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Mans Best Friend

Friends and readers.

Many of you will have seen or read the report concerning the issue of dog deaths in relation to the use of Forth Quarter Park.

First of all we have to correct the report. Forth Quarter Park is not owned by National Grid but is jointly owned by Edinburgh formerly Telford College, along with residents of fusion and Genesis Developments. National Grid owns the fenced off piece of land where the gas towers are, and where an argument has ensued for some considerable time about whether there is contamination on this piece of land and who is responsible for it. Currently National Grid have this piece of land up for sale and the strong rumour is that they are asking the astronomical price of £10 million. Currently we are told there are no interested party’s, no surprise there then.

the residents of said developments pay large factoring fees to ensure the park is kept up, and we would ask exactly what does Edinburgh College contribute to this other than the mess left behind by their students that use it. The Gas board office should also be asking themselves what if anything they should contribute given their employees also enjoy this area witnessed by the numerous fag butts left on the wooden decking area.

Now to the issue, if indeed which seems very likely that there is some form of contamination problem within the Forth Quarter area, we would remind our readers that up to 70% of all dog bearing diseases cross over to humans a very disturbing figure indeed. We understand that local vets are are offering free of charge inoculations to dog owners which can counteract water borne infections, why if there is no problem in this particular area.

We urge our readers to contact their local Councillor in the first instance and see what if any pressure they can exert on the environmental agencies to take this serious issue up. In fact it was pointed out to us by one of our readers that Councillor day’s pre election leaflet currently doing the rounds say’s that he himself is working with the Community and Council officers to make Forth cleaner, so we can all sleep safer knowing that, and maybe Cammy hopefully being aware of the problem he will be on the case, and he can start getting to grips with a problem that is right on his door step Forth Quarter Park.

First Of The Winter Wine

Friends and readers.

Let us not dwell to long on the adversities of life, more seek out new visions of discovery and unravel the mysteries that lay siege to our insatiable appetite for answers. The human mind is the pinnacle of creation third of course behind and E-bay, but do not let those mere incidentals prevent us from the quest for the not so holy grail.

Very soon your life will become the property of the political candidate who will not only complicate your life but bring even more unfathomable mysteries into it in their quest to be elected to the grand theater of Edinburgh shity Council. As we speak or in our case write constituency wards are being carved up like sides of beef and you the lucky punters are the main attraction on the menu.

Meetings are taking place all over the City in a race to select the anointed ones or the pals of pals to face the wrath of the general public. Strategy meetings more commonly known as how to lie to the voters convincingly are hastily being arranged in order to make sure all the lies are sung off the same hymn sheet. Candidates who know little or nothing of the ward they are so desperate to represent will be running around trying to ingratiate themselves with their potential voters.

We at Sucks have seen it all before and the only mystery yet to be unraveled is, how do these chancers keep getting away with it. One answer comes readily to mind and that is, we the mug punters have no say in which ass licker gets selected to contest which ward. It is all done behind closed doors where it can be easily stitched up and presented in the cloak of democracy, and if the truth be told democracy plays little or no part in it, it’s just used as a good cover story.

Of course much has been made in the press of the various party’s vetting procedures, but that’s an even bigger con which allows the not so great and not so good to be selected by their pals. This came very much into the light when Thomson and McGarry of the SNP who emerged out of the yes campaign and managed to get themselves selected as Westminster candidates. These two crooks must have been vetted surely, but pressure came from the top to get these two numpties selected and subsequently elected. To make matters worse it turns out that Thomson herself was on a vetting panel for potential MSP candidates, how did that happen.

So you see dear friends one mystery resolved, democracy has nothing to do with selecting candidates well certainly not in the case of those two idiots. As usual it’s not what you know it’s who you know, so we must be excused if we sound a little cynical, we aren’t, just experienced which dear friends gives us a massive head start on the bulk of candidates that will lay siege to your heart and soul over the next few months.

The real problem that we the mug punter voters face come May is, if we elect people that don’t know which hand to wipe their ass with then we the mug punter voters will once again be the prisoners and victims of corruption and back door deals that has plagued this City. Two things we believe must happen come the new Council in May, end the preferential contractors arrangement and take more control of the arms lengths organisations both of which are running wild, take a look at the school building scandal if you want proof of corruption and back handers. Nobody knows what these arm length organisations actually do and what contribution they make to the quality of life for the Edinburgh citizens, again these secretive organisations are open to abuse and must be made far more accountable or scrubbed completely.

The consultancy culture which costs the taxpayers millions while at the same time paying obscene salaries to clowns who are employed to do a job and clearly can’t do it so employ consultants to do it for them, this also must stop. These three things alone will bring more accountability to the public and save a vast amount of money which should be spent on front line services instead of lining the pocket of corrupt officials and so called consultants.

These should be the questions and points you confront your candidate with, questions and points they in the main will know nothing about and even if they did it’s not part of the strategy so avoid answering them, just promise clarification at some later stage which of course never comes. We have to call those charged with the spend of public money to much more accountability and much more closer scrutiny. Will we get it, probably not and that’s the real issue. Get this City cleaned up and elect people that are prepared to do it.

Oh and watch for our old mate Lesley Prada Hinds popping up somewhere else in another mask at the public expense of course.

Cinderella Politics And Fantasy Economics

Friends and readers.

You just couldn’t make this shit up. Our old mate the shy and soon to be retiring [not soon enough] Lesley Prada Hinds has loudly shouted from her gilded cage that Lothian Buses are prepared to give the Coucil £20 million buckeroos to help finance an extension to the existing money draining Tram system. Fuckin nuts, completely crackers, so let’s raid a profitable company to help pay for a monstrous white elephant. Think they must have leagalised dope up at the City Chambers and Prada and co are smoking spliffs good style.

There are certain VERY UNCOMFORTABLE FACTS about the Edinburgh tram system.

HOWEVER Forget about the debacle that got us here. Forget about the colossal amounts of money. Forget the delays. Forget about the long established businesses that went under. Forget about the tracks being deliberately laid inadequately three times. Put all that out of your mind. Yes we know it’s hard but just stay with us here…

If you can put that all to one side and just focus on what we have at this moment… What is the state of this tram system…? Not what WE or THEY want it to be BUT WHAT IT ACTUALLY IS. It is officially a project that runs at over 75% EMPTY running seven days a week and hemorrhaging vast amounts of money for the both the council and Lothian Buses. That isn’t an opinion… that is their figures (and I suspect the figures have been massaged). That is FACT… that is the reality of the situation.

All the WISH FULFILMENT in the world will not make this project a success. You can’t RUN AWAY FROM REALITY, there isn’t anywhere far enough It’s had more opportunity that most to make a success and it’s FAILED. It’s FAILURE has already had an impact on Lothian Buses more “rural” operations… IF and that’s one hell of an “IF” the trams were running at 100% capacity it was CALCULATED that they would not pay for themselves (had they stayed on Budget) for at least 25-30 years…. At 25% or less capacity… DO THE ARITHMETIC… At some point in the future FINANCIAL NECCESSITY or COMMON SENSE will have to have their day in the sun… the plug will have to be pulled eventually…. But we suspect only after those who have financially benefitted have left the building so to speak. Had they been a runaway success most of us would eat humble pie and concede that it had all been worth it…. BUT IT HASN’T and no amount of spin can make it appear to be…

We have said before and repeat again, come the door knocking and candidates of what ever persuasion are asking for your vote and promising you everything ask them this, DO YOU SUPPORT MORE MONEY BEING PUT INTO A LOSS MAKING TRAM SYSTEM, make sure they answer, and think on this. The vast amount of money that went into the first debacle, not including the mass corruption that clearly went on and which friend Hardie seems to have difficulty understanding, would have been better and more prudently spent on this City’s much needed services which are slowly bleeding to death.

Further more and something that has slipped through the net is the huge amounts of public money that is spent on consultants, this is something Pilton Sucks will be doing an in depth investigation on and bringing you the mind boggling results. We pay insane salaries to senior officials to do a job they are clearly unable to do, otherwise we wouldn’t need money grabbing consultants. Question, how much were the consultancy fees for the Tram project. Put that together with what this useless enquirey has cost up till now and we could have bought every school kid in Edinburgh there very own I Pad free buses as we used to have to bring the kids to school in a safe manner, extra money for Health and Social with particular emphasis on the elderly and infirm, and still had plenty of cash left over for corrupt officials to dip their bent noses into the trough.

Think on that, and remember to ask your candidate when they come scrounging for your vote, have they actually ever had a real job or experience to draw on for public office, because right here right now it looks like this is far from the case.

Remember dear friends if it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck it probably is a fuckin duck.

Damascus Or Domestos

Friends and readers.

Once again the specter of a tourist tax raises it’s head. Now there may be a reason or two to impose one but the amount it would gather for the City and what use it would be put to is questionable, especially in a City which has put the capital C in corruption.

Laugh or Cry? Difficult decision. Edinburgh WAS a great city. PAST TENSE. It’s been tarnished and ruined by an entire absence of original thinking with one track tunnel vision idea…. Their ONLY idea. That single little thought that rattles around.. oh so lonely in their lazy, coma induced delusion little minds… THE “T” word… TOURISM. EVERY “Expletive” expenditure in this city is “Justified”… by you guessed it “Good for the Tourists” Tourism is transient… fleeting… volatile… to build a city economy ENTIRELY on it is several steps beyond just being short sighted.

Bringing ACTUAL BUSINESSES to the city a A) harder, B) Infinitively more profitable and C) entirely sustainable. Create wonderful euphemisms like “HERITAGE” or “CULTURAL EXPORTS” it boils down to exactly the same thing… whoring this once beautiful city out to be “soiled” by the degenerate knuckle dragging cro-magnon stag and hen parties, Christmas fares, Long since irrelevant amateur dramatics and desperate attention seekers month (sorry the Festival!) Edinburgh has ceased to be a Lady… she’s dropped her underwear and has had her dignity violated in the most brutal way imaginable every day by the “C” word… the Council… Edinburgh Council… Edinburgh Council continues to peddle the BIGGEST MYTH OF ALL… That’s IT’S ALL WORTH IT…..

From a purely financial perspective… the cashflow is enormous… but the profit in MINISCULE if there is any at all.. Maximum effort for MINIMUM gain. From a business sense it’s an insane model… I’ll sell this tea cup for £50… but ‘s cost me £49.99 to manufacture and market… GENIUS Why else would the tourist board EVERY YEAR go cap in hand looking for subsidies if it was in any way self sufficient and sustainable… It’s a lazy option and quite frankly a LIE… there’s no other word for it. So they keep peddling the same vulgar backward looking shortbread tin fantasy… let’s give the world a cosy stereotype to laugh at… makes us ashamed…. We’re a forward thinking MODERN country that shouldn’t have to rely on a 400 years old image to sell ourselves… do you see Americans promoting the western frontier 1870… er nope..!! This is a working city… it’s not a theme park or a playground.

Alton Towers it is not

The Ice Is Thin

Friends and readers.

Well Well Well, our grand old City pulled in 500,000 punters over the festive period partying Edinburgh style and leaving many tons of rubbish behind them which the poor old Council taxpayer has to pay for again. Yes wonderful indeed to have so many visitors coming to Edinburgh, makes a change from just the locals getting ripped off. So Underbelly’s contract has come to an end let us hope when the tendering process begins it is open and above board and not done in secret so palms can be greased.

Charlie Wood, director of Edinburgh’s Christmas, said “We’ve seen record numbers”. Roddy Smith, chief executive of Essential Edinburgh said ” “Footfall within our BID area during Edinburgh’s Christmas was up”, what the fuck does that mean, Mr. Smith is in real danger of disappearing up his own ass. John Donnelly, chief executive of Marketing Edinburgh, also welcomed the figures. City council festival and events champion Richard Lewis, another politician who wouldn’t know a real job if it poked him in the eye said:
“Our winter festivals are the envy of the world”.

Perhaps we should have somebody without a commercial, personal or other financial interest to comment. Perhaps we should have an independent financial investigation as to how much money the council pays to private companies, how much in taken by non local companies such as chain HOTELS and how much actually comes back into the local economy and as such benefits the people of Edinburgh. Then dear friends we would know something nearer the truth about who gets what and how the party cake is divided up.

Why can’t our events champion or anybody else for that matter just tell us what the City’s cut is and cut out the bull shit, how much dosh comes into the City coffers and where does it go, we have a right to know, and the reason we don’t know and aren’t told is highly suspicious and must warrant an outside look at exactly what the City makes out of this super exciting festival bonanza. Councillor Lewis whose claim to fame is that he once once a researcher at that other trough Holyrood, should be able to tell us the mug punters who pay the bills what is Edinburgh’s slice of the festivals cake, but he can’t and won’t because he hasn’t a clue, otherwise he would be shouting it from the rooftops which dear friends he isn’t, why not?

the usual shit comes out about what a great time everybody had and how we are the envy of the world, course we are and anything else is commercially sensitive, complete crap. People should be demanding to know what was our share and what will it be spent on, not listening to some idiot who tells us ”our winter festivals are the envy of the world” when they clearly aren’t, don’t see many world leaders clambering on about how we must have festivals like Edinburgh.

So come on let’s see the figures, if there is nothing to hide, or is there?

The Holiday Event

Friends and readers.

With the forecast of arctic weather to hit us we turn our minds to warmer things like being brave enough to turn the central heating on or running up and down on the spot, or even hibernating till the spring comes and we can stick two fingers up to the greedy utility companies who like scrooge wish the worst for us and rub their hands together at the thought of a cold snap.

But for some of us a winter break is just the tonic required to combat the cold weather blues combined with the frozen fingers and ice for feet. Where to go, the choice is wide and varied, but winter sun is the magnet for the holidaying punters with either half board, full board or completely board. Packing the factor 80 and the hot water bottle just in case, oh and an extra cardie as well the punters are counting down the hours till they get to the airport at some god forsaken time only to find their flight is delayed due to Spanish air traffic control taking a siesta and their flybynight aircraft hasn’t left the Spanish mainland yet.

You can of course complain to your packemin tour guide, that’s if you can find him or her, probably pist and still in their Spanish 3 star Hotel waiting to get chucked out at 12 oclock Spanish time. But fear not the ever gracious airport is only to happy to look after your every need as long as you are prepared to pay sky high prices for that privilege. Everything from a full cooked breakfast for the price of a start up mortgage to drinkie poos at the many over priced bars who are only to happy to rip you off. Coffee and tea are also available as long as you have ample funds on your credit card and milk is an extra of course.

The trick is having an arrangement between the aircraft operators and the airports. Make sure that a percentage of the flights are delayed and one or two cancelled and we, the airport that is will share the vast profits from the hospitality cartel they operate with the operators, good eh. You think that was made up, well just try buying something to eat and drink at any airport and be prepared to have someone bring you round with a defibrillator, handily placed at the side of every bar and cafe.

That aside escaping the winter blues for the delay at an airport heated of course and eventually getting to your destination at some ungodly hour when no-one is around to show you where to go, is pleasing to the souls who will take this winter adventure. So in the spirit of the holiday event or nightmare depending on your luck let’s take a look at Shuggie’s experience.

Big Shuggie, stuck at the airport on holiday, proceeds to get very drunk. After his tenth big swig at his bottle, a little Japanese man accidentally bumps into him, causing the bottle to smash to the floor. Big Shuggie is furious. He grabs the wee fellah, demanding recompense, and drags him out of the building.

Big Shuggie returns with bruises all over his face. Behind him is the Japanese man, who is smiling. “It is just a small Japanese thing,” he explains to the astonished crowd of waiting passengers. “We call it aikido.”

Despite having been tossed to the pavement, Big Shuggie’s ire builds up and once more he challenges the Japanese man to “go ootside.” They do, and within a couple of minutes, Shuggie is limping back into the building, with the smiling Japanese man behind him. “It is just a small Japanese thing,” he explains once more to the impressed crowd. “We call it karate.”

As the effects of his mauling at the hands of the wee man wears off, Big Shuggie once more bellows at the Japanese guy that he wants to take him outside and “batter him wan.” Sighing and shrugging his shoulders, the Japanese man accompanies Shuggie outside. A couple of minutes later the hushed crowd hears a thud, and Shuggie comes striding back into the airport building, beaming like a champion. “It wiz just a small Japanese thing,” he explains to them. “The bumper aff a Toyota!”

Bit Of Fun

Friends and readers.

We at Sucks think that we should tell all the politicians to fuck off and tell Nippy Sturgeon to stick her Indy 2 where the sun don’t shine. We are being railroaded good and proper. The latest stitch up was the Dutch mob who own our rail network gleefully telling us mugs that the price increases we the mug punters have to pay are being used to subsidise their own network. Fantastic isn’t it, so what’s our wonderful Scottish Government doing about that, not a lot it appears except give us all the usual tosh about investment this and that which means nothing to the mug punters who have to pay for what in reality is a shit service at rip off prices.

It sickens us and no doubt a sizeable percentage of the population that we are constantly lied to and shit on by liars and chancers who care more for their careers than they do about the people they are supposed to represent. We have been so brainwashed that we have come to expect that politicians will lie to us. When the batch of SNP MP’s went down to the trough of Westminster we were hoping against hope that they would be the new broom that swept clean. Nope wrong again scandal after scandal has engulfed this mob of itinerants and once again the cry goes up ”they are all the same” Nothing has been done to purge this Westminster gang of crooks and cheats and Sturgeon cannot expect the Scottish electorate to fall for the same shit again even if the Labour party is run by a jobless wonder who has helped turn the party into also rans and moaning minnies.

We the voters are just used a target practice and bill payers, so we shouldn’t moan if we get landed with helpless harry’s many of whom wouldn’t know a real job if it kicked them in the ass. So the Sucks suggestion of looking to change the way we are governed can start by electing real people to office at the Council elections in May and not party hacks and clones.

Ask your local Councillor this simple question, DO YOU STAY IN THE WARD YOU REPRESENT, you maybe surprised or not as the case maybe at the answer you get.

Anyway let’s forget about these time wasters and have a look at something else. Movies with a Scottish slant, might even be a giggle.

Brechin Counter
Dumb and Dumbarton
Aberlady and the Tramp
Silence of the Glamis
The Killin Fields
Forfar the Madding Crowd
101 Dalmellingtons
Beuly and the Beast
The Tullibody Snatchers
Journey to the Centre of Perth
Clynder Ella
Dial M for Milngavie
Millngavies and Dolls
Kelty’s Heroes
Leven, on a Jet Plane
The Madness of Kingussie
Croy, the Beloved Country
A Fistfull of Dollar
For a Few Dollars Morar
I am Culross – Yellow
Rhu Mat the Top
Three Men Arbroath
Laurencekirk of Arabia
A Bridgeton Too Far
The Ziegfield Forres of 1923
It’s a Wonderful Fife
The Man Who Came in From the Coldstream
You Only Live Dyce
Every Which Way But Lewis
Murders on the Rhu Morgue
Forres Gump
Doctor at Largs
Full Methil Jacket
Clynder’s List
Renfrew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest
When Harris Met Sanday
Driving Ruchazie
But and Ben Hur
Saving Loch Ryan
and finally, not place names, just a Scottish flavour:

Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barras
Up a Close Encounter
Father of the Bridie

In The Soup

Friends and readers.

Back to some form of normality as the con of xmax and new year is over. Did any of you receive a gift of a few days free from your utility supplier, thought not. No these greedy bastards were rubbing their hands together at the thought of Xmas, New Year and now with the current cold snap will be wetting themselves with greedy anticipation at the prospect of the winter fuel bills coming through the letter boxes, welcome back to reality dear friends.

Some of our readers and friends maybe fortunate enough if you can call it that to be jetting off to warmer parts to defrost their asses with their Euros which have been slashed by the plummeting of the pound on the foreign exchanges. Fuel prices at the pumps are now on the up the train network is fucked, but never mind there was an increase in the use of the Trams over the festive period so we maybe able to pay another tenner or so off the capital debt. British airway cabin crew are on strike so some of our jet setting punters may only be jetting as far as the departure lounge with the rip off prices and boredom to boot.

Wee nippy Sturgeon will be still banging on about Scotland staying in the EU while Rome burns or in this case while Scottish education nose dives, Police Scotland, a failed experiment is is falling apart Social care is a disaster ground failing the most vulnerable while management feeds off the carcass, it’s only the hard pressed front line staff that are keeping it above water, the NHS is bursting at the seams and our overall infrastructure is less than poor, get on with the fuckin day job the EU don’t want to know us, so lets get to fuck out and sell Scotland to the highest bidders as long as it’s not that Dutch mob who are running the rail net work, they are bigger wankers than the uninsured Transport Minister.

We still are in the hands of the ruling elite and the money grabbers who can do what they like to whom they like without as much as a whimper from our elected rulers in Holyrood, just blame the Tories it sounds good and most mugs will believe it, saves us doing anything constructive except bleat on about another referendum which there is no appetite for and nippy certainly doesn’t want. Possibly that should go out to the punters in a survey questionnaire not the shit that has gone out about a discussion around another referendum.

Ah yes lots to look forward to in 2017 as the vultures gather secretly around nippy in an attempt to over throw the cult leader, who has clamped down on anything negative about the SNP, if it weren’t for the fact that Labour are so fuckin crap and the Tories want to hang everybody who is poor and unemployed and has no home and is disabled, just leaves the ruling elite and the well paid desk pushers of Edinburgh shity Council, everyone else is fucked. SNP crooks in Westminster are getting off being punished and thrown out of not only Westminster but the party as well, while the daft foot sloggers are still trying to sell what is fast becoming a, we are no different than the other bunch of tossers but still want another independence referendum please.

But hey more important things to attend to, the soup is bubbling over and threatening to engulf the demented cat, the fridge needs defrosted, aye even in this weather, my fuckin Euros are not worth a toss, my MSP is a useless fucker, but then most of them are, doesn’t make it any better, Edinburgh Shity Council is the most corrupt Council in the land but can still find money while cutting services to pay for another 6 desk pushers, but we still can find a little comfort in the knowledge that Economic Development convener Gavin nee naw Barrie has re-recorded his favourite record this time with a brass section telling us all that ”one in 5 jobs is festival based.” According to rumors circulating around the vipers nest of the City Chambers, our mate Gav has a new nickname, The Count, yes Count we didn’t mis spell it, the Count of Econ-Dev because he has been imprisoned by his officials and is not allowed to communicate with anyone his officials don’t want him to, but there is a treasure map hidden somewhere with x marking the spot and it’s hidden in the leafy suburbs of Inverleith. Our Gav is hoping the punters in Edinburgh Central select him to stand in Inverleith and he finds lots of X’s come May.

One small warning for our good mate Gav, beware the ides of Tricky Dickie the darling of Edinburgh Central, she got stuffed in the Holyrood elections in Edinburgh Central by a Tory no less, so as a lesser nose in the trough job she is hawking herself around as the new hope for Edinburgh SNP, God help us, and watch your back Gav, et tu Brute

Here’s A Couple

Friends and readers.

We at Pilton Sucks have been throwing around ideas amongst ourselves as to how we could make savings within the Shity Council. Certainly no Tram extension, definitely not. No new overpaid desk pushers employed at obscene salaries at a time when services are under serious threat. Cut funding to these festivals and make them more self financing. Get rid of TFI, Transport initiative Edinburgh, which does nothing constructive except spend around £500,000 pounds a year, which our old mate Prada Hinds help set up saying it wouldn’t create yet another bureaucracy, which it is. Get rid of Capital City Partnership, another white elephant. In fact call all these so called arms length companies in and tell them their days are numbered.

What do we have a Chief executive for while at the same time have an army of overpaid pen pushers dipping their noses in the Local Authority trough. Why do we need this tier of money draining wasters at all. The citizens are further removed from the political debate than ever before, and are mere targets when the bills need paid. Just a coincidence of course but this has come about as the influence of the SNP has risen.

While the Labour group within the Council have continued to waste money and drive this City in bankruptcy, their SNP partners have said and done nothing to alleviate the situation, seemingly happy to share a bed with Labour only arguing about who changes the sheets, if ever. The North has two SNP representatives MSP and MP yet grass still grows out of the pavements, the streets are riddled with potholes, the working class kids in the area have little or no hope in the SNP’s promised land, and what will be their constructive answer, ”we can’t get involved in local authority politics” same shit different day.

Labour are no better, they just can’t be bothered so rely on a historic Labour vote which has shrunk to almost oblivion. No Councillor bar one we know of has bothered to try and tackle the overt corruption within this City, only one Councillor tried to get to the bottom of the Ian Craig and Lothian Buses Scandal, and it wasn’t any of the ruling coalition, shameful. We have an Economic Development Convener who promised a lot but has delivered nothing as Gavin nee naw Barrie is a prisoner of his corrupt officials, who is only let out to tell us over and over again that ” one in five jobs is festival based” yes nee naw and Brexit means Brexit.

So we desperately need non party candidates who are not prisoners of their own interests and are prepared to deal head on with corruption and get rid of self important officials who have run with their own agenda for years. Get rid of arms lengths companies or at the very least monitor them far more closely and hold them to public account. Make it clear not another penny will be wasted on Trams and where possible prosecute those who committed fraud and theft.

Will any of the party hack candidates come up with some of, or any of that, we think not, don’t know how, can’t be bothered and like the status quo. This City can make a positive choice, take back control of your City from the hands of corrupt officials and inept politicians and elect those who will do the job required. At least think about it, all you have to do is look at the last few years of the SNP/Labour coalition and just see the mess they have made.

Second Hand City

Friends and readers.

First of all from the heart of our bottoms we at Sucks hope you have a pleasant 2017 and we all go on strike and refuse to pay the extortionate cost of heating our homes, those fortunate enough to have a home in this Country.

But good news comes our way, well at least on the face of it. Car use in the City Center has decreased, yes and, well that’s good for the environment isn’t it, yes suppose it is, makes the streets a bit safer to cross doesn’t it

Has anyone factored in the massive move of jobs out of the City Center in the past decade (are there any offices occupied in St Andrews Square these days) and the overall increase in student numbers.

Does anyone other than tourist tartan tat buyers and Primark shoppers actually come into the City Center for shopping any more ?

What about the changed traffic flows on the roads feeding their survey points ? Through traffic has largely moved off Princes Street and George Street with a corresponding increase on Queen Street creating an unofficial motorway through the former back streets of the West End.

Interesting that Green Councillor Gavin sooty Corbett puts the increased numbers of bikes down to “evidence of the growing appetite people in the city have for leaving in the car at home” Isn’t the truth that they’ve simply driven off to live in the suburbs, do all their working and shopping out of town leaving the city populated by students and tourists. Perhaps he needs to talk to his colleague who was whingeing the other week about the fact that’s exactly what’s happening in the Old Town.

On the plus side maybe we could get rid of some of these traffic wardens who persecute those who dare stop their car and actually commit the life threatening offence of parking, and worse still of a cataclysmic nature, the time elapses on your little white parking ticket, and one of these robotic clones jump out from behind a lamp post and gleefully take pictures of your vehicle before sticking a penalty notice on your windscreen while simultaneously having an orgasm.