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Granton Alive

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The wasteland that was the new Jerusalem of the Waterfront is about to undergo a transformation which is long overdue and badly needed. There is much Pilton Sucks can tell you about how it all went wrong, the corruption, the inexperienced people who thought they knew it all only to be eaten for breakfast by quick buck merchants who seen an opportunity for a quick hit and run job.

The appointment of the chancer Stephen Izaacs as Chief Executive who in reality was just a land speculator. We could go on but won’t suffice to say that disastrous experiment is behind us now and the initiative must be regained.

With this in mind we welcome the new proposals as outlined recently in the Edinburgh Evening News 15/05/13 On the face of it these proposals offer substantially more than went before. Pilton Sucks at this stage offers it’s tentative support, we just have a couple of questions.

1] Who Is Mr. Fawcett and who or what does he represent

2] What’s in it for the Community.

That’s it we watch with interest.