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For Whom the Bells Toll Sometimes

Friends and readers.

Rhodes had the colossus, Athens has the parthenon, Egypt has the pyramids, but none have the Sucks of Pilton, that’s us folks. We have exposed the corrupt practices within Edinburgh City Council, we have brought you the crap job series, and of course tales from Scotmid. Much more has come your way via Pilton Sucks and as always we bring you the goodies that others won’t print. We serve no master or vested interests, we receive no funding public or otherwise so we are free to print what is kept hidden from you.

Latest rumour is that Loraine half nelson Banks care manager or one of the many managers based at West Pilton Gardens has been on a fact finding mission, yes folks she tried to find the facts but couldn’t tell the difference between fact and fiction. Banksy is as always up to her ears in holiday brochures wondering if she should go half board, full board or completely board. The team of blue coated care workers do a magnificent job despite the management style of Banksy and can often be seen out and about caring for the elderly and needy in our Community. These people are the unsung heroes amongst us and are out 7 days and nights per week caring for our fellow citizens.

But even they cannot defy the queue in Scotmid so avoid it like the plague. We were told that a care worker went into Scotmid to get a few things for one of her punters but by the time she had got the things she went in for her client had received several other visits from the blue angels, in fact she celebrated her birthday in the Scotmid queue or was that two birthdays. More takeaways are sprouting up in the Forth area as if we needed anymore bloody takeaways and we are concerned about the rubbish that is strewn about courtesy of these nasty takeaways. They are of course a false economy and are an expensive way to eat if you can call what they sell food.

We are told that the new hotel at Crewe Toll has a Starbucks in it but be warned you need a bank loan to buy a coffee in there, and it takes an age to get served, not as bad as Scotmid, not yet anyway. For real frustration Costas in the Craigleith shopping center will take some beating, hopeless is not the word, but it might help if at least one of the assistants spoke English and could move faster than a snail, avoid this place if at all possible. Meanwhile our old mate Cammy squint tie Day is nowhere to be seen, thank goodness for that, as he must still be licking his wounds after getting humped in Edinburgh West. It’s no good his comrade and our bestest mate Lesley Prada Hinds having a laugh at his expense she’s the next one to get a thumping come the Holyrood elections next year, couldn’t happen to a nicer person.

The former Royston School Site has now got construction under way and remarkably without any Community consultation whatsoever, and once more corrupt officials get their own way. One day they will get caught and we hope it’s soon. No doubt if the Council are in charge they will fuck it up they always do, so watch this space and we will bring you the news on how your money is being squandered, again.

Easy Money

Friends and readers.

Once more our glorious City and three jobs Bruce’s personal cash register is in the news and we are top of the league, for what we hear you cry out. We are top of the league for fleecing the motorist of their hard earned. The pot holed City of Edinburgh dished out more parking tickets than any other City netting 33 million pounds in the process. Easy money as the yellow perils lie in wait hiding behind every available lamp post waiting to pounce on an unsuspecting motorist and issue a ticket. They can’t lose simply because there are no spaces whatsoever to be had and the wardens can have a field day and as anybody who has tried to get the fine removed will know it’s easier to get off with murder than get off with a parking fine.

This racket is an industry in itself with these dreadful odious creatures only to happy to stick you with a ticket should the opportunity arise. Now that summer and the tourist season is almost upon us these motorist haters will have a free for all issuing tickets a plenty. Syria and Iraq have IS to contend with but even they would fear the traffic wardens of Edinburgh or whatever their fuckin title is. Businesses suffer due to the lack of available parking coupled with the never ending road works this City is a joke when it comes to traffic management.

And what does our noble chair of Transport have to say for herself, who is by the way none other than our bestest mate and pretty much chair of everything Lesley Prada Hinds. She tells us that this policy of relentless ticketing is keeping the traffic moving. She should take a look out of her office window at the City Chambers to realise what a ridiculous statement that is. Nobody talks crap like our Lesley does.

The Edinburgh motorist is simply a cash cow and it’s absolutely nothing to do with keeping the traffic moving, as the queues in Edinburgh make the Scotmid queues look like a sprint. It’s a revenue raiser which requires little work and which little of despite what Prada Hinds tells us is spent on road improvements. The City’s roads are a disgrace and not fit for purpose, which of course neither is Prada Hinds but we are stuck with both. Pot holes all over the place, road works littered at random intervals and Prada Hinds fiddling while Edinburgh traffic pays the penalty of complete ineptitude.

False Alarm

Friends and readers.

Recently we heard that Scotmid in Crewe Road North had a bit of a scare when their fire alarm went off. Two fire engines and crews turned up at 7.00am ready for action only to be met by a dedicated Scotmid assistant who was taking the opportunity to have an early fag break. Our brave fire crews equipment at the ready approached the entrance at Scotmid as the calm assistant leant against the wall fag in hand.

Where’s the fire was the shout, to which the reply from the laid back assistant was she didn’t know but they would have to wait in the queue same as everyone else. Fortunately it was a false alarm so the frustrated queuers did not have to evacuate the building and could keep their place in the queue.

Yes friends it’s nice to know that it wasn’t a case of a frustrated queuer committing an act of arson or someone setting off the alarm so they could jump the queue, just an electrical fault, so normal business and queueing could continue. The laid back assistant was not so pleased as she had to resume her position at the till rather than continue her extended fag break. Of course nothing is as it seems with Scotmid as our laid back assistant had to get the managers okay to switch the tills back on, a momentous task which requires at least three assistants to find the switch plus a moan about not wanting to lose their first fag break of the day.

By the time the chap with strange stains on his shirt and marmalade on his chin was called upon to locate the hidden switch the queue had grown somewhat longer. But yipee the switch was located and lights started to flash and looks of hope appeared on the faces of the early morning queuers, only for them to be dashed as one of the dedicated assistants gleely cried out that it was break time.

Shylock’s Neighbour

Friends and readers.

New punter at the helm of the City Andy cost cutter Kerr has an unenviable job. First task will be to try and sort out the mess that three jobs Bruce has left behind, latest one being the million pounds it cost the taxpayers to sort out the Tram Problem. Before this latest Bruce escapade came to light we the mug punters were told that three jobs had taken control of the situation and was banging heads together. Now we know that was crap and Bruce engaged a consultant whom the taxpayer knew nothing about to do what we do not know, and to sort out a problem we have still got. Brilliant touch of genius from three jobs.

Of course three jobs Bruce didn’t tell us as she wished to hog the credit for a problem that the City is and will be for a long time to come paying for. Pilton Sucks has been a long time critic of the Dame’s and this is another piece of the evidence which shows that Sucks unlike the Edinburgh Evening News did not have a love in with her but realised very quickly she was a fraud. Three jobs has made this City a laughing stock and she walks away from it no doubt to surface somewhere else with a well paid post. Will cost cutter Kerr be any different only time will tell on that one.

Bruce should have been removed from post when it became clear she was not batting in the City’s interests but her own personal interests and using them inappropriately. Will cost cutter Kerr put a stop to corrupt officials that Sucks has named and shamed or will he do the usual and protect inept corrupt officials at any cost, usually the taxpayers cost. For to long officials have been driving policy with elected members more concerned with party policy than what’s in the citizens best interests. Recent press coverage of corrupt City officials is just the tip of the iceberg and now is the time to strike against officials who think they can do what they like then run and hide behind rules when it suits them.

Up till now there has only been one elected member who has come out publicly and made noises about mismanagement, Conservative member Jason Rust who at least has tried without support it seems to make officials accountable, we suggest he watch his back. The citizens of this City have a right to demand the best possible service from their Council and its senior staff who are very well paid for what they do. They are accountable to us through the people we elect. This has not been the case and elected members have been to quick to allow officials to have their way with the classic case being the free hand given to three jobs Bruce. She set the standard for corrupt ineptness which some of her minions followed. As long as she was protected they were.

Now she’s gone will these chancers be brought out into the open. We doubt it but live in hope that they will be exposed and brought to account. We support Councillor Rust in his attempt to clean up the City and we urge other elected members to follow suit. You will get the respect and support from the citizens who are fed up being conned and lied to.

The Merry Go Round

Friends and readers.

We the conned citizens of Edinburgh have a new Chief Executive to replace the inept and crooked Sue three jobs Bruce. Bruce has been a nightmare for this City and along with her outside activities she has taken this City to new depths of corruption. Pilton Sucks exposed Bruce for what she was, nothing more than a chancer who lined her own pockets while conning elected members who were happy not to rock the boat. Sucks provided the evidence to take Bruce on, nothing happened. We exposed the extent of Bruce’s corrupt activities, no action taken. Now this chancer walks away with a few quid in her pocket and leaves a huge mess behind her.

The City’s new Chief Executive is Andrew Kerr the cost cutter from Cornwall, although he does have a Scottish accent. He defeated Bruce’s current deputy the dreadful Alistair Maclean who is part of that corrupt network where the protection of officials comes first and fuck everyone else. Maclean was defeated by 4 votes to 3 so hardly a ringing endorsement. But with Maclean not getting the post we will not be subjected to a Bruce clone fucking everything up.

Cost cutting Kerr will be given the opportunity to try and patch up the shit that Bruce is leaving behind, and we at Sucks would also like to provide Mr. Kerr with the Names of corrupt officials which are part of the Bruce corruption pyramid. We have already named GREG WARD, ERIC ADAIR AND PETER WATTAN as officials who need to be removed and whom Sucks has provided evidence which shows very clearly that these three buffoons have been hard at it. Will cost cutting Kerr cut these leeches from sucking any more blood from the City or will he protect these slimey chancers who rob from the public purse and use the rules to hide behind, we shall see but Sucks will keep vigilant and push for an anti corruption policy which actually works or indeed implemented.

We also warn newbie Kerr that an eye should be kept on PETER GABBITAS who seems to be handing out contracts willy nilly from his fortress in Health and Social Care. We are aware from information received from our whistleblower that GABBITAS is another who thinks he can do what he likes and get away with it, which up to now he has, but Sucks is on to him. Edinburgh City Council is not fit for purpose and we the citizens are paying the price of mismanagement and corruption. Three jobs Bruce should have been exposed and removed from post, but no she was allowed to have outside activities which were a direct conflict of interest, and have as we shall see in the not to distant future benefited her personally while the citizens have to see their services slashed.

Will cost cutting Kerr make any difference, will he get rid of corrupt officials who have cost the city a fortune and still are, we shall see and we won’t have to wait to long to find out and Sucks will be right there to let you know what happens.

The Fall Of The House Of Cards.

Friends and readers.

Once more Edinburgh shity Council is in the News for all the wrong reasons. This City named in a report as one of the most corrupt in the country has once again lived up to its infamous reputation.

Two Council officials CHARLES OWENSON and JAMES COSTELLO took bungs from City firm ABC.LTD In exchange for Council contracts. These two cheap crooks made thousands of pounds while defrauding the Council taxpayer in a scam that ran for close to 5 years. This abhorrent and criminal behaviour is only the tip of the iceberg in this most corrupt of cities. The Edinburgh Evening News has 5 full pages, 13-05-2015, including the front page covering corrupt behaviour of one sort or another.

What a disgrace and the present elected mob could pay a far higher price at the Local Council elections next year as it is ultimately their responsibility to be custodians of the public purse. They have failed miserably to manage the affairs of this City properly and allowed officials to run riot and they still are. We the people elect Councillors to run the City not be run by unelected officials who hide behind rules and regulations and use them to benefit themselves.

Pilton Sucks has been in the forefront of exposing corrupt behaviour and at last some of it has hit the press and not before time. Laughably Chief Executive Sue three jobs Bruce said this scandal had prompted a major overhaul. The hypocrisy of this woman is startling. Sucks exposed Bruce’s links with Henderson Global and consultants who have had contracts with the City. Bruce has had at the very least serious conflicts of interests as an employee of this City, and that’s not to be forgotten, she is an employee and is answerable to her political masters who she has played for suckers and dangled on strings like puppets, has behaved as if she is answerable to no-one. Our friends at the Edinburgh Evening News ran a series of love in stories about Bruce, wonder what they are thinking now after Sucks revelations.

We demanded an investigation into the secretive Capital City Partnership which boss JIM RAFFERTY uses as his own personal plaything, and who have produced little or nothing for this City except wage bills for these leeches. There was a move to get rid of Capital City Partnership but Economic Development Chair Frank fingers Ross who is about as useful as a chocolate fireguard did nothing, and they are still hanging around like a bad smell. Ross was warned that when he took over as chair of Economic Development that his officials would bog him down with paperwork and freebie trips to get him out of the way has proven to have been a valid warning as that is exactly what has happened. Ross has sold this City short and allowed officials to run with their own agenda.

We published evidence that showed senior official GREG WARD was hard at it, and accused elected members of meddling, problem is they haven’t meddled enough, not nearly enough. Surely the time has come to select candidates for public office not because a handful of party hacks select them in a room somewhere, but selected for their experience in the real world and with a determination to get rid of those that run it in their own interests. The time has come to stop electing babies wet behind the ears and who have no experience of the realities of life and who by their ignorance encourage corruption to be the rule of thumb.

We also exposed senior officials ERIC ADAIR AND PETER WATTAN who have been doing their own thing at the taxpayers expense for far to long and must also be brought to task for their behaviour. Sucks has a dossier on these two idiots and are happy to hand it over to the correct authorities, all they have to do is ask, but we want action in return. We can prove that by hiding behind rules they have corruptly engineered a project at the former Royston School site in Boswall Parkway Edinburgh which will cost the City millions they can’t afford to spend while at the same time ignored a Community driven Project which would have put a care home and social housing on the site at no cost to the Council, but this was buried, but sucks has seen it, and we can confirm that both Frank fingers Ross knew about and encouraged the project as did local Councillor Cammy squint tie Day.

Sucks demands an open inquiry into why these officials were allowed to bury this project which finance chair Alistair the toff Rankin also knew about and ignored, and then managed to con elected members into signing off on a deal which will cost the taxpayers upwards of 10 million pounds at a time when services are being threatened but not the jobs of these crooks. We also understand that there was an unseemly haste in pushing this project through due to the alternative project being on the table or in this case hidden under it. No local consultation of any kind has taken place and if anybody say’s it has they are liars and we can prove it. WARD, WATTAN and ADAIR should have been in the dock alongside OWENSON and COSTELLO but they aren’t and that is a crime in itself.

We won’t know the real extent of the damage that three jobs Bruce has created and will leave behind until she goes, and she’s another one who should be investigated but none of the elected members have the balls to take her on. She is by far the worst ot the worst, instead of leading she has looked after herself, that’s when she’s been there of course. We at Sucks were against the appointment of Bruce right from the start and with good reason. The climate of corruption has worsened under her stewardship and flourished under her stewardship and when she goes which is not soon enough we will all pay the price for the mismanagement of this City. She conned everyone but Sucks and a few others who are frightened by the other climate in the City, the one of fear. Some have come forward sickened by her and her pals behaviour and blown the whistle with facts and figures.

Will she get her just deserts, wouldn’t think so she will go off into the sun and resurface somewhere on the board of another organisation which she will be paid for and no doubt give us all the, I gave it to charity crap. Her association with SSE was blatant by its conflict of interest as strangely enough this organisation which also boasts a criminal record after being convicted of mis-selling products to punters has a contract with the City Surprise Surprise and who sits on their board, oh yes that’s right Sue three jobs Bruce, a contract we may add that City leader Andy pandy Burns said he knew nothing about, no wonder these officials get away with it when mugs like Burns are supposed to be in charge.

Rightly the citizens of this City many of whom are readers of Sucks will be appalled at the level of corruption in this City and being defrauded and conned by faceless officials whose only interest is their own. These crooks should be behind bars not given fat salaries and honours which condones their behaviour. The citizens of this City who are facing cuts to their services have no-one to turn to, but are witnessing these greedy bastards lining their own pockets, while preaching whiter than white. They have feathered their own nests at the expense of the whole City while pretending and lying about their dedication to duty. These people are nothing more than criminals. So when you the hard pressed citizen goes out to work tomorrow if you have a job that is, just remember that it is you all of you that will be paying the price of the corruption of the few.

Nowhere To Hide

Friends and readers.

With the election now over and Labour gone for a very long time it’s back to business as usual for Sucks.

And we start with what looks like a secretive building project at the former Royston School site. Sucks can tell it’s wide and growing readership that’s it is a care home that is being built with money Edinburgh shity Council can’t afford to borrow. This official led project has a bad smell about it after Sucks revelaed to it’s readership of a Community led project that would not only have injected much needed finance into the Council coffers but would have built a care home that would have cost the Council nothing, and would have included social housing on the other half of the site.

We revealed that officials PETER WATTAN and ERIC ADAIR have their corrupt fingers all over this and a very weak chair of Finance Alistair Rankin who knew about the alternative project also chose to ignore it. We informed our readership that that this Community led project had met with Economic Development chair Frank Fingers Ross and had received encouraging signs to progress with their idea.

Sucks has seen the alternative plans as has Councillor Cammy squint tie Day and we let an independent architect who is aware of the corruption within Edinburgh shity Council have a look at the plans and the costs involved. His reaction was quote ”it’s a no brainer the Community led costed project was by far the superior plan” We add that no consultation has taken place over the official led project which also has corrupt official GREG WARD who we exposed involved in it. At a time when the City is looking at ways of saving money they take the ludicrous decision of borrowing money and millions of it for something they could have got for nothing, it’s clear it’s not their money they are wasting.

We are baffled as to why these officials are allowed to make decisions and lie to Councillors and then in WARD’S case call them meddling. WARD should be sacked immediately and the rest of these chancers made to reapply for their jobs and prove what they are doing, which Sucks can tell everyone is nothing except serve their own interests. This nest of vipers are working to their own agenda and getting away with it, and the recipe for their behaviour is simple, use the rules and regulations in their favour and then hide behind them, knowing that most elected officials will rely on advice given and act on it.

Nobody is putting their head above the parapet except Pilton Sucks and our informed whistleblower so these crooks are allowed to get away with it. The Edinburgh Evening News had a love in with Sue three Jobs Bruce but Sucks knew better having investigated her links with Henderson Global which we advised the News to do as well. We also advised the News to look at consultants appointed to undertake work for the Council, who they were and who appointed them, once again Pilton Sucks did and exposed the corrupt appointment procedure, to date the News has been very quiet on the activities of these characters.

They better hurry up as Bruce is doing a runner shortly leaving a huge mess behind her. No doubt she will surface on some board or other at some stage, paid of course. We the mug punters are being conned and stolen from and we have nowhere to go. But we encourage anyone who has information to come to Sucks, we will protect your identity and print what you have to say. There are some decent honest people who work for the City and must be sickened by the few who are screwing the system and robbing the taxpayers. We urge you to get in contact with sucks and tell us of you experience with these crooks. Sucks will fly the flag of anti corruption.

Gullivar In Lilliput or High Heels and Whips

Friends and readers.

The votes have all been cast and counted and as we all step back and take a sharp intake of breath, history has been made. The SNP won a landslide with less than 5% of the vote. Labour are now a vision of the past and in complete disarray. Leaderless and clueless in Westminster and the same in Scotland, even though Jim Irn Bru Murphy is insisting on staying on as the unelected leader. Markie the cat Lazarowicz is now spending more time with his family as is all but one oF the former Scottish Labour MP’s and Waltzing Matilda Deidre cobber Brock is off to the gravy train in Westminster along with the other 55 elected Nat MP’s. No doubt as time goes on we will have some fun with that lot.

So for Sucks it’s back to business as usual and our rye look at political life amongst other things, as well as exposing those who rob us. Pilton Sucks as always endeavors to bring you characters who leap off the page at you and put a smile on your face. Over the period Sucks has brought you a stellar bunch of characters, all with one thing in common, an eye to the main chance.

Sucks has also tried to uncover malpractice in your name and our expose on Chief Executive Sue three jobs Bruce hit the money. We have also named and shamed three senior Council officials for corrupt behaviour, with damning evidence on GREG WARD made public. To date the Council has still taken no action against these punters.

But friends and readers Sucks is always keen to bring new characters into the Sucks family so we would like to introduce to you our latest Sucks devotee in the shape of Gavin nee naw Barrie a rising star in the SNP group on Edinburgh shity Council. Gav is a former firefighter and is now group whip[nice work if you can get it Gav] along with being the member for Inverleith. We are sure our new best friend Gav will give Sucks readers their money’s worth. So we can all look forward to Gav’s adventures with his whip Ouch!!!.

But our star attraction and two times prat of the year winner Lesley Prada Hinds is still in a league of her own. Our Lesley is top of the Sucks league and miles ahead on points. No doubt Lesley woke up from her slumbers on Friday morning and seen that Edinburgh North and Leith was won by cobber Brock, so pulled the duvet back over her head and went back to her snoring slumbers. Our Lesley will now be sweating and panicking for the next year wondering how much she will be hammered by in the Holyrood elections. For the time being it’s over for the champagne Socialists who courted the middle classes and were done in by them. Labour have to look at their candidate selection process and start selecting candidates who can actually spell worker and move Labour back to being the party for the masses.

Labour had deserted their core support and still don’t get it, it’s alright dancing with the devil but when you want his vote he will stuff you and that’s exactly what happened to Labour and far from understanding that they still think that the middle ground is theirs by right. Keir Hardy would turn in his grave if he knew what had happened to a once noble party which has become the home for chancers on the make.

On a final note we would like to offer our sympathies to another of our characters, the dog poo czar himself Cammy squint tie Day. Our Cammy fought the good fight but was swamped in the tidal wave of SNP support. But Cammy did himself proud, well at least he didn’t come last. Our Cammy polled a magnificent 6000 odd votes bringing Labour from second to second last, quite some achievement. We are sure Cammy’s star will rise again maybe in another guise, maybe in another colour, or maybe he will find a family to spend more time with. But in the meantime he can swap hard luck stories with another beaten Labour candidate Ricky flatulence Henderson who also got his ass felt by the SNP.

Top Hat And Tails.

Friends and readers.

We hear that care manager Lorraine half nelson Banks is postponing her latest holiday break so she can vote in person. Half nelson Banks is the feely touchy type of manager, she feels that everything she touches turns to gold. Neighbourhood manager Pete[formerly the perm]Strong is a committed Labour supporter as it was his Labour mates that were responsible for imposing him on the poor unsuspecting punters of Forth. No doubt if The SNP win he will be reinvented as a true Nationalist.

Dog poo Czar Cammy squint tie Day is already spending more time with his family, preparing himself for a return to Edinburgh shity Council to loud cries of ”hard lines Cammy” with Vickie the hat Redpath throwing her latest hat into the air and landing on Prada Hinds new Sturgeon lookalike hairdo. Imagine poor old Cammy having to return to the Council tie in hand listening to Prada Hinds prattling on about how she would have done it. Won’t have to wait long to see Prada getting thumped out of sight, and slinking back to the Council mooching about how she lost another Labour held seat.

We hear Labour have organised a wake and invited all their party workers to drown their sorrows, should be a real jazzy affair as there will be plenty of losers to choose from. Ricky flatulence Henderson, Cammy squint tie Day, Markie the cat Lazarowicz the bloke in Edinburgh South who nobody knows and last and least Sheila bite your ankles Gilmore, who is likely to lose to another Labour cast off Tommy I’ve seen the light Shepherd. Yes there will be a lot of losers speeches and one or two party resignations thrown in as Labour disintegrate, and look to blame whoever they can.

Yes the real fun hasn’t started yet nor the gloating, but both will and soon. Labour might return to the party they were before they were hijacked by the wooly jerseyed Guardian readers, and actually select candidates who have actually had a job, but the omens are not good just look at Scottish Labour deputy leader Kezia Dugdale which shows Labour have not learned anything.

We’re On The Eve Of ?.

Friends and readers.

Here we are friends and readers, after all the lies and promises it’s up to the voters to decide whose promises and lies were best. Of course that’s a cynical look at things as we are sure that all the candidates from all the parties have been honest with us and will work tirelessly for us should they get elected, aye and pigs might fly.

The A boards have been pasted with the best wallpaper paste that homebase can offer, it’s an early night for all the poor bastards that will stand at the polling stations and look stupid and get bored stiff. 15 hours the polling stations are open for so hopefully it won’t rain otherwise those beautifully pasted posters on the A boards will be doing the breaststroke down the road.

All the candidates will be sanctimoniously thanking all the hard work by the unpaid volunteers while the winning candidates will be cock a hoop with the thought of not spending more time with their families and instead figuring out how much they can screw out of the taxpayers.

Down in sunny Edinburgh North and Leith a bastion of Socialist discontent, Labour candidate Markie the cat Lazarowicz has put out the last of his royal mail delivered literature, and if the pundits are correct Markie boy will be spending more time with his family while SNP candidate and bookies favourite waltzing Matilda Deidre cobber Brock is already planning her first expense claim such is her complacency. We hear the SNP campaign has been plagued with in fighting with the ass licking clique talking a lot but doing nothing. If there was any justice none of these two jokers would win and the Green candidate who is by far the most impressive candidate would win, but justice has nothing to do with politics.

Cobber Brock has we are told ignored those who actually know how to run a campaign in favour of listening to a bunch of half ass amateurs who would, if the campaign had been left to them destroyed any chance of cobber Brock winning. But fortunately it wasn’t although these cuties will claim the credit. None of those problems for Markie boy who has run his campaign single handedly, literally, as Labour workers were as thin on the ground as members of Sue three jobs Bruce’s fan club. But Bruce will be there on the night trying her best to hog the credit, and working out how much she will earn for the night. No doubt she will fuck it up as she has done throughout her tenure as Chief Executive of Edinburgh City Council, and Edinburgh will be amongst the last to declare. Hopefully that’s the last we will see or hear from her. Sucks has been a long time critic of the Dame and let it not be forgotten that it was Sucks who exposed her for the crook she is. But as usual people like her get away with it because nobody has the balls to take the action necessary to expose crooks like Bruce.

And let us also not forget that cobber Brock was and still is an SNP councillor on the City Council and deputy Lord Provost to boot, and as smart as she thinks she is didn’t cotton on to Bruce’s activities, or more likely didn’t want to, so friends and readers how can we even begin to think she will be any good as an MP. But that’s up to the voters and sometime on Friday morning we will find out that’s of course if Bruce gets her finger out and conducts the count properly not half assed that Edinburgh is infamous for.