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What A Mess

Friends and readers

Over 50,000 complaints about the inefficient, totally useless refuse service. All over the City with it seems the exception of the well heeled areas rubbish is littering the streets. Bins uncollected for weeks on end and refuse collectors simply not doing the job they are paid for. Now the reasons for this have long since been forgotten, but for those with longish memory’s will recall the so called negotiations held with the then Lib-Dem SNP coalition and the representatives of the refuse collectors, which have led us to this point where we now as a city are in a position of being the dirtiest City in Scotland yet we pay the most for this dreadful service.

Taking into account this is a holiday weekend therefore more people being out and about, who made the breathtakingly stupid decision to give the cleansing staff a holiday as well. Just how stupid can you get? Yet whilst the city has never looked worse, complaints are at a record high, where are those responsible for this disgrace. Where is CEO Andrew pale face Kerr? Where is Head of Environment, David waster Lyon? Sorry, he is on holiday until the 26th.Sept. Probably hoping things will have improved on his return.

Where are all the other Senior Management who are responsible? Why have these jokers not being held to account, after all they are very well paid. There is also the dangerous problem of signage, cones, barriers etc left lying around everywhere. The council have a legal duty to see they are removed. That comes under the Transport Dept. That being the case John invisible Bury is responsible for this failure.

The first thing the next administration should do is call for the removal of both David waster Lyon and John invisible Bury. Both these clowns are over paid and completely useless, how do these wankers get these jobs when it is so obviously clear that they are unfit to hold these grossly overpaid posts.

Pilton Sucks is not a supporter of the Conservative party, far from it, but yet again we must praise Councillor Cameron Rose for having the balls to do the job he is paid for and highlight serious issues that face this City, Issues that Sucks has also raised. Councillor Rose has consistently brought into the public domain what the rest of the elected Members are seemingly happy to ignore.

We need an Administration that has the gumption to rid the City of corrupt incompetent officials, get rid of the tiers of management that do fuck all and are a drain on the public purse, and get pale face Kerr to get his finger out of his ass and kick the arses of these officials. Why are we so plagued with fuckin morons who think they can do what they want and we the public will do nothing about it. Today Tuesday 20-9-16 is Bucket day in many parts of the City yet as this post is written there are buckets both green and brown and those blus ones that nobody seems to lift sitting on the pavements still full and still with the real potential of causing a vermin problem.

Why is that waster Lyon not given the bullet, why is Bury not given the bullet, or Adair or Wotton who handed out a completion certificate to an unfinished building [Cameron House] which turned to be far from completed, how did that clown not get the push complete fuckin idiots, yet apart from Councillor Rose not another elected member is prepared to tackle the mess this City is in and the part played by corrupt incompetent officials.

When three jobs Bruce walked away with her gong and the dosh we hoped that the new person would put paid to her corrupt tenure. Yes a few of her crooked comrades left shortly after her, but we still have far to many chancers in positions they are clearly abusing, while elected members run around wondering about their own allowances and positions.

We applaud Councillor Rose for the stand he is taking against abuse of taxpayers money and hope he gets deserved support from Councillors from all the party’s. We doubt he will but we urge him to carry on and tell the public what is going on in their name.

Incompetence At Large

Friends and readers

Former Labour Group Leader and now consultant to anyone who pays him enough, Donald teflon Anderson tells the minions what we already know and have known for a long time, that there was major incompetence involved with the disastrous Tram project.

Yes Indeed Donald Anderson is quite correct: there was “breathtaking incompetence” on the tram project and he was one of the main incompetents. He was followed by a series of other incompetents who failed to acknowledge, far less address, the fundamental flaws in the project which ultimately led to disaster.

In December 2003, just before the Tram Bills were lodged with the Scottish Parliament, members of the public pointed out at a meeting of the Full Council that no provision had been made for “optimism bias”. This was a fairly recently introduced requirement whereby a certain level of funding had to be set aside, over and above the anticipated cost of the project, BEFORE the project was given the go-ahead, to provide for unforeseen adverse factors.

The Council had not made this provision, leaving it with around a £200m deficit right at the start for which it had identified absolutely no source. Good grief, the Council report even mentioned the necessity of identifying this sum, but just did not include it in the cost of the project to be approved at that meeting. Every single Councillor approved it anyway.

Mr Anderson knew about this requirement. He chose to take the optimistic view that the original cost estimates were robust and ignored the fact that there was absolutely no detailed design available, that the location/condition of the utilities was unknown, etc. It was breathtaking incompetence, indeed. That the City was left with a catastrophic project and had ultimately to spend over £500m to deliver a fraction of the initial two tram lines was a direct result of his early political miscalculation.

We look forward with enthusiasm equal to that of Mr Anderson to his evidence at the Public Inquiry on this and other points.

The incompetence and corruption was clearly breath taking which reached a crescendo when the City’s top crook Sue three jobs Bruce got involved, why this individual was never investigated is quite beyond belief. Is her pal she employed at a million quid to sort the shit out still involved. Bruce then extracted her finger from her bloated ass took the money and ran, one of darkest moments in this city’s history. Just so much shit went down it’s hard to know where to begin and end, and it seems Lord pound signs Hardie is having the same problem.

What a complete and utter disaster, corrupt officials, incompetent politicians who hadn’t a clue what was going on and if they did didn’t give a fuck and still they lie with rogue figures telling us the Trams are doing well when it’s obvious to all that they are running on empty. There was no case and still is no case for having these congestion causing Trams running back and forward with a handful of punters on them. For those candidates or incumbents who will be trying to con the voter next May, be warned the citizens don’t want this over priced shit, they have said so over and over again, and should you doorstep the electorate promising to extend the Tram then you can kiss goodbuy to winning.

We suggest that when you are bombarded with wannabees next May ask them their view on a potential extension to the Tram and ask them how much it will cost, but before they answer shut the door in their faces.

Hot Air

Friends and readers.

Strange that Eric the teeth Milligan finally comes clean that if they knew then what they know now, the Trams would not have gone ahead. But even a quick view of the available facts, the ones that haven’t been shredded or conveniently pinched show that this is not quite the case is it Eric?

They Want to extend/finish down Leith? Here’s some basic, hard facts:

The accounts are available for the year to 31/12/15

Revenue 2015 – £9,226,954 2014 – £6,426,654 you must remember the revenue for 2014 was for 7 MONTHS only! End May 2014 to 31 December 2014. So £6,426,654 for 7 months (2014)
Nearly £1 million a month in the first period of operation (and this has all the “initial interest / curiosity value”) £9,226,954 for 12 months (2015) Roughly £0.75 million a month for the next period As for “Administration Expenses” If they are £6,990,673 for 7 months to 31/12/14 (Nearly £1 million a month) we would have serious doubts there was a below pro-rata increase to merely £9,249,107 in 12 months to 31/12/15.

We have previously shown e.g. Director Remuneration kept “off book” to Lothian Buses “a company under common control”!!!!! (There’s your “integration” of trams and Lothian Buses) And that the number of employees has risen from 116 to 128 The accounts still only display “operating profit/loss”. It doesn’t show £7.5million interest repayments on the loans taken for the debacle. CEC (sorry – we, the taxpayer) pick that one up It doesn’t show £4.5+million maintenance costs. CEC (sorry – we, the taxpayer) pick that up too.

It doesn’t show all appropriate Director Remuneration (no danger Charles Monheim et al are paid merely £6,000 etc). LB pick that one up. We do not trust at all the accuracy of those “expenses” one bit! But the trend is massively telling! Less revenue has come in, in year 2 (pro-rata) despite all the bull shit about increase in numbers… Three quarters! Quite a drop. Not a minor fluctuation. That’s a huge drop off… Basic facts, folks. And they want to keep going?

This is what you are not told, how your money was wasted and by who. Lord pound signs Hardie asks for volunteers to come forward and give evidence, Aye right no chance. As the rats leave the sinking ship they leave the City bankrupt and awash with tacky festivals, the same festivals that bring in all this imaginary revenue which the Council does not see, or if they do don’t tell us where it goes and who gets what. Don’t forget Economic development Convener Gavin nee naw Barrie’s famous one liner, that one in five jobs are festival based. Maybe if those mysterious one in five festival employees used the Tram it wouldn’t lose as much money as it clearly does.

Edinburgh City Council is so corrupt and so inept that we now expect them to fuck up everything they touch. Officials have been hard at for years, some have seen the writing on the wall and left, three jobs Bruce even got a gong, but some still remain feeding on what’s left, earning obscene salaries which are not earned or warranted and wouldn’t get in the real world. This Council needs a huge clear out at the top and someone with balls enough to start the purge.

Current head honcho Andy pale face Kerr has a look of utter dread on his face and must wonder how he can fuck off as quickly as possible and into a sanitarium to get his sanity back. He is up against institutional corruption and even if he wanted to do something about it he’s fucked as he would get little or no support from the spineless majority. So he does nothing bar stick one finger in the dam and another up his ass.

The current Council is worse than useless and can’t even get the basics right given the thousands of complaints over refuse collection, or the lack of it. Pavements a mess, potholes that are now a tourist attraction, a City in crisis and wankers at the helm, what chance do the plebs have. dishonest activity is riff despite the lies and excuses given, and as we say if Councillors have their fingers in the till how on earth can we expect them to clamp down on officials who are clearly on the take.

Local elections are due next May and unless a seismic event takes place then the usual shit and party hacks will be churned out for the voter to choose from, Hobson’s fuckin choice. The party structure has it sewn up and the independent candidate who may have something to offer is beaten before they start. So if you lick the right ass and say the right thing you are more than half way to being selected to stand as a candidate for whatever party is your poison, don’t even need to live in the Ward, which is a relief to a lot of the present bunch who don’t.

Come selection time the punters are bused in to vote in a certain way [yes we are all to aware of how it works] and the best candidates, usually the people who live in the ward, have been active locally, are very experienced and have a lot to offer get shafted in favor of the hacks or ass lickers, or those that shout the most but do as little as possible.

And that dear friends is how it works, it’s how it has always worked, but it shouldn’t. And so we suggest that you the readers decide who is fit to stand as your local representative, and you can use Sucks as your forum. Just send us the name of the person or persons you think would make good candidates and a couple of reasons why, and we will print it.

You are free to choose who you like without attending a stacked meeting or licking an ass, we won’t bus in anybody to fix the vote and you are completely free to give your opinion on the candidate/s who you the reader think would do a good job. So there you are democracy in action and not a patronizing toss pot in sight to tell you how hard they will work for you and put you first. Lets see if we can get some decent experienced candidates in play and not some cast off researcher from the Scottish Parliament.

The forum is open now and until the end of the year. So put your self forward or anybody you think would make a good candidate and a couple of sentences as to why you think so.

The Lion In Summer

So that’s the Festival finished for another year. The luvies have all gone home or moved on to the next fully funded extravaganza. So according to Jim Orrs new best friend Economic development convener who now finds himself embroiled in the ongoing Couttsgate scandal Gavin nee naw Barrie, we as a city are now £315 million pound better off.

So where’s the dosh nee naw, or what’s left after the bungs have been dished out. £315 Million is a lot of dosh to be just lying around waiting for some corrupt official to count. What a load of shit anyway, the worst festival for many a year, with he City taxpayers left to pick up the shit that’s left. But wait a minute maybe we can use some of that £315 million to buy a rocket to stick up the ass of the cleansing Department or whatever the fuck they call themselves.

Maybe we can use some of that £315 million to get the Chief Executive Andy pale face Kerr a face lift and get that clueless look off his face. Of course it maybe he has that look after seeing the mess that his crooked predecessor three jobs Bruce left the City in, after she done a runner with a gong and a few quid, useless crooked bastard.

Maybe we could give some of the £315 million to that other bunch of morons the Highways department so they can push on fixing the roads and pavements instead of always fuckin it up. Or fine these utility companies and cable companies that just seem to come along shut down a part or all of the road without any prior warning dig a hole or two, leave it for a few weeks then come back and fill it in with the cheapest shit possible, so it only lasts for 10 minutes after theses wankers have left.

Don’t look to your local Councillor to help out, chances are he or she doesn’t live in the ward they represent, to busy kidding themselves on playing politics with other peoples money, eh nee naw. So what can do we do with this financial bonanza bequeathed to us by the Festival, ah yes what can we use it for and how many punters can benefit. Interesting questions and even more interesting answers.

We tried to get an answer to those two questions, we didn’t get any kind of answer, none at all. We contacted the Festival office who didn’t have a clue what we were talking about and referred us to some pen pusher in the Council. Waste of time no answer when we phoned the number given to us. You would think that £315 million pound extra in the coffers would be something to crow about, but nothing just more threats about cuts and job losses. We contacted nee naws office for an explanation to this mystery but nothing. Nee naw was probably to busy reading about himself in Jim Orrs blog, must read it friends and readers it’s an eye opener isn’t it Gav?

The reality is smoke and mirrors, that £315 million pounds exists only in the mind of some punter who fed it to another punter who told a politician that it sounded good and can’t be questioned and if it is just bull shit anyone who asks. The City gets fuck all cash in fact it pays out cash to the great and the good, for what, for two weeks or so of over priced tat which the average Joe couldn’t give a fuck about and even if they did couldn’t afford it. The Hotels and their fat assed share holders get a few quid the multi Nationals make a few quid, but the City makes sweet F.A. Although we do get to pay for the clean up when it happens of course.

Your Bin Over Floweth

Friends and readers.

What a fuckin mess, What a disgrace, What an eyesore. Just three things that could easily describe the litter and rubbish lining our streets, except of course if you live in the leafy suburbs of Crammond or Barnton, where the residents vote and rightly kick up a fuss about their corner of the world. But then again these areas have more than their fair share of legal experts living amongst them and it wouldn’t do to piss these punters off.

Pilton Sucks spoke to a newly appointed Judge who is a firm fan of ours and he told us that, ”these minions in the Council who push paper around all day and earn obscene salaries for doing so have no conception about anything other than self preservation” Couldn’t have said it better ourselves M’lud.

Edinburgh Council’s incompetence regarding cleaning issues isn’t just limited to street cleaning and bins. For years they’ve contracted out all cleaning of council-managed multi-storey buildings (occupied by both private and council tenants) to a private cleaning company called ISS. It seems that no amount of complaints about their incompetent, often non existent service, result in the Council’s local offices doing anything to hold them to account. It’s easier for them to do nothing – so that they don’t have the hassle of finding better contractors.

The contract is worth over £1,000,000.

And that’s just one example dear fiends, there are many more. We have seen bins lying on the pavement for weeks on end and never lifted, we have watched Council employees have complete disregard for property and fling empty bins across the pavement. In fact Pilton Sucks has access to a video which shows bin lorry’s speeding in built up areas, throwing empty bins across the pavement and ignoring some bins completely. Very soon our video will be uploaded to U TUBE so watch out for it.