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Interesting Development

Friends and readers

In one of our earlier posts, we spoke about Spartans Football and Community Academy, and how it was felt within sections of the Community that they felt overlooked and ignored when it came to getting access to the facility.

Well dear friends it appears that our friends at Spartans are up to their old tricks again. Edinburgh Evening News 20/05/13 ran a story with regards to a possible Pitch share with Edinburgh Rugby. Interesting development. If this is the case we feel that a couple of questions need to be asked of the Academy.

Is it not the case that the pitch is owned by the Academy and not the Football club? And indeed if this is the case Pilton Sucks and we are sure one or two others would like to see the minutes of the board meeting where this was discussed. Pilton Sucks contacted Spartans for a comment but no-one was available to talk to us.

We support this great facility but not at any cost and certainly not a please yourself attitude. We understand that Spartans has a full compliment of board members who we assume knew about this potential development. We would welcome a comment from any board members who were at this particular discussion.

Pilton Sucks has called for a two tier set up, a Chairperson for the Football club and a Chairperson for the Academy. If dear friends it turns out to be the case that this discussion/development has taken place without recourse to the board then this strengthens the argument for a fundamental overhaul of this organisation.