On The Nose.

Friends and readers.

We have a result for the much sought after prat of the year award. With our old pal and legend in her own lunch time Lesley Prada Hinds retiring undefeated, she was always going to be a hard act to follow. But having had all the votes independently counted and verified the result is as follows.

There were 331 votes cast we also had 17 votes which were ineligible.

In third place polling 33 votes was Willie community socialist Black.

In second place polling 91 votes was Tommy Pinocchio Sheppherd.

In first place polling 94 votes winning by a small margin of three after a recount was Ellie flighty Bird.

Congratulations to our new prat of the year champion after a keenly fought contest.

The remaining 113 votes were distributed between the other nominees.

So that’s it for another year folks, our festive contest is over with a new champ crowned by a couple of whiskers.