Pride Of The Fleet.

Friends and readers.

We hear that our sporting pals at Spartans are looking to expand their interests at Wardie playing fields. Anything that gets people active has got to be a good move and on the face of it this plan has potential. Newly crowned Emperor Craig Graham the current Chair will be aware or should be that Community consultation on this plan is a must otherwise Craigie boy and his pals might just run into trouble.

The great and the good will have to lay out their plans to a some what sceptical Community and convince the plebeians that they tend to be inclusive, something that we hear on the grapevine up to now has not been the case with only a few members of the board in the know while the others are kept in the dark, sounds like an old pals act tut tut.

Spartans has been good for the North of Edinburgh and their facility is excellent and on the face of it well run, but the rumour of discontent coming from some members of the board persists and that if true has to be addressed. It cannot be a one man band otherwise rumours may grow into substance and plans for expansion could well hit the buffers.

Pilton Sucks does not have access to any board papers but if the powers that be were to speak to all the board members and not just the Emperors chosen few then they might well hear other opinions contrary to the party line. We had a look at their web site which is very informative and easy on the eye but there was a glaring omission, why was there no view from the Community reps, there are Community reps on the board, we checked and yet no view from them, we find that strange and yet they have Community Academy in their title.

Pilton Sucks is a supporter of Spartans both on and off the field and their ethos is correct but their publicity machine is a disaster area with very few maybe apart from the great and the good knowing what they do, that’s a huge weakness and again we say there are Community reps on the board but they appear to be voiceless, could that be because they are only window dressing, we certainly hope not.

Spartans have Community status that’s pretty obvious yet no Community voice from within the board seems to be heard, that can’t be correct and we are sure that it won’t go unnoticed.

Spartans play a big part in the Community they are based within and that we think is a very positive thing. We feel that plans for expansion at Wardie playing fields has merit unlike the rumoured alternative school, but we need to hear more about the Community angle and we need to hear more from the Community reps who it would seem are kept as far out of the loop as possible. Judging from what we know Emperor Graham has a lot of experience within the board but it seems he only has time for one or two, that dear friends may come back to haunt him.