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In Turmoil

Friends and readers.

It has come to our attention that the Edinburgh association of Community Councils is in turmoil. We reported to you last year that the election of office bearers was rigged by officials handling the meeting and the we were told that the best candidate for the job lost in a rigged election, at that time we were not given the name of the losing candidate. Our information is that an official complaint went to the City of Edinburgh Council and the official concerned was removed or in Council speak transferred somewhere else.

The election should have been re run and all the Community Councils allowed the time to make nominations if they wished. We have been informed that the losing candidate who has remained quiet on the matter was the Chair of Granton and District Community Council Fred Marinello. We were told that on the evening in question the candidates were not allowed to address the meeting, clearly wrong. We were also told that the CV’s were mysteriously removed so none of the members present could read anything about the candidates.

We have done our own research on this matter and it seems there are a number of people who are of the opinion that this was an unseemly affair and indeed the best person lost by stealth. So we were not surprised to learn that leading members of the EACC want this years AGM to be postponed to allow CC’s time to decide what they want to do. We were told that Granton and District Council along with at least 7 other Community Councils want a postponement. The question we ask is was there political interference in last years AGM to stop a particular candidate winning, our information says yes indeed there was. We have no evidence to support this information so we will not print the name of the politician who has been accused of interfering.

We understand from sources within the EACC that pressure will be exerted on Fred Marinello to put himself forward again. We tried to contact Granton and District Community Council for a comment but have so far been unable to do so.

Oh Yes

Friends and readers.

Since we reported on alleged misuse of a Lottery Grant by the Granton Improvement Society and in particular Willie community socialist Black and Barbarella Robertson who had a swinging all singing and dancing 5 day break in sunny France, we have had a big response from our readers wondering why this was allowed to happen and is there no accountability to the Lottery on how the money is spent.

Well friends and readers we imagine that this organisation will keep some form of accounting system but we don’t know. It’s maybe a creative accounting system which is in operation, again we don’t know, but judging by the responses our readership is none to happy about comrade Black and Barbarella Robertson swanning off on an all expenses paid trip to our European partners over the channel. And so it seems is one or two members of the GIS.

We contacted the Forth Neighbourhood Partnership to get a comment from them regarding their support of the GIS application and how some of the money was spent. As you can imagine no-one was available to comment, what a surprise. As we said and from the horses mouth, A lottery grant cannot be used for foreign travel, question we are asking and so are a number of our readers is how was this all inclusive jolly paid for and why was it necessary. Maybe the GIS are awash with cash or have secret benefactors who felt that comrade Black and Barbarella Robertson have been so hard at it they needed a fun in the sun break.

We think the GIS accounts need examined closely and the question asked as to how this fact finding was funded, it could of course be that comrade Black the peoples chumpion got lucky and his numbers came up on the lottery that dreadful capitalist game. Oo la la.

Something Smells Here

Friends and readers.
Information has reached us which we find disturbing to say the least, but not surprising. Involved in this info is our old mate and chancer Willie community socialist Black and his sidekick Barbara Robertson at the so called Granton improvement Society, which should be renamed the Willie Black self improvement Society. Sucks knows little of this organisation so we cannot comment on it’s ethos, but what we can comment and question on is the use of any Lottery money which this organisation has received.

And indeed it has received Lottery cash, and we can also tell our readers after checking with the Lottery people, that they stipulate that none of the money granted can be used for foreign travel, interesting, well read on. Lo and behold Sucks has been informed that the peoples chumpion and chancer Willie community socialist Black and his sidekick Barbarella Robertson took themselves off on an all expenses 5 day trip to France in September 2014. So an investigation should be launched by the Lottery people, but wait on friends it gets better, as the Forth Neighbourhood Partnership supported the application we are told, and that organisation is managed by none other than another of our old pals Pete[formerly the perm]Strong, and friends even more tasty is that the very same organisation is chaired by none other than Cammy squint tie Day who is a mucker of comrade Black.

We don’t mind punters going off for some fun in the sun but not with cash that is not theirs or not for that purpose. Sucks believes there is foul play here and comrade Black and Barbarella Robertson should be chased out of town and made to pay the money back at the very least. Once again the familiar story seems to be of punters using a situation to benefit themselves, while wearing the cloak of decency. We had suspicions about the Granton improvement Society particularly when neither Barbarella Robertson or Comrade Black live in Granton so there must be an angle there always is. The Forth Neighbourhood Partnership who supported this application must come under closer scrutiny as we understand that comrade Black is a delegate to their board, convenient eh. And why is squinty tie Day still chair, surely his time is up. Did the aspect of foreign travel come up when the Neighbourhood Partnership supported the application or did they think no-one would find out, Sucks did, it always does. We are sure that the Lottery would be interested in how their cash was spent to benefit the punters, well two of them anyway.

Rats And The Sinking Ship

Friends and readers.

Another of the Sue three jobs Bruce pyramid of corruption has left the sinking ship of Edinburgh shity Council. The latest rat to jump ship is Deputy Chief Executive Alistair grinner Maclean.

Its great that he’s left. He should been made to explain exactly where the documents where, then, when he said they weren’t deliberately being destroyed. Also, it’d be good if actual legal experts could explain Maclean’s interpretation of the law when it came to protecting three jobs Bruce and Prada Hinds.

It’s no great surprise to hear he has taken a job with another Common Purpose firm (as looks to have been the case with all the deserters so far), as it was probably his allegiance to the cause and/or some fundamental personality flaw which got him the job in the Council. Vision. Challenges. Collaboration. Citizenship. Inclusion. Sustainable Stepfordedness.

Nicely timed before the Tram enquiry knocks at his door. Sucks has been saying for quite some time that the council was riddled with corrupt individuals who hid behind the rules which they used to benefit themselves and their pals in the private sector. Maclean was part of the rotten three jobs Bruce regime as was the other chancer who is leaving GREG WARD. Our inside source tells us that this is a damage limitation exercise as it has become clear that corrupt practices were rife within the Council and this had at long last come to the attention of the Scottish Government, who had been afraid to act as the silent SNP are in coalition with the useless Labour mob.

But now that Bankruptcy specialists Ernst and Young are all but running the City, it’s becoming clear who are responsible for the mess the City is in. Elect people with no real experience of anything other than party politics and you end up in a situation where experienced officials can do what they like and hide the rest. This is what three jobs Bruce did and it was easy. As she lined her pockets with backhanders from her outside interests which the elected members agreed to, she quickly realised how useless this bunch were, only concerned with their committee allowances and petty party politics, leaving the city to burn under the mismanagement of Bruce and her band of camp followers.

This situation virtually turned the City over to corrupt officials who ran wild wasting the City’s resources and benefitting themselves. Sucks named three officials who were running with their own agenda WARD being one of them, the other two we named were ERIC ADAIR and PETER WATTAN. Sucks also consistently said that three jobs Bruce was hard at it putting her own interests above those of the City’s. And where is Bruce now? well why don’t we ask SSE or better still Prada Hinds who has £20,000 of SSE shares, where did this socialist get them from, and how does a Labour councillor justify speculating in that dreadful capitalist market they allegedly deplore so much.

The City is in a mess and the blame can be shared between lazy, incompetent, inexperienced Councillors particularly in the ruling coalition and those officials who knew that and used the situation to benefit themselves. It is a long way past solving the problem, it’s become institutional corruption and a way of life. Ask your neighbours and friends what they think of the City Council and these are the people that really matter, the mugs who go to the polls and vote for criminal behaviour. Many if not all of them or the ones that can be bothered will tell you, they are all a bunch of crooks. Dear dear how did we the people allow this to happen.

Talk A Lot Say Nothing

Friends and readers.

As always your favourite blog site Pilton Sucks has it’s fingers on the pulse and ears to the ground, and we can report to you the latest goings on in the political world.

Word has it dear friends that all is not well within the Edinburgh and North SNP mob, and in particular the Forth branch part of it. If you remember Sucks reported to our readers a while back that the yes mob had a grip of the branch until common sense came to the fore and that bunch of chancers ran to the hills or in one case all the way to Australia.

Well it seems they are making a comeback thanks to Holyrood candidate Ben[your honour]McPherson who has swallowed their bull shit and has installed two of them, Iain know all Black and Jason upstart McGillup to head up his campaign, the two of those chancers together couldn’t run a raffle never mind a campaign. This of course dear friends has caused ructions within the branch given their behaviour in trying to oust elected office bearers from office, this after an AGM had taken place, and install their own lap dogs which they failed miserably to do. We are told from a very reliable source that several complaints were sent to the SNP’s headquarters outlining how these individuals had breached the party rules, but to date we understand that no action has been taken against them, yet Benny boy has put them in charge of his campaign, so unless the opinion polls are wide of the mark, Benny boy will have to rely on them because he won’t get anywhere with the gruesome twosome Black and McGillup, who are in reality a couple of prize ass holes or so we are told.

News of this pending disaster has reached the ears of a few of the more experienced members and we are told that they are in no mood to get involved in the campaign if these two clowns are running it. We are told that one very experienced and respected member who has forgotten more than Black and McGillup will ever know about campaigning has withdrawn from being involved and we learned today that another highly respected and knowledgeable Community leader has also decided to withdraw on learning of who was going to be running the campaign. These two individuals between them could trigger a melt down in a campaign that has yet to be kick started, and we again understand that on hearing that two well known and highly respected members of the Community would be taking no part in the campaign, Labour have been alerted and olive branches will be going out to them very quickly, but it’s unlikely that anyone would want to be involved in that suicide campaign.

Pilton Sucks asked the two individuals concerned if they would care to comment on these reports, one was unavailable for comment while the other individual did say that both Black and McGillup were unsavoury characters who haven’t a clue how to run a campaign nor do they have the necessary contacts that will be required for Benny boy to make a real impact. Feelings are running high and a number of members feel that Benny boy has been listening to these idiots and believed all their crap, don’t be surprised dear friends if you find out that Community chancer Willie Black joins the campaign then Benny boy will really be in trouble. We at Sucks don’t give a toss who does what as the real issue is once these punters get elected they forget about the people who elected them, as they wet their nose in the trough. But what could have been and who knows might still be a historic win for the SNP has just become much more difficult with Circus clowns Black and McGillup running the show.

Important Info

Friends and readers.

Our readership will be aware that Pilton Sucks has been actively campaigning to have the law toughened up when dealing with Domestic Abuse. Sucks has highlighted over the period what a perpetrator can put a victim through and how they keep it hidden. We have been asked to post this very important information with regards to the new formal mechanism to uncover this most hideous of crimes. Sucks is delighted to do so and we urge our readers to read this information, you may need it, we hope you never do.

The aim of this scheme is to give members of the public a formal mechanism to make enquiries about an individual who they are in a relationship with or who is in a relationship with someone they know, and there is a concern that the individual may be abusive towards their partner.
If police checks show that the individual has a record of abusive behaviour; or there is other information to indicate the person you know is at risk, the police will consider sharing this information with the person(s) best placed to protect the potential victim.
The police will discuss your concerns with you and decide whether it is appropriate for you to be given more information to help protect the person who is in the relationship with the individual you are concerned about.
The scheme aims to enable potential victims to make an informed choice on whether to continue the relationship, and provides further help and support to assist the potential victim when making that informed choice.
Disclosure Scheme for Domestic Abuse Scotland
Who can ask for a disclosure?
A disclosure under this scheme is the sharing of specific information about an individual with the person making the application or a third person for the purposes of protecting a potential victim from domestic abuse.
• Anyone can make an application about an individual who is in a relationship with another person and where there is a concern that the individual may harm the other person; • Any concerned third party, such as a parent, relative, neighbour or friend can make an application not just the potential victim; however: • A third party person making an application would not necessarily receive information about the individual concerned. It may be more appropriate for someone else to receive the information, such as the potential victim or another person who is best placed to protect the potential victim.
Step One – How do I make an application?
It is important to remember that anyone can make an application to the police about an individual who is in a relationship with another person and there is concern that the individual may present a risk of harm to their partner.
Contacting the police There are a number of different ways you can contact the police:
You can • go ‘online’ to; • visit a police office; • phone 101 the non emergency number for the police; or • speak to a member of the police on the street
If you believe there is an immediate risk of harm to someone, or it is an emergency, you should always call 999.
Step Two: Initial contact with the police
When you contact the police, a police officer or member of police staff will take details from you of what prompted your enquiry and the nature of your relationship with the potential victim and their partner.
They will also ask you when and where it is safe to make contact with you again.
You will also need to give your name, address, date of birth and other details. At a later stage, you will need to provide proof of your identity.
The police will run some initial checks based on the information you have provided and conduct an initial risk assessment.
The purpose of these checks is for the police to establish if there are any immediate concerns.
These checks will not be undertaken while you are present.
If when speaking to the police you report a crime has taken place – for example, if you say that you have witnessed someone hit their partner, then the police may investigate this as a crime and may arrest the partner. If the police believe that someone is at risk and in need of protection from harm, they will take immediate action.
No disclosure of information will take place at this stage unless it is necessary for the immediate protection of the potential victim.
Step Three: Face to face meeting to complete the application
Depending on the outcome of Step Two, you may then be required to participate in a face to face meeting with the police. This meeting will be to establish further details about your application in order to assess any risk and for you to provide proof of your identity. This should comprise of a photo ID and another form of ID (if photo ID is not available, the police will consider other forms of ID).
The forms of ID that could be used are:
• Your passport • Your driving licence • Some other trusted form of photo identification • Your birth certificate (including authorised extract copies) • A household utility bill (council tax, water, gas, electricity) • A bank statement
These documents must be originals. Unfortunately copies cannot be accepted.
The police will use this meeting to gather more information from you about the nature of the relationship between the person you are concerned about and their partner. They may also ask for further information from you on why you have made an enquiry under this scheme.
The police will run more detailed checks and speak to other agencies including Social Work Services and Prison Service, based on the information you give them.
They will work as quickly as possible to complete the checks but, depending on the circumstances, some checks may take longer for the results to be received by the police.
It is envisaged that the maximum time that it will take to complete the whole process, including these and the disclosure of information if decided necessary, is 45 days.
The police will act immediately if at any point they consider the potential victim to be risk and in need of protection from harm.
Step Four: Multi-agency meeting to consider disclosure
The police will meet with relevant partner agencies (such as Social Work Services, Prison Service, Domestic Abuse Advocates/Advisors) to discuss the information that you have given them, along with additional information the police may have received from the checks they have run, and any relevant information from the agencies they have talked to.
The multi agency meeting will then decide whether any disclosure is lawful, necessary and proportionate to protect the person you are concerned about from their partner. If they decide to disclose information, they will decide who should receive the information and set up a safety plan tailored to the potential victims needs to provide them with help and support.
Step Five: Potential disclosure
What kind of information you might be given
If the checks show that the individual you are enquiring about has a record for violent offences or there is other information that indicates there is a pressing need to make a disclosure to prevent further crime, the police may disclose this to the person who is most able to protect the victim.
It should be noted that details about a person’s previous convictions are treated as confidential and information will only be disclosed if it is lawful and proportionate, and there is a pressing need to make the disclosure to prevent further crime.
If the checks do not show that there is a pressing need to make a disclosure to prevent further crime, the police will tell you that. This may be because the individual does not have a record of violent offences or there is no information held to indicate they pose a risk of harm to the potential victim. Or it may be that some information is held on the individual but this is not sufficient to demonstrate a pressing need for disclosure.
It may be the case that the individual you are asking about is not known to the police for violent offences of there is insufficient information to indicate they pose a risk of harm to the potential victim, but they are showing worrying behaviour. In this case, the police or other support agency will work with you to protect the potential victim and can provide advice and support.
The Police- Power to Tell
Under the Disclosure Scheme for Domestic Abuse Scotland, you may receive a disclosure even if you have not asked for one. That is because, if the police receive information about the person you know which they consider puts that person at risk of harm of domestic abuse by their partner, then they may consider disclosing that information if you are the best placed person to protect the victim.
The decision to disclose information when you have not asked for a disclosure will be made by the multi agency meeting, and the disclosure will only be made if it is lawful and proportionate, and there is a pressing need to make the disclosure to prevent further crime.
Important note
You should be aware that police checks or any disclosures made are not a guarantee of safety. The police will give you advice on how to protect the potential victim and how to recognise the warning signs of domestic abuse. They will also make sure you are aware of what local and national support is available.
After you are given information
Can I tell my family and friends about this? I really need to talk to someone.
If you do receive information from the police it should be treated as confidential. It is only being given to you so that you can take steps to protect the potential victim. You must not share this information with anyone else unless you have spoken to the police, or person who gave you the information, and they have agreed with you that it will be shared.
Subject to the condition that the information is kept confidential, you can;
• Use the information to keep the potential victim and yourself safe; • Use the information to keep any children involved in the situation safe; • Ask what support is available; • Ask for advice on how to keep yourself and others safe.
The police may decide not to give you information if they think that you will discuss it with others. However, the police will still take steps to protect the potential victim and yourself if there is a risk of harm.
The police may take action against you if the information is disclosed without their consent, which could include civil or criminal proceedings. You should be aware that it is an offence (under Section 55 of the Data Protection Act 1998) for a person to ‘knowingly or recklessly obtain or disclose personal data without the consent of the data controller’ which in this case is usually the police.
If no disclosure is made but you still have concerns and want further information about protecting someone from domestic abuse, there is action you can take for the future.
The police can provide you with information and advice on how to protect someone from abusive behaviour and how to recognise the warning signs of domestic abuse. There are also a number of specialist services and organisations providing information about domestic abuse, how to spot it and how to work with the authorities to intervene.
Support helplines
You can contact Police Scotland on 101
In an emergency always ring 999
If you would like additional help and support on domestic abuse then you can contact any of the following national helplines:
Scottish Domestic Abuse Helpline – 0800 027 1234
Rape Crisis Scotland – 08088 01 03 02
You can also ask the police for information on specialist services and organisations that exist where you live.

On The Verge

Friends and readers.

Pilton Sucks as always has it’s finger on the pulse bringing to you the inside slant on what’s going on in your name, printing what other newsheets won’t or don’t know about.

Today 13-10-2015 we bring to you our most disturbing post to date. If accurate this is indeed a turn of events which brings this City closer to the edge.

We have been informed by our normally reliable source that Accountants and Administrators Ernst and Young have been brought in to run the Finance department of Edinburgh Shity Council, which if true effectively means they are running the City as we are told there is no money in any of the City’s budgets. We contacted the Council for a comment but were told nobody was available to comment which gives the suspicion that this story we were given is true. This situation if accurate is truly disturbing and a complete disgrace. Sucks has been saying for a long time that elected members had been usurped by corrupt officials some of whom Sucks named and shamed, since them one of the corrupt officials we named GREG WARD has resigned.

Millions of pounds wasted on vanity projects and none worse than the budget bursting waste of time amd money, Tram system which contrary to reports is losing vast amounts of money, money that could have been more usefully spent elsewhere. We reported to you in one of our previous posts that a senior SNP councillor had enquired about borrowing against the pension fund which has in excess of 4 billion pounds in it, but was told by the Labour group that if he pursued his enquiry it could be a coalition breaker, why would that be threatened? what have the worse than useless Labour group got to worry about or hide?

We also reported to you about two fully funded projects in the North side of the City that we were informed would have injected 11 million pounds into the Council coffers but they never seen the light of day due to the corrupt behaviour of senior officials PETER WATTAN and ERIC ADAIR to name just two. Former Chief executive and crook Sue three jobs Bruce who abused her position to enrich herself knew of these projects but preferred to concentrate on lining her own pockets. Sucks seen the costed plans for both projects and we understand that the Chair of Economic development Frank fingers Ross gave it the green light before officials managed to make sure that their own interests came first and buried the projects. We are informed that the Scottish Executive were kept fully informed of the malpractices that were being carried out within the Council, and it may well be that they have had some involvement in engaging Ernst and Young but we cannot confirm that at this stage.

It has been widely know for some time that corruption was widespread within the City Council, we point to the building services scandal as an example, the completion certificate that PETER WATTAN handed to a contractor for a Community Centre that was far from finished and in fact dangerous. No disciplinary action was taken against WATTAN, why not? The preferred contractors list which is wide open to abuse and certainly does not deliver best value or anything like it, and we point to a renovation project on an elderly complex within the Granton area of the City where Sucks discovered that Scaffolding costing upwards of £87,000 was used by the contractor which was up far longer than was necessary but being paid for by the taxpayer through the local office in West Pilton Gardens. We understand that when a complaint was made in the first instance to local Councillor and Housing convenor Cammy squint tie Day, he took no action to rectify the situation. We are told that an opposition Councillor asked the question and a quickly cobbled together excuse was given to him, but the scaffolding was removed very quickly.

We were then informed that the contractor who was awarded the contract did not have the correct plant and equipment for the job, and Sucks understands than when the local office was quizzed on this they replied that this was not necessary and the contractor would sub the work out, a completely ridicules situation and wide open to abuse which certainly was the case here. We could go on but even this snippet of information shows clearly that the people we elected have lost control and don’t have a clue what’s going on. A Government enquiry into the Tram situation and how the mess unfolded is under way but will it get anywhere as evidence has been allegedly stolen and destroyed, Lord Hardie needn’t waste anymore tax payers money, Sucks is happy to furnish the evidence for free and point the finger at the guilty idiots that got us into this mess, isn’t that right Lesley?

If our source is correct and administrators have been brought in to run the City under a cloak of secrecy, then we are on the verge, if not already bankrupt.

Joke Time

Friends and readers.
No it’s not another post about that insidious little fart and fraud Michelle Thomson, It’s real joke time.
Every now and again Sucks likes to put a smile on our readers faces especially if for instance you have been standing in the Scotmid queue, or waiting for Holiday guru and care manager Lorraine half Nelson Banks to get a Social care worker to attend to your needs. Or maybe even for Neighbourhood manager Pete[formerly the perm Strong] to get his nose out of Cammy squint tie Day’s ass, or Willie community socialist Black to say something interesting or worth listening to.
Anyway here goes with a few attempted funnies.

British man and an American die in an accident and are sent to Hell after not being good enough for Heaven.

Satan says to them: “Sinners, you have the choice of an American hell, or a British hell. Now, the American hell is not that bad, there’s a casino and a pub and everything, but you’re subjected to one hour of torture each day. The British hell’s the same, only you’re subjected to two hours instead of one.”

The American promptly picks the American hell, while the Brit immediately picks the British one, much to the American’s surprise.

After two months of being in hell, Satan permits the two men to see one another again. The Brit asks the American how his hell’s been going. “It’s alright, dude. The place itself is pretty awesome, but damn does the torture hurt. What about your hell?”

The Brit replies “Oh it’s brilliant. Like you said, the place is great, and plus whenever it’s time for my torture, they’ve either put it on a waiting list, rearranged it, or sent some bloke who usually just makes me fill out all the necessary paperwork.”

”Help! Is that the police?”

“Yes, Sir. This is the police.”

“Help! We’re in the hands of a gang of ruthless criminals intent on utterly destroying us. They know no mercy and they’ve been torturing us for a long time now. We can’t hold out much longer!”

“Keep calm, Sir. What is your current location and how many of you are involved?”

“We’re in the UK and there are 62.74 million of us.”

It seems the British police will soon have the power to make the ISP’s hand over the logs of which websites we’ve visited and emails we send or receved……..

I think we’re all fucked here !

Other news, The government are planning to build 5 new prisons……

Anyone else think this might not be a coincidence? All I’m saying is “Bagsy the top bunk

That’s all for now you fun seekers, we are off to see if Lorraine half Nelson Banks is back from her short 5 week break yet. Banksie’s got a hard life, We hear David Urquhart bus tours are doing short breaks in Edinburgh North were you can stay with a local native and they throw in a stun gun as well, got to be a bargain.

Toxic Thomson

Friends and readers.

Insidious little fart and fraud Michelle Thomson, former cosy pal of wee Nicki frae Goven and her man will still be pulling in the cash from her part time job as SNP MP for Edinburgh West. How the poor mugs of that constituency were fooled into voting for this morally bankrupt little fart, with photo opportunity’s of her and wee Nickie hamming it up outside the now deserted constituency office in Corstorphine High Street. Thomson who slums it in the leafy suburbs of Blackhall was photographed doing her surgery in sunny Muirhouse while eyeing up potential purchases to add to her criminally obtained portfolio. The law as it stands cannot chuck her out of Parliament, which in itself makes a mockery of the electoral system, so she can sit on her fat ass in the House of Commons collecting her dosh and be dragged out by the SNP when she is required to vote. This makes the SNP no better than her, and they should make it clear that there is no place for her in this allegedly new kind of politics which we were all told about, which in reality is the same old bull shit, just revamped.

What makes this even more mucky is that Thomson as Sucks revealed to it’s readers was on the vetting panel interviewing potential candidates for the Holyrood list. Sucks also revealed to it’s readers that Thomson had the cheek to ask candidates whether they had any skeletons in the cupboard which could embarrass the party at a future stage. How did this fraud pass vetting and who interviewed her and what influence was exerted and by who to make sure she got through. Political party’s have a habit of having tossers within their ranks and the SNP is no different, although they assured the mug punters they were. Thomson could be the handle that when pulled will flush the SNP down the pan if they don’t bite the bullet and kick her ass out of the party, and do the right thing and let the punters of Edinburgh West vote in a new MP.

Thomson is finished she is political toxin and we would advise any candidates that were interviewed by her and failed vetting to appeal, and appeal directly to wee Nicki’s man Peter Murrell and let’s see what happens. Sucks knows of candidates who failed vetting including an ex SNP councillor and we know of at least two candidates who had impeccable credentials but failed vetting at the hands of Thomson.

An SNP spokesperson explains.

Just because a person:

– had a solicitor who was struck off by the Law Society for multiple transactions with that person (and no other).
– purchased a property from that person’s spouse / business partner at a significantly higher price on the same day
– borrowed money from a mortgage company based on the significantly higher second same day transaction
– received significant cash back from that person’s spouse / business partner in relation to the property purchased from that spouse / business partner
– has been referred to in a report sent to the National Crime Agency

doesn’t indicate that there has been any wrong doing.
Oh Really, don’t think so.

Thomson, Fraud and Crook

Friends and readers.
Who knew what and when regarding morally bankrupt and fraud Michelle Thomson. Sucks reported to you that Thomson was on the vetting panel for list candidates looking to be MSP’s at the Holyrood elections in May next year. Thomson had the cheek to ask potential candidates if ”they had any skeletons in the cupboard that could embarrass the party” Hypocrite. Did the SNP head office have any idea of Thomson’s fraudulent behaviour. Sucks can confirm to it’s readership that they indeed did know of Thomson’s activities but did nothing. A source close to the SNP told Sucks that Thomson’s activities were openly known about but the party hierarchy were frightened that if any bad news came out while the SNP were riding high in the polls then it might spell disaster. Edinburgh West had been high on the party’s target list and Thomson was seen as the ideal candidate to win the seat. Even when it was known that Thomson was a dubious character the party leadership did not listen and pushed ahead with Thomson.

The punters of Edinburgh West now have an independent MP representing them, but Thomson has lost all credibility and must go and a by election called regardless of the SNP’s fear they could lose the seat. Thomson who lives in the plush area of Blackhall is a disgrace and is not fit to be a member of the SNP never mind an MP. The era of so called new politics has been well and truly revealed to be what it actually is, a revamp of the same old shit. Wonder what the punters in Muirhouse and Drylaw think about their new MP buying Council houses on the cheap and selling them on via mortgage fraud for a profit.

The Law Society of Scotland took fourteen months to report that a a lawyer, acting on the instructions of his client – Michelle Thomson, had been struck off. During this fourteen month period, Ms Thomson, whose lawyer had facilitated alleged mortgage fraud on her behalf and helped indulge her “speciality” in the exploitation of the vulnerable, played a prominent and influential role in the Scottish Referendum and was elected as an MP, on the basis of her much vaunted business acumen and commitment to “social justice”.

As yet, we have no explanation for this delay but can surely conclude that there has been wrong doing on the part of the Law Society and that Michelle Thomson is, at the very least, a ruthless, unscrupulous and exploitative operator. Thomson is just another in a long line of crooks who have been caught out and try to deny it even when the evidence against her is overwhelming. Wee Nickie frae Goven now has a decision to make, there is only one decision she can make, get rid of Thomson or the voters may not forgive you.