Nothing Done.

Friends and readers.

Some time ago we covered the Cameron House Community Centre scandal and the corrupt practices at play. Now our friends over at the Evening News tell us that there was over £150,000 work on the building without it being tendered for. Now Sucks is nor known for pulling it’s punches and certainly not on this occasion, some fucker got a bung, is that clear enough.

We named City official Peter huffy Watton as the clown who issued a completion certificate when the building was neither complete or safe, and yet he gets off scott free, no doubt blaming some other poor bastard further down the food chain. We named the now retired Mike the fraud Rosendale as another chancer who got off scott free plus a golden handshake for his part in this travesty. Both part of a Council which was given the title of the most corrupt Council in the country.

Officials running wild doing as they please unaccountable to in some cases inexperienced Councillors and in other cases complicit with them. We called for a full investigation into the Sue three jobs Bruce era citing evidence which wasn’t even glanced at, and now we have the invisible Andy pale face kerr and his side kick Paul sleekit Lawrence, yes friends Edinburgh is open for business.

Now that Burns, Hinds and co have departed the scene there is an opportunity to make officials accountable for their actions, no one voted for them yet they can thwart policy at will, take the localities as an example, whereby delaying what was official policy backed by the Scottish Government these faceless overpaid nonentities managed with a little help from the Tories and the treacherous Greens to stop it in it’s tracks, and who was chiefly responsible, yes friends sleekit Lawrence side kick of Chief pale face Kerr.

If the Evening News wants to do a bit of investigative journalism and not just a mouth piece then just ask our old pal and News columnist Steve jambo Cardownie, it’s a cert he knows where all the skeletons are buried, he had his own personal spade.