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Total Mirage

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Sometimes here at Pilton Sucks we receive information that is quite simply extraordinary, and the information we have recentlyreceived is just that. Several of us had to sit down and try and unravel this information and what came out was Tram like in it’s proportions.

Total Craigroyston is a Community based project that very few people know anything about yet it has received millions yes millions of pounds in it’s short life and for what. We understand this unknown project has 5 permanent employees headed up by former Children and families chief Christine Mackay herself on a six figure salary. Our own Chief executive the elusive Sue Bruce is said to fully back this expensive Community Project.

So what do they do, in short they are supposed to help kids leaving school avoid the dole queue, noble indeed. So how many to date have been saved this fate. A source close to the project tells us that 50 have been given placements and with who we asked, believe it or not with the City of Edinburgh Council, hell of an expensive process. Who else we asked have signed up with TC, we were told no-one. Since TC are based in Craigroyston School the School benefits directly by getting income from renting space and suchlike, good for them.

So millions of pounds spent and 50 placements achieved and from the people that fund them, sounds more like jobs for the boys. We believe the money could have been spent much better than that, and Mr. Turley who appointed Ms. Mackay on the advice of her partner Mr. Rosendale, a mere detail of course should be examining a little more closely what is actually being achieved here for the enormous cost.

This project is firmly rooted in the I’m all right Jack category, While the school leaving youngsters of North Edinburgh are used as an excuse to create well paid posts for the chosen few. Total Craigroyston is an ill chosen name and does not reflect the aspirations of North Edinburgh, but of course it was and will never meet those.