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Dealing From A Stacked Deck

Friends and readers.

We came across an interesting blog site last week, not in the Pilton Sucks class, very few are, but interesting never the less.

Former SNP councillor Jim racer Orr has been burning the midnight oil writing posts about the alleged dodgy relationship between Steve jambo Cardownie and David laughing boy Coutts. We say alleged but everybody and his cousin knows that Jambo and laughing boy are joined at the financial hip and it appears that Jimmy boy has the evidence judging by his posts.

Jambo has always operated in the shadows, that doesn’t mean that he’s hard at it all of the time, but it’s a safe bet it’s most of the time. The other interesting aspect is the involvement of former fire man and the new Chair of Economic Development Gavin nee naw Barrie. Jimmy boy alleges that nee naw Barrie colluded with dodgy goings on and again provides sound evidence for suggesting such a collusion.

Both of these honorable Councillors will come up for selection shortly and we wonder how they will dodge these very serious allegations. Edinburgh shity Council is already infamous for it’s corrupt activities and it’s no wonder corrupt officials are getting away with it if some of our honorable Councillors have clouds hanging over them.

Who Me, Of Course Not

Friends and readers.

Now that we are to leave the European Union, or are we, lots of moving and shaking to be done yet, we can all look forward to with glee or glum the possibility of yet another referendum this time on another crack at Independence. Wee Nickie tried desperately to look every inch the states person as she spoke to the media and told them that circumstances had changed and another Indy referendum was now a possibility.

It was painfully clear from her body language that this was the very last thing she wanted because it hands the batton to the nutters who now throng the SNP. She has tried to maneuver round them and until now has been successful, but that bloody democracy thing got in the way, now she’s cornered with nowhere to go and the reality is that she is now a prisoner with a time limited stay of execution.

Although Scotland voted to stay within the European Union, up to a million punters did not, so how does she square that circle. If she dithers then the tartan terrors in the party will come after her, and if and when she gets the green light to call a referendum she has to be sure of winning it and by more than a few votes.

Even as this post is being written the movers and shakers are working behind the scenes to cushion the exit vote with our European friends and create a slight of hand to ensure that although we will leave the political union we won’t leave anything else, just watch this space if you are in any doubt. The voters stuck two fingers up to the political elite who were sipping their Scotmid Champagne sure of a yes vote, unfortunately they hadn’t counted all their chickens and were shafted by the voting proletariat.

The European gravy train had gone on long enough, paying for ever more pen pushers and fat cat MEP’S like our very own David Martin who has coined it in as an MEP for years and years, and done bugger all for the mugs that voted for him. un-elected officials who sat on their fat greasy asses pontificating about this and that and screwing every Euro they could for themselves, ably supported by our honourable leaders back home in good old Britain. So why should we pay for even more corruption when we have plenty of our own right on our doorsteps.

Time will tell as to exactly what position we end up with, but the cynic in us says that a deal will be cut to ensure all sides save face, but that still leaves wee Nickie with a huge problem, if she hums and haws about a referendum then the Indy nutters will lie in wait for her, and if she does manage to call a referendum then what do the million or so punters who voted out do, tell her to stick her ballot where the Mediterranean sun doesn’t shine.

Run Him Out Of Town

Friends and readers.

An unwelcome blast from the past has darkened the doorsteps of old Reekie once again. Greasy pole climber and former snotty nosed Labour Councillor David seedy Begg has popped up with more of his inane stupidity that he was infamous for. Begg was and still is a complete wanker who managed to fuck up Edinburgh’s transport system, which is now being carried on by, yes of course it is, that other complete idiot Lesley Prada Hinds.

Begg’s latest shit from mouth output was to suggest charging delivery vans for doing their job, what this tosser fails to work out that any charge would be passed on to us the mug punters who pay for these mad cap schemes. It’s a non starter but unfortunately it will have reached the ears of Prada herself who is such a complete horses ass that she no doubt would consider it.

As the former transport convener, remember this was the person who first suggested trams. He developed greenways and was responsible for suggesting the airport drop-off charge. Famous as a non-driver, this nutter also “advised” Blair’s Government and brought in the congestion charging to London after Edinburgh told him to get on his bike! He has numerous Directorships, including bus companies, rail companies and airports! Oh, and he has his own “advisory” company that is based in Edinburgh and publishes a propaganda magazine that is sold to Councils and Transport decision makers. Then, he hosts an awards ceremony (that each nominee has to pay for) and awards silly titles to his wee pals! Prada Hinds and three jobs Bruce got one! So, will someone please just shut this guy up and return him to his cage? Then throw away the key!

Bring And Buy Sale

Friends and readers.

It seems our noble Council are considering selling off the former Lothian Regional Chambers in the Royal Mile. Why not sell the City Chambers as well offering any prospective buyer the option of keeping the muppets who inhabit the building already.

Councillor clueless Rankin said: “We have got as far as an outline business case,”

How is this possible – does anyone in the reassuringly highly paid management team actually understand what “business” is? No, all they have experience of is the la-la land Dipsy and Po brightly coloured world of local government finance.

“Quick, get out the “wet-finger-5000″ software and make up some numbers then do a Google search for con-sultants who can validate garbage made up by talentless incompetents promoted way beyond their skills”.

This morally and financially bankrupt Council whose main preoccupation is keeping tourists happy for a few weeks a year and funding loss making festivals is busy thinking up novel new ways to slash our services while spending money on vanity schemes paying tens of thousands of pounds to consultants to massage their egos.

In this Disney world of local Government where huge salaries are paid to incompetent ass holes it’s the average joe who as always gets fucked. Close their library’s, shut the public toilets, build schools that are not fit for purpose and shut down as many avenues of accountability as possible. A prime example is the Forth Neighbourhood Partnership where Manager Pete the perm Strong does what the fuck he likes alongside a few ass lickers who nod their heads in approval, with no accountability. One reader told us that the Forth Ward is just a glorified dogs toilet and no-one gives a fuck, except one or two lone voices who are constantly ignored in favour of the loud mouths.

This is systematic of a failed policy, spend fortunes on salaries for people who are employed to further the aims of an area, who then in turn look for excuses to do nothing. The SNP are in power yet it’s the Labourites that dominate meetings and waste scarce financial resources, what’s the fuckin point of voting SNP if all you get is Pete the perm Strong, Cammy squint tie Day and that complete idiot Willie community socialist Black. Why not send them on a 10 year fact finding mission, using Lottery money, Willie will show you the slight of hand and how it is done.

What else can we sell off. What about Edinburgh Castle, surely we could have yet another Hotel blotting the landscape, or make the Scott Monument a Bed and Breakfast. Soon Edinburgh will be the recipient of the biggest Giro in History and God help us if this present lot of incompetents get their hands on it. Imagine what stupendous money wasting schemes Prada Hinds and her band of brigands could come up with. Lets hope it can be delayed until the next local elections in May 2017, where we can get rid of some if not all of them. And the new lot come in and fire the crooks that are robbing this city.

Oh No She’s At It Again

Friends and readers.

No sooner has our old mate and calamity jane of local Politics Lesley Prada Hinds been given a swift boot in the rear end by the electorate of Edinburgh North and Leith she’s at it again opening her mouth and letting her belly rumble. This time it’s a madcap scheme to make George Street the laughing stock of Europe costing £28 million pound into the bargain, money dear friends this bankrupt Council does not have, and by the way if they say £28 million then you can be sure it would be a dam site more than that once their corrupt officials got their bung.

Anybody in any doubt about Hinds’ ability to deliver what the people want rather than what she thinks is good for them need only look at Muirhouse Shopping centre.

She was told that it would be a bad idea to put a roof on it as it would attract drinkers and drug users on inclement days. She did anyway, and that’s what happened.

She was told the piazza, and seated area outside would soon become overgrown and unused if not maintained properly. She ignored them and it did.

She was told that she hadn’t a cat’s chance of making Holyrood because people hate her. She ignored them, she didn’t make it, and they still do.

Do not let this woman near another penny of public money. She is an arrogant, self serving individual who just repeats the same answers over and over again so that she doesn’t have to listen to anyone else.

Councillors do ‘stuff’ to justify their existence and keep their noses in the trough for the most part.

Spending a tidy pile on a study to draw attention from the abject failure of the ‘experiment’ is a classic ‘good money (ours) after bad’ scenario.

Many Councillors aspire to be super-troughers at the Theme Park at the bottom of the Mile – and some didn’t manage it, meaning we are stuck with Prada Hinds until at least the next Local Elections.

Maybe restricting Queensferry Street south end to buses, along with movements to/from Charlotte Square, would be a better use for any spare cash. Cars and conflicting movements to/from Hope St make it a total shambles.

£28 million and rising, yet they can’t even sweep the streets and empty the bins.
Anyone passing along Waterloo Place and into Regent Road will notice the amount of litter that has been there for days , but the best bit is the wheelie bin at the foot of the stairs taking you up to Calton Hill. Even by CEC standards this is a lulu, right in front of countless tourists.

Let Sucks put this into a little perspective. The lunatics want to turn George Street into something resembling La Rambla in Barcelona. First of all we are not Barcelona, thankfully, although they don’t have a Prada Hinds comic book character to help turn them into a third world nation. And secondly from experience we can tell our readers that,
La Rambla is a dump these days full of tourists, rip-off merchants and thieves. The rest of the city centre isn’t much better.

Couldn’t we just fund a mission to Mars and stick Hinds, Watton and Adair to explore where no man has gone before, and will not ever again venture should these three bafoons be spotted digging up the Martian landscape in readiness for another brown envelop Tram scheme.