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What A Dam Disgrace.

Friends and readers.

Once again The Trams saga hits the front page of the Edinburgh Evening news, this time about a crooked lawyer who banked £50,000 without telling his employers. Join the line of crooks who lined their pockets in this most disgraceful of travesty’s. Come on Hardie get on with it and nail these crooked bastards that brought the city to the edge of financial Armageddon. Corrupt officials once again allowed to do what the fuck they liked and then get away with it. Name them sack them, if indeed any of them are still around leeching off the City and prosecute them. Will that happen, of course it won’t, Hardie’s inquiry is just another waste of money, while these crooked bastards walk away.

‘Incentivised’? ‘Bonuses’? For both, read ‘bribes’, because that’s exactly what they were. These people were already paid to do a job, so financial carrots being waved in front of them were what most people would consider to be bribes. The whole project was totally corrupt, rife with incompetence, and should never have happened.The people should be angry about the sheer waste of money and the way that every effort has been made to conceal all the dodgy deals and wrongdoing. The whole matter should have been totally transparent from day one, but that was never going to happen. Sickening.

Forget the bogus tram enquiry. Get the police in now and get the crooked councillors, council officials/employees and those taking the brown paper envelopes in the dock without any further delay. They have financially crippled the city and must be brought to account for it. First in the dock must be former chief crook Sue three jobs Bruce, who done a runner with her dosh and a gong. Never in this City’s colourful history has their ever been a chancer like her and we have had a few, but she was in a class of her own. What happened to the million bucks that was paid to a consultant that Bruce brought in, allegedly to sort out the mess caused by the budget bursting Trams, didn’t do a very good job but got his dosh, and no doubt there was a little drink in it for Bruce.

Hardie’s toothless inquiry is just a jobs for the boys charade and no-one really expects him to name and shame, and what exactly is the position now, what part of this inquiry has he reached, does anybody but the great and the good know, and they only know so they can protect their own fat asses. It’s taxpayers money he’s wasting and we have a right to know how far this Alice in Wonderland inquiry has got, and what evidence has the mad hatter Hardie got, if any.

This Tram travesty was a dripping roast for the few who knew they were on to a good thing and knew that incompetent politicians couldn’t do a thing otherwise they would get the blame while crooked officials once again walked away with a smile on their face and the cash in their pockets. Somebody has to come in and cleanse the money lenders from the temple, because this present lot have their heads in the sand hoping they won’t get any flak that might come their way.

This Maze of corruption was brought to the public s attention when Pilton Sucks posted the names of all those involved with the corrupt TIE. We named them, so Hardie didn’t have to look far to see who was involved, but no let’s spend a few million of taxpayers cash, set up a mini industry employing lots of punters looking at god knows what, and then milk it for all it’s worth, finally coming to a conclusion that we at Sucks can give you for nothing, No one is guilty, no one was to blame and lessons have to be learned, same shit different day with Hardie and his minions adopting the City Councils moto


Nearly Upon Us

Friends and readers.

The Council elections are nearly upon us and on May4th we can rid ourselves of the worst crop of Labour Councillors ever to disgrace out City. One or two have got the message and are cutting and running before the meltdown begins. The Tories are talking up their chances but surely we are not that daft, are we?

The SNP have been in coalition with Labour in Edinburgh but a real opportunity exists for them to break free of this one sided partnership and run the administration on their own. Labours manifesto is straight out of the, make it up as you go along, and even they must know they face a drubbing at the polls. While the City sinks in a pothole it’s residents in the poorer areas have had to grapple with cut after cut, yet our glorious leader Andy pandy Burns announced the recruitment of yet more over paid desk pushers who will do nothing to alleviate the chronic state of our services, but add yet more highly paid nonentities to the bloated City payroll.

The Trams have pushed us to the y in bankruptcy and yet it is proposed to spend even more money on extending this shit. Wonder if any of the party candidates will try and defend the spend on this shambolic mess, particularly those candidates who will be door stepping in the less affluent areas, we think not. Our infrastructure is crumbling, out side of the City Center of course. Roads and pavements are a disgrace and bin collection is a joke, witness the speed some of these bin lorry’s move at in an attempt to finish early while getting paid for a full shift.

There are thousands of complaints about bin collection or the lack of it, but it appears our City fathers are far more interested in festivals turning Edinburgh into an overpriced takeaway, at this point we know that festival lover Gavin nee naw Barrie will churn out the usual 1 in 5 jobs are festival based which about sums it up, as long as you don’t go any faster than 20 mph you can enjoy the hotel chains and all the other chains milking the punters of their dosh of which the City gets SWEET F.A. Hey but who knows we might get a tourist tax wouldn’t that be good news for the broken pavements, pot holed roads and the bins still full of rubbish, oh and don’t forget the dog shit, oops to late you stepped in it.

Delivering services is what we elect Councillors to do, not to fuck about with vanity projects that costs fortunes and piles debt upon us. There is much wealth in Edinburgh but like society in general it is concentrated in a few hands who are intent on counting it in private and to hell with everyone else. For those who live in inner Edinburgh you will know only to well that while talk is cheap action is limited to a might be. The crime wave hitting the north of the City is nothing new it has been that way for years, and while politicians come and go the deterioration continues unabated.

So Community policing is another area we should be demanding action on, not silly talking shops, we have been there before and all that does is make politicians feel better about themselves and keep Social workers and Community workers in a job which has become unenviable and depressing.

But we will end up with, who knows it’s up to the voter. And so it must be and so you must vote, the turnouts in local elections are a joke and they are so very important. People are sick and fed up with the shit hand they are dealt and so don’t bother voting, this allows the power to remain in the hands of a corrupt few who carry on regardless and who Sucks have named in previous posts. We need politicians who know what they are doing and demand action not rely on some jumped up official telling them what they want to hear. We have proposed ending the practice of arms lengths companies which are clearly open to corruption, we have asked for an end to the consultant culture which has cost this City millions, now we need local Councillors to deliver. So don’t moan come out and vote, make it count, make those you elect accountable for their actions, and take back control of your City

For You By Us

Friends and readers.

For those who had nothing to do or perhaps had a death wish, you could have tuned into the Tory party spring conference in Glasgow, makes Songs of Praise sound riveting. The near empty auditorium heard from the Governor General in Scotland Davie fluffy Mundell twitter on about how we should all be on the same side, team GB, only it seems we are on the substitutes bench destined never to play a part as the Tories run rampant ravaging anything with any decency left. The contempt in which this shower hold us is plain to see as they make war on the poor and needy in our society.

PM May is a hostage to her witless right wing just as wee Nicky is a prisoner of her loony yes mob who have a grip on the party and who will in time destroy it. Neither of these ladies are free to say what they really think as both wear the shackles of restraint. PM May does not want to leave the EU and the more she talks about leaving the less she is believable, but the right wing guns are trained on her back should she say a word out of place. Wee Nicky on the other hand is a pragmatist if nothing else and realises there is no appetite for yet another referendum but is in a corner surrounded by the fang showing separatists who disregard everything and everybody just for another crack at independence.

Her Spring conference should prove interesting as this time she has little or no wriggle room and the blood hounds of independence at any cost will be baying in their seats demanding a date and time for Indy2, and should she not deliver, well who knows, the Nats have the truly awful Labour turncoat Tommy collie Shepherd waiting in the wings to play Brutus.

The Tories know that the SNP are in a bit of a pickle and have turned the knife a little more into wee Nicky, deflecting from their own complete inadequacy and inhumanity. Why they even bothered to have a Scottish conference must only to have been to boost their own belief that they can win back Councils in the May elections. Yes friends there are still plenty of mugs out there willing to vote Tory, and it maybe because the current crop of Labour/SNP councils are pure shit, just look at the impotent coalition in Edinburgh, laughable if it wasn’t so serious.

The UK is within weeks of activating article 50, formal notice of leaving. All the signs are that the UK government is going to want to institute and retain its own Border Controls. This means that the EU will restrict Single market access for UK. But Scotland voted to remain in EU by 62% to 38%. Why then does the UK government think that Scotland should also leave on the same terms as it is leaving? The same democratic principles which they say are governing the UK leaving imply, do they not, that Scotland should be remaining. They are leaving because of a vote 52/48 % in favour of leaving.

Well then Scotland should be remaining because of a vote 62/38 % in favour of remaining. The clear cut case is as we have put it in the previous paragraph. There is no clear cut case, as Scottish secretary David Mundell says, that Scotland should negate its democratic mandate and leave just because the UK government is following its own democratic mandate. The cause of a second independence referendum is that the UK government is insisting on dragging Scotalnd out of the EU clearly against its democratic mandate of 62/38 % of remaining. Thereasa May and David Mundell are putting themselves up there with the managers of the government in George Orwell’s 1984. Peace is War and Love is Hate. An increase in the chocolate allowance of minus 4oz. Unless David Mundell gives a clear cut explanation of why Scotland should not only disregard its own democratic mandate, but also reverse it to align with the mandate of another, he does not have a leg to stand on. His insistence that Scotland should act in an undemocratic way, against its own mandate, is itself undemocratic. Democracy for me but not for you !