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Greg Ward The Evidence

Friends and Readers
Pilton Sucks has been exposing the crooked behaviour of some Edinburgh Council Officials, one of whom is GREG WARD. We now print the evidence which shows WARD to be the crook we told you he was.

Credit must go to Councillor Jason Rust who seems to be the only elected member who realises that Ward is a crook. Below is an accurate transcript of questions asked :

Questions/Comments: I liked the recent Bog off post. If you attach some information from Full Council last year which highlighted Greg Ward’s preference for awarding contracts to friends and family. There is much more to come.

By Councillor Rust for answer by the Convener of the Economy Committee at a meeting of the Council on 20 November 2014 Question
(a) How many contracts have been awarded since 2008 to Carole Claridge / C2 Management Consulting of Brighton, East Sussex?
(a) 10 contracts in total have been awarded over the last six years to C2 Management Consulting. No contracts have been awarded to Carole Claridge directly.
(b) What is the value of each contract/commission?
(b) The value of each purchase order is:
Order Date
Production of the Economic Development 3 year plan
Review of progress against the 3 year plan
The development of early policy work which eventually led to the setting up of the Scottish Cities Alliance
Marketing Edinburgh Integration bringing together DEMA, the Edinburgh Conference Bureau and Film Focus. This involved a feasibility study and business case which was produced at the request of the DMA board, working to the board and Chairman.
Preparation work for the Marketing Edinburgh Board away day.
Development of the Strategy for Jobs
Delivery of a Strategy Workshop for City partners on Monday 4 July 2011
Delivery & write up of 2 econ strategy workshops on 31 Aug & 13 Oct.
Order Date
Development of the Sustainable Energy Action Plan
Preparation of the Energy Services Company Business Case
(c) On how many of these contracts was a procurement exercise undertaken?
(c) As a result of the relatively low values of each commission these are not recorded on the Council’s contract register. However the market was continually tested to ensure value for money for this type of work.
Orders since 2010 have been reported in the Council’s annual report on consultancy spend. Orders in 2014 were approved through waiver reports in accordance with Contract Standing Orders and reported to Finance and Resources Committee on 30 October.
(d) What connection has the Council or officials with Carole Claridge / C2 Management Consulting of Brighton, East Sussex?
(d) The Director of Economic Development has contracted intermittently with
C2 Management Consulting over a period of the last decade both here in Edinburgh and at the South East Economic Development Agency. The work provided by this company is well informed, consistent and is cost effective compared to the rates that would be charged by economic development consultancy houses elsewhere.
(a) How many contracts have been awarded since 2008 to Ward Sparrow of Crowborough, East Sussex?
(a) No contracts have been awarded to Ward Sparrow directly. Effective Contracting Limited, a company which Ward was a Director of, were awarded
13 contracts in the period 2008-2012, with a total of 23 purchase orders being raised

It is painfully obvious that WARD is hard at it, the above transcript shows clearly that WARD has conducted himself in a corrupt manner. This clown who compares himself to Alexander the Great, more like Humpty Dumpty speaks of meddling elected representatives. What this clown should realise is that these meddling representatives should have meddled much more in WARDS affairs. Freedom of information will show how much this creep has spent on jollys abroad, his wining and dining with HENDERSON GLOBAL before they were awarded the Saint James Quarter contract. Again what does it take for our elected members apart from Councillor Rust to get it through their heads that this guy is a cheap crook at taxpayers expense. We broke the story of WARDS corrupt activities, surely Edinburgh City Council have to take action against WARD. If nothing is done and Ward continues with his activities then it’s the whole of the Council including the elected members who will feel the heat.

The Candyman Can

Friends and readers.

The latest polling figures suggest the SNP at 51%, loosely translated that would mean 50 plus seats for the Nats come Friday week. After another awful  TV performance by Scottish Labour deputy leader Kezia no job Dugdale where she called  SNP’s Stuart Hosie a liar It’s no surprise that the Nats are shooting ahead. Dugdale has been a disaster from the start and is without doubt a complete liability to Labour, where do they get these buffoons and worse still who selects these people. Dugdale has been touted as the next great thing for Labour, if that’s the case then God help them. Wee Nickie frae Goven is in a different league in all departments.

Meanwhile back in the political hotbed of Edinburgh North and Leith the odds have taken a dramatic turn. Waltzing Matilda Deidre cobber Brock The SNP candidate with the colgate ring of confidence is now 4-6 on to win the seat with Markie the cat Lazarowicz 7-4 against and odds on to be spending more time with his family. This is not a localised theme, it’s being replicated right across the country. Cobber is on a roll and must not be able to believe her luck. In a normal political situation cobber who by anyones standards is an average candidate and who has surrounded herself with yes campaign groupies could expect to save her deposit and maybe snatch third place.

So it brings into stark reality the seismic shift in Scottish politics, where once the SNP could barely get enough candidates to stand it now has a deluge of applicants all to keen to jump on the bandwagon. Some of them like Neil Hay in Edinburgh South are very questionable and will undoubtedly get caught out out in the trough of Westminster should they get there, there seems to be no stopping the rampaging Nat’s. Very bad news for Labour who will if the polls are correct become a fringe group of MP’S in Westminster and boy don’t they deserve it. Completely out of touch and for generations have taken the Scottish vote for granted, now on the verge of political oblivion made from their own hands.

But instead of looking at themselves under the microscope they continue with the same old shit churned out time and time again. Once the party of the people they have become the party of the chattering classes who have deserted them in their droves. How Markie the cat Lazarowicz must now wish he spent less time wooing the middle class vote and spent his time in the estates of North Edinburgh where the largest part of Labour’s vote was. But he chose to ignore it preferring not to soil his hands with the plebs of the North, big mistake Markie and one that will haunt you come Friday week. Cobber Brock who by all accounts also ignored the vote in these areas has at least come to her senses and realised that the punters in Stockbridge where she and her yes muppets have spent their time will not win her the constituency even with the polls in her favour.

So she and her band of groupies have dipped their toe in the water and at least spent a few hours in the estates, most of whom hadn’t a clue where anywhere was. Being a hostage to fortune for the yes groupies may pay dividends in the short term and bring her victory so she can run off to Westminster clutching her yes campaign flag, but the voters will expect more much more, and can cobber deliver? we shall see. But for Markie boy it’s time for reflection as he gets ready to spend more time with his family. Their own private polling which Sucks has seen makes grim reading and that’s in a seat that Labour have held since Eve pinched the apple from the tree.

Over in Edinburgh West where Labour have never won we have the dog poo czar himself Cammy squint tie Day plowing a lone furrow for Labour. Cammy’s wasting his time in what is clearly a hopeless case. Labour are in big trouble there and Cammy must have a squeaky bum worrying if he will lose his deposit and create a first for Labour in that seat. But tactical voting will no doubt come into play in Edinburgh West as it will elsewhere and we are confident Cammy will save his deposit and be able to spend it in Man at C & A’s and treat himself to a new set of ties to launch himself back into the humdrum world of local politics.

The gangster type rule of Labour is over, the stranglehold they had in Scotland has been removed and not before time. Credit must go to wee Nickie and her team for running a well disciplined tactical battle and smashing through once was an impregnable Labour wall. Once this is all over Scottish Labour will go to war with itself which could take a while to resolve. It will take many years for them to regroup and try again, and if the Nat’s live up to their promises then that regrouping will  be longer and harder.

Lassie Come Home.

Friends and readers.

It’s almost upon us and the race has hotted up. Everywhere you turn it’s promise this and promise that and how wonderful it will be if you vote a certain way. Course it will just look at the last 5 years. Cuts, cuts and more cuts and if we return the same mob then it will be more of the same. Cameron is all but finished, if the voters don’t get him his own party will, so we can forget about him, hopefully.

Miliband has upped his game in the last few weeks but then again he couldn’t have been any worse, but his toothy insincere smile has parts of the media warming to him and he just might lift the Labour mob close to the winning line but certainly not over it. Labour are likely to lose heavily in Scotland so if the maths are correct that could deny them an overall majority. Not a bad thing when you see the makeup of the shadow cabinet, it’s like a middle class day out at the seaside. Of course Miliband is in trouble if he doesn’t do well and could be sent to spend more time with his family by his loyal comrades.

One seat they won’t be winning and according to the bookies there is more chance of Mark the cat Lazarowicz knowing a worker if he met one. Across in sunny Edinburgh West the dog poo czar himself Cammy squint tie Day is flying the flag for Labour. Rumour has it that Cammy, a legend in his own lunch time has been beavering away dashing from door to door in an attempt to persuade the voters that he is the right person to look after their interests, rather have a ticket on that Titanic. Cammy has an uphill battle on his hands and possibly has more chance of being named politician of the year than winning in Edinburgh West.

Local word is that Cammy will be fighting out last place with the UKIP candidate who nobody knows and has never met, he has a chance then to avoid the wooden spoon but don’t bet on it. Never mind our Cammy comes high on the list of Sucks favourite characters, which beggars the thought if Sucks had stood a candidate they might have beaten Cammy, mere conjecture of course.

Over in Edinburgh West cybernat SNP candidate Neil Hay who used an anonymous Twitter account to condemn elderly voters for ”barely knowing their own name” publicly pledged his support for Alzheimers Scotland. Sheer hypocrisy from a chancer willing to milk the elderly vote in public while at the same time insulting it from the deep dark world of the political trolls. It’s too late now to get him off the ballot paper, but wee Nickie frae Goven should have publicly disowned him. Wee Nickie has fought a terrific campaign but her failure to deal with Hay is a glearing error of judgement. Privately she may be hoping he gets his ass felt in Edinburgh South, he is a despicable creature.

His allias on Twitter was Paco McSheepie who not only insulted the elderly but called people who voted no in the referendum Quislings. He thinks a majority of SNP MP’s in 10 days time is enough to declare independence. You couldn’t make this shit up. He is not alone in voicing these crazy thoughts. these characters passed the SNP vetting procedure and have been declared fit candidates for office. Maybe Edinburgh East SNP candidate Tommy Shepherd should watch his back if this former Labour Scottish Secretary is elected, as he is on record as having voted no, and he passed vetting, must be a weird and wonderful procedure, given that Mike where’s the fire Bridgeman was told he didn’t pass vetting. Councillor Bridgeman has a real case to examine as he was treated with total disrespect.

Wee Nickie frae Govan may well be untouchable at the moment and is clearly head and shoulders above the rest but some of her candidates should they get elected must be kept a close eye on, remember it only takes one bad apple to spoil the rest. But there is still a couple of weeks left and lots could happen yet, our Cammy could actually find a Labour voter in Edinburgh East  and declare that Socialism is alive and well in Corstorphine

Election Latest

Friends and readers.

As we enter the final couple of furlongs in the Election handicap hurdle, it looks like the SNP will win comfortably unless they fall at the final hurdle. The bookies have them as odds on favourites and the punters who have backed them look sure to be at the pay out desk. How many seats they might win, well that’s for the pundits and the political anoraks to argue over, but it seems fairly clear barring a major fuck up that the SNP will smash through the winning line with a lot of distance between them and Labour.

One of those Hurdles has caused the SNP to stumble slightly, and the hurdle has come in the form of Edinburgh South candidate and former tax exile Neil Hay. Hay made some caustic remarks on Twitter about senior citizens amongst other ramblings and still managed to remain a candidate, so much for wee Nickies progressive politics. She should have shown the muscle she clearly has and sacked him as a candidate rather than mutter some claptrap about it being the local party’s decision. It may well be that the voters in that constituency will do it for her and send Hay back to spend more time with his family.

No such problems like that in Edinburgh North and Leith where Markie the cat Lazarowicz is fighting to retain his nose in the trough job at Westminster. Right up his backside not literally of course is waltzing Matilda Deidre cobber Brock flying the flag for the SNP. Our Aussie friend is in with a real chance of unseating Markie boy and getting him to spend more time with his family. Cobber has the bit between her glossy hollywood denture smile and she can smell victory. Cobber a self proclaimed winner, of what we ask? has said she knows how to win, but has never actually won an election, mere detail of course but who’s looking.

But the march of the SNP is relentless and Markie boy’s days of lording it with the middle class wooly jerseyed Guardian punters within the constituency are seemingly numbered, so it could be back to the Scotsman and the classified ads ”situations vacant”  Deputy Lord Provost Cobber already has another job should she fail to break through so none of that for her, and we question the fairness of that. Should it not be the case that if a sitting Councillor stands for Parliament that they give up the smaller trough for the bigger one. Seems only fair, but fairness does not come into or it would seem not.

But that small  detail aside cobber is on a roll, SNP riding high in the Polls, everyone and his cousin jumping on the bandwagon and even half witted 5 minute wonders like Neil Hay can become an SNP candidate. Yes friends join the SNP ass lick the right punters and get yourself on the road to the gravy train, sound familiar, well it should it’s a well trodden path used by all the political party’s, so much for progressive politics then. The propaganda machines are at full throttle and not even the Institute for Fiscal studies that has blown a hole in all the party’s manifesto pledges can stop the promises and vows coming out of the mouths of the various party leaders.

The promise least likely to be kept and there is plenty to choose from comes from the Lib-Dems who are in danger of vanishing off the face of the political map. They have promised to throw what ever resource they can to reduce the queues in Scotmid, now we know that’s a promise even the good Lord himself would have difficulty in keeping.  That’s the equivalent of saying that Lesley Prada Hinds knows what she’s talking about, and we all know that’s just not possible.

So as Markie boy sweats out the last two weeks and cobber Brock basks in the opinion poll ratings with her band of yes groupie ass lickers, the rest of us the mug punter voter who if you listen to any of that shit on the TV have had our minds made up for us already, get our chance shortly to have our say. And may we remind the pundits, anoraks and armchair experts that many a voter has said one thing and gone into the polling booth and done another.

Usual Crap

Friends and readers

Our post on the Cameron House cover up caused quite a ripple on Pilton Sucks. We received plaudits for our demand that incompetent official PETER WATTAN should be sacked immediately sending out the message that incompetence and corruption will not be tolerated. However the message did not reach Ian slippery Perry who churned out the usual crap ” lessons must be learned” How many lessons does this Council need to learn before they realise that officials are running wild at the taxpayers expense and need to be called to account for their behaviour.

Almost everyone can see it but our City fathers just don’t get it. We exposed GREG WARD, ERIC ADAIR and PETER WATTAN as part of the pyramid of corruption with Sue three jobs Bruce right at the top, leading by example. Millions have been wasted while good projects have been ignored in favour of pet projects that are likely never to see the light of Day.

We have information that yet another potential scandal is brewing down Granton Way. A company registered in Jersey run and operated by two very dubious characters CHARLES PRICE and KEVIN FAWCETT, are in the process of trying to con the Council out of 15 million pounds. These two chancers calling themselves Granton Central Developments have submitted plans which we have seen, and without being planning experts even we can see this is a complete mess. We understand a packed public meeting took place recently criticizing these two absentee landlords, which also revealed the cost of factoring fees charged, in excess of 500,000 pounds a year, quite extraordinary, and known by the City Council.

These two individuals were invited we were informed but declined to attend citing that they were not prepared to discuss the situation, as they already had attended a cobbled together, so called public consultation organised by the Council, surprise surprise and shame on them. Both FAWCETT and PRICE have between them had 39 companies dissolved, and quite astonishingly this Council are considering this plan. We could not find one person who was in favour of this although we did hear that there was one known Community figure who was closer to these crooks that he should be, but Sucks has no evidence as yet to prove this allegation so we will not print his name, but if he reads this then he will know we know, and should we come across the slightest bit of evidence we will name and shame him.

We are not against development far from it, development is needed but the right kind, not the plan of FAWCETT and PRICE who are just carpetbagging land speculators, who if by some miracle or bent official they wangled consent then they would just sell off the plots take the money and run. We urge the elected members to take this out of the hands of officials and do their homework on these characters as we did and they will come to the same conclusion.

We received another piece of information which was anonymously given to us. We understand that local Councillor Cammy squint tie Day is privately negotiating with developers PLACES FOR PEOPLE who Sucks are currently taking a closer look at and their ties to CAPITAL CITY PARTNERSHIP, for a development at the former Royston School site. We ask where is the compulsive competing tendering there Cammy, and are Councillors Cardownie and Jackson aware of this clandestine negotiation. We also question the wisdom of letting Cammy near anything on his own.

We are informed that this very same organization were laughed out of a meeting when they revealed plans for the site next to Madelvic House. PLACES for PEOPLE are not the most open of organisations and even the briefest of investigation reveal only three board members , unusually small by normal standards. Edinburgh City Council’s involvement with this organization is tentative to say the least so we wonder why they are involved with them at all. Currently some sort of work is being undertaken at the Royston site and we wonder what if any consultation has taken place, we are confident that none has taken place which is suspicious and breaches current regulations.

Edinburgh City Council’s reputation is at a low and this and other disasters do nothing to enhance it. We have a solution. Sack the three officials we have named and shamed and dissolve Capital City Partnership which is worse than useless. At one stage the administration had plans to do away with it but then Frank fingers Ross was appointed Chair of Economic Development to the delight of officials and they were right. Ross is completely usless and is just biding his time till the next Local Authority elections when he will stand down, and slot his woeful performance on his CV.

Didn’t We Tell You

Friends and readers.

Pilton Sucks brought to you the activities of three Council Officials which ran contrary to the interests of the City. The officials which Sucks named ERIC ADAIR, PETER WATTAN and GREG WARD are not only incompetent but corrupt to boot. These three individuals and their boss Sue three jobs Bruce have cost this City a fortune, but the biggest scandal is that all three are still in post and still getting paid despite their activities.

Sucks now reveals to our readers yet another scandal which directly involves one of the gang of four PETER WATTAN. WATTAN is a disgrace and if there was any justice he would be sacked with immediate effect. Why on earth do our elected members not take the action which is being cried out to be taken and rid the council of these three no-users. Bruce is already packing her bags and she will certainly not be missed, except by those who have directly benefitted from her time at the helm of this beleaguered City.

The latest scandal which has befallen this City and has WATTAN’s fingerprints all over it is the Cameron House Community Center travesty. For 6 years this mess has been covered up and it is only now seeing the light of day. This center which is based in Prestonfield is only a few years old but is not fit for purpose due to a catalogue of incompetence which WATTAN has tried to cover up. The chain of dirty tricks is more in tune with a Sherlock Holmes novel. but the consequences are much more serious. Faked e-mails, officials behaving as if they can do what they like and get away with it, documents that have vanished and 150,000 pounds plus of public money wasted.

In the real world someone found to have doctored e-mails to cover their own tracks and mistakes would be sacked, so the investigation which the Council will undertake had better come up with answers, and we advise keeping Bruce, Adair, Ward and Wattan away from anything they could do to mess it up. Another allegation just as serious as the snooping and subterfuge is that staff at this center were cruelly victimised due to an allegation of an indirect connection with a whistle blowing investigation. If this is true then the Council has to take action as this is simply unacceptable.

WATTAN issued certificates saying the building was finished and fit for purpose before it was even finished, now that must be against the law and again should be sacked for that alone. This building is a disaster and a fire and health hazard as some of the doors which should be fireproofed don’t even fit,  completely  unacceptable and no amount of excuses and lies can be tolerated as lives were put at risk. WATTAN has issued an apology, NOT GOOD ENOUGH HE MUST BE SACKED IMMEDIATELY and a full investigation into his activities to see if any warrant criminal investigation.

How on earth was this, yet another scandal allowed to happen and why are these officials allowed so much power to do what they like, wasting taxpayers money and braking the law. WATTAN surely must be sacked he has misused and abused his position and the elected members who he and his friends have deceived must now take the correct action and rid the City of these people. What does it take for the elected members to realise that the officials we have named and shamed are a huge expensive liability to the City, and have gone far beyond their remit and cost this City a fortune into the bargain.

We at Sucks are delighted as we are sure many other people will be that three jobs Bruce is heading off into the sunset to spend more time with her family and soak up some more money somewhere else. Take the three stooges WARD, WATTAN and ADAIR with you Susie, or are you not that daft to have these liabilities round your neck. These individuals should be investigated and the outcomes turned over to the police. Is it any wonder that a report yet another one that was buried describes Edinburgh as the most corrupt City in the Country, with this yet another example to prove it. Get rid of these incompetent corrupt individuals with immediate effect before it’s to late.

Get This Sorted Susie

Friends and readers.

We have been informed of a very disturbing situation. Our readers may not be aware that there is approximately 5000 people in the Edinburgh and North Leith Constituency that will have a postal vote in the General Election. It has come to the attention of Pilton Sucks that these postal ballots are not up to scratch. It seems that the ballot paper [A] when folded and put into envelope [B] cannot be sealed as the glue on envelope [B] is useless.

Now far be it for us to shout foul but that makes these votes less than secret as A will fall out of B and allow the vote to be viewed as well as the persons ID. This is completely unacceptable and has the potential to be tampered with. This constituency could be decided on these votes and they must be bulletproof. We find this appalling as will our readers, and the returning officer, wouldn’t you guess it Sue three jobs Bruce had better get her finger out or this will be another fuck up she is responsible for. Allegations of vote tampering were rife during the independence referendum and that smell has not gone away.

So for heavens sake Ms. Bruce it is your responsibility to make sure this process is scrupulously fair and above board. Get your head out of your ass and get it sorted. Let us hope nothing goes wrong or it’s Bruce’s neck on the chopping board. This has the potential to be a real scandal and let us hope that our friends at the Evening News have the sense to run this story.

Hot Off The Press

Friends and readers.

The latest news from sunny Edinburgh North and Leith is that waltzing Matilda Deidre cobber Brock has a 14 point lead over incumbent Markie the cat Lazarowicz. Transferred into hard votes it gives the SNP and cobber a 1000 or so majority. Labour are now truly in meltdown and Markie boy could get his wish and second prize, spend more time with his family.  All across Edinburgh it seems the march of the SNP is unstoppable with the only slight doubt being Edinburgh West, but there is no chance of the dog poo czar Cammy squint tie Day winning, he is trailing behind in about 4th place.

That would be some achievement for our Cammy, managing to take Labour from 2nd to 4th, gold medal for Cammy and he seems likely to be spending more time with the voters of the Forth Ward, lucky them.  Wee Nickie frae Goven must be waking up in the morning and thinking this is all a dream, even Joan my heart is in the North Cherry a johnny come lately could win in Edinburgh South West, that’s all we need another bloody lawyer in Westminster, even the SNP are not immune from these chancers.

But marching on they are and the capital city could be covered in yellow and black come May8th that’s if returning officer and crook Sue three jobs Bruce remembers her calculator, Edinburgh is always amongst the last to declare but Bruce may get a bung to speed things up. How Labour have fallen into decline and it maybe a very long time before they return to anything like electable again. Can’t recall if Labour have a working class candidate in their ranks, let the SNP be mindful of that. This closed shop of Labours has been their undoing now all that remains of their fickle support will disappear somewhere else, and very soon now Labour party meetings will be held in a telephone box.

If they are to lose in Edinburgh North and Leith and we are mindful no vote has been cast yet then they will only have themselves to blame. But have they learned their lesson, no of course not and we see this in all it’s gory detail with our bestest mate and the biggest horses ass in local politics Lesley Prada Hinds being selected to fight the Edinburgh North and Leith constituency at the Holyrood elections next year, no chance would be to mild a phrase to use. Prada is a complete joke and it shows vividly the lack of real talent within the Labour ranks. If Lazarowicz loses and the polls show that he will then Prada will get humped and sent back to plague the City Chambers.

If she had any sense which she doesn’t, she would quietly resign the nomination and spend more time with her family and leave the persecuted voters alone. This lone ranger is the only Labour voter in the street judging by the solitary poster in Pradas window, and that looks about ready to fall down. Dear oh dear what a disaster for the party of the middle classes, a supreme come down for a party who once weighed their votes instead of counting them. Labour are going full speed in reverse and such is the momentum it cannot be stopped. Come May8th they may well be crying into their half empty Chardonnay glasses and wishing they had drunk a pint of ale instead.


Labour In

Friends and readers.

Right before our very eyes a political party is vanishing, like three jobs Bruce from her day job, the one she was employed to do. Wee Nickie frae Goven has got them on the run and they are seemingly powerless to stop the SNP steam roller. At the moment everything wee Nickie touches turns to votes while everything Jim Murphy and his mob touch turns to dust. Labours decline is not a new phenomena it started years back when they turned their back on their core vote in favour of middle class values and candidates.

They took for granted the working class vote and then worked it up them when they had it. The elite of the Labour party have never touched the lives of the average punter and we need only look at their latest great hope in the shape of jobless wonder Kezia Dugdale. This joker has never had a job yet pontificates on the needs of the ordinary Joe and her performance on Question Time was nothing short of embarrassing. No wonder they can’t even buy a vote. Murphy is in real danger of losing his seat which makes his situation as leader of Scottish Labour redundant should he indeed lose. The writing was on the wall for Labour some time ago but they deliberately ignored it to court the wooly jerseyed Guardian readers, who have now deserted them in their droves. No Policy’s, no ideas, no resemblance of a party that understands the needs of a nation crying out for help from the queues at the food banks.

Many good people have left the Labour party disillusioned at the road they have gone down, ignored as preference went to middle class people who seen the Labour party as an easy route to political office and the trough that awaited them. Simplistic, no as it was Labour who complicated matters by jumping into bed with the political establishment. It’s difficult now to name any Labour MSP who has actually contributed anything to the betterment of the people they say they represent. Westminster MP’s are worse and the Labour Shadow front bench is in a class of it’s own when it comes to detachment from the mainstream Labour movement.

Murphy is fighting a losing battle and it shows. You can see it in his shifty eyes that defeat is only a matter of weeks away, and then the internal bloodbath will start.  Labour have to start all over again and learn what it is to be part of a party that was born from the struggles of people who had nothing and had to fight and die to achieve even the barest of rights. That will take time and they will need to rid themselves of the hangers on who have used Labour as a political stepping stone.

Wee Nickie is getting it all her own way at the moment but she will have to deliver as well so a taut tightrope is being walked by the wee lassie frae Goven. She to is at the mercy of the money markets who might take fright at the thought of an SNP landslide in Scotland and a heavy influence in Westminster, but we are sure she is aware of this and as a bow to the financial mechanics she has tried to distance herself from another fruitless referendum. If  the SNP do win and win big wee Nickie will have a huge job on her hands trying to keep them in check and be seen as a positive influence in Government should they get there.

But for Labour it’s all over bar the shouting. There is nothing they can do other than join the SNP themselves which many of their former punters have done. Labour support has drifted away and they have done nothing about it, their complacency is startling as is their arrogance. They maybe in a position come May8th to form some sort of administration but it’s a poor second place after years of reactionary Tory rule which to their shame Labour have supported, wrongly thinking that the people would back them, as a credible alternative that would make the cuts over a longer period of time and with a smile, massive misjudgement and shows up starkly just how out of touch these people are.

Wee Nickie has pounced on this and seen a huge opportunity to steal Labours clothes, and if you look at the SNP’s manifesto they have stolen the underwear as well. Now they will need to dress themselves as the party that represents all sections of society but particularly the dispossessed and disenfranchised. Can they do it in the cauldron of Westminster which is ruled over with an iron rod by the faceless mandarins who stalk the corridors of power. Some of their candidates have not had any experience of Community politics never mind Westminster politics and if there is a weak link that is it.

The clock is counting down and just a few weeks remain, a few weeks that could change the face of establishment rule for ever. Will it, history is against them, the ruling class is against them the money markets who run the show are against them should they feel threatened, but worst of all if the people who have turned to them are let down then the SNP will have become the biggest con trick since Blair pulled George Bush out of a hat.

Degrees Of Frustration

Friends and readers.

We at Pilton Sucks have been asked if we will do some work for the group known as 38 degrees. That’s not beyond the realms of possibility and takes Pilton Sucks on a different journey. They have supported our view on the corruption within Edinburgh City Council and the activities of three jobs Bruce. This is not the first time a compliment has been paid to Sucks and we appreciate any contact with groups who see the unfairness that surrounds us.

Let us say that we support the ethos of 38 degrees and will give what assistance we feel is warranted. But Sucks is an independent entity and we wish to remain so, at least in this version of Sucks, what happens down the line is something else. We have received good reviews from some of the national dailys for our rye look at things and our list of characters have made Sucks into a very readable format.  Our forum has given the opportunity to people who may never have had the chance to speak up to comment freely whether anonymously or not. Much has been said about Sucks but the reality is that it’s about what surrounds us and who are the punters that are looking for the main chance.

Version 1 of Sucks introduced us as an alternative to the existing forums which muted opinion, version  2 has continued that successful format. Our policy of trying to insert humour alongside serious comment has proved popular and we have had imitators but there is only one Sucks. We have no political leanings or will have but we do have opinions which we will always express. Some have tried to shut us down, philistines. Sucks receives no funding or wants to, we maintain the freedom that is curtailed nowadays. We have broken a number of stories that have been picked up in the mainstream but have not recieved or want any credit for it.

We broke the story of the activities of the Chief executive of Edinburgh City Council Sue three jobs Bruce while the Edinburgh Evening News was having a love in with her, that now seems to have disappeared. We also are monitoring the activities of three Council officials who have worked to their own agenda, a story that has brought to the fore corrupt activities of employees of this City. We spoke up when nobody else would, we have no interests to protect, no bungs to honour and no master to bow down to. How long Sucks goes on is a question which will come up at some stage, or where it goes. It’s become bigger than we ever thought it would with readers all over the world. The area of North Edinburgh and beyond is now regular reading from Pilton to Tibet, we even hear the Dalai Lama has had a giggle at the antics of our characters.

Sucks came out ot the frustration of no accountability from those that rule in our name and that remains our forte. For those that have been part of the Sucks family we couldn’t have done it without you, your clandestine activities have been the mainstay of Sucks, so thanks for being bent we appreciate it. But there is more much more to be said and we at Sucks will say it without being politically correct which is just an excuse for stiffling debate.