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To Vote Or Not To Vote

Friends and readers.

Recently the Inverleith Neighbourhood Partnership met which is open to the public, and to that end is of public record. According to a member of the public that attended the meeting a request for money came from the NEN.

At this point the Chair of the meeting in this case Gavin Barrie would we assume ask for declarations of any conflicts of interest, enter at this stage Eddie Thorn and yes our old pal Prada Hinds, Both of whom have direct conflicts of interest as Mr. Thorn is on the NEN board and Mrs. Hinds Husband is also on the board. So simple then neither can vote on this request for cash. Ah not the case. Our old pal Pete Strong we are told advised the chair that they could indeed vote and vote they did, in favour of the cash hand out of course.

Former banker, yes we said banker Mr. Thorn not only has a seat on the board but is also a card carrying member of the Labour Party, good for him. Mr. Thorn is also involved with the Blackhall Community Council, works for the Church of Scotland and has a seat on their board as well, busy boy. We wonder if Mr. Thorn and pal of Lesleys can enlighten us on the generous donations in excess of £50,000 that the NEN allegedly received or was it mana from Heaven.

Our mate Pete gave incorrect information to Councillor Barrie with regards to conflict of interest, and why would he do that, surely he knows the rules but clearly that doesn’t matter when it’s a cooked up deal between pals. We understand from a reliable source that former councillor Stuart McIvor has been pushing for an investigation into the financial running of the NEN and as we understand an Investigation is ongoing.

Once again when Labour get anywhere near anything they twist it round to suit themselves and their in post pals help them out. But Pilton Sucks is back in business and we will hold these individuals to account. We applaud the efforts of Mr. McIvor in his attempt to get to the bottom of this murky business and we offer our support if required The NEN as many people know was a Labour Party broadsheet by any other name and nothing has changed, Pilton Sucks on the other hand is neutral of any political leanings and cannot be bought and will continue to speak out on issues,  bringing to the public attention issues that others would try to hide.


Friends and readers.

Let us sit down and stop whatever you are doing be it fiddling the leckie meter,  sweating on your lucky numbers coming up or the dreaded baby sitting. The burning question that must keep you awake at night alongside the screaming children is, who really pulls the strings in North Edinburgh and uses democracy as the strings with which to make us all dance.

Alongside the dog poo, where’s  Cammy when you need him? and the crumbling inept Telford College which is failing our local students with their couldn’t care less attitude regarding students who are struggling with their courses. We were told of a student who was finding it hard to complete his course, what was Telfords input to this, why nothing dear friends other than to let him leave without as so much as a helping hand, and that’s not the only complaint we have received about this excuse for a college, rightly we called Telford College the College of futile education and they are living up to it.

This Community has been made to believe they are the tail end of the pantomime horse, while the favoured few used it as a  stepping stone to enhance themselves.  For a short time we had the smell of change with the Neighbourhood Partnership and local imput where previously the Comrades had screwed it for themselves, and they are at it again. For years nothing except what the comrades wanted got done the rest could go stuff themselves, and now it’s back in all it’s glory led by the puppet master Pete Smiler Strong and no wonder he is smiling. No longer has he to account for his actions other than to his paymasters and their cronies, who are now benefitting from the most ludicrous payouts justified by made up rubbish clothed in the smoke and mirrors of accountability and kid on democracy.

Pilton Sucks won’t let them get away with it and will tell you all what these charlatans are up to in your name. For once the door is bolted, exclusion will quickly follow, and no opposition of course. Don’t ask the NEN for support they are to busy rubbing their hands together this time with engagement money, have you ever heard of such utter rubbish. This Labour propaganda rag should be put finally to sleep and if they wan’t to go to war with Pilton Sucks come ahead, only difference is we will win at no cost to the taxpayer. Where’s the new homes promised, not a sign, where’s the new Health Center promised, not a sign but money to take some stupid bloody doors off the that excuse for a shopping center in Muirhouse and who benefits? no not the locals dear friends but a private company, we asked their representative Bob Calder for a comment but he’s to busy hiding. Now these chancers are using the shity state of the economy to sit with their thumbs up their butts, what a great excuse for doing sweet FA.

If this slide into obscurity is allowed to continue then a return to the bad old days of if it’s not red then it’s dead will return and it’s all to clear the shoots of obscurity are beginning to sprout from the crevices and cracks that are appearing at a quickening rate. Democratic accountability is all but gone and money wasted on the loaves and fishes mentality, none worse than Total Craigroyston which we will speak out on soon, never has so much money been spent on so little for so few.

Yes Pilton Sucks will speak out we will not be threatened or silenced, that was tried before it failed it will fail again. You can run but you cannot hide and the Neighbourhood partnership must be held to account. Pilton Sucks wants answers and we can’t be fooled by a slight of hand to much experience for that old chestnut.

Let’s get engaged

Friends and readers.

How much does engagement cost? Strange question perhaps. So let’s see. Recently it came to our notice that the under investigation NEN has applied and received £15,000, yes we too find it hard to believe and for what, yes you guessed Community engagement, whatever that means.

This sum of money was granted by the fast becoming secretive Forth Neighbourhood Partnership lead by the nose by our old mate Pete Strong. It get’s better, we are told that they have applied for a similar amount from the Inverleith Partnership, Let’s hope they are not so stupid. We here at Pilton Sucks are reliably informed that the NEN is under investigation over monies totalling we believe to be in the region of £75,000.

How did this happen, indeed how was it allowed to happen. Can’t sweep this one under the carpet. At this point we must point out that if indeed there is an ongoing investigation it would not be prudent to speculate other than to say if this story sweeping the Community has any basis in fact then action must be taken to clean this up. £75,000 if anywhere near accurate is a scandal which warrants a full scale investigation to uncover where this money went. We have to add that if indeed this is the case then granting more monies was less than sensible.

And while we are at it surely Community engagement is something that the NEN would be experienced at and should not need public money for such a farce. Given It’s political past when it was a slave of the Labour party this indeed shows that if money had to be spent it should have been on education and teach them how to remain neutral in their views. Many people complained to Pilton Sucks in the past about not getting their letters published, and they had the cheek to criticise Pilton Sucks about what we printed yet we receive  no public money.

It’s a strange irony that brings us to this situation. NEN was warned about it’s political leanings but refused to listen, that dear friends was the start of their down fall. The irony is now their pals are back in a coalition they get public money. Strange times we live in.