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Follow The Murky Trail Part 4.

Friends and readers.

Continuing our investigation into Tommy Pinocchio Sheppherd, we ask why does he need two Constituency offices in Niddrie Mains Road and Portobello High Street both paid for by the hard pressed tax payer. Nothing like spending money when it’s not coming directly out of your own pocket.

Then dear friends we have his full time employee and Edinburgh City Councillor Kate clueless Campbell working out of these offices. Ward 17 member clueless Campbell who takes both a Council salary and full time salary as Pinocchio’s employee suddenly friends and readers has an obvious problem.

She cannot conduct Council Business out of these offices as they are paid for out of Westminster expenses and if she is then that is a direct breach of protocols. We have received information to the contrary and our reliable source tells us that Council business has been conducted and if this information is correct then we are asking that an immediate investigation is undertaken to, firstly investigate why Pinocchio Sheppherd needs two Constituency which sets him apart from his colleagues and secondly what if any Council enquiry’s or work has clueless Campbell undertaken from these taxpayer funded offices.

If rules are being breached or flaunted this is not on and yet again we see Pinocchio Sheppherd involved in something which raises questions. Maybe the Murrells should be more proactive in monitoring what their MP’s and Councillors are up to and less time writing crap on Social Media. But dear friends that is unlikely as the Murrells and cronies like Scott Martin who we exposed on this site are on Pinocchio’s Xmas card list.

We have exposed how the Leith cabal are trying to control and dominate the Edinburgh Northern and Leith Constituency by closing ranks and excluding anybody who doesn’t share their warped view of things and this pattern of behaviour is mirrored in Edinburgh East, dominate and control getting rid of anybody they don’t like or have a different view. The success of this kind of perverse behaviour is dependent on cliques keeping the lid on any discontent or open debate. At the moment it is working in both North and East but it will break down it always does, and we see in both Constituency’s majority’s have evaporated and being anal retentive has been a factor.

Will that change, yes of course it will cliques have a limited shelf life but it’s the damage they do while having their murky hands on the tiller. Cobber Brocks majority is now wafer thin and Pinochhio Sheppherd is not far behind, and we predict with virtual certainty that the bullying control freak behaviour of MSP Ben your Honour McPherson will come back to haunt him, so watch as his majority disappears into thin air.

Yes you can use people that are stupid enough to be caught in the headlights but in the end all these people are just used and then discarded when no longer needed. The current bunch of yessers in charge of the SNP don’t want debate they want obedience and compliance and yes men, not for anything other than securing their own positions.

What Sucks has uncovered up to date is rotten to the core, and part of the decline which we are witnessing at the moment.

Hail Ceasar.

Friends and readers.

You just might have noticed that Catalonia is having a referendum on it’s independence interesting for Ms. Murrell is it not. Support the Cats and upset Spain who said they would have no problem with an independent Scotland in the E.U or avoid the question with a bit of ducking and diving.

The real problem is that Mr & Mrs Murrell seem to spend most of their lives admiring what they think are their pearls of political wisdom and canny statesmanship on their own twitter accounts….. and just can’t see the bigger European political picture and just cannot see themselves or the SNP as others abroad see them. The EU is about building a Continental State, moving all real decision-making, all real influence of people lives and all real control to the Brussels/ Strasburg/ Luxembourg power base.

J C Junkers has made it perfectly clear…. that in 20 years there will be no such thing as a nation state in the EU. Oh! Yes! The FMs PMs Presidents and the like will fly the pretty flags, have the governmental seals and strut about at EU leaders “Leaders” conferences but… their individual countries will have no power, no influence and no control. That will be reserved, as now for an unelected, virtually unknown, unaccountable EU elite who in the EU Commissions and countless Byzantine Quangos will manipulate every aspect of our lives.

The Holyrood Government of an “independent Scotland” in the EU will have less power, less authority less control than say.. our current local councils. Clearly this is the complete antithesis of what nationalists in Scotland want… and what most Scots want. And what’s more…. there is absolutely no way that the EU will accept the hectoring, demanding, carping, hyper-critical divisive tactics of the Murrells…. Nicola Sturgeon in particular. Sturgeon’s ill-conceived intervention in Catalonian politics is a massively naive political blunder. It will not help Catalonia…. It will do Scotland no good…. And it won’t speed that day the she can get her wee feet on the EU red carpet either!

Here Comes The Rain.

Friends and readers.

The City deal money is on the way, but we have to say that the deal was done before head scratcher McVey and squint tie Day got any where near it, and we question their ability to deal with the sums involved. We ask because there is no business acumen at all between them and yet they will be swimming in the limelight of taxpayers money for the City. This deal was originally put together by Andy pandy Burns and Frank fingers Ross, both now otherwise occupied with McVey having bought off any leadership challenge by getting rid of fingers to the Lord Provosts role, while the other potential challenger easy lover Gavin nee naw Barrie will be to busy with Dennis what’s in it for me Dixon working out how they can maximise their Council income.

With head scratcher in the pockets of the Leith cabal and Pinocchio Sheppherd no doubt they will have a big say in how the money is spent, which by any stretch of the imagination is wrong but that’s what will happen, don’t say we didn’t tell you. So what knowledge and experience do these characters have when dealing with such sums, none and that’s the problem, but they will take the praise.

This is not new money unlike the money that half shut May found to give to the DUP and buy their support, this is taxpayers money that like the Trams we we will be paying back forever, and this chunk of taxpayers money is not for any stupid, un-costed Tram extension that head scratcher seems to love, so we will be watching for any slight of hand by him and his cabal.

Interesting that because the Council is in recess none of the other elected Councillors will be involved or consulted, but the Leith cabal will as will Pinocchio Sheppherd, that you can bet on. Sucks feels that all the elected members should be involved in the process or at the very least those that have business experience of which certainly in the SNP ranks there are two or three, will they be consulted, no of course not, We looked at the experience of a number of the elected members and it was clear that at least three of the SNP Councillors should be consulted or brought on board for their business acumen, and that includes Frank fingers Ross.

Head scratcher McVey will serve his puppet masters and not the wider interests that’s a cert, and we urge people to look closely at who will be pulling McVeys strings, answers on a postcard and addressed to the usual place c/o Ben your honour McPherson’s office. Pilton Sucks will stay right on top of this and no matter what deal is done behind closed doors or who is double dealing and grafting, we will find out and print the details. Remember this, Those that the cabals would destroy make all powerful. We are watching.

New Balls Please

Friends and readers.

For those of you that have nothing better to do with your time you could read our old mate Cammy squint tie Days mini bio in the Edinburgh Evening News. Have to say the Evening News would be better off reading Pilton Sucks and see some real investigative journalism at work as we expose Pinocchio Shepherd and head scratcher McVey as a couple of charletons.

But they are what they are which isn’t much and that’s why Pilton Sucks is by far the superior read if you want to know who is hard at it and what’s really going on in the dirty world of politics.

The squint tie man tells us in this cosy intimate tieless piece that the past six days or weeks the news can’t seem to make up its mind that he has been hard at it trying to do a deal which of course is good for him first and then the City a poor second. Squinty tie tells the drooling readers a little of his early working years although Sucks has heard a slightly different version which is doing the rounds and has been for quite some time, surprised the Evening News hasn’t heard the alternative version, which paints a slightly different picture to the one that Cammy would have you believe.

The Pilton Partnership was a well known Labour stronghold which misused it’s position to make sure that most if not all of the Community projects they had tabs on sung from the same Labour hymn sheet, and one of the bigger projects which received funding from the Partnership had a Labour Councillor manageing it while still maintaining a seat on the Partnership board, Cammy didn’t tell you that little ditty. And that’s just one of the dodges the partnership were involved in but we are not going to do the job the Evening News should be doing. So it’s no surprise that Cammy was employed in a Labour Party jobs for the boys creation scheme.

But far be it from us to take the shine of the squint tie man’s somewhat coloured view of things. But it might be in the interests of the Edinburgh Evening News to do a little digging below the surface to see that all is not as it seems. Better still read Pilton Sucks it’s free, it’s a terrific read, we are in no-ones pocket and we will continue to report on how you are being screwed and lied to.

Question Time

Friends and readers.

Just when you think that the City could not have had a worst leader than Andy pandy Burns would you believe it up pops a real corker in Adam head scratcher McVey. We think the SNP group must have been on the funny pills when they voted for this clown, never worked, never had a job which even remotely qualifies him to be elected never mind be leader, but then the same thing could be said about his wee buddy Cammy squint tie Day.

But as many people have said head scratcher McVey is a treacherous individual and certainly is not worthy of being City leader, in fact quite the opposite he’s a complete embarrassment and this was brought into stark light when he leaked the story of the possibility of a congestion charge to the Evening News, no point denying it we know you did.

So head scratcher answer this glaringly obvious question. If the SNP Government scraps bridge tolls in Scotland then why would they allow Scottish citizens to pay to come into the capital City. Has head scratcher McVey checked this out with his puppet masters at head quarters, and did he get permission from his tail waggers to give Labour so many positions including the flagship position of Education. How did this clown manage to give Labour 10 positions with them only having 12 Councillors, this guy could not negotiate a bus queue. Labour must be privately rubbing their hands together, not only do they get 10 positions they have a fool as leader of the SNP group that will play right into their hands, don’t forget it was Labour who wanted to introduce a congestion charge when head scratcher McVey was still wondering what day it was, and it is Labour who wants to extend the Tram, which head scratcher will try and push forward doing their job for them, what a mug.

Head scratcher McVey is a corrupt officials dream, he knows nothing, he’s experienced nothing and he’s in the pocket of a clique who have his short and curly’s firmly in their tawdry pockets. This City is a laughing stock and we have said time after time that corrupt officials who we have named have been running with their own agenda for years and getting away with it. Now they must think that God is firmly on their side with head scratcher McVey in charge.

But Sucks is watching and we will be right there making sure that bent officials are brought to task which they weren’t under the corrupt regime of Sue three jobs Bruce. So head scratcher McVey is not the person to lead this City, not the person to clean this City up, and not a person to be trusted.


Friends and readers.

Pilton Sucks is puzzled about something and we would be curious to know the answer.

Why is it that SNP Councillor Neil Gardiner who is a qualified architect and by all accounts was keen to chair the Planning Committee didn’t even get close, it went instead to clique member Lewis smiler Ritchie who couldn’t find the zip in his trousers without a map, or with the helping hand of head scratcher McVey.

We didn’t think it could get any worse than Ian brown envelop Perry the former chair of planning who could never sit down as his ass was always bulging out of his trousers due to the bungs we all knew he was getting. But it just has got worse with beach blond smiler Ritchie now occupying the chair. Well we know that if any applications come in from Edinburgh East smiler will help them along as he is a Pinocchio Sheppherd ass licker.

Mcvey as group leader, Ritchie as chair of Planning MacInnes as convener of Transport and clueless Campbell chair of nothing thank fuck but still works full time for Pinocchio Sheppherd, what do these three beauts have in common. All part of the clique that Pinocchio Sheppherd has round about him, God knows why he’s a complete tosser.

The Lie Is Mightier Than The Truth.

Friends and readers.

It wasn’t in the manifesto but the revenue raising congestion charge is back on the agenda again. Same old dodge get the bad news out early so the mug punter voter forgets about it by the time of the next election, come on head scratcher you need to do better than that. Ah yes Head scratcher McVey was involved along with his mate the new chair of planning who couldn’t find his way round the block without a map Lewis smiler Ritchie. Both these muppets had a hand in putting together the SNP manifesto for the Council Elections and not a smither about putting the hated congestion charge back on the agenda Both McVey and Ritchie are part of a clique within the SNP which Pilton Sucks has uncovered and will ultimately bring the party to it’s knees.

But more of the sneaky little clique later as we have covered it already on Sucks. 79% of the Edinburgh public are against a congestion charge which in reality is nothing more than a revenue raising exercise, yet head scratcher and smiler didn’t bother to detail their plans in the manifesto, as it was a vote loser, and Twitter lovie Gavin nee naw Barrie who had an input would have told these two jokers exactly that. So by head scratcher McVey raising it now what does that tell you about him. So who leaked the story to the Evening News Adam, answers on a postcard to Adam head scratcher McVey c/o the Leith Clique or just post your answers to Ben your honour MacPherson’s office same thing.

The 20mph limit has done more for pollution since it’s introduction something by the way that head scratcher McVey supported while doing what he was told by former Sucks favourite Lesley Prada Hinds. More emmisions are thrown into the atmosphere while vehicles are crawling along at that speed and of course Idling which Council bin Lorry’s love to do. But head scratcher will spin out his usual ill educated and uninformed nonsense and of course he has his pal as convener of Transport who hasn’t a clue what she’s doing Lesley fares please MacInnes to spin out what she’s told to spin out. We have already had experience of her ability spouting shit about the Trams being in profit when everybody and his cousin knows the system makes a massive loss and will never be in profit.

At every turn in Edinburgh there are countless examples of where incompetent traffic management is highlighted and observed. People stopped or diverted for no apparent reason, looking around and scratching their head in bewilderment wondering why exactly they have been stopped or diverted. Queues of 1 are frequently seen all over the city. Stopped and waiting for nothing. The volume of traffic has declined yet congestion and pollution have increased. Why? Every single “improvement” has worsened the situation turning free flowing traffic into a congested queuing mess, and all done with the stroke of some unheard of bureaucrat’s pen. With every addition traffic management improvement in Edinburgh comes additional congestion, regardless of the number of vehicles affected. Recent events have highlighted the incompetence of local authorities, but every local authority in the country should feel somewhat satisfied, proud even, when compared to the buffoons here in Edinburgh. And it was all started by the self proclaimed, congestion causing professor of pollution, David sootie Begg.

Follow the Murky Trail Part 3.

Friends and readers.

Let us take you back a bit in time to 2015 January 2015 to be more accurate and the result of an electronic ballot for the SNP candidate to represent Edinburgh East at the General Election. Very 21st Century is this system but still the same old cloak and dagger routine when it comes to naming the winning candidate. Now by January 2015 our new best friend Tommy Pinocchio Sheppherd had only been a member of the SNP for a few months but thanks to Sturgeon removing the 12 month rule Pinocchio Sheppherd was eligible to stand, this of course was after he said he would not join the SNP.

In the September of 2014 the referendum on Scottish independence had taken place resulting in a big influx of new members to the SNP all eligible to vote of course. All these new members would have been put onto the SNP’s Activate system, and would have been only accessible to a small number of individuals, how then did Pinocchio Sheppherd access it himself a relatively new member and should not have had access to any membership list. But somehow he did and managed to send out election addresses to all the members of Edinburgh East before any nomination and selection meeting took place.

We have shown our readers to date how Pinocchio Sheppard bought his way to a constituency seat and the way he did it. We have shown you how he wormed his way in with the help of the Murrells and legal eagal Scott Martin and now we will tell you how he won the ballot.

This electronic ballot system that the SNP used which incidentally was counted and verified by an English organisation was used in the Edinburgh East selection process. Now as we have said Pinocchio had sent out election addresses to all the constituency members using a membership list that was data protected so how did Pinochhio Sheppherd access this list and who aided him in this highly dubious task. Could it have been Katie clueless Campbell’s better half Danny boy Aston, did he have access to it, or was it Pinocchio Sheppherds campaign manager to be Stefan sleazy Tymkewycz. Somebody got access to the membership list and gave it to Pinocchio Sheppherd, breaking the data protection act and thereby breaking the law.

Once more we find Pinocchio Sheppherd up to his huge ego in murky dealings, and not as much as a murmur of a complaint, Councillor Jason Rust would have probably complained more about the burnt sausages he enjoyed at Paul Nolans Barbecue, what was Rust doing at arch rogue Nolans Barbecue, could it have been something to do with the local neighbourhood partnership which Nolan wanted shot of and Rust supported, something for the Tory Group at the City Chambers to look a little more closely at as well as Pinocchio Shepherds relationship with the Nolan clan, yes we know about that as well.

So we know Pinocchio Sheppherd had illegal access to a membership list, we know that he sent all the constituency members an election address before he should have and we know he has a relationship with the Nolan clan, none of which has ever been questioned till now. But Pinocchios desire to feed his inflated ego makes it a certainty he broke the law, so why no action taken against him, lack of proof perhaps, to much bullshit going around at the time perhaps, but illegal skulduggery definitely. Both the Murrells and Scot legal eagal Martin should be questioned about this but who will do it apart from Sucks.

So enter the results of the Electronic Ballot which to date very few have actually seen the votes cast and how many votes each candidate received, so we cannot determine if they are honest and accurate but up to date very little has been so why should the results of an electronic ballot system where only a handful know the details of be any different.

The results in third place Mike Bridgeman, in second place Lloyd Quinnan who himself had rejoined the party having made a consistent ass of himself over the years, and in first place was surprise surprise the Pinocchio man himself Tommy Sheppherd. As we said no-one knew the true result, that is no-one seen the votes cast and how many each candidate got, so how can we know the result was accurate, because dear friends that’s the result that the Murrells wanted and Scott Martin wanted, and lo and behold miracles of miracles that was the result, couldn’t have come out better even if it was rigged which it wasn’t was it?

How did Pinocchio Sheppherd do it, simple really bullshit and lies, cheating and deception until now that is because Sucks has caught him out. He joined the SNP because that was the way to get what he wanted the title of MP, the Labour party had got rid of him and he couldn’t get a seat anywhere, but the SNP were ripe for a bit of deception and when Sturgeon got rid of the 12 month rule the floodgates opened and Pinocchio Sheppherd floated right on in, flashing the cash and talking shit. Sheppherd is a fraud and we have proved it, he and his kind will destroy the SNP then run like fuck.

Disco Diva

Friends and readers.

Many of you might have enjoyed the television spectacle that is Glastonbury near Pilton, no not that one the English one. Seemed everybody had a good time listening to the music and joining the fun and games at a very reasonable £250 a ticket plus camping fees which must have taken the price up and over the £400 mark. But what price can you put on high class entertainment, or entertainment at least.

But dear friends one of our readers was watching the highlights show on BBC 2 and swore they spotted newbie Councillor Ellie flighty Bird bopping up and down to radio head, more like cut your wrists listening to Radio Head but each to their own. So was flighty at Glasto doing her thing whatever that is. Maybe she was and maybe she was jumping up and down because she wasn’t getting coverage on Pilton Sucks, and when somebody told her that Glastonbury was in Pilton she thought ah ha that’s the place for me.

But Sheppherd Groupie [yes another one] and Radio head freak Flighty Bird must have set off for Glasto thinking that she would kill a few birds with a few stones, enjoy the delights of a recreational narcotics free music festival, although if you had smell a vision that might have been in doubt, boogie to the live music and get on Pilton Sucks. Congratulations you got the treble up. Unfortunately Glasto in Pilton doesn’t count as expenses.

Toy Town Economics

Friends and readers.

Roll up roll up to the funfair where new Transport convener Lesley MacInnes will tell you story’s of magnificent fantasy courtesy of some bull shit conjured up by Executive Director of Place Paul slekit Lawrence. Before we tell you of wondrous story’s let us without drawing breath tell you what slekit Lawrence is actually responsible for. Now this is a super duper job spec. He is responsible for City Strategy [didn't know there was one] and Economy, Transport and planning, Environment, culture, Housing and regulatory services and Localities, my my that’s a mouthful and he’s the joker who replaced Sue three jobs Bruce’s ass wiper Greg Ward.

No doubt we will be returning to Mr.Lawrence in the near future of that you can be certain. But back to Lesley yes another Lesley in charge of transport just after the City got rid of that other numpty Prada Hinds. So newbie Lesley fares please MacInnes tells us a corker, straight out of fantasy economics. She said with a straight face that the Trams made a profit last year of £250,000 which she got fed from slekit Lawrence. Even a primary school kid could have told you that this white elephant budget bursting enquirey ongoing Tram System costs us £315,000 a month just to service the interest on the loan, did slekit Lawrence forget to tell you that little detail or didn’t he know, probably to busy trying to figure out what he actually does apart from pick up a fat salary at the taxpayers expense.

So fares please MacInnes like a rabbit caught in the headlights makes a complete fool of herself by even mentioning something that boils the blood of the great Edinburgh public, they hate the fuckin Trams on mass. But dear friends was this fantasy statement just a front for something more sinister something which new treacherous group leader Adam head scrather McVey is behind. Yes is this the start of a propaganda exercise to bring the Trams to Leith and beyond, that sounds more like it, and if you remember the Labour manifesto before the election they were promoting that shit in it, and look what happened to them. There was and still is no business case for the Trams never will be, so head scratcher McVey can forget trying to use any City deal money and waste in on a useless unwanted uncosted Tram extension, so head scratcher we are on to you on that one, and by the way while we are at it why have the Labour cabal got 10 positions out of twelve Councillors, who was smiling at that deal, wasn’t the SNP group, were they even consulted on it. McVey couldn’t head a bus queue never mind lead a group, another jobless wonder who ass licked his way in the door then stabbed colleagues in the back, particularly Frank fingers Ross who would have made sure that McVey after his disaster as Hinds second in command at Transport would have been relegated to the back benches where he belongs. But McVey in offering fingers Ross the Lord Provost role put paid to any challenger in the short term, see head scratcher you can’t fool Sucks but then again you wouldn’t know how. We could go into this in more detail about how head scratcher promised fingers his vote then seen the numbers and changed course but that’s for another day.

We would like to know how head scratcher managed to give away Education one of the top positions in the City and with his own party making Education a priority, is this guy for real you just couldn’t make this shit up, maybe Mr and Ms. Murrell told him to do it or the Leith clique told him it was a good idea, who ever it was fucked up big style.

So by fares please MacInnes making that ludicrous ill informed statement much more came out of it, and shows that far from being binned while an enquirey goes on and we the mug punter public wait and see if anyone carry’s the can for the economic disaster of the single line Tram System, plans are already afoot to extend the financial misery and under the stewardship of jobless wonder Adam head scratcher McVey. It’s true what is being said head scracher McVey is a treacherous untrustworthy individual.