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Friends and readers.

Consultations a plenty as the City prepares to set a budget. Difficult decisions to be made and it’s clear savings will have to be found. Certainly looking at the very large salaries senor officials are earning some of these fat cats should be culled. For far to long City Council officials have found ways to thwart policy from the elected members using delaying tactics and excuses for why things can’t be done.

Any chink in the coalitions armoury will be exploited by these over paid punters and unless you are aware of their underhand methods then they will exploit any weakness they detect. Pilton Sucks has investigated several officials and named them on this site as having self interest at heart. It was Pilton Sucks who broke the story of the building services scandal where corrupt officials were lining their own pockets and in bed with several of the preferred contractors.

It was Sucks that first brought it to the public attention when denial was order of the day, and it was Sucks who persisted with the story until it became obvious that there was indeed corrupt activities taking place within building services. Sucks has said repeatedly that the Tram enquirey should be looking far more closely at TIE and it’s activities and looking at the massive handouts some of these asses received, it has yet to do that and we repeat these individuals should be put in the dock, we named the TIE board members on this site after numerous requests to the City for their names were refused, we found them anyway.

Divert attention from the real issue so it clouds what is really going on. We see this in the Edinburgh Evening news on a regular basis where it’s used as a platform for punters to divert attention from their own incompetence. We see in today’s edition 31-10-17 exactly that, where incompetence is diverted into blame, but we are sure that in the coming days Sucks will again be proven to be correct.

As the administration try’s to set a budget amidst continuing financial restraints is it really necessary to have so many 6 figure earners hiding within the Council. Since pale face Kerr took over from three jobs Bruce what has he actually achieved apart from bringing in a pal or two into high earning positions, positions it appears they are less than suitable for, Paul sleekit Lawrence for example, yes we know about that Andy boy.

Local Authority’s have now become bloated with fat cat under achieving high earners who produce nothing and only add to the wage bill of the City. The one and only thing that three jobs Bruce got right was making officials re apply for their own jobs while head honcho in Aberdeen, and making them justify their position, that should have happened here when she took over the comfy chair in Edinburgh, she didn’t and actually compounded the problem of corrupt ineffectual officials who were and some still are working their ticket within the Council.

This is one of the backdrops as the City prepares to try and set a budget, officials who are skilled in talking but say nothing, delaying anything they don’t like or reduces their power base, and that’s corruption folks by any other name.

Delivering core services is the remit of any local Authority, not vanity projects and should this Council go ahead with it’s proposed Tram extension amidst a backdrop of cuts or savings then those that vote for it should be prepared for a short shelf life. The interest alone on the first disaster would make the budget decisions a bit easier. The names of those individuals who voted in favour of the extension should be made public, we know who they are but the public don’t but they should, if we name them some 5 minute politician might accuse us of harassment or some stupid shit like that.

So the citizens should get involved in these budget consultations, will they? hope so, or will they just see it as another fruitless exercise while the officials set the budget and some 5 minute politician complains about harassment.

Pot Boiling.

Friends and readers.

Rumours continue to circulate concerning bullying and intimidation at the West Granton/ West Pilton Community Council. Pilton Sucks has been trying to access information regarding these strengthening rumours and although no-one is saying anything the silence is deafening. What we can say with certainty is an incident or incidents took place at one of the Community Council’s meetings were an individual, at this time unknown was subjected to a torrent of verbal abuse.

What has now become apparent is that the Chair of this meeting Willie community socialist Black did or said nothing while this abuse went on, in fact condoning this abuse. Also present at this meeting was SNP Councillor Ellie flighty Bird who, and this has now also become clear also said and did nothing while this abuse took place.

Both these individuals need to be investigated and if these rumours are true and the strength of them suggests they are then both Black and Bird need to be removed from post. Bullying is absolutely unacceptable in any shape or form and no excuse however pitiful can excuse these two from condoning abuse.

Any chair of any meeting who allows or condones personal attacks or abuse is not a fit person to hold that post. Any local Councillor or politician who sits in silence while this type of behaviour takes place must also be removed from post, or at the very least be suspended while investigations take place. She certainly should not be allowed to attend future Community Council meetings and a substitute put in place.

The minute of that particular meeting will be of public record and Sucks will be able to read and examine it’s contents. We are disgusted that bullying and abuse has taken place and condoned by both the Chair and local Councillor. Let us hope that if there is evidence to support this strengthening rumour then the strongest possible action is taken against those involved.

The Rumour Continues.

Friends and readers.

We reported to you about an alleged bullying incident which took place at the recent West Granton/West Pilton Community Council meeting. We say alleged as the victim of this incident has not come to Pilton Sucks with details of the alleged incident. We completely understand the victims predicament but remain willing to help if required.

As we understand and are led to believe a member of that Community Council was allegedly subjected to a verbal onslaught which the chair of the meeting Willie community socialist Black did not intervene to stop. Also present at this meeting was SNP Councillor Ellie flighty Bird who also allegedly stayed quite and said or did nothing while bullying took place.

If this rumour is true then this is a deplorable and unacceptable situation and action has to be taken against both Black and Bird. We have taken expert advice on this situation for our own benefit and we are told that both these individuals have to be called to account for their alleged do nothing attitude. Community Councillors are all volunteers and unlike Councillor Bird do not get paid for their work. For a Volunteer to be allegedly abused in a manner which by any other name is threatening and intimidating and for both the chair and a local Councillor to sit back and do nothing is scandalous.

We continue to watch and wait.


Friends and readers.

Our annual Prat of the year contest is ready to roll and nominations are now welcome. As normal the process will last 7 weeks and the result will be posted on Tuesday 12th December.

Our current reigning prat of the year Lesley Prada Hinds won the title three years in a row and retired undefeated, so this prestigious title is up for grabs. We are delighted to see there is an abundance of potential winners and we anticipate that the title of prat of the year will be keenly contested. You can nominate anyone you feel merits this award and you can also cast your vote for anyone you feel deserves to be prat of the year.

The nomination process is simple, just suggest the name of the punter you feel has earned a crack at the title, you may also vote for that punter or any other punter you feel meets the criteria.

You can only nominate once but you can vote twice either for the punter you nominate or another individual you feel is worthy of the title Prat of the year.

Last year Lesley Prada Hinds our only triple title holder was the runaway winner receiving 75% of the votes cast. We do not anticipate a landslide winner this year but you never know.

In the unlikely event of a tie for first place the toss of a coin will decide the outcome. You cannot nominate yourself nor vote for yourself but you can get someone to do so on your behalf. So the process is open now, and we will keep you posted of who is nominated. Our first nomination post will be on Monday 6th November.

Voting Frenzy

Friends and readers.

The Greens are revolting, yes they are threatening to withdraw their support for the SNP Government unless wee Nicki and her mob start taxing he rich amongst other things. They are claiming credit for the ban on Fracking and the no smacking of children proposal and now they want more dosh from the well heeled.

Paddy is claiming all the credit but feels left out of the limelight so fancies a piece of it for himself. A bland statement of taxing the rich is nothing new practically every politician apart from the Tories has muttered something similar but still the rich get richer while the rest pay. What you may ask is rich, someone who earns over a certain amount or has more than one house or car, takes regular foreign holidays, or eats takeaways 3 or 4 times a week.

It’s a good idea but that’s all it is as it may provide a difficult hurdle to jump given that some of these rich punters might actually vote for you. What figure would you start at £40,000, £30,000, the lower you start the more cash you theoretically pull in. How much more tax should business pay, should we pay a tax to breath the polluted air that is killing so many people in today’s modern society. We already have the novelty of a bedroom tax but that doesn’t hit the rich, that clobbers the poor and disabled, so what about all these mansions that Scotland processes, would a bedroom tax be warranted there, and how could you implement it, through the Community charge system perhaps, perhaps not.

Maybe we could have a referendum on what the ordinary punter thinks would be a good starting point, not likely the result might prove embarrassing for a Government to implement. Time after time we see the rich walk away from their responsibilities and none more obscene than the case surrounding the pension thief Philip Green or is it Sir Phillip. Multi Nationals not paying their fair share of tax, tax loopholes which the Tory Government promised to crack down on wider than ever, off shore tax havens doing a roaring trade, so by all means levy an extra tax on the rich but let’s get the basics right first, catch the mega tax dodgers and then work your way down.

But as always and the Greens are just the same nothing ever comes of a proposed tax on the rich but it sounds good and the ordinary working voter might just say, hey that’s a good idea, but more likely to say, more of the same old shit just a different day.

Head In The Clouds

Friends and readers.

The greasy back stabbing world of politics has once again produced a corker in our new esteemed City Leader Adam head scratcher McVey. Having got there by default certainly not ability, his desire to do Labours bidding and extend the Tram network is just laughable and at a time when there are 2000 citizens in the City waiting for a care package. This of course head scratcher denies is a crisis so then what number would be a crisis 2001.

The City threw Labour out of office after their corrupt botched management of the original mess, now head scratcher and co want to take us all down that road again. There are of course members of the SNP group that have enough sense to realise that this was not part of the SNP manifesto and it’s sheer financial folly at a time when local services are under severe strain, our roads outside the city center are crumbling along with the pavements, our schools are bristling with discontent, but as long as the cyclists are kept happy at the expense of everyone else then that’s the ticket.

The 20mph zoning causes more congestion and pollution and it’s clearly a pre curser to an inevitable congestion charge by stealth. It’s not that The car hating McVey doesn’t get it he just can’t sell it. The backlash of spending hundreds of millions of pounds on a whim will be felt in every ward and every constituency through out the city and that dear friends will result in lots of votes changing hands as Labour can testify to.

The utter stupidity of treating the public with contempt will come back and bite the Paisley prat on the bum. Forget trying to tell people that they don’t understand and that the money comes from various sources that’s patronising in the extreme, what people will see is money wasted on a project that no-one except the vested interests and the party head nodders want. We have serious infrastructure problems in this City and we need serious people to deal with them, so move over head scratcher your 15 minutes is up.

Scratch On

Friends and readers

The Tram inquiry continues and all the secrets and lies are coming out, or the blame game to be precise. Edinburgh shity Council fucked up big time of that there is little doubt, and if we allow them they will go down that road again with the disastrous proposal of a Tram extension into Leith which no-one wants except the anorak brigade.

Head scratcher McVey, by the way did anyone see him at the SNP conference or was this die hard Paisley Nationalist otherwise occupied, is determined to push through the unwanted and unpopular which should make face book politician Ben your honour McPherson’s bottle twitch somewhat as the extension is in part of his constituency.

But it wasn’t just the politicians inexperience and vanity that caused such a major overspend, we need to or Hardie needs to find those idiots who don’t know which hand to wipe their ass with such as the existing TIE board at the time who have now disappeared with their payouts. These muppets made a complete horses ass out of managing the project while helping themselves to the public purse. There was mass corruption which makes Peter Watton and his former accomplice Eric Adair look like boy scouts, and that needs to be called to account. Money was by any other name stolen from the public purse and we must pursue these criminals and they be made to pay for their fraud and dishonesty.

No-one knew how to run a project of this size and that allowed the crooks and con men to go to town, this was the new Yukon and the gold was in Tram tracks, and didn’t they just hit the jack pot. Will we ever get to know the truth through this shield of lies and deception, even prada Hinds knew she was lying when questioned but everybody questioned is lying to some extent so why be different, let’s all lie together it sounds more believable that way, might as well put Ellie flighty Bird in charge of the proposed extension, at least we would know right from the start it would get fucked up.

But we the mug punters will continue to pay for something that wasn’t needed nobody really wanted but have got stuck with, in fact a bit like flighty Bird herself.

Blowin In The Wind

Friends and readers.

Summer has left us for another year along with ageing lothario Gavin nee naw Barrie’s one in five jobs is festival based routine, incidentally where do all these punters go when their one in five job comes to an end, doon to the local Labour Exchange perhaps, that’s the department of stealth and total obscurity, or job centre plus what’s left of them.

The festival punters and the arty farty mob have moved on to the next party but fear not as another party extravaganza is nearing our doors and the one in five jobbers will be partially back in business. Maybe party animal Tommy Pinocchio Sheppherd can play Santa Claus this year and lobby for Xmas to go on longer so he can cash in some more.

Our own party piece will be coming on stream soon, the very popular prat of the year contest, and with Lesley prada Hinds a triple winner and retiring undefeated the title is up for grabs again this year. Several punters have already shown their hand as strong contenders including Pinocchio Sheppherd groupies Kate clueless Campbell and Ellie flighty Bird alongside long standing chancer Ian yeah yeah Perry, Dennis what’s in it for me Dixon, Adam head Scratcher McVey and our old mate who is now living the dream which is a nightmare for everyone else Cammy squint tie Day. A strong case can be made for Lisa knows fuck all Clarke but she is such a prat anyway that she would have a definite unfair advantage, but it’s up to you the mug punter voter to choose your favourite when the contest officially opens.

We hope that all our readers enjoyed the party conferences, something which makes Songs of Praise look exciting, and while we are at it did you know that Songs of Praise in the dim and distant past came to Muirhouse, it may even be on You Tube if you were interested, unfortunately the Hymn books were nicked so the punters had to mime the obscure hymns that only Songs of Praise could come up with. Never mind at least the word was spread in a slightly more unorthodox method.

Yes party conferences. The Tory party conference was a beaut, a divided, hapless empty of ideas and it seems punters, Government devoid of how to move in any direction under the stewardship of a Prime Minister who is in office on what appears to be a day to day basis. What a shower of wasters, thieves and brigands they are.

Labour on the other hand are in luvie mood as long as you don’t live in Scotland where a leadership contest is underway yet again, with each candidates supporters telling tales on the other, and this lot of no users want us to support them, more chance of Pinocchio Sheppherd saying something, anything worth listening to. But South of the border Corbyn’s crusaders march on akin to the Templer Knights, you know the geezers who chased the holy grail or buried it or something, and the holy grail for our Jeremy is the keys to that black door of number 10. And with his poll ratings on a high lets see those back stabbers who were so keen to off load him only a short time ago change their cloak of treachery and salute him as the next Prime Minister, you never know.

The Lib-Dems had their shin dig, well that’s that then.

And then came the SNP and a book of progress without the stiletto one’s face plastered all over it, that little delight was kept for page two. 78 pages of, well don’t know really but it won’t make the best seller list. They had to come up with something as some of their poll ratings are dropping faster than Diedre cobber Brocks Majority. All in all pretty much as you would expect although the one interesting proposal that came up during the Stiletto one’s yearly message to the adoring but lesser masses was the promise to set up a not for profit energy company. This could be a real vote winner if executed properly, and something that has caught all the other party’s out. We and we imagine millions of others would welcome such a company as long as it delivered what it promised and wasn’t another juggernaut for the fat cat’s and overpaid officials.

The wilful greed of the major players in the energy market is breathtaking and no-one seems able to stop this insanity and legal theft. We the people are powerless and our politicians are completely impotent when it comes to dealing with these greedy bastards. Oh yes you get the bullshit of ” change your supplier” what about the millions who aren’t on line and can’t do it even if they wanted to. For those anoraks who watch the select committee meetings from Westminster, the energy cartel just stick to fingers up to them, and laugh. This dear friends is what happens when you take something that was in public ownership sell it off to joe nobody and let them stick it to the punters. The real owners of our energy market are faceless and nameless thieves who prowl around in off shore tax havens supported by their friends in the Tory Government and leech off people who they don’t give a fuck about, and drool every time the price goes up and turn away when many in the populace suffer as a result of false hyped energy price and the cost of keeping warm. It’s worse than shameful and our politicians just stand back watch and do absolutely fuck all, because they won’t take these greedy ruthless degenerate fuckers to task, wouldn’t want their own share value to drop. This greed is right through our society, it’s an epidemic without it seems an antidote, it’s in our Transport system, it’s in the services we get or are supposed to get, it’s all around us and this creeping virus of profiteering on the backs of the ordinary citizen is something that no political party or Government has done anything about, except get caught up in it and declare that the law is on their side, well change the fuckin law that’s why we elect a gravy train to Holyrood and Westminster, get up off your lazy arses and work for the people whose money you are only to happy to take.

We hope that this idea of an not for profit energy company proposed by Sturgeon comes to fruition and isn’t yet another false dawn.

Digging A Hole

Friends and readers.

Here in the world of Pilton Sucks nothing surprises us very much so it wasn’t a surprise to us to hear once again the rumour circulating about a verbal attack on a member of the West Granton/West Pilton Community Council, an attack which was not shut down by the Chair of this C/C Willie community socialist Black, and which we also believe was witnessed by Councillor Ellie Flighty Bird. Word reaching the ever eager ears of Pilton Sucks tells us that flighty Bird also said and did nothing, not surprising as she would be clueless what to do. Of course as we have only heard about this series of events and weren’t present ourselves then it is still just a rumour but we would bet on it’s accuracy.

Should the victim of this attack wish to put their side of the story to Sucks then we would be happy to print it, but we understand if they wished not to. If this rumour of verbal abuse is true then we urge the victim to take the strongest possible action. This is the oldest trick in the book, intimidate and thereby get rid of individuals who don’t think the same way as the clique does, we already see this type of behaviour within the Leith SNP clique which incidentally flighty Bird is a member of.

Volunteers who get involved with their local Community Councils should be encouraged not bullied or intimidated which is what appears to have happened to an individual within the West Granton/West Pilton CC. The victim has a number of options and we at Sucks would be more than happy to advise if required. If The Chair allowed a personal attack on another member then he has to go, this is unacceptable behaviour particularly from somebody who consistently shouts his mouth off about rights, and then allows a fellow CC members rights to be violated.

We wait and watch with interest.

Rumour Has It.

Friends and readers.

Rumours have reached the ears of Pilton Sucks which we have to say we have some concerns about. We have heard and this is of course unconfirmed that a personal verbal attack was directed at a member of West Granton/ West Pilton Community Council at their meeting on Tuesday 3rd October.
We also understand that the chair of the meeting Willie community socialist Black did not intervene to stop this verbal attack. If this is true then he must be removed immediately or at their AGM.

Debates and arguments on policy’s and and issues are acceptable and in some cases healthy but personal attacks on anyone is not on and it’s the chairs duty to stop any kind of personal attack. it appears if true that the chair did not in this case stop this nonsense and allowed a personal attack on a Community Councillor to take place. To add salt to the wound Councillor Bird was present and also said nothing, no surprise as she probably didn’t know what to do.

Differences arise all the time within groups and that is inevitable but personal attacks cannot and must not be tolerated. As we have said we have no confirmation that anything of that nature took place but our informant is reliable and so we must assume the information is correct. And as all Community Council meetings are public meetings then there will be a minute of that meeting. The City Council have turned a blind eye to the activities of this Community Council for far to long and with particular reference to their accounts not being returned or properly audited.

If the minute of this particular meeting shows that a personal verbal attack was launched at a Community Councillor and the Chair or the local Councillor did nothing then both have brought this Community Council into disrepute. We are sure that the member who was verbally attacked and received no support from the chair will want that minuted and this individual whoever they are must make a formal complaint over both the conduct of the chair and the local Councillor who was present at the meeting.

Pilton Sucks has it’s own views about what must happen, but what we are sure about that a formal investigation into what happened must take place. For Community Councils to be effective then they must retain and attract volunteers. This Community Council acts like a private club with it’s own little cabal, seems there is no escape from the clique element surrounding us. Sucks can’t be bullied or intimidated by these horrible cliques, we take them on and force them to the surface. We throw our full weight behind an investigation into both the conduct of the Chair Willie Black and SNP councillor Ellie Bird.