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Its Getting Closer

Friends and readers.

When we last left the exciting Forth Ward stakes Knowledge Gordon was three lengths in front of the top weight and tiring squint tie Day. Slimy Wight is all but beaten with plus fours and tweeds Campbell pushing hard for second. Flighty Bird and smiler Mackay are running close together with Pepe let Pugh a faller early in the race.

But dear friends we seem to have a stray runner on the track which could cause interference with the front runners, who could it be dear friends, why it’s none other than Diedre cobber Brock trying to encroach on the race, nick all the glory for doing little or nothing, sounds like her campaign is in full swing.

Even with cobber Brock trying her best to cash in and rob as much dosh as she can get her lazy hands on so she can sit back on her expanding ass and win the Constituency race, she will stop at nothing along with her personal trainer Calum pin head Cashley in putting the squeeze on party members.

But dear friends back at the racecourse and we have Knowledge Gordon leading by about three lengths from Squint tie Day and up and over they go as Knowledge Gordon puts in a sound leap at the seventh fence, Squint tie Day has that look of fear on his face as he makes an awkward leap at the seventh but stays in second as Plus fours and tweeds Campbell stumbled on landing as someone in the crowd shouted something about his glossy leaflet being over the top and bull shit. Flighty Bird and Smiler Mackay jump the seventh with flighty putting in a stronger leap and going a length on and into third on her own with Smiler back in Forth.

Long run to the eighth and it’s a water jump which should find one or two of these runners out. As the runners push hard for position Knowledge Gordon still leads by three from Squint tie Day, plus fours and tweeds Campbell has recovered from his stumble and is pushing for second place once again. Flighty Bird is running freely without a care in the world and is making ground on the leaders with Smiler Mackay holding her own in Forth place.

Close to the eighth and last fence in the Forth ward stakes and that’s where we leave it for the moment. Who will jump the best at the last hurdle, will plus fours and tweeds Campbell fiddle his election expenses and join all the other Tories who have cheated on their expenses. Will Flighty Bird remember there is a last fence, and will Smiler Mackay be happy in fourth place. All will be revealed very soon.

On You Go

Friends and readers.
As you know Pilton Sucks amongst a few others have highlighted the Cameron House scandal and the appalling business of an official PETER WATTON handing out a completion certificate for a building that was not only incomplete but dangerous as well. We at Sucks have called for the removal of WATTON and we repeat this demand again. Unfortunately that other chancer Mike the spiv Rosendale has left the scene of the crime, and disappeared into the slime from whence he came. We still want to know what has happened to the £400,000 that went missing under Hinds and Rosendales stewardship and who was responsible for the vile treatment of John Travers.

Now it seems two City Councillors have been reported to the standards committee by Rosendale for speaking up and demanding answers. What Rosendale and his cronies forget is they are answerable to us through the elected members, and we applaud the two Councillors who have actually done something that merits credit.

For helping to expose wrong doing and being a ward councillor, Cllr Rose is under investigation by the Standards Commissioners for Scotland,for what ,nothing as far as we are concerned,there is no case to answer for himself as a ward Cllr for the ward,the same goes for the others under investigation, we do not agree with his or their party politics, but we will stand by them for trying to expose corrupt practices within the council structure, IE Cameron House,and the money spent or over spent on the project,also the accountability of senior council officials who have responsibility to the people of Edinburgh in the job that they are doing,they are also accountable for their actions in a legal context, its the officials who should be under investigation not the investigating councillors for doing their job in the first place,as far as we are concerned they have no case to answer. They should be supported in their actions, it’s the duty of elected members to make sure that the taxpayers money is spent properly and not pissed up against a wall by corrupt incompetent officials who are only interested in lining their own pockets.

Where is the Chief executive in all this, for those who have forgotten him his name is Andy pale face Kerr and up to now he has shown to be as useless as his crooked predecessor Three jobs Bruce. Make these officials accountable name and shame them and get rid of them.

Cut And Run

Friends and readers.

Very soon you the mug punter voter will be asked to decide who runs your local services. We certainly don’t want corrupt officials running the show so who is best placed to ensure the correct decisions are made for the citizens and not in the interest of a small group of crooked individuals.

That dear friends is the question which you must ponder over as you step into the polling booth to cast your votes. Sucks has a neutral stance but we are sure that the way Edinburgh has been run is not the way to go forward. We have already said that arms length companies must be brought to account starting with the Capital City Partnership. We have also stated that the preferred contractor list has to be scrapped as it has been a disaster, and clearly been abused.

All senior officials should be made to reapply for their jobs and held to account for some of the financial disasters and mis-management that we the citizens have had to endure over the years. We don’t see any of the party’s or candidates advocating this so we must assume that these policy statements we make are not on the agenda for any new administration, big mistake.

Sucks believes that this City and it’s hard pressed citizens have been the victims of a huge confidence trick perpetrated by several senior officials, some of whom have now left the scene of their crimes, on the citizens of this City. Pilton Sucks has for a long time spoken out against corruption but till now it has fallen on deaf ears. There is an opportunity at this election to end the disaster of coalition which has resulted in millions of pounds wasted, and elect a majority administration which is accountable to the citizens.

Its clear that the largest group in the Council the Labour group couldn’t run a bath never mind a City and have presided over financial meltdown. Their coalition partners the SNP barely spoke up but their time may be near to form an administration on their own, or at least on their own terms.

This election is crucially important and you have to vote to allow proper leadership for the City and put an end to rule by stealth from corrupt officials. The real problem or certainly a big factor is the inexperience of some elected members who listen to officials and take their word as gospel, that has to stop, elected members need to behave as leaders not sheep following behind what ever some over paid official tells them. Get a second opinion from elsewhere, don’t let the agenda be left in their hands, the history of this City shows clearly that elected members get the runaround from officials who have their own agenda as priority.

End the corrupt practice of preferred contractors, call in the arms length companies and demand to know what they are doing for the City. End the practice of paying millions of pounds to so called consultants, why if these jokers are needed do we employ senior officials at sky high salaries, if they can’t do the job get rid of them and get people who can, because clearly the taxpayer is being conned and lied to. This City has been the subject of a report which outlined why it was the most corrupt City in the Country, and what needed to be done, let’s clean up the place and sweep out the fat cat over earners who do little or nothing to enhance the City.

Do not be afraid to call out those who would try and swindle the City, stop officials having any contact with contractors who do work for the City. Who for instance was responsible for the disastrous School builds which put children and staff in danger, which corrupt officials were involved in that and how deep was their nose in the trough. Why doesn’t the public know what’s going on and who is to blame for this disaster. Who signed the contracts for the construction of the Tram fiasco the biggest rip off and con in Edinburgh’s history, Hardie clearly doesn’t have a clue but will no doubt present his invoice when this nonsense inquiry eventually comes to an end. The new administration should show the public they mean business and demand to know who done what and who screwed the City and get these incompetents and crooks to answer for their fuck up and proceed with criminal charges if necessary.

Will we get any of that or none of that and just more of the same. We have had to suffer 5 years of Labour incompetence, supported by the SNP who must have had their teeth gritted at times but failed to hold Labour to account. The best way would have been to break the coalition and let people see that Labour were shit and incompetent. The polls show that people have lost faith in Labour the party of middle class wannabees, who wouldn’t know a working person if they seen one, they are a disgrace to the memory of what the Labour Party was and still should be, they are shameful and hypocrites who have undermined the very people they say they are so desperate to represent, tossers the lot of them.

We don’t want the fuckin Tories they will just do quicker what Labour have started, sell everything off to any bidder as long as it’s their pals and fuck the needy, poor, elderly and the homeless. Don’t vote for them your City will be sold off and you with it. The Lib-Dems are washed up, no ideas no clue about anything and just hoping to pick up disaffected voters from elsewhere. Labour are fucked and they know it, blame everybody but themselves and have a clutches at straws policy about everything, no wonder some of them are leaving the sinking ship that they holed in the first place. What a bunch of useless fuckers.

So what to do on May 4th. Yes you will have a multiple choice, but choose wisely, choose in the best interests of the City, choose who you feel will run the City and hold officials to account. Will the Tories do that, unlikely they will be to busy trying to sell everything that moves, will Labour do a good job, more chance of winning the lottery, but at least Prada Hinds is leaving the sinking ship to board another one and scuttle that as well, forget Labour as we said they couldn’t run a bath. The Greens, opportunists but then who isn’t. The Lib-Dems, well the first coalition between them and the SNP was reasonably progressive and the neighbourhood partnerships came out of that which did good work, but along came Labour and cocked that up as well now it’s the old pals act, at it’s worst in the Neighbourhood Partnership which Pete[formerly the perm]Strong manages, something drastic needs to happen there, as it’s now become a joke.

So that dear friends leaves the good old SNP who struck a shit deal with Labour in the latest coalition, but were stuck with it and it just hasn’t worked, so this time they will be going for no doubt an outright win and they have a chance as long as they keep their eyes on the ball and don’t get distracted by talk of yet another referendum, this election is about dog shit and bins so get on with it.

On a Personal note from Sucks we are losing our best character who has kept us in stories and laughs for a long time, but we are sure that Prada Hinds will pop up somewhere and Sucks will be right there with her. Can she be replaced, Prada is an impossible act to follow, but there is a little potential emerging depending on how the results turn out. We think that the one to look out for who has potential to follow Prada but certainly not to her high level is Alison Tricky Dickie who got humped at the Scottish Elections for Holyrood but has managed to wangle herself in as a Council candidate up at the South Side of the City, no end to some peoples greed. So that’s our tip for a new star in the Sucks cosmos, but there could be more. Here’s hoping.
But remember dear friends of that old moto which the City Council hold so dear

Four To Jump

Friends and readers.

When we left the very exciting, nail biting, knicker wetting Forth Ward stakes Knowledge Gordon wearing the SNP silks was two lengths in front of top weight squint tie Day wearing the Labour silks. Up and over the 5th three from home and its Knowledge Gordon by two lengths, ears pricked and looking full of running, back in second and starting to struggle a bit is Squint tie Day who is looking for inspiration, but his course and distance record is poor.

But wait dear friends we have a faller at the rear of the pack and it looks like Pepe le Pugh who was also wearing the Labour Silks, the faller has impeded flighty Bird who is also wearing the SNP silks and she has fallen back a further length. Slimy Wight wearing the Lib-Dem colours has pulled up at the fifth, hoping that a handful of first preferences and a bucket load of second preferences will be enough for him to be in the prize money at the end of the race, wouldn’t bet on it Slimy.

Plus fours and tweeds Campbell wearing the Tory silks has been riding carefully taking the inside position doing as little as possible hoping to sneak through on the existing Tory vote plus a few more given the current opinion polls. Smiler MacKay wearing the Greens silks has been a steady runner and may yet get a place, her jumping is consistent and she doesn’t upset anyone so has a good chance of place money.

But the race is hotting up and all the runners left in the race must fancy their chances. Knowledge Gordon is out in front and is reluctant to relinquish the lead and is running well as the runners approach the sixth two from home. Flighty Bird has made up ground and is pushing for fourth place at the moment but has work to do and may have peaked to soon, flighty lacks experience and has pushed her horse far to early but she’s a light weight and may well go the distance.

Plus fours and tweeds Campbell is a good third and pushing top weight squint tie Day for second, smiler Mackay and flighty Bird are close together in forth and fifth the rest are out of the race. So as they jump the sixth knowledge Gordon made a big leap at that fence going on by three lengths from the continuing to tire squint tie Day. Plus fours and tweeds Campbell smells blood and with his party’s opinion poll rating sky high he is up to within a neck of squint tie day. Flighty Bird goes over the sixth and clips the fence but remains in the race, so to does smiler MacKay as they both now run together with nothing between the two.

That’s it for now folks, sucks will bring you all the tense excitement as this race reaches it’s jaw dropping finale. Who will win, will knowledge Gordon stay out in front, how much has squint tie Day got left in the tank, plus fours and tweeds Campbell is riding on opinion poll ratings a dodgy thing to do, flighty Bird and smiler MacKay are close together, while slimy wight has pulled up and pepe le Pugh has returned to her stable in Stenhouse miles outside the ward and something she didn’t declare to the starter, naughty naughty.

Social Comment

Friends and readers.

As you know the nations favourite blog site Pilton Sucks is politically neutral, well sometimes it is, but friends this Tory lot of gangsters are almost assured of getting re-elected, so a lot of punters are convinced by the biggest con trick in British political history, much bigger than the Thatcher con of sending ships and personal to re-capture the Falklands to ensure herself and her mob of being re-elected, and we know it worked, but this lot are in a different league. Read on dear friends.

In order to hide the biggest robbery in British history, it is necessary to perpetrate the biggest confidence trick in British history. Every minute that the Tory gangsters are in power, public assets owned by us the citizens of this country are being transferred into private pockets. Billionaire criminals and big business cartels are allowed to operate paying no tax.

The Tory Government borrows ever increasing amounts of money on the international markets in order to assist with the capitalisation of private criminals, while the British taxpayer and their children and grand children will be left liable for the debt. All the while, not only is the British media silent [but not Sucks] about this operation, they actively work together to convince us the mug punters that the Tory Government are the party of financial responsibility.

Currently the British tax payer is liable for £1.8 Trillion of national debt which equates to £30,000 for every man, woman and child living in the UK and this debt is rising furiously.

Please think before you consider voting for these gangsters, if they get back into power then the majority are for the high jump, you think it’s bad now just wait and see what happens if they get a bigger majority.

Good Get Lost

Friends and readers.

So Thompson the crook is standing down as an MP and will not be re standing, thank fuck for that. This vile creature lied to everybody as she wove a crooked web but still managed to screw a couple of years salary plus expenses sitting on her ass laughing at everybody. She deserves not a jot of sympathy, and Sucks along with many others would deed this statement to be appropriate.

“I am standing down to concentrate on ripping off distressed house vendors, such as cancer patients by buying at a low price then selling on to my partner at a £50k inflated price later the same day in order to defraud mortgage lenders. This is of course all the solicitor’s fault not mine.”

PS How did this individual pass vetting, and why was she allowed to vet others, former pal of wee Nickie’s have anything to do with it.

More Of The Same

Friends and readers.

Pilton Sucks brought you the story of the Cameron House scandal, and how corrupt official PETER WATTON handed out a completion certificate on a building which was far from complete and left in a dangerous state. Our friend and so called Whistle Bower John Travers broke the story along with the missing £400,000 from the farce called the Life long Learning Project, and who was in charge of that, why none other than our old chum Lesley Prada Hinds, come on Prada it’s about time you stopped hiding and told the truth about what happened to the dosh and why John was harassed.

Why was WATTON not investigated, why was he not removed completely, what are elected members thinking about, if they think at all. Get Watton to explain himself then sack the crook.

£250,000 and rising. Connected to the missing £400,000 that started the whole whistle blowing case. Tampering of personnel files. Paperwork “missing”. Harassment of staff and bombarding them with porn. Fraud – impersonation by council employees as members of the public to gain access. Now, sectarian abuse by council employees towards staff. Phew! The list just keeps getting longer!! we are glad Andy pale face Kerr (you remember him, don’t you?!) has a firm handle on this one! How’s the criminal enquiry going, Mr Kerr? Are you able to give us any update from Police Scotland or do we contact them direct?

Why has nothing been done, why do the public not know who took part in these criminal activities, why is it that Hinds can walk away without being accountable for missing cash, and why dear friends did Watton hand out a completion certificate for a job that was far from complete.

Fast and Furious And Out Of Sight

Friends and readers.

The football season is drawing to a close and we have that dreadful game cricket to look forward to, and maybe even two weeks in the costa plenty, which it will be cos the Euro’s fucked to look forward to as summer beckons. But none of that for our Brexiteers, oh no none of that dreadful watered down holiday jungle juice for them, instead we can all sail off to oblivion and a permanent holiday on the brew, worse case scenario of course.

On the other hand Maysie should she or rather when she gets re-elected will be batting for Britain so we can all enjoy a soft landing when our asses are kicked out of the European Club. No though of third class travel here, nope first class all the way to doomsday, and deal after deal with the also rans. And just to add to the looming monetary crisis we will have to pay for the privilege of leaving and it seems that won’t be cheap. We can then become a third world tax haven right up the Tories street, and smash not only the moral of the working people of this Country but any hard fought rights as well. We will be Turkeys voting for Xmas as the Tories eat away at the services till only the rich will be able to enjoy while the rest of us may have to depend on charitable hand outs.

The EU is by no means perfect, but better to be in there fighting than outside moaning. But out we are so what happens now. May hasn’t a clue that’s perfectly obvious, and she voted to remain. Make it up as you go along and hope the General election gets shot of some of her right wing back stabbers and brings a more balanced look to her new Government. Fat chance of that, more chance of wee Nickie winning an independence referendum. France may elect a right wing anti marketeer, Germany too have elections looming and Merkel hasn’t done herself any favours with some of her less than good moves. So we might not be alone in the European wilderness but it’s likely that if the French vote for a right winger they won’t pull France out of the EU after all it’s them and the Germans that run the show.

So our wee croft of Great Britain will be on it’s jack jones, but wait a mo does not wee Nickie tell us that a vote for Independence save us from the chill of European exclusion, but what about the punters in Scotland that voted to leave like the punters in Angus Robertson seat up North. Do they not count, seemingly not so how do we square that circle, we don’t as Independence in Europe that’s providing they will have us means that the very fisher folk who voted leave will happen to vote no in any independence referendum, follow us so far, good. That in itself provides a small glitch in the equation, maybe the fisher folk could be independent and take back control of their fishery grounds, the grounds that the EU control at the moment and the rest of us can carry on being pals with Europe and get back to enjoying all the benefits of European Community membership, which are? bound to be a couple just none spring to mind at the moment, none that don’t have a catch written into them.

So friends, get your diaries out or the back of a betting slip or a piece of bog roll and write down these very important dates. Council Elections 4th May, General Election 8th June, Scottish Independence referendum, that might be a wee while away so you can use that bit of bog roll for the purpose it was intended to be used for.

Cometh The Hour Or Something Similar

Friends and readers.

Yes it was tried, but yes it failed well for the time being anyway. Sucks might only be with you for a short time but we will continue to bring you the news that no one else will and more bang for your Brexit buck. Who ever tried to shut sucks down got a minor success, and we may leave anyway lets see where the mood takes us.

Lets kick this one off with Indy ref 2. Do you care, do you want to have another bash at this, might as well, going to the polls is becoming a national pastime. First up is The cooncil elections on May4th, that’s where you elect Councillors so that corrupt officials can run the City, well it has been in the past, remember three jobs Bruce and her wee gang of ass lickers. But maybe this time it might be different we can live in hope.

Then dear friends its the other May election, well that’s what the polls would have you believe. On June 8th we the mug punters go to the polls again to what all the arm chair experts are saying, to elect yet another murderous Tory Government. Why bother just hand maysie the keys to number 10 and not bother voting, she would prefer that anyway. Miles ahead and out of sight Maysie has just got to stand up to win, she’s even threatening to win back seats in Scotland, or rather her pal Ruthie is telling anyone mug that will listen about how well the Tories will do. Might even double their present number, yes 100% increase in their numbers to a whole two Tory MP,s. The SNP will do well to hold on to their 56 MP’s but crooked McGarry and Thompson have spoilt that party and one or two others that haven’t exactly set the purple heather on fire. From a bit of dubious expense claims to a bit of hanky panky on the side the old Westminster do what the fuck I like bug has bitten a few of the SNP MP,s firmly in the rear end. But we can all relax we still have Tommy laugh a minute Shepherd to stand for relection, another old Labourite who jumped ship when it was sinking and leapt aboard the SNP life raft pushing a few punters off at the same time. Labour are finished even they know that, a disaster for the democratic process and a bigger disaster for them. One consolation though our old mate Prada Hinds could have the seat of her choice she would still get stuffed.

Then dear friends just as you thought the excitement levels couldn’t get any higher, we have a referendum to look forward to, or do we. If the Nats get a doing from the Tories/Lib-Dems, unlikely but possible then any talk of a referendum might fade into the distance along with what’s left of wee Nickie and her career. A willing prisoner of the looney yes brigade who by some fluke of vetting appeared as candidates, yes friends that’s where the crooks Thompson and McGarry emerged from, she has to pander to them knowing full well that the future electability of the SNP cannot be left in the hands of single issue junkies. Never the less the possibility of another trip to the polls looms large as once again we may get the opportunity to go back to the dark ages or into a brighter future depending whose poison you swallow, and sing songs of Scottie dogs and shortbread tins and remember when Blackadder or was it Braveheart both fantasises of course humped the English only for Edward to stick it up us where it most hurt, and then give us a country where a German descended Monarch which costs us a fortune had a few council houses dotted all over the Country which we pay for, who then proceeded to chant, Don’t blame us we’er part of the Union.

Well friends and readers, all the choices are your’s aren’t you lucky, because as the saying goes so loved by politicians the Country over

This Time

Friends and readers.

As always your favourite Blog Site has it’s fingers on the pulse and did you know there are Council elections on May 4th were we are supposed to elect Councillors to run the City in this case Edinburgh. Well there’s a thing maybe this time if we elect the proper Joe’s then the corrupt practices of some senior officials will come to an end and they will get their asses booted out. By the way what the fuck does the Capital City Partnership do, answers on the back of a postage stamp please. This lot are a fuckin joke milking taxpayers dosh for what? bit like asking why did anybody ever vote for our favourite departing customer Lesley Prada Hinds, maybe they were short of laughs there could be no other possible reason other than to keep her in a style she had gotten used to, plus expenses of course.

First thing any new Council should do is find out exactly what this lot of chancers at Capital City Partnership actually do and how much they cost us mug punter tax payers, and lets make head chancer Jim Rafferty accountable for his fat salary. These arm lengths organisations are a byword for corrupt practices and lack of accountability and that dear friends has got to change so lets start by getting rid of Capital City partnership.

Yes friends bins and dog shit both of which are issues in these Council elections along with shit pavements and crappy roads especially where the tourists don’t go. Soiled mattresses are part of the folklore so we can be nostalgic about that as with the shopping trolleys that can be seen dotted around. Somebody has got to get a grip of the Neighbourhood partnership and make them do what they are supposed to do instead of being a propaganda machine for our mate Cammy.

With our favourite character Prada Hinds departing we will need another star turn and boy do we have some potential crackers, but none of course in the class of the designer one. Early money favourite to slip into Prada’s designer heels should she somehow manage to con the voters and win a seat is Alison Tricky Dickie. Sucks will be looking to see if tricky can come up to scratch and be Prada mark two. Should Cammy be returned and stay around which he will if he gets elected, as he will surely get his ass felt if he throws his hand into the West Minster election, but it would be fun to see if he were to take on another of our characters the less than energetic Diedre cobber Brock who holds the seat for the SNP, he will no doubt give us a few laughs.

But that’s for another day, yes indeed clean up the streets and fix the fuckers, and make sure the neighbourhood partnership actually does what it is supposed to do. Cammy has been about as useful as a chocolate fireguard, jambo Cardownie is standing down as is weasel Jackson, so we or rather the punters in Funky Forth are guaranteed new faces. Who will they be is the question on the tip of your tongue, will they actually live in the ward, that would be a fuckin novelty, and will they get humped by officials with their own pocket lining agendas. Yes friends it’s of vital importance that you get off your asses and vote it does make a difference, we have to make sure that corrupt officials, something which Sucks has campaigned on for a while get their just deserts. Do we have the candidates with the balls to do that, we shall see.
Believe it or not although Labour have done their best to fuck them up we do have a vehicle to hold our elected members to account and these fuckin useless officials and that’s the Community Councils.

They are all over the City and punters should get involved and ask the difficult questions about their communities and why they are treated like shit except when it’s time for voting. Labour are past masters at the bullshit manifesto and are now paying the price of middle class wannabees trying to lecture the under classes who they used and abused as voting fodder. Labour are all but fucked and have only themselves to blame. Good people left them in droves fed up with their private club mentality and taking working class communities for granted, something dear friends a trap that the SNP could easily fall into if they are not careful, but at least at last they have got rid of those two Westminster crooks Thompson and McGarry, how the fuck did these two muppets ever pass vetting, that yes campaign has a lot to answer for and may yet contribute to the downfall of the SNP.

Yes friends and readers dog shit and bins and in any order. Fly tipping, opportunities for communities young people, instead of dead end going nowhere college courses designed to keep them off the dole queue for a wee while. Lets see now, why don’t we do something radical like make the minimum fine for fly tipping £5000 and the same for not picking up your dogs shit, why not, it might make these dirty bastards think twice and stop fly tipping and letting their dogs shit where they please and leaving it for some other poor fucker to stand in. Do it differently, don’t just make it attractive to fly tip and let your dog shit were it pleases, as it must be there is a lot of it about. The motor bike issue in West Pilton, it’s nothing new, but the same old shit comes out only this time with the white elephant Stronger North, complete joke. Name and shame these little wankers and keep naming and shaming them, fine the parents make them responsible for their children’s activities, force the issue. Evict them if necessary the minority are making the lives of the majority a misery, that’s not on, behave or fuck off, not words that have no effect or meetings that are photo opportunities for politicians who don’t have to live there. Cops can’t chase them so the majority get hammered again, the majority that pay the taxes that are supposed to keep the community clean green and safe, the majority who have to suffer and continue to suffer while the minority tossers get away with causing as much mayhem as they can before bedtime.

Yes friends the Council elections are important very important, as the issues we have to live with effect us all in one way or another. You want good safe Communities then vote, if you don’t get that then get rid of them. Don’t just sit back and do nothing, as someone once said, all it takes for evil to flourish is for good people to do nothing. VOTE ON MAY THE 4TH AND VOTE FOR YOUR COMMUNITY TO LIVE IN THE LIGHT NOT THE SHADOWS OF DESPAIR.