Friends and readers.

We have now had the SNP’s Holyrood budget and we must say that it rang the right note, well apart from the Daily Mail readers. It’s mildly progressive and coupled with free prescriptions, elderly bus pass and such like we are on the right track. We would only say that those at the top end got off lightly as they always do, but these are the punters who will moan the most.

Harvie and his green lot are holding out for £145 million more for local Government so he’s selling his vote cheaply as three or four times that amount would barely have covered what’s needed to start to reverse all the cuts local Government are having to make.

But here’s a novel idea. Why not introduce a special tax for local authority fat cat officials earning over £50,000 a year and there’s plenty of them, for every £1 they earn over £50,000 they would pay 50p of it in tax which would go directly back into local Authority services. Local Authority’s are now overly bloated with high earning faceless officials earning outrageously high salary’s for what they are supposed to be doing, yet we the mug punter voters don’t see any dividend for this block of high earners.

If they don’t like it they can leave and see if anybody else in the real world will pay them what they are getting from our local authority’s. Now there’s a radical plan plowing money back into services taken from the inflated pay packets of fat assed officials.

For any tax system to be fair it must clamp down on those who cheat the system and close down the gaping holes which encourage tax dodging. It has to start from the top down not the other way round. The SNP budget makes a start in the right direction but it’s only a toe in the water to test the temperature. Too many cheats are allowed to steal from the nation and it is those at the bottom who always suffer.

The SNP’s idea to form an energy company is a good one but where is the blue print, when will it get on stream and stop people getting robbed by the energy cartel who rub their greedy hands together in glee the colder the weather becomes. these are the real enemies of the state, the state that sold off our energy to the private sector and overnight made us a prisoner of those who care not a jot about how hard it is to find the money to pay their rip off bills, and yes once again it’s those at the coal face who have to struggle in order to survive.

The mug punter voters are currently being brain washed by Xmas shit, being teased into spending money they don’t have, by those that do. In reality it’s fuckin bull shit but it detracts the minds of the people for a little while and fills their heads full of crap. It’s a race to see who can spend the most and many are caught up in that race, only to find when the this manufactured smiley face time is over and reality has returned we are broke and what do we have to show for it.

So when you are sitting down to your over done Turkey with all the ghastly trimmings and have managed to find something on the telly which is either not a repeat or wasn’t recorded in the height of Summer, remember once it’s all over the war against the poor starts again where it left off.