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It’s The Season of Bad Singing.

Friends and readers.

The party conference season is in full swing with Lib Dem leader Vince calamity Cable proclaiming himself the Prime Minister in waiting, only problem is he will be waiting a long time. Mind you the Lib Dems have managed to claw back a bit of support winning a few seats at the General Election so hang on possibly the present key holder of 10 downing street may give them a Billion or two to for their support, not that she would do that would she?

UKIP, who? have a new leader, sorry folks haven’t a clue who it is, don’t suppose anybody cares bunch of wankers, in fact that could be their new slogan, NOBODY PULLS TOGETHER BETTER THAN UKIP, could be a vote winner, or at least a laugh.

Labour have led the way with the bad singing at their conference anointing Jeremy Corbyn as their one and only leader, well that’s until they decide to have yet another leadership election. The comrades clapped and clapped until they were clapped out [every pun intended] and cheered every time someone flushed the toilet which meant at least the shit didn’t stay at the conference, well not all of it. The comrades didn’t want a debate on Brexit or did they no-one was quite sure until the leadership made it clear, yes we support Bexit but we want access to the single market and the Customs Union, but we know we can’t but that dosen’t stop us saying it because the more we say it the more confusing it becomes, WE’ll KEEP THE CONFUSION FLYING HERE, beats the red flag or whatever colour it is now.

Never mind Labour are on a roll and did anyone spot our favourite socialist Cammy squint tie Day doing the highland fling on the conference floor, he just heard that his deputy in the City Chambers Adam head scratcher McVey has decided to install a plaque honouring the fact that even with a depleted group in the Chambers Labour are firmly back in charge, WE’ll KEEP THE TRAM EXTENSION FLYING HERE, doesn’t quite have the same ring as the red flag but hey who gives a toss.

The Tories and fellow back stabbers are gathering for their annual bash and we all thought that they would be applying for Southern Irish passports just in case. Have I Got News For You will have a field day with this lot, and with half shut May all but a prisoner of the loony right then we the viewers could be in for a real laugh. Lining up to decapitate her or offering their total support which means the same thing these loony tuners will be singing anything but Stand By Me, only half shut May will be doing that. Boris basher Johnston is salivating at the possibility of leadership along with his new best friend, you know the tosser who worked it up him at the previous leadership election Micheal treacherous Grove who fancies the keys to the hoose next door so he can further run the economy into the ground and make poverty and homelessness and all the other delights that the Tories revel in the order of the day. Who votes for these horrible bastards.

Then of course and very soon it will be the turn of her majesty herself to totter on to the platform and bathe in the reverence of the gathered flock, that’s after all the decisions have been taken behind closed doors or before the conference starts. Yes dear friends the SNP conference is about to begin and we hear the Leith clique have booked a bullet proof mini bus with don’t blame us written on the side to transport themselves to conference. Ben your honour McPherson offered to drive but pulled out remembering that his back would be facing the clique and you know what that lot are like for backs. Yes wee Nippy will play to the crowd saying all the right things and meaning none of them, and while the yessers wail for another referendum Nippy regards them as a pain in her independent ass, but needs to keep them happy, so it will be a referendum, yes folks another one, but in a time of her choosing, so that’s that then, back to passing resolutions about Fracking and clique building which we understand there will be training on for the up and coming cliquers, how about that then guys and gals, how to organise a clique, possible facebook photo opportunity for leading light in the Leith clique Ben your honour McPherson and his small band of camp followers.

But the party of Scotland, all of it or just a part of it? will crow about how they have put Scotland first, should fuckin hope so, and how they are leading the fight to stay in the single market so the EU can still control things like our fishing waters, isn’t that why the Tories won all those seats in that neck of the woods or was that just a coincidence, never mind Nippy is on the case and will fight Scotland’s corner, the bit just north of Dingwall. We think that a conference winner could be the Pinocchio Sheppherd groupie Councillors like Kate clueless Campbell and Ellie flighty Bird holding hands for a sing song, WE’LL KEEP THE PINOCCHIO SHEPPHERD FLAG FLYING HERE, doesn’t have quite the ring of the traditional version but hey who gives a fuck. Might put head scratcher McVey’s nose out of joint but maybe he will be to busy admiring the kilts of the Tartan Tory element of the party to be bothered with silly songs as he already dances to Cammy squint tie Days tune.

Electric buses, electric cars, electronic voting and electric shocks to wake us all up as the SNP conference delivers homage to the Murrells or at least one of them as wee Nickie will be to busy writing her application for a Southern Irish passport citing the fact that we could well be fucked leaving the EU and that she could better serve Scottish interests by pissing off to pasture green.

Yes friends and readers the party of Scotland is getting together to question what the fuck are we actually doing apart from blaming everyone else for stuff we should be doing. There will be adenments to the amendments and composites to the composites all designed to confuse the delegates and accuse the BBC of biased. Yep it’s the BBC’s fault that the referendum was lost, and yes they can be blamed for another referendum being put on the back burner till it’s a chard ember, and while the delegates are enjoying each others company they can blame the BBC for not changing their name to union loving taxpayer funded broadcasting association, but that would have to be composited, wouldn’t it.

Lets Nominate Ourselves

Friends and readers.

Wee nippy Sturgeon may well be mocking Labour’s current in fighting over who should or should not be leading their tiny band of drones at Holy Rood, but she might want to cast an eye over to the SNP constituency party in Edinburgh Northern and Leith and the clique that are trying to rebuild it in their own image by ridding themselves democratically of course of anyone who doesn’t piss the same way as them.

Currently led by Adam head scratcher McVey the Paisley prat and Ben your honour McPherson who slithers quicker than any known snake, aided and abetted by the truly dreadful Lisa knows fuck all Clark, these three and their followers including Lewis smiler Ritchie and Pinochhio Sheppherd groupie Ellie flighty Bird are on a mission to destroy the SNP unless the foot soldiers agree to do things their way.

With the seasons AGM’s round the corner this is their big chance to get their own clones into office bearers roles, democratically of course and thereby control what happens within the local branches. Sadly it’s not new and it’s all been done before in the Labour Party and look where it got them. By alienating many in the rank and file it will become harder to get punters to do the donkey work to get these jokers elected. That dear friends will become apparent as elections draw closer. Social media is not nearly enough to get candidates elected but these buffoons don’t quite get it and like all cliques they will be the makers of their own downfall.

The hand picked Constituency association will pay homage to their elected clique and kid themselves on that the mug punter voters think the same way as they do, that’s their first mistake, they don’t. While Labour slowly climb back out of the embers from the fire they created themselves the SNP are intent on believing that they are invincible or at least the clique does and that’s their second mistake. A tram extension into Leith may well put Benny boy under threat but he doesn’t have the balls to talk against the clique that he helped set up, so he may well take the chance that coming across as everybody’s friend will be enough to see him through plus a few leaflets and a bit of canvassing, that’s of course if he can find the mugs to do it as the clique won’t nearly be enough to cover the area so he will need the foot soldiers to do the donkey work for him.

It’s a false dawn to hand pick punters, democratically of course, to worship at the alter of the clique, and it gives a very false impression of how the party thinks in general. It’s sensible and right to have voices who cast doubt or actually disagree with certain aspects of policy or strategy, it’s probably even healthy, what isn’t healthy is to have the lunatics running the asylum, making sure it’s only the chosen few who agree with them that are allowed to be volunteer office bearers. Again it’s all been done before and better by the masters of deception Labour.

The Snips have become exclusive certainly down sunny Leith way and have set a course of certain electoral defeat. If anyone is in doubt just look at the Cobber Brock result. Waltzing Matilda now holds a seat which only needs a 1.5% swing to be returned to Labour, not that she’s worried but the party should be as it was the clique alienating people that almost managed to lose the seat for the SNP. But power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely and this is exactly what has happened to the Edinburgh Northern and Leith Constituency. It’s a sad fact that after getting rid of a worthless Labour cabal except Pinocchio Sheppherd who bought his way in, this clique if allowed will see the downfall of the party in the Constituency then look to blame anyone but themselves, that’s always the way with cliques, pass the buck and run for cover.

Food For Thought.

Friends and readers.

Interesting story came our way. See what you make of it. Harry Potter it ain’t. It’s better.

Years ago, Britain was ruled by a dark witch called Margaret Thatchermort. She was a powerful being, who managed to convince many of the muggles to worship her, even though some suspected she did not have their best interests at heart. From her post in the Ministry of Magic, she worked with a power-crazed media mage named Rupert Merlock. Together, they weaved a powerful confundo spell to keep the muggles confused and complient. Eventually, Thatchermort fell, after being hit with an Avada Kedavra curse from her own Death Eaters.
But although she was defeated, her acolytes were everywhere. Over the next 20 years, they slowly consolidated their power, forming secret clubs in their expensive boarding schools, which were essentially like Hogwarts, only every house was Slytherin.
Eventually, the Death Eaters rose to power again, under the rule of David Hameron, a slightly incompetent wizard, who rumour has it spent much of his private time casting waddiwasi on pigs heads for some reason. He only had a small amount of Thatchermort’s power, and he needed more to keep his grip on the country.
Luckily for him, the muggles were still under the influence of Thatchermort and Merlock’s confundo spell. Every day for the past 20 years, papers like Merlock’s The Mug and the Daily Muggle (Run by the evil Lord Daggar) had been printing stories that suggested that the country was under a dark spell from the European Wizarding Council, and that Britain was constantly under threat of being flooded by unskilled foreign wizards, who would either provide low quality spells, or refuse to perform magic at all, preferring to sit at home operating 60″ flat screen tv’s into their lounges, and living the life of Riley off the vast bounty that was the £49 a week unemployment benefit.
This constant rhetoric lead to the rise of a new faction, UKID (United Kingdom Independent Dementors party), who wanted to send all the foreign wizards and witches back to Azkaban (or wherever they came from). UKID gained traction with the muggles, because, thanks to the years of propaganda from Merlock and Dagger, it actually began to seem plausible that the country was under threat of imminent collapse.
Unfortunately, UKID were so successful, some Death Eaters started to worry that Hameron would lose his grip on the country, and so he made a pact to cast the Referenduerum spell on the populous if the dissenting Death Eaters supported him at the next election. Referenduerum was a spell that would give every muggle in the country a choice – to remain part of Europe, or to cloak the country in a permanent fog of invisibility. Privately, he thought it was a low risk strategy, as clearly no muggle would willing choose the isolation from the world that cloaking the country would bring. Plus there was every chance that the Referenduerum spell wouldn’t actually work – nothing would change, and he’d be able to go back to weaving his dark magic on pig faces.
But what he didn’t know, was that Merlock actually wanted the Referenduerum spell to work, so that the country would be unshackled from the rules of the European Wizarding Council, and be controlled by the Death Eaters to boot. And as he controlled the Death Eaters, it would mean that he could effectively rule the country from the shadows, changing laws to suit his personal needs and tastes. His disgusting, disgusting tastes.
In association with Lord Dagger, Merlock ran a misinformation campaign in the press that ensured the Referenduerum spell’s success. Hameron was now faced with casting Brexitus, a powerful cloaking spell that would make the United Kingdom completely disappear from the face of the Earth. Quivering with fear, Hameron immediately quit the Ministry to spend more time with his pigs, ironically losing his grip on the very power he’d cravenly pursued in the first place.
In his stead rose Theresa Maytrix Le Strangle, a dark witch who used a metamorphmagus spell to appear more approachable and sensible than the other Death Eaters. She spent the next year explaining to the British what the Brexitus spell would mean. Unfortunately, she didn’t have much understanding of the spell herself, so she simply stated “Brexitus means Brexitus” over and over again. For Brexitus had never been cast before, and even though Maytrix put her best wizards on it, they were not the brightest (In fact, they made Goyle and Crabb look like Ron and Hermione). After spending an afternoon looking into it, they quickly began to realise that the effects of Brexitus would be disastrous, and that they would need to weave a new confundo conjuring on the populous. But to cast it, they would need to draw more power from the muggles. A lot more power.
You see, belief plays a big part when it comes to conjuring, and the more muggles that supported the Death Eaters, the greater their power grew. And while the Death Eaters already had a majority in the Ministry of Magic, they still still needed to increase their grip on power, by gaining more seats and thus influence on ministerial matters.
And the only way to do that was hold an election.
Which would have worked perfectly if it were not for a man named Corbyn Black. Born to an unassuming background, as a young man Corbyn had once faced Thatchermort during the Minister’s Question Time and lived to tell the tale, the only sign of their skirmish being a small lightening bolt shaped scar on his forehead. A small section of the wizarding community named The Order of the Rose realised that he could one day prove a valuable asset in the fight against Thatchermortism, and so they used an obscurism spell to hide him and his many good deeds from the view of the Death Eaters.
He eventually grew into a wizard of powerful convictions, a man who didn’t always manage to tuck his shirt in properly or wear his tie straight, but he loved his quidditch, and he always fought for the underprivileged muggles of society. The sort of guy you could go for a butterbeer with, y’know? He rose up through the wizarding ranks to become the leader of the Order of the Rose, and a thorn in the side of Theresa Maytrix Le Strangle. Merlock and Dagger hated him of course, because there’s nothing worse to a tabloid than a man of principle. Not because having principles is a shameful thing, but because he can’t be bought.
As the election was announced, battle lines were drawn.
Maytrix promised to give the homes of the elderly away to private firms, sell off the NHS to The highest (or middlish, she wasn’t fussy) bidder and bring back house elf hunting, a particularly cruel sport that saw house elves being ripped apart by packs of vicious manticores. Apparently this was to reduce their numbers, but seeing as no-one could afford a house anyway, it seemed unlikely that house elves were really that much of a problem.
Many believed Maytrix had also been secretly collecting Thatchermort’s horcruxes, in order to ressurrect her mentor, but this was never confirmed. She ran a campaign of fear – fear that things might not turn out ok if she wasn’t there to oversee them. Fear that the country might become flooded with Eastern European wizards. Fear that things might be different.
By contrast, brave Corbyn promised to look after the muggles, offering young student wizards the chance to attend Wizarding Universities at no cost. He also promised to raise the national minimum wage to £10, and to eliminate zero hours contracts, to help those muggles who were struggling at the fringes of society. He promised to put more money into the NHS and the Police, to ensure that when things went wrong, there would be services to help the Muggles. He offered an antidote to a population of muggles that had begun to think it didn’t matter who you voted for, because the wizards always got in. But Corbyn also offered hope – hope that people still cared about their neighbours. Hope that people still believed that muggles of different nations and creeds strengthened our country. Hope of something different.

Crisis What Crisis

Friends and readers.

Our new hallowed leader of Edinburgh shity Council Adam head scratcher McVey has boldly told us that there is no crisis in the care sector. That’s rich coming from someone who has never had a real job and is now playing second fiddle to Cammy squint tie Day who leads the depleted Labour group.

We have done our own research which tells a completely different story to the cloud cuckoo land head scratcher is living in. A disgruntled workforce forced to work under extreme pressure, paid peanuts as told by the Edinburgh Evening News and overloaded with clients to breaking point. A high rate of sickness amongst staff and staff transferred to other districts without any kind of negotiation at all. Staff taking on more duties than ever and all hidden away from the public eye.

Top heavy in management to such an extent that the left hand has no idea what the right hand is doing. Workers who use their cars loaded with clients while those that don’t drive expected to work to deliver a service that require them to move at the speed of sound. Frightened to speak out in case of retribution despite what Chief Executive Andy pale face Kerr is saying about contacting him to voice their concerns, utter tosh.

We spoke to one worker who was transferred to Craigmillar without any consultation and we were told that at least six workers in the North sector were forced to transfer, reminds us of shifting deckchairs on the Titanic. This is a service in real crisis and it’s being swept under the carpet with lies and deceit. We are being told there is no crisis but what we have uncovered and reported is a crisis in all but name. Workers unable to access their holiday entitlement so the client figures can be massaged and all over seen by a punter who has never had a real job in his life but can tell you all about voter management strategy.

A tier of management that haven’t a clue how to manage the crisis so why have them. Head scratcher McVey is not entirely to blame, the funding just isn’t there so why then defend the indefensible, maybe head scratcher should do a shift with a care worker and then he can talk with at least a little bit of knowledge not just open his mouth and read what some overpaid official has put in front of him. We seem to have money for a stupid Tram extension which will certainly cost more than the suggested £200 million, the figure that was plucked out of the air, but no investment for our elderly and frail citizens, a plague on your house, this is shameful so while McVey plays student politics this care sector is burning and he just spouts crap.

Instead of fighting for more funding for the care sector head scratcher McVey tows the party line as he hasn’t a clue what else to do. The ineptness with which this is being handled is staggering but monies can still be found for vanity projects plus feasibility study, consultants fees and back handers for corrupt officials. What a mess what a looming disaster this is, is it any wonder that the once dead Labour party is in resurgence mode.

Playing politics with peoples services ranks of ignorance of reality and complete lack of knowledge or experience and that’s what we have at the top of the political tree in Edinburgh. It’s clear punters vote for the emblem not the person as head scratcher and his band of groupies would never have got elected on ability alone they just don’t have any.

Catch The Crooks

Friends and readers.

For those following the farce of the Tram enquiry you will have seen that no-one is responsible for the gross waste of money, no-one seemed to know what was going on and no-one is admitting to taking responsibility for this mess. Well we know that’s just not true and lies upon lies are being told to the Hardie enquiry and the mire keeps getting deeper.

As we have already said Sucks posted the names of those involved with TIE and none have yet been called. Why? What about the break in, why no police report as to how the alleged thieves got through tight security to steal documents relevant to the enquiry and under the watch of former chief crook Sue three jobs Bruce. Surely she must be called to tell her lies. One of the questions that could be asked of her is, did she receive monies from the company supplying the power to the Trams while being paid a handsome salary as Chief Executive. Also prada Hinds should have been asked about her involvement with the company.

Bruce got off very lightly with a gong and a payoff not including her outside interests. She is little more than a cheap crook who should have been sacked before she got her fingers well and truly stuck in the till. This enquiry should have been a criminal one and not the circus we are being subjected to. These idiots and crooks have cost this City and it’s hard pressed taxpayers a massive amount of money while they walk away and not answering for their crimes.

Any official who was involved in the Tram farce and is still in the employ of the Council should be immediately sacked and named. Clandestine manoeuvres, embezzlement and fraud coupled with complete incompetence caused this mess and those responsible should be made to pay for their crimes. It’s unlikely that anyone will be found to be responsible and the enquirey will come to an end and the taxpayer will be a few more millions light.

This is why we must not allow the current idiots in charge to extend this financial misery and once again lie to us about the cost. Our roads are shit and full of holes our pavements are a disgrace and worse if you live in the decaying urban doom and gloom of the City’s estates, but at least we can relax knowing that Gavin nee naw Barrie the new Twitter prowler will once again tell us that 1 in 5 jobs in Edinburgh are Festival based, give that man an OBE [other buggers efforts].

Nee naw Barrie is we hear another convert to the Tram extension, so this will be his last term then, every rainbow has a silver lining. It doesn’t take an idiot and we have two at the top, Council leader in all but name Cammy squint tie Day and his lackie Adam head scratcher McVey one of the Leith clique, to realise that any Tram extension will be a financial and political disaster which it has already been for Labour and will be for the SNP, you can practically hear Ben your honour McPherson’s ass twitching with the thought of Leith being dug up yet again and the misery it will cause and the political fallout it will cause. No stupid farcical voter management strategy will save you there Benny boy, but you can always apply to be a Tram operator.

As Benny boy is a leading light in the Leith clique it’s unlikely he will offer up any protest over the proposed Tram extension, big mistake Benny boy, it will certainly cost you votes and plenty of them. No point in saying one thing and doing another, the greasy pole of politics has just become a little greasier for our Benny boy. We suggest that the SNP membership in and around that constituency have to speak up and threaten deselection or whatever it is the SNP do to dump candidates, oh yes the bent anally retentive vetting panel. It’s abundantly clear that the voters in Edinburgh Northern and Leith don’t want the Trams extended and if our glorious leaders push ahead with this pending disaster then don’t say we didn’t tell you.

Labour can stand back and blame the SNP when it goes wrong and better still it was top of the Labour manifesto despite the bullshit squint tie tells the mugs about his desire to end homelessness. It is not inconceivable that the SNP face meltdown if this project goes ahead and coupled with their falling popularity in the polls rocky times are ahead. It’s not to late to tell head scratcher and squint tie to go fuck themselves and stick their Tram project. McVey hasn’t a clue he’s a little boy lost but he has the support of the clique but in the end that won’t be enough when the SNP fall from grace.

Surely it’s time for those who oppose this farce to stand up and be counted and forget your special responsibility payments and do what you were elected to do deliver services not preside over the crumbling edifice of a once proud City. Ah you can almost hear Gavin nee naw Barrie shouting in the distance that 1 in 5 jobs in the City is festival based. Well we can all sleep easy knowing that. What a twat.

It’s A Farce

Friends and readers.

The Tram inquiry continues and continues with blurb and deceit. So nobody knows anything surprise surprise about who did what and which fools were in control. Somebody signed the cheques or did the dosh disappear by magic. Clearly Hardie and his expensive enquiry have not been reading Pilton Sucks or they would know who screwed who and for how much.

Millions of pounds wasted and no-one is responsible. We named and shamed the TIE board members and those who pocketed handsome pay outs why are these chancers not being pursued and their assets frozen. This should be a criminal inquiry with criminal prosecutions against those responsible for the waste, fraud and embezzlement. It was a Labour idea in the first place and that’s where the investigation should have begun. Who signed the original contracts, where are these contracts, where they stolen as well when there was a convenient break in at Waverley Court and documents amongst other items pertaining to this travesty were stolen.

Why was no -one ever apprehended for this convenient break in, why has it never been raised. It’s inconceivable that no-one knows what actually went on, but so many lies are being told that it’s difficult to get to the truth. We know that incompetent corrupt officials within the Council were involved so why did the then Chief Executive Sue three jobs Bruce not take action when Sucks outed them, she was to busy lining her own pockets to be bothered with some bent officials. Bruce has gone with her gong and payout so has a number of other useless tossers so Hardie is trying to close the gate when the crooks have bolted. Maybe he can pin the blame on a Social Care worker or lowly paid worker somewhere, as the real crooks have long since departed the scene of their crimes.

Now it’s very possible that this present lot will support an extension to this Tram disaster, surely the Government has to step in to save them from them selves. We even hear a very nasty rumour that newbie Councillor and Pinocchio Sheppherd Groupie Ellie flighty Bird is involved in writing the business case, she couldn’t write her name so the disaster begins there. Clearly you either have to be a Pinocchio Sheppherd groupie or head scratcher McVey ass licker to get on board the dead end Tram extension.

Will the mug punter taxpayer ever find out who screwed who in the Tram big money give away and who were the real crooks who stole and defrauded the City. Sucks Knows and printed the crooks names. Oh and while we are at it lets hope Hardie calls another of the chancers to give evidence Willie Gallaher another tosser who got a big pay off for keeping quiet.

Our Opinion

Friends and readers.

We see that Councillor George the knowledge Gordon has a piece in the Evening News about Stronger North. First of all we have to say that the previous incarnation of Stronger North was worse than useless, well anything that has Willie Community Socialist Black on it can’t be up to much. It was heralded as the great new hope for the North of the City with former Chief executive and pocket liner Sue three jobs Bruce putting her name to it.

This time round the air seems to be a little different with a more inclusive look about it as distinct from the previous mess which was anything but inclusive. We read the piece carefully and it would appear that knowledge Gordon may have realised that the previous effort was a waste of time and he intends to up the bar.

It’s long overdue that a politician might actually know what they are talking about and might actually mean it, although we won’t get to carried away at this stage. It is evident from knowledge Gordons background which we have had a good look at that his experience and all round grasp of issues may just set him apart from the usual shit we get in this neck of the woods.

Let us hope that the new version of Stronger North which is three jobs Bruce free and we hope community socialist Black free sets about ridding the image that the North has been tarnished with. Knowledge Gordon’s piece is a good start but words are not enough as many have been spoken before and little came from them.

Dear Oh Dear

Friends and readers.

So everyone is to blame except us, everyone being the fall guy TIE or Transport Initiative Edinburgh for the Trams debacle. For those who bothered reading or watching the porkies that Lesley prada Hinds and Jeremy card shark Balfour came up with along with consultant to the contractor and former Labour group leader Donald fork tongued Anderson, you may have been wondering who exactly did what and when.

TIE along with incompetent officials we are told kept these and other Councillors in the dark regarding the spiralling costs and bungs which has not been mentioned yet and only told them what they wanted them to hear. Well dear friends this has to be widened out a bit which is what Hardie should be doing.

TIE was set up by Labour and so to partially blame TIE then Labour including Prada Hinds are at fault. And then you have officials who we are told did not tell Councillors what exactly was going on, well who are these fuckers and if they are still employed within the Council then why. If corrupt incompetent officials can pull the wool over experienced politicians like Prada Hinds and co then they will make mince meat of the present lot of inexperienced tossers led by head scratcher McVey who was Prada Hinds deputy when she was convener of Transport.

Don’t forget dear friends that Prada Hinds supported by the Tories wanted the Tram to stop at Haymarket, moving this ridiculous motion delayed work for a week and cost the Edinburgh taxpayer 1.4 million pounds why did Hardie not quiz her on that. Why is Hardie not questioning the massive payoffs that some members of TIE received which Sucks wrote about some time ago giving a list of TIE members, Hardie could have had that info for nothing. If prada Hinds is guilty of anything it is complete and utter incompetence which we have repeatedly said over the piece.

Now we have jobless wonder Adam head scratcher McVey bending over backwards to implement a Labour policy, is this guy a complete wanker. We have another incompetent as the present Transport Convener Lesley fares please McInnes who knows absolutely nothing apart from what head scratcher tells her, so it’s a classic case of the blind leading the blind. This Swiss gnome is so far out of her depth it’s frightening to think what damage she could inflict on this City along with her pal McVey.

This City is in real danger of sinking with these clowns in charge and it’s no wonder Cammy squint tie Day is going around with a huge grin on his face, head scratcher is pushing the Labour manifesto with the support of some of his clueless colleagues in the SNP group and squint tie can rightly say when it goes tits up which it will that he and his lot were the junior members of the coalition and it’s all the fault of the SNP. This is political suicide for the SNP and even in the early stages of the lies being told to the Hardie enquirey it’s clear that any tram extension will be a financial disaster despite the lies we will be told, it’s a certainty.

This cannot be allowed to go ahead pushed by the Paisley prats McVey and McInnes, supported by the newbies like clueless Campbell and flighty Bird who don’t know their ass from their elbow and the rest who have been bought off.One of the loudest voices against the Trams was Norrie taxi please Works where the fuck is his voice, bought off for 40 pieces of Silver. What about Dennis what’s in it for me Dixon, Frank fingers Ross the original gang along with budding Judas himself Gavin nee naw Barrie who keeps his Labour membership card in his back pocket just in case. When these individuals should be speaking out they are silent allowing this City to become further indebted than it already is.

City Councillors are elected to provide core services not get involved in vanity projects which not one of them has any knowledge or experience of delivering. The SNP will be punished if this disaster goes ahead as Labour were for the previous disaster and no excuses or lies will save them. 3 by elections lost in the West of Scotland where there isn’t a fuckin Tram in sight, what do you think will happen to the SNP if they push ahead with this mess. Where the Fuck is Sturgeon she should tell McVey to sling his hook but she won’t as she privately wants to get rid of local authorities and run everything from the centre, and McVey and his clique are helping that along nicely.

There is much more that Hardie should be saying and asking some of which if he reads this he might. Hinds is a chancer always was, she knew much more than she admitted to and this enquirey without asking the right questions will just become another waste of public money and a travesty, allowing the very guilty to walk away leaving the rest of us to pay the price.

In the meantime head scratcher has got to be stopped he’s a baby in an adults world, send him and McInnes back to Paisley and take his fuckin voter management strategy with him cos come the next election the only thing he will be doing with it is wiping his ass.

Blast From The Past

Friends and readers.

Some time ago Pilton Sucks broke the story of serial workplace bullying at the Social work centre in Muirhouse. This story was subsequently picked up by the Sunday Mail who ran a part of the story.

We remind our readers that the serial bully was the then Community Service Officer Jimmy piggy Hewitt who subjected several members of staff to what can only be termed as outrageous behaviour. Hewitt was protected by several senior managers one of whom is the new acting Health and Social care Chief Michelle worse than hopeless Miller.

Hewitt was nothing more than an ignorant thug who instead of being dismissed was protected by people who refused to act even in the face of overwhelming evidence, some of which Pilton Sucks caught sight of. How can Social care staff have any confidence in Miller in the light of her attitude towards workplace bullying. How do these individuals slide from one very well paid job to another when in Millers case she ignored very strong evidence of workplace bullying.

The last information we had on Hewitt was that he was still employed within Criminal Justice and was working out of Riddles Court, still in a position to abuse people. You just couldn’t make this shit up.

Rumours Abound

Friends and readers.

It has come to the ever eager ears of Pilton Sucks that there may be cracks appearing in the Leith SNP clique. Word has reached Sucks that all is not well amongst the brother and sister hood of the clique given the overall drop in support for the SNP. We at Sucks have said consistently that cliques destroy political party’s and this clique is no different. By excluding those who don’t pay homage to them or agree with what they say this motley crew have seen members drift away disenchanted by the power grab to the center.

Led by Ben your honour McPherson ably assisted by his sidekick Lisa knows fuck all Clarke who as an employee of the SNP should not be chairing any part of it, together with Jackie soor ploom Chalmers, Calum pin head Cashley, Diedre cobber Brock and of course the vote management strategy guru himself Adam head scratcher Mcvey, with apprentice Ellie flighty Bird trailing up the rear. This lot have managed to engineer the Westminster seat down to a wafer thin majority with cobber Brock hanging on by her fingernails and certain to lose the seat if she sticks around come the next election.

Now with head scratcher McVey’s determination to push through a Tram extension despite poor City economic figures Ben your honour McPherson could be in real trouble come the Holyrood elections. Benny boy has got to stop trying to play both sides and say where he stands on this shity idea of a Tram extension for if he doesn’t his punters may well toss him out of office come 2020.

This major blunder of a Tram extension will have repercussions beyond costing much more than the mug punter voters are being told. The political ramifications will certainly hit home regardless of the old dodge of ”get the bad news out early so the punters will forget come the elections” no they won’t given the massive overspend and current lies being told to the Hardie enquirey. The classic being Prada Hinds being in despair about being kept in the dark about the mess the whole project was in. It wasn’t her in despair it was the rest of us having to put up with her mishandling of the Transport portfolio, and for a former Convener of Transport to say she didn’t know what was going on stretches the boundaries of the imagination.

Now the Leith clique have to sell the same shit to the Leith punters with the usual crap about learning lessons from the previous fuck up when everyone is denying they had responsibilities, and blaming it on TIE. So they want us to believe that those supposedly in charge did not know what was going on and the corrupt practices that were clearly at play and that those elected to guard the public purse were off duty for the complete time that this fuck up was going on, and this present lot want us to swallow the same shit again, no wonder cracks are allegedly appearing in the Leith clique.

Its up to the rank and file SNP members to flush this lot out or face the consequences come the next election. Who knows if this will happen but if it doesn’t then the Leith clique could bring the City party to it’s knees and they won’t be able to blame it on TIE this time.