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Pick An Option

Friends and readers.

Every now and then we come across a little gem, and this is exactly what we have come across and such a gem we could not keep it to ourselves.

Now this little gem goes by the obscure name of the Development Options Group. What they do remains just rumour and whispers here and there, but we will do our best to try and unravel what it is they actually do and who they actually are. To put it into some kind of context if we can, this group quaintly nicknamed DOG seems to have come about to make sure the Community had little or no say in the house building programme down sunny Muirhouse way.

Originally there was we were told an action group one of 5 within the Neighbourhood Partnership which was supposed to oversee the demolition and rebuilding including the mythical Health Centre in and around the Muirhouse area, something which was well publicized and we have to say a good idea. 5 action groups all to be Community chaired and answerable to the Community,so far so good.

But dear friends this particular action group according to what we have read on the internet has not met for months and in fact it is doubtful it even exists now so bang goes the accountability right there. This particular action group went by the name of PRAG or physical regeneration. So back to DOG, who are they? what do they do? how often do they meet? and who are they accountable to?

What we are told is that DOG is mainly made up of paid officers, surprise surprise who have no association with the Community other than this is where they earn their wages. We may add at this point that there is no sign of a new house as of yet or even a spade sticking out of the ground, but you can still see if you are quite and wear camouflage, our old favourites the lesser spotted shopping trolley and the permanently stained mattress, still not extinct species.

But fear not dear friends we still have the shopping centre to enjoy with it’s bookies and off licences and the romantic sight of lottery tickets and betting slips catching you in the eye of a windy day, ah the headiness of it all. It won’t be long now till it’s a listed site and be part of the Edinburgh tourist trail. But progress waits for no-one and where once there were doors, there no longer is so it might be wise to duck down as you go past particularly on a windy day as said gambling tickets might leave you needing a visit to accident and emergency. There is even a dog poo which has been there since 1995 yes just the one a major shock.  In fact there was a rumour that the Holy Grail was buried nearby propping up the Gunner.

But enough romance back to DOG. Nobody we contacted knew anything about this group, in fact when we contacted the soulless Waverley Court for comment the receptionist who answered the phone thought it was a crank call and directed us to the Samaritans  for help. We contacted the office at West Pilton Gardens for comment but again were told nothing doing. Who are these people that meet in the shadows, and decide what colour loo goes in and how many inches of green space the punters get. Maybe that old fox and regular sucks reader Pete Strong can help us out, who knows miracles sometimes happen but unlikely.

Now we could talk about Places for People, again information is limited but you can almost taste corrupt practices in fact you can bet on it. names just spill off the tongue, EBS, EDI Capital City Partnership and the clowns that were put in charge of these arms length companies. We can only hope that the new chair of Economic Development Frank Ross empties these companies and the jokers who were running them. We desperately need homes in the North of the City so lets get moving and hows this for an idea Community builds, politically popular and the right thing to do.

So if anybody out there knows anything about DOG please let us know, only don’t trip over the Holy Grail looking for information.