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Almost But Not Quite.

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The time is almost upon us when the international rip off Edinburgh Festival gets into full swing. The Edinburgh Film Festival has been with us and if you are a keen follower of facebook you might have spotted the doorman who looked remarkably like Gavin nee naw Barrie, if it was we hope he wasn’t moonlighting but just on a tax payer junket.

But it’s the Pinocchio Sheppard run Spiegeltent we are more interested in at the moment. We told our readers that this was a cash only money spinner, but now we learn that the staff are paid cash in hand as well, and possibly zero hour contracts to boot, something we would have thought Pinocchio Sheppherd would be very much against, but it seems we are mistaken. Are the licensing Committee interested in this or don’t they know or care.

Tut Tut.

That’s What Minions Are For

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let us take a situation where a potential candidate is asked a question about what an MP does. One possible and honest answer is to say that it is to look after and fight for your constituents. Good answer. But what if a potential candidate answers, that’s what staff are for, not for me the coal face. You would think an answer like that would get you slapped down and fail vetting. Well not in Pinocchio Shepherd’s case, he said exactly that and still passed vetting, what did we say about the SNP’s vetting procedure, we rest the case.

So off goes Pinocchio and when dubiously selected as a candidate starts to saturate members with e-mails, phone calls u tube videos, yes u tube videos till the complaints rolled in then the rules were changed, why because Pinocchio abused the existing ones. But here is a good idea why not use a PR company to promote how wonderful you are, enter a new protagonist Jane bogof Denholm who incidentally is now employed by one Ivan McKee SNP MP, what a fuckin cut up. Hand over £5000 or so and you can become the next big thing.

Where’s the Voter Strategy there, just saturate the punters till the pips squeak or you get warned off give some sort of PR punter a few quid and the job’s a good un.

Sheppherd, Quinan, Bridgeman, Lunn, Birt and Kerevan and Pinocchio wins the day with the help of some dubious tactics to say the least and a handful of worshippers who got conned. No doubt this goes on elsewhere but that’s the shame, and no wonder the mug punter voter is losing faith and with 500,000 mug punter voters down the SNP has lost more faith than it should have. We are in no doubt mal practice has been in full swing under the veil of the democratic process and it’s beyond shameful and for the traditionalists left in the SNP we feel sorry for you. It is you that will suffer as many of the here today gone tomorrow chancers will jump before they are pushed and as no opinion other than the opinion of those in control is tolerated then this SNP ship is listing and will sink, it’s history repeating itself.

Where’s That Data Sheet

Friends and readers.

The ever eager ears of Pilton Sucks are as always close to the ground, and would you believe we heard a rumble which sounded like somebody saying VMS. No idea what that means so our investigative tannoy was alerted and we did some digging. What we came up with was enlightening to say the least and involves what we think is a carve up involving new Council leader Adam head scratcher McVey.

VMS is the abbreviated term used for Voter Management Strategy, what does that mean we hear you ask, well we will tell you and try and keep it simple.

But before we get to that, how does someone who has no work and little life experience get to be in charge of a billion pound budget, answer be part of a secretive clique which Sucks is involved in uncovering. It is inconceivable that head scratcher McVey could be put in charge but he was and when you take a closer look at how and why it becomes clearer as to who’s in who’s pocket so to speak.

Back now to VMS or voter management strategy. all in all it’s pure pish but serves the interests of those who make the decisions on the splitting of a ward and how many candidates stand in each ward. Now follow us if you can, take your time and the penny will drop. Let’s start with head scratcher Mcvey’s seat in leith, we got what figures were available and we worked out the rest with the help of an annalist who is skilled in such matters. It appears from the figures that McVey could or had 38.9% of the vote, large indeed and room enough for another candidate you would think, but oh no he got a free ride for the whole ward while others with a lesser percentage had two or more in their wards. Strange don’t you think and a little touch of self preservation involved there we think.

But it gets better as who makes these decisions, why it’s the Edinburgh Constituency Association and who sits on this association, well would you believe head scratcher McVey amongst others of the elite and who chairs said association, surprise surprise Ben your honour McPherson’s sidekick Lisa knows fuck all Clark, along with another patsy Kate two jobs Campbell, we call her two jobs because she still works for Tommy Pinochhio Sheppherd, well well well the plot thickens. Is that allowed surely her priorities must be called into question.

We again ask the question, why is an employee of the SNP allowed to hold office bearers positions, must be an alterear motive. So we see a small exclusive clique beginning to form, along with the MSP and MP. So these chancers make the decisions on the split of the ward and how many candidates stand in each ward. So there is no surprise that head scratcher McVey got a ward all to himself, sure they have covered their backs on this obvious carve up but facts are facts he got the ward to himself, shoe in is we believe the correct term used. Clearly this Strategy worked perfectly for McVey but didn’t work out overall as the SNP only ended up with one more seat against the back drop of an utterly incompetent and bent Labour group.

with the vetting panel corrupt which we have proved beyond any reasonable doubt this mob of wasters can choose who they want to stand where or in Mcvey’s case get a free ride. As it happens we just read an article that refers to head scratcher McVey as totally untrustworthy, something in the light of this post we have to agree with. But the question still remains as to how they get away with it, easy really dump anybody who doesn’t agree with them democratically of course and stack any meeting if you can with your own cabal, old hat stuff that, Labour did it years ago, got away with it for a while then the decline started, see any similarities with the SNP. they are wearing Labours cast offs and kidding themselves on that they thought of it.

So head scratcher McVey is the monkey while the organ grinders put words in his mouth democratically of course. Why did head scratcher McVey never question anything that his previous boss Lesley prada Hinds did and she fucked up everything before her, why was the 20 mph limit put in place when 6000 people signed a petition against it while 3000 people incidentally the same amount that SPOKES has as members supported it, strange decision that is it not. What happened to the advertising that was meant to go on the Trams bringing in much needed revenue and part of head scratcher McVey’s previous portfolio, and this guy’s in charge you have got to be joking. He is in the pocket of the clique some of whom we have mentioned, but you can add Calum pin head Cashley and Jackie soor ploom Chalmers to that list.

So the carve up of wards is in the hands of a few the same few that pull McVey’s strings democratically of course. That busy body Clark should be booted into touch, but she is the eyes and ears of Ben your honour McPherson and until he is rumbled that won’t happen. Why is Kate Campbell allowed to work for an MP Pinochhio Sheppherd who we have exposed as just another chancer, While holding a Councillors role, massive conflict of interest, so who selected her and as we look at the ward breakdowns which are freely available if you know where to look she got a large chunk of a ward where Pinocchio Sheppherd is MP, carve up or what.

These are the very people that will ultimately bring down political party’s if they are not stopped. Yes they have the field to themselves at the moment but that’s time limited and as we can see time is not on the SNP’s side as the decline has already started and as long as cliques run the show then the decline will continue and no Voter Management Strategy will save you from oblivion.

Follow The Murky Trail Part 2.

Friends and readers.

In part one we took you on a little history tour. Now let us delve a little deeper into the mire.

14th September 2014 ” Night for Scotland” Fundraising event at the Usher Hall.

18th September 2014, date of the referendum for Scottish Independence.

Between those dates and up and until November 2014 Tommy Pinocchio Sheppherd deposited £35,094 into the YES Scotland Campaign funds. This is fact and and can be checked. The accounts submitted to companies house are signed by Scott Martin as a director of YES Scotland, again fact and can be checked.

This is the same Scott Martin employed by the SNP at their headquarters as their Legal person. The very same Scott Martin that oversaw the ballot an selection of the candidates for the Westminster Parliamentary Elections 2015. This alone warrants an investigation.

By November 2014 Pinocchio Sheppherd had paid a sizeable amount of money into the YES Scotland coffers, coincidentally just prior to announcing that he is throwing his hat into the ring to be nominated for Edinburgh East, an area which he hadn’t set foot in before. It has also been alleged that Pinocchio Sheppherd parted with around about £45,000 as a donation to the SNP coffers, but this would have been done in smaller donations to avoid scrutiny and may well have involved paying through other peoples names. But since the SNP are not forthcoming about where they stash their cash, and they certainly are not short of as few quid, it’s mere speculation about who these people were.

George Kerevan had stood for the Edinburgh East Constituency in the previous Parliamentary Election and lost to Labour’s candidate Shiela Toothy Gilmore who had taken over from long time MP Gavin fun boy Strang. Georgie had been nominated to stand in 2015 for Edinburgh East and was thought by many to be the right candidate at the right time. However this was not to be as he very surprisingly pulled out of the contest, more surprisingly as he had fought it before and with the SNP on the way up this was a major opportunity to win this long held Labour seat. He also lived in the constituency and yes friends was also an SNP branch member of Edinburgh East.

Things take a decidedly dodgy turn around about now, as Georgie boy was then nominated for the East Lothian Constituency, very odd as he wasn’t known there at all or at the very least not very well known, and it gets even more murkier because as we stated in part 1 he would be contesting the nomination against the well known Council group leader Paul McLennan and another well known local face Councillor Ruth Currie.

So you can imagine everyone’s surprise when George the dragon Kerevan won the nomination, still that’s democracy or is it?

So the smart money if you can call it that says Pinocchio Sheppherd paid to be nominated for a seat and looking closely at the accounts and who was involved then that has to be the logical conclusion, figures can be manipulated we have seen that but in the end they don’t lie. But the seat which gave him the best opportunity to become and get the title MP was of course Edinburgh East which had returned the highest yes vote in the referendum. follow the logic so far it’s easy when you know how. So by paying his money he got the shot at Edinburgh East. But George the dragon Kerevan stood in his way of that so he was somehow convinced to move aside, probably with the assurance he would get the nomination for East Lothian, remember the break down of the ballots for both constituency’s remain unknown, only to a small clique.

Now let us not forget Neil twitter Hay in all this murky affair, so because of his allegiance to Pinocchio Sheppherd in the Yes Edinburgh South campaign, twitter hay would be assured of the Edinburgh South nomination, yes folks real democracy in action as the SNP lead the way in transparency and democracy. This seat of Edinburgh South should have been the seat if any that Pinochhio Sheppherd would have been contesting but ah ha the least likeliest to get him elected.

And dear friends, who was at the heart of it all? Why none other that Scott Martin and most probably with the blessing of Mr. and Mrs. Murrell. And you all thought Nero was a tosser.

Follow The Murky Trail Part 1.

Friends and readers.

Information has come into the hands of the nations favourite blog site Pilton Sucks which we believe to be serious enough to question the ethics of Scotland’s Governing party the SNP.

Let Sucks take you back in time with our own version of the Tardis, only this Tardis we found on a bus shelter seat.

Let us travel back in time to 1994 in the company of media lover Tommy Pinocchio Sheppherd.

Having failed to get elected to Parliament as a Labour candidate in sunny Bury St Edmonds our friend Pinocchio moved to Edinburgh to take up a post within Edinburgh District Council which he allegedly was not qualified for and was let go. He then surprise surprise was qualified enough in 1996 to be appointed Assistant General Secretary of Scottish Labour, a post which he used to argue and plot against the SNP.

Then a stroke of ill fortune befell Pinocchio and while in a pub enjoying a refreshment his car was broken into and a briefcase containing documents which related to Tony Blair was nicked and mysteriously found their way into the hands of opposition parties, bad luck there then. In January 1997 some three months after this unfortunate incident he says he was made redundant from his position. More likely he was sacked for the loss and subsequently couldn’t get another seat anywhere for the Labour party.

So some six years later in 2003 Pinocchio cancels his membership of the Labour party and decides to concentrate on his growing empire of Comedy clubs, but as ever Pinocchio the media lover decided to make a meal of it and issue a statement about it. In 2012 our friend Pinocchio joined the YES Scotland Edinburgh South Campaign and takes over the organisers role along side disgraced former SNP candidate Neil twitter Hay. Attending Labour for independence debates our friend Pinocchio could use his former position as a badge of Honour.

Let us now move on to September 2014 and Pinocchio made a big thing of not being interested in joining the SNP. Around the same time he played a big part in organising the ”Night for Scotland” four days before the referendum enjoying the attention of rubbing shoulders with Mr. Salmond and Ms. Sturgeon.

Well we all know the result of the referendum but there was a backlash from a large section of the population and with this backlash came soaring membership of the pro independence parties. So here’s the opportunity that Pinocchio had been dreaming of, a chance to become and get the title MP and who better to help him than the party in the ascendancy, yes dear friends that’s right the SNP. After all he had already gifted the YES Scotland campaign £35,094 in his own name, we checked.

So Pinocchio joins the party some two weeks after the referendum, the results showed that Edinburgh East had the largest Yes vote in the City 47% yes, we checked. He would also have been aware that Sturgeon who was already anointed as the next SNP leader was going to end the 12 month rule of party which stated that an individual would have to be a party member for a year before they could be considered to be a candidate for public office, this was in part because Sturgeon was hoping A lister’s would jump on board the Westminster bus.

As expected in October of 2014 Sturgeon begins the downfall of the party by changing the rule that excludes any member standing for public office if they haven’t been in the party for a full 12 months prior to nomination. Well friends as you can imagine the proverbial flood gates opened and a multitude of yessers poured in with less than 6 months in the party, but lo and behold it wasn’t the punters she expected to stand, like Lesley Riddick and Elaine C Smith etc, but there was always Tommy Sheppherd.

As the nights drew in so it was that in the winter of 2014 Pinocchio Sheppherd announces that he will put himself forward for nomination in Edinburgh East. But wait on friends the previous candidate and favourite for the nomination George Kerevan was also standing for the seat. But just as you think miracles don’t happen George suddenly steps down and goes off to contest the East Lothian seat. He cancels his East Edinburgh membership and takes up a new one in East Lothian, but he stayed in the Edinburgh East Constituency and hadn’t set foot in East Lothian and was up against two local candidates in the from of the SNP council leader Paul Mclennan and long standing East Lothian Councillor Ruth Currie, strange indeed.

So a new year and in January 2015 Pinocchio Sheppherd wins the nomination for Edinburgh East and by some miraculous turn of events Kerevan wins the nomination for East Lothian.

Now this is were it gets a little murky, we say a little murky but it is already so murky it’s hard to see anything clearly. It transpires that no-one bar SNP head quarters and the movers and shakers there, Murrell, Martin and McCann knew exactly what the vote breakdown was and who got what. It appears no-one knows and still don’t know the breakdown of the ballot results, and that just plain smells of corrupt practice even if by some slight chance it wasn’t, it still stinks. Open and transparent, what do you think?

Follow the murky trail part 2 comes next.

Factor 65

Friends and readers.

Still no audited accounts from West Granton/West Pilton Community Council an employee of the City Council told us on Friday. So the question has to be asked why no visible action from the City Council who are guardians of the public purse. Strange that grants were given to this Community Council even though they had not returned audited accounts. Who authorised the release of public money to this Community Council, who knew that they had not returned audited accounts, and who turned a blind eye, because it’s glaringly obvious someone did. Cammy squint tie Day perhaps, Eileen hugger Hewitt perhaps, certainly both would have known that no audited accounts had been returned to the Council yet both said and did nothing.

Now retired former Labour Councillor Vickie the hat Redpath we suspect knew as well, so a Labour conspiracy perhaps, wouldn’t be the first one. Both were or still are buddies with Lottery holiday lover Willie Community socialist Black who shouts a lot but says nothing worth listening to, who is also currently Chair of this Community Council. So what has happened to the money, where is it, who spent what and on what. Our research shows that very little apart was spent apart from the cost of room hire for the meetings, which leaves by our ready reckoner close to £5000 somewhere, but it could be possibly more depending on what went through their hands and when.

So you can see why suspicions are raised and even more so when whoever has the books knows they have not been audited and has access to the money. How many signatures are required to authorise spending, who are they, bet your life Willie boy is one of them. Why was this allowed to happen, who is involved in the cover up, and why have none of the office bearers been questioned by the Council particularly the Chair and Treasurer, whats the problem, are the Council unable to carry out what should be a simple request and ask for full audited accounts, and which individual who must have known that no audited accounts had been received authorised grant payment. Find him or her and you will find almost certainly collusion, and if that is the case then we must have an investigation and not by some half assed officials but a police investigation to access if any wrongdoing has taken place.

By not returning audited accounts this warrants an immediate investigation by the funders to establish what has happened, but the funders cannot be allowed to carry out an internal investigation if it is found out that all is not well with the accounts, given that fact that they handed out public money without due process they cannot be trusted to get to the truth. Three of the former Ward Councillors have departed but that still leaves Willies pal Cammy squint tie Day plus three newbies. If there has been fraud or wrongdoing of any kind then the present incumbents will get the blame for doing nothing. Who will raise their head above the parapet and demand answers from this Community Council.

Aye Aye.

Friends and readers.

News has reached the ever eager ears of the nations favourite blog site Pilton Sucks, that all is not well with the West Granton/West Pilton Community Council. The rumour machine has gone into over drive with story’s of lost accounts and no audited accounts for at least three years. We cannot confirm at this time if this is accurate or not but this is a strong rumour which has been circulating for some time and has now surfaced.

We also hear that they have been refused this years grant due to no audited accounts being made available to the City Council, once again this has not been confirmed and when Sucks contacted the Council for a comment we were politely refused, which to us confirms trouble at mill. How was this if accurate allowed to happen, how could this have gone un-noticed, and who could have known and said nothing.

It’s clear all is not well with this Community Council and action has to be taken to get to the bottom of what exactly is going on. as it happens our old mate and Lottery funded holiday lover Willie community socialist Black is chair of this Community Council and surely he must be the first point of contact to explain what has been going on. Why has he not been called to account, had anyone tried to contact him, or has he gone to ground. His pal and now Labour group leader Cammy squint tie Day might know Willie’s hiding place so maybe Cammy should be questioned to see what he knows, after all he was one of the local Councillors in 2015 when this problem allegedly started. Of course Cammy will deny any knowledge of potential wrong doing, but then again he would wouldn’t he .

Willie and his buddy Barbara have to come clean and if there is nothing to hide then why have the accounts not been audited for three years, and who covered it up. Question, how can a Community Council that receives public money not return audited accounts for three years but still get their grant for two of those three years. Somebody in authority must have known, isn’t that right Cammy, and the public have a right to know where the cash is. This is not the first time Willie Community Socialist Black has had a cloud hanging over his head and been protected by some fool higher up the food chain, but it stops now, Sucks is on the case.

We demand a thorough investigation into the finances of this Community Council and the Monies accounted for. This could have serious repercussions if allowed to go unchecked, the books have to be handed over with all receipts and cheque stubs and anything else associated with the accounts so a proper swift investigation can be carried out to get to the bottom of the problem. So come on Cammy find your pal and come clean.

Sandie Shaw Sung About It.

Friends and readers.

Information has been received by Sucks from an anonymous source which reads to say the least very suspicious and warranting a much closer look. One Scott Martin, Who’s he we hear you ask, well Mr. Martin was head of the SNP vetting panel, yes the very same dubious vetting panel we have been highlighting recently, and was also financial controller for the funds of the yes campaign, is that not a conflict of interest given the large donations received from one individual who we will name once we have full knowledge of the facts.

Effectively it could be said and Sucks will say it this individual bought a seat after easing his way past the vetting procedure. This self seeking high profile individual and some of his associates donated monies to the yes campaign, we have the document showing exactly that but as ever we will make sure it is accurate before naming names. The public were told the referendum was to be an opportunity to decide about independence not a ticket for a constituency seat, but the figures if true tell a different story and we believe that this has to go national and expose the corruption surrounding large donations and the subsequent selection and election to office of an individual and his associates who made large donations to the campaign, a campaign who had a certain Scott Martin holding the purse strings, and chairing the very questionable vetting panel.

Of course this might just have been a coincidence like the moon being made of green cheese or those that believe the earth is flat, so it stretches the imagination some what. Does the first minister know of this or not and if she does what implications does that throw up. Once more we see traditionalists within the SNP sidelined for the plebs who think they know it all but in reality know little or nothing and are being manipulated like puppets on a string. To serve is an honour to manipulate is skulduggery, and masks the true intentions of those that seek to get their own way through stealth.

Sucks is on to you.

All The Numbers Full House.

Friends and readers.

We start today’s riveting, exciting post with a question. Who said this.

———–, a member of the committee, said: “Most members of the public will take umbrage when MP’s suggest doing this job is not a full time, or your principle, job.

“You should not be doing this on a part time basis; it is a full time wage and if you are doing the job properly it is well more than a 40 hour week.

“There needs to be some clarity in the system that when you are elected as an MP it is expected that it is a full time job and you do it on a full time basis.”

———– said the new presumption would be that MP’s “usually” should not take second jobs but there could be exceptions such as for medical professionals or doctors.

He said: “There needs to be some a limit on any outside employment, either by remuneration or by hours undertaken. So that the second job is clearly seen as secondary.

“There are people in this place who in terms of remuneration it would be hard to describe this any anything other than a part time job.”

———– said that the change to the code – which is open to comment from members of the public until November 30 – could be expanded to include MP’s who are accused of using their positions to try to consultancy work.

Still not worked it out, well let the nation’s favourite blog site put you out of your misery, it was none other than Mr. devious himself Tommy Pinocchio Sheppherd.

Talk about hypocrisy Pinocchio Sheppherd is coining it in and the view from his Minto Street window must be very nice indeed.

Last week we revealed that Pinocchio Sheppherd had a big interest in the cash only Speigal tent which was erected in George Street during the rip off festival, with the amply named Salt an Sauce company. This cash only venture was very lucrative for Pinocchio Sheppherd but we are sure that he declared all his earnings to the inland revenue, course he did. As we revealed last week questions are being asked amongst senior SNP party officials as to the selection procedure that saw Pinocchio Sheppherd selected to contest the Edinburgh East Seat when George Kerevan seemed the obvious choice. But we here at Sucks are not that interested in the bent vetting and selection procedures of the SNP we have covered that already, something which Sturgeon and Peter Murrell have turned a blind eye to.

A quick look at Company’s house will show you what Pinocchio Sheppherd is involved in, this is available to everybody on it’s website and is of public knowledge. Sucks at the moment is digging a little deeper to see exactly what Pinocchio Sheppherd has and is up to as he helps himself to his MP’S Salary plus expenses. Pinocchio Sheppherd declined to stand for the leadership of the SNP group at Westminster citing he did not have enough support to win, didn’t stop him last time from challenging for the leadership when Angus Robertson beat him. We think it is just as likely that he would have been uncovered and exposed as the fraud he is.

A couple of Edinburgh East SNP members have contacted Sucks telling us they were sidelined during the selection procedure and the vetting was biased towards Sheppherd because Sturgeon wanted big hitters as she seen to be selected as candidates overlooking and bypassing other potential candidates. Once again the corrupt vetting procedures of the SNP are shown to be very flawed and we cite the crooks Thomson and McGarry as two chancers who cleared vetting and went on to commit criminal offences, subsequently the SNP lost both seats at the General Election and that is squarely down to party leader Nicola Sturgeon.

Sturgeons leadership both during these corrupt vetting procedures and the disaster that followed in the General election must now be openly questioned, but members are either to busy licking her lonesome ass or frightened to say anything for fear of repercussion, we are not and are of the belief that Sturgeons time has come and gone. The traditionalists in the SNP have been sidelined in favour of chancers like Pinocchio Sheppherd and that will ultimately be their downfall and we can see the decline now and still Sturgeon locks herself away in Bute House and does nothing except some quiet reflection, well reflect on this. Your party is in the hands of those that will bring it to it’s knees, and you are at fault for allowing it to happen. Many SNP MSP’s will privately be very worried indeed or they should be as no seat is safe now, not under Sturgeon’s leadership. But there are no obvious contenders she has seen to that, not a back bone amongst them and so will sink with the ship if they do not change course.

The day job has been put on the back burner to allow the yessers to have the upper hand and ruin the party. We have said and say again that the nutter element in the SNP which Sturgeon welcomed with open arms while sticking it to the traditionalists, is what the Militant tendency was to Labour. Sturgeon is a prisoner of these people and she has only herself to blame. Alone and friendless apart from the ass licking philistines that surround her and will dump her as soon as they realise that the games up she has little or no room for manoeuvre which makes her vulnerable, but like most party leaders they are fed bullshit by their ass lickers until it’s to late and they get dumped.

She has to make major reforms in the party but can she, is it to late, will she be allowed. The winning formula has run out and a rethink is and must be top of the agenda. What must Salmond and Robertson be thinking right now, what moves if any might they make to dethrone the queen bee. It’s over the decline has started, and will be difficult to stop but it can be stopped if the will is there, is it, at the moment it doesn’t seem of feel like it.

There Isn’t The Words

Friends and readers.

The terrible events many of us witnessed on our TV screens is just to hard to bare. The tragic loss of life brought about by the fire which engulfed the Grenfell tower flats leaves us wondering how on earth could this happen. The details of how and why must come out and be made public.

Let us think on this as the nation comes to terms with this human tragedy.

May and 311 other Tories banded together last year to vote down a Labour amendment that would have forced private landlords to make homes fit for Human habitation before moving families into them. Seventy two of those Tories were themselves private landlords. May’s fire service minister Nick Hurd was one of them