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The Final Countdown

Friends and readers.

We are about to enter the final week of campaigning for the nose in the trough Holyrood handicap stakes. Sucks as you know is covering the hotly contested constituency of Edinburgh North and Leith currently held by the Labour Party but not for much longer if the bookies are to be believed.

Sucks has now got all the candidates leaflets and have had a good look at them in all their glossary and fantasy promises finery. Well what can we say other than mirror mirror on the wall who is the biggest chancer of them all.

Let us start by saying that no candidate should bad mouth another in their literature, it shows a lack of courtesy and down right bad form and the voters don’t like it and rightly so. And we have to say that once again Sucks favorite character and the Calamity Jane of Local Government Lesley Prada Hinds has done exactly that just as we thought even she could not be that stupid. Not only is her leaflet full of inaccuracies, the biggest one being about the Tram, given it was her that wanted to stop it at Haymarket and tried to drag the Tories in on her daft scheme.

But dear friends she calls the SNP candidate in her lealflet an ”L plate novice” and that’s just not cricket nor is it sensible, it shows a sign of desperation. Attack the policies, have a go at the track record but no personal attacks, Lesley you just lost the election.

Now we turn to bookies favourite and front runner SNP candidate Ben your honour MacPherson. Having not been involved in any local campaigns whatsoever Benny boy makes some elaborate promises, but they all do that and no-one actually believes them. To his credit he has steered away from personal attacks on any other candidate probably realizing it’s a dead end. The problem with making so many promises is that punters might actually hold him to account and that’s when things start to get a little awkward.

Haven excluded several very experienced members from his tight little personal circle Benny boy has left himself open to manipulation from the nutter element several of whom are running his campaign although we have seen little or no sign of this alleged SNP juggernaut. Stories have reached us of disharmony in the camp and not the happy bunch of groupies plastered all over face book, and a lack of a visible presence on the campaign trail. Now of course none of this may matter as the polls show the SNP miles ahead but it shows a distinct lack of respect for the electorate, very similar indeed to the way several experienced members were excluded. When we heard the names of people that were excluded we were very surprised, but it shows contempt for others and a complacency which may just be starting to sweep over the SNP.

Will Benny boy if elected keep even 10% of his pledges? is he capable of doing that? Will he understand that he has to work in the interests of the whole Constituency? or will he as a few think pander to the few who have cornered him. We may well know soon enough.

The Tories are an irrelevance and might as well not bother as are the Lib Dems, one and the same aren’t they? But Sucks did come across something quite interesting, an Independent candidate by the name of Jack Caldwell. Reading his very basic leaflet was refreshingly different from the high gloss in your face leaflets of the major Party’s. Sucks has a soft spot for the underdog and young Jack the lad is exactly that. He as you would expect does not have the party machine behind him battering the voters with lie after lie, and seems from what we hear to be an amiable lad happy to learn and listen to advice, quite profound actually.

So Sucks is going to take a punt and support young Jack the lad. Prada Hinds is a spent force resorting to personal attacks and fanciful nonsense about her achievements, lack of them more like. Ben your honour MacPherson is a production line candidate who will promise the earth while trying to win the seat but we confidently predict deliver nothing if he stays a prisoner of the nutter element.

Forget the Tories they are the brutal predators of politics, attack the weak while supporting the strong, keep away from them, they should have a health warning on their leaflets. As for the Lib Dems, spineless comes to mind, and would do a deal with the devil, wait a minute they did, remember Clegg and his bunch of fifth columnists, how could we forget.

So we suggest a vote for Jack the lad Caldwell on the first pass the post ballot paper and whoever you fancy on the second ballot. We remind voters that this time round it could well be that Labour get most of their MSP’s from the list system, so tread carefully when you vote on the second paper other wise Labour could sneak back with more MSP’s than they deserve.

I Was Me

Friends and readers.

Our bestest mate and Sucks favorite Lesley Prada Hinds has been boasting that she has delivered for the people of Edinburgh. Yes she certainly has, one disaster after another and now the calamity Jane of Local Government is trying to woo and con the punters of Edinburgh North and Leith into voting for her on May5th and let her stick her snout in the Holyrood trough. It is inconceivable that the voting fodder will return her to Holyrood, if Alfred Hitchcock were alive today he would be writing the horror script for the possibiltiy of a Prada Victory.

Big problem is that the main challenger to this Labour held seat is a punter who has never been active in any way within the Constituency and is a virtual unknown despite his utterings of knowing the constituency like the back of his hand. Ben your honour MacPherson was selected by the SNP to contest the constituency and he has pandered to the dwindling band of yes campaign nutters ever since, just take a look at his super duper campaign team. Sucks own survey shows us that Benny boy is a complete unknown and has never been involved in any kind of local campaign.

So as we start to reach the money end of the campaign which of these two chancers have the credentials to represent the constituency if of course credentials is the right word to use. We know that Prada Hinds or hopeless to her mates has been mooching around the political scene for over thirty years, but by God it seems longer and has a woeful record in office. In her defense, yes Sucks likes to give a sucker an even break, she at least knows the Constituency well and has successfully managed to avoid getting her hands dirty by doing anything constructive for the Constituency and with the very mention of her name making people throw themselves in front of a very expensive and unnecessary Tram. But Prada is made of sterner stuff and a couple of fuck ups here or there and millions of pounds of taxpayers money thrown down the drain or in the case of the life long learning project gone missing, will not deter our Lesley of grabbing the dosh plus expenses and fuck the Constituency should the miracle of miracles happen and she win on May5th.

What then of Ben your honour MacPherson, the all things to all men oops persons candidate. Right from the off and a very dubious selection meeting which included the now selected candidate for Edinburgh Central Alison tricky Dickie, which shows how less than average the candidates were, Benny boy either on purpose or just sheer stupidity excluded the most experienced people in the Constituency to bring on board a couple of real beauties in the shape of McGlip and Black, or tosser and smarmy to give them their Sunday names. Not only did he manage in one fell swoop to alienate and offend the very people he would need to help get him elected, he brought in punters that did little or nothing to help the now invisible MP Diedre cobber Brock get elected. The strategy is simple, we are ahead in the polls and Hinds is so completely useless that we can’t do anything else but win. Who Knows they maybe right as little or no literature as reached the hinterlands of the Constituency, and only a few silly, pointless smug like photos on Facebook to evidence that the SNP actually have a candidate.

Benny boy is an opinion polls candidate who knows little or nothing about the Constituency and if elected we predict that he will disappear and be a prisoner of the dwindling band of yes campaign nutters who now for some strange reason seem to control the Constituency party, for the time being that is. Labour are a spent force and in selecting Prada Hinds as their candidate for the Edinburgh North and Leith Constituency shows they have not got the message about party hacks and smoked filled rooms despite what their leader Dugdale says about bringing in new ideas and candidates. If Prada Hinds is the best they can do then Labour are all but a spent force with the referendum and what’s for tea party on the verge of winning the seat. Benny and his jets are as about as useful as a chocolate fireguard and the Constituency will be the big loser, we point to the non activities of the sitting MP Diedre cobber Brock who is so lazy she makes the previous MP Mark barbecue Lazarowicz look like an Olympic 100 meters champion.

“Malcolm Chisholm was very much engaged in the community and was a strong voice for people.”
Maybe you have a strong voice, Ms Hinds, but there the comparisons end!!
Engage in the community?!
Don’t make us laugh!
Let’s not mention the way you railroaded the “community engagement” process during the city-wide 20mph farce and the current Roseburn cycle path saga. Even fellow Councillors and the Comment section of the Evening News question you “playing the system”.

“”People believe I can deliver” she said”

Technically, you delivered the tram, but at what price?
Arguably, artificially-generated congestion.
A bus saga to protect your pet “yes-man”
Bin collections.
Dog fouling.
Lunar-like landscape for roads.
Discredited evidence to the FRB inquiry.
Oh. You are in the mix of the Cameron House saga too…

Yes, Ms Hinds.
You really do deliver…

…abject failure…

All I Need Is A Miracle 2016

Friends and readers.

The Holyrood nose in the trough stakes is well under way with all the party candidates ass licking for votes. Oh so many lies from the few to the many as we the mug punter voters are led a merry dance by the those after a cushy number and a fatter bank balance plus expenses.

The SNP are complacently confident that Labour are so bad and out of touch under the leadership of the hapless Kezia Dugdale that the voters will re-elect them out of fear of what a mess Labour would make, and they are right. Wee Nickie has the ball at her feet and is determinedly trying to keep a smug look off her face. Never has there been a dearth of quality candidates as there is at this election, it’s almost farcical with the SNP only selecting candidates that were involved in the failed yes campaign, something that the voters have not cottoned on to yet, while Labour continue to use smoke free rooms in selecting their truly awful band of chancers.

it’s disturbing in a democratic sense to see the Labour party bumping along the bottom trying to stop the Tories snatching second place, and they have nobody to blame bar themselves. Good people left the party in large numbers fed up at the internal back stabbing, and old pals act which saw potentially good candidates sidelined so the hacks could get selected. And dear friends nothing has changed so they more than deserve to be were they are, without any ideas, credibility or direction as they flounder on the rocks. The real in fighting will begin in earnest when they get thumped at the polls in a few weeks, having to rely on the punters second vote to get MSP’s through on the list, what a shambles.

Meanwhile the grins, ordered by their leadership are as wide as can be on the faces of the SNP candidates, most of whom are complete numpties and are riding the tide of high opinion poll ratings. That of course won’t last forever and once the gilt has worn off the gingerbread what’s left, yes that’s right not a lot except that old chestnut and a very vague not quite a promise of a second independence referendum to keep the yes nutters on board so they will do the donkey work.
Slick marketing and clever use of technology via their activate system has given the SNP a big advantage which they have utilized very well and to their electoral benefit. Their in fighting and back stabbing is in it’s infancy but will gather pace as time goes on.

The SNP are fast becoming insular where no indiscipline is tolerated and any sign of having a mind of your own or God forbid any ideas are quickly jumped on, so it is somewhat surprising that Thomson and McGarry the two crooked SNP MP’s are still collecting their taxpayer paid for salaries, but then again they came through the yes campaign that was supported by the SNP leadership, which they are now trying desperately to play down. No doubt there will be more sleaze emerging from Westminster as the SNP MP’s twiddle their thumbs wondering what to get up to next.

But friends and readers Sucks is in the thick of the action for the Edinburgh North and Leith contest which pits the biggest chancer and horses ass in local Government Lesley prada Hinds or hopless to her philistine mates against bookies favorite and facebook candidate Ben your honour MacPherson. Benny boy sure knows how to run a campaign on social media but on the ground it’s a different matter. Large swathes of the constituency have received no literature from Benny boy[we checked] and we must let Benny boy into a little secret, it’s only a minority of people that look at facebook and what about the very many punters who don’t have access to a computer, they vote don’t they, or do they. Activate may tell Benny boy that social media is votes in the bag but not in this still largely working class constituency regardless of what you may think, Prada Hinds knows that, at least she knows something.

The smart money says the SNP will win the Constituency but don’t rule Labour out just yet, if they can drag their vote out who knows what might happen and punters have a habit of kicking complacency into touch and sticking opinion poll ratings where the monkey sticks his nuts. Problem is that Prada Hinds is no Malcolm Chisholm, would have been a different story had Malcolm decided to stand again, Benny boy would have been caught well out of his depth as Malcolm had a large personal vote which Lesley certainly can’t count on. So all the cards are falling in Benny boys direction and its his to loose. But having snubbed and excluded several very experienced members it shows what kind of insular campaign Benny boy is involved in belying the ” everyone is welcome routine” You are welcome as long as you have no ideas of your own and wear a permanent grin as directed by the ostriches at their head office.

The weekend is almost upon us so we are all in for another round of fantasy promises as the race for the wages goes on.

Wound Up. Not Before Time

Friends and readers.

Total Craigroyston is to be wound up and the question we at Sucks ask is what did it achieve if anything for the millions that went into it.

Ask yourself this, is the Community that this organisation was set up to serve had a positive outcome other than to pay out salary’s to a staff that were invisible. Could the millions that were spent on this brainchild of former chief executive and crook Sue three jobs Bruce have been better spent on the existing projects in that Community, rather than on a cosmetic and expensive exercise in patronizing.

No job losses there of course not. Boss Maggie will take early retirement and the rest will vanish into the hole of redeployment. The Community will be no worse off and they will not be missed. The one outstanding question which Sucks poses is exactly how many employers apart from the Council did Total Craigroyston actually sign up.

Answers on the back of a fag packet please, more than enough room.


Friends and readers.

17 schools closed because of shoddy workmanship and be in no doubt backhanders being exchanged. Where were the Councils own engineers to keep an eye on things during construction, who signed these buildings off as being okay and who issued the completion certificates. Sucks has been informed from a reliable source that several senior officials are up to their necks in shit on this one, but will any action be taken against them by this crisis hit Council?

We informed our readers that PETER WATTON issued a completion certificate for the unfinished and dangerous Community building Cameron House, was any action taken against this clown, why no of course not. Sucks has been given the names of the officials involved in this latest disaster to hit this Council but we will wait and see if any action is taken against them before we go to print. But print we will if the Council take no action against this bunch of no user’s.

Labour signed up for PPI against all the best advice and now it is coming back to bite them on the ass. It is no good Andy pandy Burns reading the riot act he was one of the advocates of this financial nonsense as were the Scottish Government at the time which was also Labour controlled. The fault lies within the corrupt nature of this Council and officials who are lining their pockets.

At this time we understand that yet another scandal could be brewing at this crisis hit Council. Our information is patchy at the moment but we are led to believe that a financial scandal could be about to surface over the buying and selling of a building in Semple Street and we have the officials name who was responsible and the name will come as no surprise to our readers. This latest mess is knocking on the door of Economic Development and it’s new chair Gavin nee naw Barie. He must act to rid his department of the corrupt officials who have enriched themselves at the expense of the City’s well being.

Once again we will print the name of the official responsible for this cock up should the Council fail to take action against this clown.

Today Sucks prints the names of the scoundrels involved at the other side of this mess the names you will not hear, the names who are only interested in the money not in the education system or anything remotely involved with it, these are the greed merchants and your favorite blog site will take no prisoners.

It is implausible that the directors of ESP were not aware of surveyors’ concerns and safety risks at these schools until now. Our guess is that they have deliberately withheld this information and tried to bury it on a Friday afternoon – too late for weekday news agencies and tv; and after they have bolted to their civic-funded Spanish retreats.
Forget Cameron’s offshore investment fund. That will be nothing compared to the schemes and shells these apparent crooks will be employing to hide and launder their directors fees and dividends.
Lets have some proper investigative journalism – identify, hound and shame these degenerates.
Here’s a start – current directors are listed as:
JOHN IVOR CAVILL, DAVID FULTON GILMOUR, SARAH CATHERINE McINNES, KENNETH ANDREW McLELLAN, ALAN CAMPBELL RITCHIE, MARTIN TIMOTHY SMITH, CHRISTOPHER THOMAS SOLLEY – all bankers or accountants (holed up at Scottish Widows) and not an interest or qualification in education between them – motivated only by money, sharp practice and lining their pockets.

These punters along with corrupt officials hoodwinked inexperienced and incompetent politicians while lining their own pockets. This City is in the midst of a moral and financial crisis and nobody seems to be prepared to take their heads out of the sand and go after these degenerates. Sucks will but can’t do it alone.

9,000 kids are without schooling today and indefinitely due to incompetence corruption and downright greed, it has to stop and it has to stop now!!!

Wake Up

Friends and readers.

No one could not be disgusted and sickened by what has been revealed by the leaked documents from Panama based Mossack Fonseca. Famous for Nazis running away from justice Panama has now been outed as a tax dodge for the immoral mercenaries who flooded their wealth into that country some of it stolen to avoid getting caught and to evade paying tax.

Pilton Sucks exposed corruption within Edinburgh shity Council but this is on a whole other level. We bought the lie that only foreign despots, tyrants, warlords and criminals were capable of such wickedness. But this blatant, immoral self-interest lies on our own doorstep. Dressed up as respectability, the rot permeates our Government, our banks and industries.

The rich of our country are at the heart of this villainy and the suffering is felt right here, in our overstretched schools, hospitals and communities deprived of the tax that is rightfully ours. The Tories have demonised the poor, blamed the benefits cheats and scroungers for our crippled economy. While the majority in the UK have been forced to their knees by austerity, the wealthy have soared in their prosperity.

Semantics have been key in perpetuating the myth that there has been no wrong doing. Tax evasion is illegal, tax avoidance is not, but there is a fag paper of difference in their dishonesty and nothing between their immorality. The dirty practice of offshore accounts may seem far removed from our normal lives as it deals with vast wealth beyond our imagination, but the bottom line is that we are all victims of this greedy few whose offshore accounts were swagbags by any other name.

You will remember when the Con-Dem coalition promised to go after the tax dodgers and plug the hole in the tax system which allowed these parasites to flourish. What happened, nothing not a dam thing as their Tory friends quietly put that idea to bed. Now we see Cameron himself who lied about not being a beneficiary of offshore cash has been forced to admit he did benefit as have many of his no neck friends. He is a hypocrite and is not fit for office, nothing more than a sleaze bag with a tie on.

We are surrounded by what Sucks has frequently called institutional corruption. It’s almost seen as acceptable because no fucker does anything about it. We showed how several Edinburgh Council officials lined their pockets including former chief executive three jobs Bruce, we outlined how this pyramid of corruption operated and how officials spun their web of deceit while elected members nodded their heads in agreement. Was any action taken against them, no quite the opposite several were allowed to leave including Bruce pocketing a few quid into the bargain. The funny thing is we all or those that bother to, vote for this shit.

Edinburgh is one of the richest city’s in the UK and in Europe yet we are having to suffer service cuts on an unprecedented level, while the blame game goes on in earnest, with one lot blaming the other, yet the very wealthy in this city sit and blow smoke out their asses while the poor suffer, is that what we vote for, seems like it. Sturgeon our noble first minister makes deals with a dodgy firm from China that the Norwegians told to fuck off yet the people know little or nothing about this deal nobody except her pal Soutar the bus driver.

Maybe you the voter should ask your SNP candidate about that little arrangement chances are they won’t know or couldn’t care less. Down in the sunny realms of Edinburgh North and Leith we have two candidates that are desperate for your vote, will lick your ass for it in their desperation to dip their nose in the Holyrood trough. There are other candidates in this race but only two have any real chance of wining , hopeless Hinds and your honour MacPherson.

Yes even here we are surrounded by chancers. Hopless Hinds has been and continues to be completely useless but that hasn’t stopped her driving ambition. She has messed up everything she has been involved in and cost the City a fortune into the bargain. She has not answered the question about her own affairs particularly her acquisition of SSE shares, but that didn’t stop her getting selected as an MSP candidate for a seat with a wafer thin majority. If hopeless wins the constituency will get no representation but we know that already. So Labour are upto their necks in sleazy behaviour as well, stones and glass houses comrades.

Benny boy MacPherson the candidate for the yes campaign nutters who have more or less fucked the constituency party tells the mug punters he was brought up in the constituency and knows it well. Really, it is only recently that he has been poking his nose around, nobody we spoke to had ever heard of him as he did not get involved in any local issue or campaign
and it’s likely, very likely that if Benny boy wins he will be a prisoner of the yes muppets and a a party yes man.

So who do you trust to fuck you the most Hinds or MacPherson as it’s a certainty that fucked you will be and by one of them. Labour have lost the plot and don’t have a clue anymore about ordinary peoples lives and don’t give a toss if the truth be told. Hinds is just another career cloned politician who wouldn’t know a real job if it poked her in the eye, so politics is a nice little earner and she can hide from the reality of doing anything constructive, and so it will be if she wins on May 5th.

The SNP have surfed the opinion polls and shut down any kind of open debate. They continue to moan and winge about the need to have more powers but don’y fully use the existing powers they have. They have their own share of vagabonds in their ranks notably Thomson and McGarry, two crooked MP’s that have yet to be brought to justice, we Nickie has been very quiet on that one, yet Thomson was on the vetting panel for potential MSP candiates, how did that happen.
Will legal eagle MacPherson come along on his white charger and work in the interests of all his constituents should he be elected, of course not it’s all just a mirage. He won’t do a thing he dosen’t know how to, but thats the jokers that get selected and elected.

The SNP are in the grip of the yes campaign nutters and that’s reflected in the candidate selection, take a look and see how many chancers came out of the various groups cobbled together for that campaign. Again wee Nickie has done nothing to stop the march of these munchkins and that will ultimately be her undoing. The SNP are fast becoming what the Labour party used to be, intolerant, back stabbing and couldn’t give a fuck about the punters that they claim to represent.

Neither Hinds nor MacPherson will do anything to improve the Constituency they are desperate to win over, but then nobody else would either, not the tree hugging Greens nor the empty headed Lib Dems and certainly not the Tories. So it’s Hobsons choice you are fucked which either way you vote, but vote you must. We are the Turkeys that vote for Christmas.

Get The Gulity

Friends and readers.

Now that Price waterhouse Cooper have been brought in to investigate what is clearly fraud by any other name, all those involved or had anything to do with the Edinburgh Life Long Learning Project should be thoroughly investigated including the former chair of this organisation, none other than, yes it’s her again Lesley Prada Hinds.

John Travers who blew the scam wide open was targeted and hounded by individuals who now must be found and at the very least dismissed. We at Sucks have named names in our crusade against corrupt practices so overtly carried out within Edinburgh shity Council, and once again we ask this Council why a completion certificate was issued by PETER WATTON for a building, namely Cameron House which was far from completed and in a dangerous state.

Why was WATTON not brought to account for this blatent cock up, and allowed to continue in the employ of the City. Cameron House is right at the center of this mess and the team from PwC may want to start there. Information has been placed in the hands of Pilton Sucks which goes into some detail about the treatment dished out to Mr. Travers and names several individuals who were involved, the names we must say did not come as any surprise to Pilton Sucks, and we hope that the team who will be getting well paid for the investigation can get the same information we got for nothing.

For far to long some senior over paid officials have been working to their own agenda and we suggest that an investigation into the activities of officials within Economic Development may prove fruitful as they ran riot during the time Frank fingers Ross was in charge. What will be found if even the barest investigation is carried out by independent people is that the same names will come up, although one or two of these crooks have jumped ship including the biggest chancer of them all, former Chief Executive Sue three jobs Bruce, who got away with daylight robbery and got an award for doing so.

Once she left before she was caught out then it was only a matter of time before some of the other rats left the sinking ship, and sure enough they have.

So friends and readers there is an election coming and we thought of an interesting question you could ask the candidates as they fight over your vote.

When the MSP candidates come knocking on your door, they should be asked this question, are you and your party prepared to raise the issue of Edinburgh Council , ( the corruption, abuse of power, abuse of public money, lies and cover up,etc.etc.) in the Chamber. If you are you shall get my vote. If not, you will not.

This was a non party political post on behalf of the anti Hinds campaign.

Just A Little Un

Friends and readers.

Rarely does Sucks use the words integrity and honesty when it comes to politicians as many of them are unprincipled chancers, but the former MSP for Edinburgh North and Leith Malcolm Chisholm has those rare qualities so desperately lacking in today’s politicians, leaving people with a deep mistrust of those who promise to work for you but ultimately just stick it to you.

Malcolm has officially retired and leaves a gap which none of the candidates standing to replace him can come close to filling. It is the view of Sucks that the SNP candidate Ben your honour MacPherson is firmly in the pockets of the yes nutters in the constituency which will ultimately render him isolated not only amongst those members of his own constituency party which don’t spend every waking moment contemplating independence but within the constituency itself which has grown used to their MSP crossing political boundaries in order to ensure the constituency got the best deal. Benny boy just does not have that ability and never will, but sadly is likely to win come May5th.

The proof of that was made clear to Sucks when he handpicked his campaign team excluding several very experienced people and alienating them into the bargain. Benny boy has, we are of the opinion based on what we have seen, no feeling for the constituency other than been seen in the places he needs to be seen in. We learned that Smarmy Black one of his hand picked team was trying to intimidate members into working in the campaign and was duly told by the people concerned to fuck off, did Benny boy take the decisive action necessary by telling him publicly to get on his bike back to the South side where he is currently living, no he didn’t, further confusing the situation and pushing potential workers away.

And that leaves us with the other potential victor in this Constituency, and just when you thought the Labour party couldn’t fuck it up any more than they currently are, they select the calamity Jane of Local Government politics Lesley Prada Hinds or hopeless to her close knit circle of fellow back stabbers. She is almost unique in Local Government in that she has cocked up everything she has been involved in and still manages to get selected as a Labour candidate, what does that tell you about the state of Labour. There is not enough adjectives available to describe our Lesley, but political disaster area just about covers it all.

So friends and readers you pay your money and you take your choice, as one of these two candidates are certain to win.
Ben your honour MacPherson pretty much a bland cardboard cut out who will say the right thing and turn up to the opening of an envelope and then punt it on to Facebook which dear friends we can assure you the majority of the constituents don’t use, sad reflection of the times we live in, avoid the voters by running a campaign on Social Media.

Or friends and readers, you can place your faith if you have any left in the wonder of Prada, the wonder being how on earth did she ever get elected. This is not the first time Lesley has tried to dip her snout in the trough as she becomes increasingly desperate for that final big pay day that will take her past the point where she will need to look for a real job. Should she win and it’s a possibility however remote the constituency will enter it’s darkest period and only her inner circle of fellow back stabbers will rejoice, not sure Malcolm will be all that delighted. Should she lose then we pray to a God somewhere that she dosen’t get in through the back door of the list and returns to plague the electorate of the City as a Councillor where only the corrupt officials who have lined their pockets will cheer .

We leave you with this small appreciation of one politician who tried, at least he did that.

A generally principled and honest man, a rarity in politics.
We appeal to the people in his constituency to honour his legacy by rejecting the woman who is attempting to fill his boots.
Boots that she is not fit to lick!
Do not vote for prada Hinds!