Bet You CAN

Friends and readers.

Today we begin to take a closer look at an organisation that has arrived in the North of the City from seemingly nowhere, that is until you take a keener look at it.

CAN or Community Action North is an organisation devised it appears by a few people who have managed to secure we have found out between the local Council and the Scottish Government close to half a million pounds, and how much of that will go on salaries and to who, it begins to remind us of the days of that other cabal the Pilton Partnership.

We have also learned that Neighbourhood manager Pete formerly the perm Strong has been involved with this group, why? unless it’s to dish out money that could be better spent elsewhere. It reminds Sucks of the bad old Labour days when they created Community projects filled them with their own supporters and payed them from the taxpayers purse.

We at Sucks will be investigating in depth to see who is involved with this organisation and who is being paid and for what. It would not surprise us if it was punters who have been round the block before and know all the dodges and scams and or have been involved with the Labour party in some form or other.