to you how the propaganda machine was used to paint the chief executive as a no nonsense individual which was bought hook line and sinker by the Evening News who had her next to sainthood. But the reality is quite different. Aberdeen brought to the brink of bankruptcy and now Edinburgh in the same position, that’s some CV to be proud of.

All lines of communication have been cut and it’s now almost impossible to get any information out of fortress Waverley Court, impossible for most but not for Sucks. We have been contacted by a number of City employees who are sick to the back teeth of what is going on and in some cases blatantly. We are told that reading Sucks is a disciplinary offence and had been blocked from being viewed. Strange thing is they would have got away with it had it not been for a slip up over a Community led project in the North of the City. From this slip up we have uncovered mass fraud all nicely covered up by rules and regulations which have been breached through the back door.

We understand that the Scottish executive have been fully kept up to speed and we await with interest any developments. Difficulty is that this type of corruption is institutional and it’s finding someone who is prepared to come forward and tell the truth. We have asked for City official GREG WARD to be investigated over his close links to HENDERSON GLOBAL and we have the evidence of malpractice if required. Will this happen? Anybody’s guess but Sucks is aware of WARDS activities which at the very least require him to be suspended pending investigation. The same applies to City officials ERIC ADAIR and PETER WATTON and again Sucks is aware of their practices.

We have recently been informed from a source within the Craigmillar Partnership that WATTON was a loose cannon and was completely useless and not in the slightest interested in getting development started unless it suited him. We have also been told from the source that a major Supermarket was prepared to invest in the area creating 200 jobs but refused to deal with WATTON. We contacted the supermarket chain involved and they said they could not comment, take from that what you will. These clowns wouldn’t get a sniff of a job in the real world yet they are allowed to deal with organisations that are willing to spend millions in deprived areas like Craigmillar and Granton, but we are told in both cases that the same officials muddied the waters.

It has now emerged that the proposed project in Granton would have included a local labour agreement providing much needed employment, with a clause providing for apprentices to be taken on. Sucks has caught sight of this document and indeed it say’s exactly that. Yet these brain dead officials ignored it completely, added to the fact that this particular project would have cost the City nothing and indeed injected much needed funds into the City coffers, exactly as the Craigmillar deal would have done, yet both were ignored by the same officials.

We have asked for a comment and explanation from City development and it’s chair SNP councillor Frank Ross, but to no avail. It now sees that Frank fingers Ross has disappeared into the woodwork completely,  something his party should be acting on. These people are accountable to the citizens who they say they represent. Ross is by no means the worst but he is in charge of City Development, yet refuses to comment on why officials are allowed to ignore the potential of millions of pounds of infrastruture investment and jobs in Communities that desperately need them. But then again Ross is not short of a bob or two so why should he care, politics is just a pastime for him.

Sucks will keep on the case and inform our readers of any developments should there be any, but don’t hold your breath as the circle of corruption close ranks.

Not Before Time

Friends and readers.

So Dame three jobs Bruce has decided to quit and leave in October as Sucks predicted. Her mafia consultants will feel sad as well as the corrupt officials who we have named and shamed on this site. Not for us the sickening tributes that are being paid to this crook but a realisation of the damage she and her minions were allowed to create.

She took Aberdeen into bankruptcy and now Edinburgh, and was supported by an inept Council, so she will now leave smelling of roses and a fantastic financial reward that a bankrupt Edinburgh cannot sustain. If the Council were to put for example realistic market driven valuations on their land possessions then they would appear to be bankrupt, that’s a Bruce legacy.

And this my friends is your masterclass in how to perform the public sector responsibility shuffle, parachute in, preside over fiasco after fiasco, proclaim yourself saviour of the Trams, collect as many awards as you can carry and then leave before any revenue figures are published to prove you lies.

And dear friends the number of ignored FOI requests which alledge correctly that cronyism is playing it’s part in senior appointments is very interesting. Is Andy pandy Burns for real? They are already looking for Bruce’s replacement and Sucks hopes that it is not that sniveling little shit Mclean. We have had two CEO’s since local Government changes in the late 90′s and both Atchison and Bruce have between them built and overseen a culture of lies, cover up’s and criminality never before seen in Scottish politics,  a report supporting these facts calling Edinburgh the most corrupt and inept Council in the country never seen the light of day. But we seen it.

The last thing this city need is more of the same. We already have a council leader who is elected, he should lead but can’t and doesn’t know how to. We don’t need two incompetents when one is more than enough. Maybe the Queen of Blunderland Lesley prada Hinds should bugger off as well, the city would be then rid of two numpties. Bruce has been a disaster for this city and her full pay sickness record must be in the guinness book of records. Our friends over at the Evening News have tugged their forelock for the Dame but we wonder when the real financial figures come out will they be left with egg on their face.

The News should have backed the stance Sucks took and read the evidence we produced showing that Bruce’s outside interests had flowed over into her employment duties, and serious questions should have been asked and should still be asked about her role in the award of the St James Quarter contract to HENDERSON GLOBAL. we have already informed our readers and produced the evidence that shows City official GREG WARD in violation of his role within the City Council and we await the action that should be taken against him. He should be sacked immediately. These minions of a crooked Chief executive have been allowed to run wild and do as they please.

It is Pilton Sucks that has started to unravel the criminal behaviour within Edinburgh City Council, starting with the former Royston School site which showed officials behaving in a clandestine manner and lying to the Community and most likely to elected members. We exposed the reality of these officials which included WARD, and it is Sucks and not the National press that has the courage to print the truth. We the citizens of this city are being robbed and cheated, and will have to pick up the tab for the corruption that has become a way of life for these cretins.

No doubt Bruce will pop up somewhere else as chair of something or  board member of something on an attractive salary. This greed machine got lucky. She got a job where the Council was in a mess, she took advantage and exploited the situation. She created a pyramid of officials that danced to her tune and these spineless crooks done her bidding. Good riddence to her and her minions should be kicked out as well, but that won’t happen. What a sorry crooked bunch of wasters.