Keep Smiling

Friends and readers.

We at Pilton Sucks have been wondering about our mate Lewis smiler Ritchie. Councillor smiler had as you will all remember taken leave of absence from his Council duties due to a health issue, well that’s what we were told anyway so we know it probably wasn’t that which led to smilers sudden departure. As a leading light in the SNP leith clique smiler was made convener of Planning a role which he was not shall we say suited for and several blunders later he was on his bike to recuperate.

Well what a pleasant surprise it was when we heard that smiler seemingly fully recovered from whatever mysterious ailment he had suffered from was spotted in his colourful Lycra outfit at the gym within the Scottish Parliament fighting fit and doing the brown nose jive. On further investigation we were delighted to hear that smiler has been a regular at said gym and was now able to brown nose whilst working out.

So we take it that the City Chambers could well have smiler back in rude health soon, and we bet Adam head scratcher McVey will be delighted about that. Our mate Adam may well have to juggle a few balls in the air when welcoming smiler back to the fold given he will know the real reason smiler done a runner.

Rumours are abound about why smiler downed tools and decided to spend more time down the gym brown nosing and keeping fit of course but you know what rumours are 90% true 10% probably.

So as new year is almost on us and the Hogmany party in Princess Street gets geared up for that super duper Jackie Bird free jamboree [she's in Glasgow instead thank god] we can all toast smilers return to health but with a slightly browner nose.