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Seriously No

Friends and readers.

It has come to our attention that not only have the City Council in the guise of the very inept and incompetent Lesley Prada Hinds actually suggesting that more money be spent on the massive loss making Tram System by building the 1b [Granton line] and 1c [Newhaven line] something which they had already been granted money to do but wasted, but with one of her many hats on Prada Hinds as chair of the Transport Committee has managed to push through up to two million pounds for a feasibility study, yes you could not make this shit up, and worse still supported by the full Council.

And friends it gets better who do you think is assisting Prada in her endeavours why none other than senior official GREG WARD, beyond belief but true. Sucks has been consistently asking for an investigation into the activities of WARD and his links to firms acquiring Council contracts. We would be interested to know who cops this money wasting contract and if they are pals or relations of WARDS.

You don’t need money to tell you that Prada Hinds is on a mission to try and win the Edinburgh North and Leith seat at next years Holyrood elections, she has more chance of winning the Lottery. you don’t need money to tell you that the Tram system will never make any money regardless of how many more lines you build, even if you are robbing money from Lothian Buses. And we hear that Prada is refusing to give evidence to the enquiry, wonder why? It should have been a public enquiry then there would have been no place to hide.

£145 million and you can multiply that for an extension they have already been paid for, if wee Nickie frae Govan has any sense she will tell them to go fuck themselves when Prada comes calling with the begging bowl. £2 million for a feasibility study that’s likely to go to one of WARDS personal pals, and at a time when up to a 1000 jobs are potentially to go from the City’s payroll. Disgraceful and tasteless, but there is no stopping Pradas ego trip. If jobs are to go then WARD and Prada Hinds should be top of the list.

Murky Intrigue

Friends and readers.

The other day we received correspondence from a reader who wishes to remain anonymous. We at Sucks are happy to honour that request, given the content of the correspondence. Our reader alleges that a local activist is on the payroll of the very dubious Granton Central Developments. Our readers gave us a name which came as no surprise to us but unfortunately without hard evidence we cannot print the name.

For some time Sucks has suspected that all was not right and that a local organisation was said to be far to close to These land speculators that are out to make a quick buck. Now a reader has come forward with details and as we say naming a local activist who has received money to quietly push the case for Granton Central Developments.

Now let us be quite clear, we are not against development far from it, we need development, what we don’t need or want are land speculators, who will sell on plots to the highest bidder if and hopefully they don’t get planning permission. The name we were given is one we would have suggested ourselves, and Sucks will now look for evidence to support our readers allegation. Given the murky financial set up we are dealing with, evidence will not come easy, but the genie is out of the bottle and Sucks will do some digging.

If evidence is found we will name and shame the individual involved, and should that individual be a Sucks reader, we are on to you. Mumblings of discontent have been rumbling around and some of it has reached the ears of Sucks. Again our reader mentions this and blames with justification a local Councillor who she says is behind much of this and is trying to usurp any kind of democratic accountability. Our reader alleges that both the activist and the local Councillor are in her words tied at the hip. Our reader who is involved locally is sickened by what she is witnessing and in some cases she say’s, blatantly. She goes on to say that there have been organisations set up and one in particular which is being used to covertly support the land speculating plans of Granton Central Developments.

Again we were aware of this organisation and given who is involved with it we would not be surprised if it were being used to further the aims of land speculators. We advise all the Community Councils concerned to be wary of Greeks bearing gifts, for it would appear they are the Trojan Horse for quick buck merchants. Shamefully if evidence can be uncovered it would seem a local activist is on the take supported by others who we will uncover as well. It would come as no surprise that a politician would be up to no good just look at the current mess within the Council and many people will come up with the same name. But a local activist who is batting for land speculators for personal gain is unforgivable and be very clear that when and not if we uncover evidence we will name and shame this individual.

Vote For Free But Watch The Cost.

Friends and readers.

We reported to our wide and growing readership that the Forth Neighbourhood Partnership under the dutiful stewardship of Manager and general chancer Pete[formerly the perm]Strong have been using rent payers cash to beautify leafy Trinity where Council House rent payers are harder to find than an honest City Council official.

Now the money which comes from the rent payers account is meant to be spent where it is most needed, I.E Royston, Wardiburn, Pilton, Muirhouse and not Trinity. Yet tens of thousands of pounds has been sanctioned by the Partnership and spent in Trinity under the very dubious points scoring system which is supposed to score the projects in areas of most need and award the cash required to improve the area. Well that’s the theory but the reality is completely different.

The vested interests which sit at the round table with Merlin himself Pete the perm waving his wand ably supported by Lancelot Cammy squint tie Day both defending nobily the rights of the vested interests, and spending the punters money in the green and pleasant land of Camelot, or Trinity to the punters. The Holy Grail of a fair share is lost as Merlin and Lancelot conjure up a cut up and sign and seal it with the vested interest that sit on the seats at the round table. Made up of mainly officers and Groups who get dosh with a smattering of locals who are always vastly outnumbered, except when they sign up and join in the cut up.

So the boxes of accountability are ticked and the vested interests get their way again, while Joe punter leaves, scratching their heads wondering how did that happen while the rest stay behind to pat each other on the backs convincing themselves what a great job they have done. Meanwhile the dog shit piles up, the holes in the road get bigger, grass grows out of the pavement, but on a good day with the wind blowing in the right direction and you have managed to avoid the queue in Scotmid, you can just catch the smell of freshly laid tarmac coming from Trinity.

The Whole Iceburg

Friends and readers.

It’s being called the tip of the iceberg, but the scandal surrounding property services goes further and deeper than we are being told or led to believe. The tip of the iceberg as it is being called is more like the whole bloody iceberg as the City lurches from one crisis to another. Sucks has repeatedly said that corruption amongst senior officials is breathtaking and little or no action has been taken to rid the City of these leeches.

A small article in Thursday’s edition of the Evening News reports that EDI the firm set up by the Council to develop publicly owned land has turned in a profit for the year. Really is this not more or less the same jokers who were involved in the development disaster at the Gyle with Millars, and the Waterfront disaster down Granton way. You bet it is and our old friend Eric Adair or to give him his Sunday title, operations and finance director is calling the shots. Somebody in the Council must have a perverse sense of humour to have appointed him, might as well have Jesus freaks handing out tickets for God.

Who is doing the Developing of the land? is there an open tendering process? What is the criteria, or do they only have to show friend Adair the colour of their money. The £10 million borrowed to build a care home down Royston way puts paid to any profit. Is the City getting best value? of course not. Massively in debt and jobs on the line Edinburgh Council needs to up it’s game a hell of a lot more to make it viable. We reported that a fully funded Community project was put before the Economic Development Chair Frank fingers Ross but was buried and ignored, in favour of huge borrowings putting the City further into debt. But Cammy squint tie Day got his photo taken with his lovely yellow hard hat on, bloody expensive photo.

We fully support the Tory three who were reported to the standards committee by another paragon of virtue Mike slippery Rosendale. At least they are trying to find out what’s going on and who is responsible. We elect people to run the City not incompetent overpaid officials who have their own agenda without accountability and then hide behind rules to cover their tracks. We suggest the Evening News digs a little deeper and do some investigative journalism, instead of believing the crap they are fed.

Next Stop Oblivion

Friends and readers.

So it’s proudly claimed by Edinburgh Shity Council and Transport Convenor, yep friends it’s her again Lesley Prada Hinds, that bonuses are not to be paid to 4 of Lothian Buses overpaid bloodsuckers of taxpayers dosh. Yet Craig Prada’s pal continues to enjoy his obscene salary even though he has put his notice in, must be the longest notice in history.

Let’s put this into perspective. 1000 jobs are to go from the Council, yet the favoured few continue to earn huge salary’s and no threat to their cushy jobs. Corrupt officials will continue to hide away, and lie about what is being achieved within the City. We hear that Crooked official ERIC ADAIR is crowing about EDI making a profit, well we would remind him about the mess of the Granton Waterfront which he was involved in and the Gyle where he fucked up as well. But more of that later where we will devote more time to Mr, ADAIR and his fantasy land economics.

Prada Hinds is up to her neck in it again. How incompetent can one person be, there seems to be no end to her stupidity, problem is we all suffer from her ego trip and incompetence. Let Sucks put some reality into yet another mess.

Lothian Buses has 67 bus routes, 1 Tram route, 721 Buses, 27[yes 27] Trams, 120 million rides 2000 employees and a chief executive-pay £270,000

In contrast let us take a look at Chicago which is around 20 times the size of Edinburgh, it has 140 bus routes, 8 Train routes, 1879 Buses, 1190 Trains, 594 million rides, 10,000 employees and a chief executive-pay £140,000.

Now you tell us if we are getting value for money or being shafted by greedy useless bastards.

Bad Joke

Friends and readers.

Our bestest mate and pretty much chair of everything, Lesley Prada Hinds is at it again. Will someone please tell her that everytime she opens her mouth the rest of us cringe in horror. This time she is mooching on about more money for a Tram extension to Newhaven, and that’s before the inquiry is even close to being over and finding out as if we didn’t know who was responsible for the original mess.

The Council has a massive budget shortfall, they can’t afford to fund the services it should already be providing.

Money-we got none
Management Skills-we got none
Remorse-we got none
Shame-we got none
Brass Neck-we got that in abundance.

Just when you thought that it couldn’t get any worse than the hopeless Finance Chair Alistair Rankin trying to defend the handling of the building services scandal, along comes Prada Hinds the Councils very own incompetent egotist telling the mortals that if we care to look at other Tram systems, the funding tends to come from central Government, but they already paid you for a Tram network to Newhaven. The Scottish Government paid you £500million for a promised system and you blew it on half a line. This is the same Queen of blunder land that voted with the Tories to stop the Tram line at Haymarket. Only a fool would pay the same people twice for the same thing.

Prada Hinds tells us mug taxpayers that in the Trams first year of operation we have seen passenger numbers increase. At least for once she is not talking through her ass, well not quite. Passenger numbers have increased. Before the first year of operation passenger numbers were 0, now they are ”not a lot” In the Disney-esque world of CEC finances this means a business case can now be ”developed” [In no Council-speak that means ''made up''] to run the Trams all the way to Uranus, which coincidently is what Prada Hinds talks through.

Regeneration And A Little Touch Of Social Cleansing

Friends and readers.

There are many monuments to our Social and Political history, some we may approve of others, well we may not even give a second glance to, but down in sunny Muirhouse is an or soon to be was an institution of a sorts. The Gunner public house is to close it’s doors some say due to the regeneration of the area. The Gunner has had it’s ups and downs over the years, and where recently Rolex watches were for sale at the knock down price of 100 bucks a pop. Popular for years with many local punters it is soon to vanish from the tourist map to be replaced by what we do not know, but whatever replaces it won’t have the same heartbeat as this favoured watering hole had.

Now there will be some that welcome the demise of this emporium and for reasons that may be valid of that we would not argue over, but this regeneration goes further than just the passing of an institution, more a touch of social cleansing. We are all for building homes for people to live in, they are in desperate need, but without infrastructure in place they will become in time faceless ghettos. Say what you like about the Gunner and many have it represents part of a heart beat that will now stop beating and be allowed to die because it does not fit the image that the great and the good want to present.

Ask the police if they welcome the closure of the Gunner, we have and privately they would prefer it to remain open as some of their best customers frequent it, they will now vanish, more police resources required to monitor their customers movements at a time when resources are scarce, so there’s a good Social and financial reason for keeping the Gunner open, or relocate to, let’s say, up the road in Ravelston or Blackhall, and get more of a social mix, and a varied customer base. Probably a lot more crooks in these areas, it’s just they rarely get caught as most of them either sit in judgement of others with a wig on or make money and a lot of it from the Criminal Legal aid budget.

Muirhouse has been ignored for generations, now it’s being torn down without a thought for the existing population and their needs and what they would like to see. Politicians mainly Labour politicians have kept Muirhouse the way it was because they believed they had a trapped vote, now that belief is gone so just rip the place down and start again. The bigger disgrace has been how the area was allowed to run down and the people treated like garbage. Two bookies offices within a few yards of each other in an unemployment blackspot. An off license, and a chemist with a security guard. Why has the Gunner got to be the loser in all this when that whole area should have been regenerated and more businesses encouraged to locate there, instead of bookies. We see local Councillor Steve jambo Cardownie is championing the Gunner and it a Hibees pub as well.

We wonder what Housing guru and dog poo czar Cammy squint tie Day thinks about all this, problem is our mate Cammy doesn’t think he relies on the advice of inept corrupt officials who will pat Cammy on the head, patronise him, promise to build a monument in his honour, if he just keeps out of the way until there is a photo opportunity, preferably with a hard hat on. What will befall the former punters of the soon to be former Gunner can only be guessed at, but maybe they should organise a day out and pay Cammy a visit at his surgery, problem is they might not use an anaesthetic.

8, 9, Out

Friends and readers

Once upon a time Edinburgh had in it’s midst the second oldest boxing club in Scotland, Sparta, that is until City official and chump Peter Wattan got involved or in this case didn’t. Wattan is one of the officials that Pilton Sucks has asked to be investigated but to date nothing.
Sparta had been relocated from their premises in McDonald Road to Portobello. Turns out that the site they were relocated to was sold to the supermarket chain ALDI. ALDI had promised to build Sparta a purpose built unit as part of a planning gain. Our reliable source told us that ALDI have been dragging their feet on this and local Councillor Mike where’s the fire Bridgeman instructed Peter Wattan to get his finger out and get it sorted.

Wattan we are told has ignored a direct instruction from an elected member and done nothing. Councillor Bridgeman should carpet Wattan and demand an explanation as to why he ignored a direct instruction. This is yet another example of officials doing as they please and getting away with it. Sucks has been aware for sometime that certain officials who we have named think they can do what they like without any accountability. Edinburgh is in the grip of corrupt officials who have been abusing their position, some of which has started to emerge into the public domain. Another mess which we have been made aware of is the construction site at the former school site in Royston. Already 3 months behind schedule, with muck piling up and complaints from local residents ignored by local Councillor Cammy squint tie Day.

Once again the names of officials WARD, ADAIR and WATTAN crop up. This site has been the subject of an unseemly carve up. We were made aware of a fully funded project for this site which would have cost the Council nothing, plans for which Sucks has seen as have Councillors Day and Ross. Millions of pounds have been borrowed for this project and at a time when there is a massive overspend in Health and Social care, whose Director Peter Gabbitas was sacked in all but name for that very reason. Why then when a fully funded project which would have delivered a care home and Social Housing was rubbished and buried by officials, a project which would have put several million pounds into the Council coffers, given local employment and a Community hub free of charge for use by the Community.

No Community consultation, just a tick boxing exercise to justify the actions of inept officials. The elected members have got to get a grip, at least the ones who are not in bed with these corrupt officials. Sucks applauds the Tory three who have made ”who’s in charge” an issue and we hope they get support from elected members who feel the same. The Tory three have given the citizens of this City hope that corruption will be tackled and those who work in their own and not the City’s interests are removed as quickly as possible.

Another One

Friends and readers.

So another senior official gets the bullet. Peter Gabbitas head of Health and Social Care has got the push disguised as extended leave. Pilton Sucks was made aware by a reliable source that Gabbitas was handing out contracts as he pleased, so he deserves to go. No doubt he will get his bung to keep quiet.

We are reliably informed that another official who Sucks named as working to his own agenda GREG WARD had a hand in the departure of Gabbitas. Following on from the Tory three who rightly started the ball rolling, it would seem that at least some elected members have found some courage from somewhere to begin looking at the activities of senior officials.

Sucks named ERIC ADAIR, PETER WATTAN and GREG WARD as working in their own interests and not the city’s. We were also vocal in demanding that former Chief Executive Sue three jobs Bruce should have been investigated over her outside activities, and who has benefitted from these activities. Sucks alone has been pushing for corruption within Edinburgh City Council to be exposed and it is starting to trickle out, but there is much more to come.

Mike the fraudster Rosendale who the excellent Edinburgh Sucks exposed as a crook, had the cheek to report the Tory three to the standards commission, he’s another one who should get booted out and should have been a long time ago. As previously mentioned by Sucks we warmly applaud the actions of the Tory three who have done the right and decent thing in pushing for action against corrupt officials. We would strongly advise them to look closely at the activities of WARD, ADAIR and WATTAN and start asking questions of these three chancers.

We advised the Evening News to dig deeper into corruption within the City Council, they chose to ignore us, wonder what they think now given what Sucks has reported and some of which is starting to emerge now. Sucks is emerging well out of this mess reporting to our readers and beyond the corrupt practices within the Council. The citizens of this City are being robbed and conned by officials who have been allowed up till now to run wild. It must be stopped now and the guilty at least removed from post, but we would suggest proscecuted as well.

The Citizens of this City have a right to know what is going on in their name and we have and will try and continue to do just that. There is no room for corruption, it is simply not acceptable, and to those politicians who have taken a stand this City thanks you. To those who have turned a blind eye or just not bothered to do their job properly, shame on you.

Must Be A Sick Joke

Friends and readers

So we will have to suffer even more disruption as one of Edinburgh’s busiest routes is to be closed down for months to let Scottish water sort the shit out that the Tram dig caused in the first place. Haymarket will close down shortly to let the yellow jacketed perils dig up our roads yet again and to hell with the road users they will just have to put up with it.

And what does our noble chair of pretty much everything Lesley Prada Hinds tell us, why her brilliant response was, we will need to allow more time for our journeys. Fantastic just fantastic, our response is that sewers and Prada Hinds mentioned together is apt. With the roads of Edinburgh always in a state of confusion we would need to allow a week or two for our journeys.

Constitution street being dug up again, Russell Road in a mess, and now the road West out of and into the City being shut down for God knows how long, why not just ban road users and make them use the dreadful budget busting Tram. Prada Hinds is supposed to be in charge but she’s only interested in promoting herself and her very limited abilities. Bet the voters can’t wait to judge her performance. The taxpayers as usual have no say, they never do so it’s left to Prada and her mates to ruin things. Surely if complaints are flying about there must be a sack load somewhere with Prada Hinds name on them.