Santa’s A Fat B—–d

Friends and readers.

It’s hypocrisy of the highest level for the Tories to moan about a small increase in tax for the better off while they cut benefits for the sick and disabled. Almost daily story’s come out about real suffering and death caused by these dreadful cuts to those who need help the most. We as a society have witnessed barbaric cruelty inflicted by the Tories on the most vulnerable while the wealthy have flourished and off shore tax havens do a roaring trade.

The Tories are starving the poorest to death and when they have finished they will come for the low paid and those struggling to make ends meet. Never in our recent history has so much been taken from those who have little to give and can’t fight back or run off to far flung lands to hide their dosh.

Just listening to these hopeless inadequate’s in the Holyrood Parliament moaning and bitching about a small increase in tax to the better off, makes you wonder what planet they live on, what’s worse is that the stupid fuckers who voted for them in Scotland kept them in Government in Westminster, we hope you are all proud of yourselves and we hope you never have to suffer the pain your lot are inflicting on the weakest of our citizens.

The barbaric ideology that the Tories so worship has massively divided the nation and has brought clearly into view how much they hate the poor and needy.

Such has been the awful state of the Labour party they could only make a dent in the Tories domination while being absolutely feeble at Holyrood, and now with the woolly jerseyed Guardian readers in the guise of Momentum the new Militant tendency gathering strength within the Labour movement, they do not have their own problems to seek, and given what happened to the whole Labour movement when the poison of Militant spread within the movement, we see the possibility of history once again repeating itself.

The media pander to the cult of wealth and celebrity and bow down to adore these nonentities who flaunt their lifestyle while many of our citizens have no home, no means of getting one, little or no hope despite the propaganda to the contrary, and left to the mercy of a Government run welfare state which is now being used as a weapon to strike those who need our help the most.

This is the Tory run Britain of the 21st century, pay homage to the elite while causing devastation to anyone who dares ask for help.