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Robust Or Really Bust

Friends and readers.

The mug punter voter is being taken down the dreadful Tram track again but only this time there has to be a robust case, which means if you follow the logic that there wasn’t one the last time we were railroaded into this nonsense. Problem is of course that we are still paying for the previous farce but only the interest on the massive capital borrowings.

There is no robust or any other case to be made for a Tram extension except wasting more taxpayers money on yet another ill conceived feasibility study. Head scratcher McVey who is pressing Labours case for this unwanted extension tells us that this extension will continue Leiths regeneration, we beg to differ, because no it won’t it will put us in a deeper financial black hole than we are already in. The Tram is an expensive vanity project which if Hardie looks hard enough will see the fraud and corruption that took place during the first farce. And we should trust these jokers to get it right this time, no chance.

Public opinion after the first disaster is firmly against this waste of money at a time when resources are scarce and Hardie has not reported yet on who was to blame for the first fuck up. The Tram is making huge losses despite the shit we are told about it being in profit, and now head scratcher with the support of those he bought off have send us down the doomsday road faster than you can say asshole.

LRT is to be raided for 20 million pounds on top of the 3 million pound dividend the council receive each year from LRT which won’t nearly be enough to fund this crap. History is beginning to repeat itself with a Transport convener who has no background or knowledge or experience in Transport other than knowing it exists, which is exactly the same as last time when the Prada Hinds was in charge and who was her vice Convener, oh yes that’s right Adam head scratcher McVey. This will be a licence to print money for all the experts that will come out of the wood work as they did last time to cream off dosh and line their own pockets. Maybe Hardie and his team could help out by giving back some of the 6 million pounds that this enquirey has eaten up so far, before of course he presents his final invoice.

Sitting in closed rooms making decisions about something which is clearly heading for the buffers before a street is closed off and not giving the public a say smells like the old smoke filled room decisions. The potholes and shity pavements continue to deteriorate, bins are not being emptied properly Housing development is a joke unless you are the developer and while the City apart from the precious center is beginning to fall into such a decay that it would take enormous amounts of money just to bring it up to a reasonable standard. But it’s full steam ahead on a journey to disaster and another financial cock up. It’s a certainty that whatever the public is told about what this shit will cost, it will be a dam sight more and once contracts are signed then to bad.

There are of course supporters of the Tram but not in the decaying urban rot of the housing estates where once again these punters will be ignored and fed scrapes from the masters table and patronised about not knowing enough about what the city requires. For those who lived through the original disaster there will be few supporters for this new shit, but that dosen’t matter as the amateurs leading this farce are determined to push on and given they won’t have to pay themselves then it doesn’t matter if the costs spiral out of control. But for those who voted for this farce to begin let us hope they come out and speak for the unspeakable and try and justify the unjustifiable and then go to their voters and ask for their vote.

One August Night

Friends and readers.

Cordite filled the air mixed with the City pollution helped by the farciacal 20mph limits. But let that not be the spoiler in what was a colourful evening as the Edinburgh sky was lit up by squibs telling us mug punters that the Edinburgh Festival was at an end.

Pilton Sucks ever the party animal paid a visit to witness the wonder of hard cash going up in smoke while the City’s homelesness problem continues to grow, while more taxpayers dosh plus a raid on LRT will be wasted on a Tram extension and why Labour are still in control of the Council when they lost the election.

All these important issues were in pale insignificance to a few fireworks being set off to end yet another fun packed jamboree. So who if anyone did Sucks spot enjoying this super duper evening. Well dear friends our first spot of the evening was Councillor George the knowledge Gordon wearing a very nice luminous tee shirt with I luv Nic and Pete emblazoned on it. Georgie was clearly enjoying the delights of this display as he danced around a tree with a sparkler between his teeth. Someone forgot to tell him that the fireworks were on suite and were part of the gig as he had brought his own family size box of Astra fireworks complete with extra loud bangers.

No stopping our old mate and Sucks devotee Georgie as the dance round the tree developed into a full Argentine Tango with one of the branches. Our Georgie was in a world of his own and was probably better than the one he currently inhabits at the City Chambers with it’s Pinocchio Sheppherd Groupies and Ben your honour McPherson personally trained back stabbers.

Who else did Sucks spot enjoying this value for money evening, that’s if you paid of course. Well none other than the Swiss Gnome herself and new convener of Transport Lesley fares please McInnes. This vastly experienced [just kidding] transport guru was looking very animated and in the moonlight you could just detect a rather smug look on her face as she handed out what looked like postcards. We took the opportunity to get one of these postcards and upon reading it we were rather surprised. There was what appeared to be a question on it to which we took fright at the thought of yet another fantasy consultation [there's that fuckin word again] but we calmed down when we read the whole question. It was pretty straight forward, the question read– Will someone please help me with a transport issue. iv’e got this new job i know nothing about and there is clear daylight between me and my brain. So anybody that knows anything about Transport please tick the box marked HELP and I will get back to you, I only got the job because I voted for head scratcher McVey.

Next we spotted our old mate and Sucks fanatic Cammy squint tie Day who was skipping along close to the Ross bandstand complete with flashing tie which complemented the vast array of colours adorning the skyline. He stopped to buy an Ice cream from a vendor who was screaming at the top of her voice, Buy from me or I will make a comeback, whoever could it be, on closer inspection it turned out to be the Drylaw Dame herself Lesley Prada Hinds who was obviously making a wee bit extra candy on the side flogging Ice creams and soft drinks. Strange indeed this night was becoming quite enlightening.

Who could be next. Well we didn’t have to wait long to find out as dancing in the moonlight dressed up as a rocket was the bully boy himself Ben your honour McPherson dancing alongside Lisa knows fuck all Clarke who was dressed as a banger. Clearly getting into the swing of things and there are one or two and probably several more punters who would like to light their blue touch papers and stand well back.

Well this was becoming a very jolly evening could there be anymore surprises and we didn’t have to wait very long for the next delight. Sitting on a bench with a torch reading the Sun was our old mate Willie Community Socialist Black freshly back from yet another foreign trip, no wonder the Lottery tickets have gone up in price. Oor Willie seemed engrossed in what must have been a riveting article and he had a bit of a scowl on his face. He threw the paper to the ground which we picked up to see and read what had upset oor Willie, and right there on page three of the Sun was an article outlining a closer scrutiny of Big Lottery applications. That’s the end of that scam then.

The night was drawing to a close and those who hadn’t already left were still chocking on the smoke from this delightful evening. Home time for the lucky punters, but there was one last nasty surprise. Emerging from the smoke filled evening came a haunting figure that cast a large dark shadow through the gloom. Who could it be, why dear friends it was none other than Tommy Pinocchio Sheppherd with Kate clueless Campbell trailing behind him. Pinocchio then proceeded to jump up on a bench and shouted into the megaphone he had discretely hidden beneath his jacket to announce that the Speigal tent would be opening late to allow the punters to continue the party. In a quieter tone he also announced that it was a cash only bar.

And a good night was had by all.

Rumour Has It.

Friends and readers.

Rumours are always circulating about something or other and to be honest it keeps the juices flowing. For all those like Sucks and many other connoisseurs the News Of The World is a big loss to the scandal and rumour world. Even those holier than thou who condemned the paper usually had a copy tucked in between their copy of the Observer just to keep up to date with the latest salacious gossip. But it’s gone and we have to make do with third rate gossip unless you are a follower of Sucks of course then you get all the good stuff sometimes before it even happens.

Here are some of the latest rumours that are doing the rounds. SNP Councillor Dennis what’s in it for me Dixon is threatening to actually find out what’s going on in the ward he was elected to represent without asking for payment, now there’s a first. Cammy squint tie Day the latest Labour group leader has gone on a walkabout in his ward, problem was he got lost and the map he got from Willie community socialist Black only showed where all the dosh siphoned off from the local partnership was buried.

Lesley Prada Hinds a former Sucks favourite and devotee has a new string to her off tune bow, Chairperson of the supposedly cleaned up MELA. The real nonsense rumour is that she is doing this job for free, more chance of Rangers sacking their manager before the year is out than our old mate Prada Hinds doing anything for free. The Drylaw Dame now retired thank God from politics needs to keep the dosh rolling in, she wouldn’t want to have to apply for a real job, heaven forbid. She could always sign on and graft on the side but it’s the graft bit that would have Prada coming out in a rash.

Rumour has it that newbie Councillor and Pinocchio Sheppherd employee Kate clueless Campbell is the new Homeless champion, somebody must be having a laugh and judging by her performance which can be viewed on the webcam which we did it would have been better suited to a Festival Fringe performance. Meanwhile our old mate and doorman on the side Gavin nee naw Barrie must be gritting his teeth after Pinocchio Sheppherd spoke out about low wages and exploitation of employees during the Festival, something he knows a bit about given his cash in hand remuneration to staff working in the Spiegel Tent. Wonder how that fits with nee naws one in five jobs in Edinburgh is festival based, but clearly not on the minimum wage Gav.

So come to Sucks and read the facts and have a laugh as well. Above is just a taste of what the rumour machine has to offer and Sucks is right there putting meat on the bone and digging up the skeletons which some would like to remain buried. With the Festival all but at an end with just the fireworks left to light up the night sky the frolics and fun are nearly at an finale. But for Sucks they continue as we bring you all the thrills and spills to titillate and tease you and make life worth living.

PS One last nasty rumour doing the rounds is that Norrie freebie Works the anti Tram champion now supports the latest farce extension, couldn’t be that he has been bought off with the convenership of licensing. If you don’t believe us get an FOI and it’s all there. 40 pieces of silver plus all the free meals you can eat. Nice one Norrie.

What’s It About

Friends and readers.

When we listen to politicians talking about the economy or any other matter which pops into their heads and to which they think we Joe public just can’t get enough of which of course is entirely the opposite. It’s very clear that listening to politicians talking about anything is as about as interesting as watching Cricket, the worst fuckin sport on the planet next to show jumping.

So Pilton Sucks thought long and hard about the meaning of politics for about 5 minutes and came up with this.

A little boy asks his father what politics is. His father tries to explain. “Well, son,” he says, “I go out into the world every day and make money – so imagine me as Capitalism. Your mother handles the budget for the house – so you could regard her as the Government. Your nanny, who looks after you and your baby brother, works very hard – so we will call her the Working Class. You are in the midst of all this – so consider yourself as the People. And your baby brother? Look on him as the Future.”

That night the boy goes to bed pondering his father’s words. In the middle of the night he is woken by his baby brother crying, clearly wanting to have his nappy changed. He goes into his parents’ bedroom and sees his mother fast asleep. He is unable to rouse her.

He goes to the nanny’s room and finds his father and the nanny making love. He tiptoes quietly out without being observed and goes back to bed.

At breakfast in the morning, the boy says to his father: “I was thinking about what you told me and I think I understand about politics now, dad.” His gratified father looks up from his toast and asks, “Oh yes, how is that?” “Well,” replies the boy, “Capitalism is screwing the Working Class. The Government is asleep. The People are being lied to and the Future is in deep shit.”

Think that about sums it up folks.

Festival Treat

Friends and readers.

One of our vigilant readers recently spotted our old mate, raconteur and freedom fighter Steve jambo Cardownie pacing up and down in Princess Street Gardens talking furiously into his phone. What could our pal and latest member of the family of journalists be so animated about. Could it be he had just heard a rumour that Adam head scratcher McVey actually had an idea that wasn’t prompted by the Leith clique. Was he hoping to get confirmation from Pilton Sucks before he digested this political miracle.

As the new celebrity Evening News columnist Jambo knows where the political skeletons are buried as he did most of the digging. The former festival guru jambo was the life and soul of the party and could be seen at every freebie that the Festival had to offer always willing to pose for the photographers with a cutting edge comment which left his political opponents within his own party or party’s given he was once a die hard revolutionary Socialist wondering how he got away with it.

Could it be that he was applying for the last spot on Celerity Big Brother, or offering his services as as a presenter on Flog It, maybe he fancied hosting a cookery show, might as well every other fucker seems to do a cooking programme, or antiques programme so why not jambo. Host of a game show perhaps, or pushing to make sure that he has a bench put in Princess Street Gardens where he can sit and contemplate what to put in his biography that would be believable.

Jambo must be delighted that he has succumbed to the temptations of journalism after being a huge fan and avid reader of the nations favourite blog site Pilton Sucks. Even more so when he see’s what has become of the City Council where he featured so prominently. Adam head scratcher McVey as Council leader, has to be a bad joke but no it’s true. A few of Pinocchio Sheppherd’s groupies elected to office and not a brain between them. Some of this lot couldn’t spell Community never mind represent them. Now wee nippy Sturgeon wants to change the name of the SNP to something or other as long as she and her band of disciples still have control.

So jambo had a lot to say as he nattered away on his phone, and lots to write about. But as always he will be a big Sucks supporter and we are pleased to have helped and encouraged jambo to take to the written word.

What’s In A Name

Friends and readers.

Twas with a stunned surprise that we listened to nippy Sturgeon telling the arty farty mob at a Fringe do that she would have changed the name of the SNP if she had had the chance to do so. Well friends there’s a kick in the teeth to the mug punters who have walked miles canvassing, leafleting and campaigning for the SNP to get into office locally and nationally. First of all it’s not in her gift and as the party’s popularity is declining this wasn’t the smartest thing she has ever said. The SNP has been branded round her which is always dubious especially when a party is in decline. The Murrell’s more or less run the party to suit themselves and their little clique which has now become a lot more obvious in recent times.

Sucks exposed their corrupt vetting system and exposed how Pinocchio Sheppherd bought a seat even though he bumbled the vetting interview. We exposed their dreadful voter management strategy which allowed Adam head scratcher McVey to be the sole candidate in a ward in sunny Leith, incidentally as we have already mentioned head scratcher was a big part of the voter management cabal which decided on the ward splits, so no surprise to see him being the only SNP candidate in a ward where two candidates would have been more honest.

But back to wee nippy’s ridiculous outburst about her desire to change the party’s name. This outshines the phone call story between herself and dodgy Dugdale she blurted out on a podium. Seems the end could be in sight for wee nippy and it’s panic mode. The sands of time are running out for nippy and her band of worshippers and the feeling we get is that if she is going then she will take the party with her. Which indeed friends must be the same case for Pinocchio Sheppherd as he must have something on the SNP to get away with what he has got away with to date.

But friends and readers for nippy’s information and anybody else who cares to know the facts we will give you all a brief history of the SNP.

The National Party of Scotland (NPS) was born on 23 June 1928, followed by the smaller Scottish Party in 1932. At a meeting in Hillhead, Glasgow on 14 December 1933, they agreed to merge as the SCOTTISH NATIONAL PARTY.
The SNP was inaugurated on Saturday, 7 April 1934, at its first Annual Conference, held in the St. Andrew’s Mid Hall (now part of the Mitchell Library), Granville St., Glasgow. The principal founders were John M. MacCormick, Robert B. Cunninghame Graham, the Duke of Montrose, Roland E. Muirhead, Andrew Dewar Gibb, Tom H. Gibson, Annie S. Swan (Mrs. Burnett Smith), Duncan H. McNeill, F. Marian McNeill, Robert Gray, John M. McNicol, J. Kevan McDowall, Harold Browne, Dr. C. Stewart Black, Robert Hurd, John L. Kinloch and the party’s first leader, Sir Alexander MacEwen.

So there it is friends inaugurated in 1934 long before the Murrells took over and turned it into their personal belonging. Many of the traditionalists in the party may already know the history but the newbies who flew in via the yes campaign won’t have a clue and couldn’t care less and the evidence shows with some of the yes mob who conned their way to being elected that this is the crew that will bring about the downfall of the party. It’s all very well flying the flag in a referendum but when it comes to bins and dog shit they are way out of their depth.

Wot A Bonaza

Friends and readers.

Ah yes dear friends the Festival is in full swing and the city, well the centre of it anyway is full of punters eager to lend their ears and eyes to listen and gaze at the marvels of what the artistic world has on offer as well as the opportunist rip off merchants waiting to relieve you of your candy which is just about everyone selling a service from the over priced shit that loosely resembles food adding tons of waste in a City which struggles mostly through incompetence to collect the existing refuse, to the major rip off chancers the hotel cartel.

Yes friends the City is buzzing and not a consultation in sight [there's that word again] thank fuck. Even Sir Kirsty Wark the lovey’s lovey is in town, well the centre of it anyway describing the delights of what’s on offer to the culture vultures, forgetting to mention the inflated ticket prices, but since the underclasses are purposely excluded from the City’s jamboree and the inhabitants of the underworld estates are encouraged not to bother the arty farty brigade then money is no object to the mug punter tourist.

The age old question of how much in hard cash the City actually benefits from has never ever been answered with a clarity that would make it believable. Fantasy figures have been thrown about, upwards to half a billion pounds has been mentioned based on what other than plucked from the air figures. Of course if we were all stupid enough to listen to ageing Lothario Gavin nee naw Barrie he would tell us again and again and again til we are convinced that he actually believes what he is spouting that one in five jobs is festival based, does that include the cash in hand paid by Pinocchio Sheppherds Spiegal Tent, or does that not count.

So how much in hard cash does the City get from the festival extravaganza. When you see how it is divided up it’s hard to imagine the City getting the lions share of the dosh. Yes the Hotels make plenty from their rip off prices, Council say’s nothing about that, so they make nothing there. the restaurants which sell overpriced nosh make a few quid, and the City gets nothing there, and since there is no tourist tax which might have swelled the coffers a tad we haven’t made a penny yet. So what’s next, the rip off ticket prices, not much if anything to be made there but if 50p on every ticket sold went to the City then that might swell the coffers a tad, so nothing there then. All the mess that these Tourists make has still got to be cleaned up and disposed of so a rubbish tax could be introduced and since most taxes are rubbish then it wouldn’t be noticed, say a 50p levy to be paid by every registered visitor to the City over the period, might swell the coffers a tad, instead of the mug punter resident having to pick up the tab yet again, so nothing there then.

Our Transport system will do okay but since we owe so much money for the budget bursting shitty Tram System despite the lies you are told about it making a profit, then any extra cash made particularly from the bus network will be reallocated to feed the constantly hungry interest payment monster that is the dreadful Tram system. So once again no money there then. What’s next Licensing the venues, yep a few quid there but not half a billion quids worth. Now nee naw Barrie the one in five jobs guru will tell you that these one in five punters pay tax, ah not so if you work for Pinocchio Sheppherd’s set up, cash in hand there eh Tommy boy. And as most if not all of these one in five jobs are on shitty money it’s likely they won’t pay tax at all and the City wouldn’t get that anyway as our mates at the Inland Revenue would benefit from that little windfall. So what does that leave us to make up the half billion quid which we are told the City could generate.

Just leaves the Tattoo, fine if you can afford the ticket price, which the average citizen in the poorer parts of the City which are never mentioned during this arts love in couldn’t possibly afford, but we can always watch out the window and listen, you might hear the odd bang and it’s free, but don’t tell the Council that as they might increase your Community Charge.

But wait on dear friends it looks like Comedy King Tommy Pinocchio Sheppherd has an idea, now there’s a first. No he’s not crossing the floor to his mates in the Labour Party, not yet anyway, he’s suggested that the Festival could go on longer. Would that mean the City would get more than the half billion fantasy figure which is pie in the sky, or is Pinocchio’s motive a little closer to home. Longer Festival means more lucra for Pinocchio. Its a non starter given that the 100 contracts or so the Council would have to renegotiate would be a bureaucratic nightmare and no doubt cost a few quid. So Pinocchio will have to make do with his present meagre festival earnings or try and persuade his band of groupies that it’s a good idea, and since that lot could be bought for a Gregg’s Steak bake and a can of Red Bull then it’s entirely possible than some clown in the Council will raise it as a possibility.

The Wide Blue Yonder

Friends and readers.

Our readership figures despite the slight blip due to circumstances now rectified are flying high so thanks to all our readers and keep reading the nations favourite blog site.

Now here at Sucks we like to ensure that the mug punter voter gets the juicy titbits that the nationals seem reluctant to print but we know they read Sucks so maybe they will pick up on our excellent investigative journalism. Just as a way of showing we do care, we at Sucks hope our old pal Diedre cobber Brock enjoyed her break, oops sorry fact finding mission to Switzerland at the tax payers expense, anybody bothered to find out why she was there, sure she could come up with a believable reason. Suppose it beats the all inclusive fun packed including full English gut bursting breakfast to Costa plenty, bit harder to swing it on expenses though.

But there is good news as long as you are not of the green persuasion. The Scottish Government has delivered the latest section of the M8, the so called missing link and the benefits should prove positive for the Country, so well done there. New Forth Bridge is about to open and another positive for the nation. Seems at last the dreaded A9 is to see long overdue improvements and anyone who has been stuck behind an Ikea Lorry or tractor will be delighted, this should also benefit the nation, so good news there.

So when all this good news for the Government and Nation is coming forth and bearing fruit do we have a big black hole right here in the capital City. Yes friends we have the worst double act since little and large graced our television screens Adam head scratcher McVey and Primarks own walking advert Cammy squint tie day. Dear oh dear can we not send them up the A9 behind a tractor so it takes forever for them to get back, or distract them with a couple of join the dot books. With the squint tie man strutting about the place as if he owns it and with head scratcher as his bosom buddy he practically does, drooling about Tram extensions and a better class of suit now he has the extra readies coming in. Head scrather is far to busy worrying about how long it will be before he is found out and replaced by someone who knows what they are doing.

By the way why wasn’t Mike the fraud Rosendale dragged over the coals for his criminal behaviour over the Cameron House scandal and the missing dosh from the Life Long Learning fund, ah to late now as he has taken the money and ran. Same with that bloody useless Total Craigroyston shit, complete waste of public money, achieved almost nought and cost a fortune. And some of this new lot in the Chambers want to spend even more money on a not wanted Tram extension that was a priority in Labours Manifesto and look what happened to them at the election.

God save us from inexperienced newbies who thought politics was a good idea and the SNP seemed the best vehicle to be on, have mercy on us and keep them miles away from any decision making. But this mob helped head scratcher to the group leadership, even wee nippy Sturgeon must have toppled over in her designer heels when she heard that one. No mates Sturgeon must be wondering where the next calamity is coming from no wonder they rushed out the good news about roads and bridges, she may well have though about jumping off the new Forth Bridge when she heard the crazy news from Edinburgh and the dodgy election of head scratcher, possibly she might have wished to be stuck behind a tractor on the A9 or better still those fuckin caravans.

And if you really wanted to be cruel send her up the A9 behind a snail crawling caravan being towed by an even slower motorist with the truly awful Lisa knows fuck all Clarke giving her GBH of the earhole. Wee nippy would be throwing herself off the existing Forth Bridge without a life jacket.

The Curious Case Of Flying By Night

Friends and readers.

The nations favourite blog site Pilton Sucks remains as ever bully and intimidation free. For those dead heads who wish to see us shut down fearful of the facts getting out, stick to playing with your Lego while festering in your worthless cabals.

But we will give you something to wet your whistle while the great and the good ponder on whether to waste more taxpayers money on the black hole of a Tram extension. Let’s give the citizens an opportunity to have their say, not likely to happen as even the the tunnel visioned amongst us will tell you that the punters don’t want it, didn’t want the first effort which we will be paying off forever and certainly don’t want this looming disaster.

You can smell disaster a mile off and if Transport Convener Lesley fares please MacInnes had actually bothered to read up on the first mess then instead of being head scratcher McVey’s go for a little common sense might have prevailed. Head scratcher himself has a few questions to answer himself, why did he never challenge his previous boss Lesley Prada Hinds on any transport issue when he was vice convener of Transport and sell the SNP short, and this clown is the leader, punter couldn’t head a bus queue never mind a political group.

Head scratcher McVey is part of the Leith clique who pull his strings as he is not up to or fit for the position he holds. He hasn’t the gumption to tell them to piss off, only to do what they say. Rumour has it that the Edinburgh West Constituency have woken up and realised this as well. Cammy squint tie Day must be overjoyed as his lot are the real beneficiaries of head scratcher’s lack of experience in any quarter. He gave up the SNP flagship of Education to keep the minefield of Transport and infrastructure, what kind of deal is that, no wonder Squint tie in his piece in the Evening News gloats that Labour will get their priorities through, and with head scratcher as his buddy boy he’s right.

Selling out to Labour is no deal and we confidently predict if head scratcher stays as SNP group leader then it will end in tears. More so with Ian yeah yeah Perry as convener of Education and you don’t need any voter management strategy to tell you that. The officials must be laughing up their sleeves as for them it will be business as usual which means for some of them anyway the cash registers will continue to ring, as they tie head scratcher and squint tie up in knots.

To be a leader requires courage and conviction not lay down and be dictated to by a bunch of punters in a closed room, telling you how to wipe your ass. Conviction would have been to run with a minority administration and in the light of what has gone on to date that was the right thing to do. All this deal will do is do damage to the SNP and do nothing to stem the decline. Labour are the real winners, down and out after the election they now find themselves practically dictating the pace and able to blame the SNP if things go wrong, and things always go wrong.

The yes cabal have a grip of the SNP and are trying to get rid of anybody that doesn’t agree with them. They are single issue individuals who have no sense of Community but are part of a creeping virus that has engulfed a movement as Militant did with Labour. Their knowledge base is very limited so for them it’s a numbers game, but with the party in decline they also will be in decline so watch for rats leaving the sinking ship.

A Wiff of Stupidity Or Back To The Future

Friends and readers.

Can you smell something in the air, no not the pollution which has increased thanks to the nonsensical 20 mph rule, more of a smell of a returning doom and gloom and the dreaded return to the agenda of a Tram extension. Phrases like robust business case and clear daylight are being thrown about willy nilly in an attempt to fool the Edinburgh public into thinking this is actually a good idea. There was no business case first time round and look at the financial mess we got landed with. But it seems Adam head Scratcher McVey and his new bosom buddy Cammy squint tie Day are pushing hard for this looming disaster of a Tram Extension.

But here we go, have they consulted any of their fellow believers [there's that word consult] or just going for that good old fashioned rail roaded route. But wait a minute won’t yet another feasibility study be needed, no shouldn’t be as we remember one being done for the previous financial disaster. Under a freedom of information request the information available tells Sucks that indeed a feasibility study was carried out and they still couldn’t make a business case, just lied instead. So why would another feasibility study be needed at a cost to the taxpayer for something they clearly don’t want and the City doesn’t need and we will be paying for forever and a day, and still loses vast amounts of money despite the Lies we are told by some over payed jumped up pen pusher.

Let us be clear, there is no business robust or otherwise case for an extension, we are still paying huge amounts in interest payments for the original disaster and there will be no clear daylight between the original fuck up and the proposed extended fuck up. The Hardie enquirey has not returned with a who was to blame for the original fuck up verdict, so anyone with a pea sized intellect will tell you that any proposed extension is a non starter, over to head scratcher and squint tie to answer that one. Why then would the Majority SNP group want to run with what was a Labour idea and a very bad and expensive one, a potential congestion charge, another great Labour idea and of course the 20mph rule, yes yet another Labour idea, have some of these newbie SNP councillors no ideas of their own or are they to busy licking Pinocchio Sheppherds ass.

Someone needs to give head scratcher a wake up call and remind him that the SNP are the majority group not the depleted Labour group, and if need be he should tell them to fuck off and run a minority administration which is what he should have done in the first place but hasn’t the balls or the intellect for that and his strings are well and truly pulled by the small SNP cabal that crawl out from under stones down sunny Leith way.

If this madness of a Tram extension takes root then more taxpayers money will be wasted on a not necessary feasibility study, it will allow the corruption of the previous Tram debacle to raise it’s head again where tens of thousands of pounds went on lining individuals pockets and corrupt officials who encouraged fraud as long as they benefited as well. Will that be in the expensive Hardie report, doubtful and Sucks would be more than happy to furnish names of people who we know were involved in fraud and theft.

The citizens of this City have to wake up and make sure that head scratcher McVey and squint tie Day do not lead us down another financial black hole and as both of them have no business or financial experience then that’s exactly what would happen, then again even these two jokers might realise their limitations and spend even more taxpayers money on yet more expensive consultants [there's that word again] who will see the opportunity to make the cash registers sing and once again rob the City and it’s hard pressed over stressed taxpayers.

No more stupid loss making Tram shit. Get the basics right, get the bin collections up to speed, fix the roads and pavements, and you don’t need any kid on consultation [there's that word again] to tell you that.