Jingling Bellows

Friends and readers.

The heating has been on for those who have somewhere to live and the utility cartels are jumping for joy as the cold weather continues to be their best friend. But never mind that because we have been bombarded by the advertising guru’s to buy the must have gifts for Xmas and bugger the consequences.

The mass hysteria which overcomes the nation at this time of year does little to enhance our caring side and we forget that it is quality not quantity which improves life for all. The obscene nature of some of the TV programmes which delight in showing how much is spent and the shit it is spent on shows just how much we have stooped as a society.

We are encouraged to spend spend spend as well as eat and drink to over flowing levels and we are supposed to enjoy it or be tarred as party poopers. Well fuck that as household debt rises to danger levels again. Many of us have bought into the Xmas race determined to out spend the person next to you and grab whatever shit you can regardless of the futility of it all.

For parents this must be their worst financial nightmare as the demands put on them to get their little darling the latest I Phone shit or the latest X box crap and that’s just for the under 10′s the cost massively escalates the older the off spring is. No longer content with an overpriced make you puke selection box and the Oor Willie annual and such like, oh no fuck that it’s the high tech gadgets that can cause havoc in the sky’s or the up to date communication gizmo’s that are top of the list that Santa has to come up with or you will be forever cursed by your little darlings.

At one time if you looked out of your window of an Xmas morning you might have caught sight of a youngster on their new scooter or bike, not now more likely you will be attacked by a drone or a low flying helicopter which the kid in question hasn’t quite got the hang of controlling yet. The rest of the little darlings are either locked in their rooms killing people on these all to realistic games or sending texts on their new super duper all singing and dancing I Phone in a language which the code breakers at GCHQ would have a problem deciphering.

Probably won’t see them all day which may be a blessing in disguise and if you are really lucky you won’t see them until it’s time to go back to school in their soon to be bought new uniform since they have grown about a foot with all that chemically injected junk food they eat mercilessly.

Yes it’s a fun time if you are a squirrel, just get your nuts and sleep for a few months, until its warm again. Sounds like a good idea gather a few things nuts included and fuckin hibernate, only to be woken up by a little darling screaming that they can’t get a fuckin reception on their new phone.