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Sisters Of The Moon

Friends and readers.

Tonight as we sit and watch Songs of Praise or Country File or worst still try and get the grandchildren to sleep, let us take stock of a story which came our way recently.

Scotmid in Crewe Road North has undergone a makeover bringing in to the 21st century from the 19th century. Subsequently their prices have moved a lot faster and in an upward direction. They seem to have inflation indicators of their very own and make it up as they go along.

But old habits die hard and the punters are still faced with the infamous Scotmid queue where some customers insist on giving their geneology to the assistants while working out which of the vast array of lottery cards they can waste their dosh on. You can even pay by plastic now but you have to wait an age till the little machine heats up. One saving grace though is they don’t have these self service check outs, goodness knows how long the punters would be then.

But our enterprising local shopper knows no fear when taking that step of going into Scotmid not knowing if they will come out the same day or being told the floor is wet and they have to walk sideways round the store while working out how much they are being ripped off by. The pricing system is designed to confuse so be prepared to add 20% to everything.

Nothing is where you think it should be and is reminiscent of the Sixties TV programme  the Prisoner. Although if you are lucky and all the balls fall together at the same time then there is music to comfort you as you cry over the price of everything and that infamous queue. The day one of our unlucky readers went in to get a few things she was met by music to comfort her in the pain of shopping in Scotmid. When she eventually was served she curiously asked what the name of the song playing was. Quick as a flash the assistant who clearly was a music buff replied ‘Why it’s Sisters of the Moon’ to which our friend replied it would have been bloody quicker going to the moon to get what I needed.

Ah the repartee.