Swindlers, Frauds and Thieves

Friends and readers.

They changed the rules to protect their bonuses in case of collapse. The chairman was former PM Cameron’s ”corporate responsibility” adviser. CEO paid himself more than £6 million in 5 years and while the company was sliding down the tubes he trousered more than a million quid towards his retirement.

The board have pocketed more than £12 million since 2012. Taxpayers money was siphoned off straight into their pockets. This is CARILLON and that is the reality.

Breaking it down. Former finance chief Richard Adam got a million pound package in 2016 and has collected £6.5 million since 2009. Chairman Philip Green copped £215,000 in 2016 and £193,000 in 2015. Carillon will continue to pay chief executive Richard Howson a salary of £660,000 till October 2018 plus £28,000 in benefits.

This is massive fraud by any other name and these creatures must be made accountable for their deceit and thieving.

Former finance chief Zafar Khan who has left the company gets £450,000 in base salary for 12 months. Interim chief executive Keith Cochran will be paid his £750,000 salary until July but he left the company in February.

This organisation run by these criminals have several major projects in Scotland including Aberdeen’s new £745 million bypass and a £23 million platform extension at Edinburgh’s Waverley.

This mess friends and readers is a stark warning to Westminster, Holyrood and local authorities about the privatistion of public services.
While these greedy thieving fuckers at the top of this organisation have been stealing from the taxpayer hundreds of ordinary workers many who probably have families will be wondering how to pay bills and mortgages in February.

We have previously warned our own City Council about the preferred contractors system which is wide open to abuse and certainly does not give best value, maybe now they might take a serious look at this policy, and change it.

it is hard to imagine fraud on this scale and right in front of their Tory pals, although we did go through the mess that Goodwin left the Royal Bank Of Scotland in, and he managed to run off with his pension pot intact leaving the taxpayers to clean up his mess. No criminal charges were ever brought against Goodwin and he almost brought the Country to it’s knees.

It’s almost certain no criminal charges will be brought against the thieves of Carillion and they will slide off back to the rocks they crawled out from under rubbing their greedy hands together. Once again the people witness corporate fraud and once again on a massive scale and once again the taxpayers may have to foot part of the bill.

Peoples lives and jobs will now be affected but not the greedy fuckers who stole taxpayers money, no they get off scott free to enjoy their stolen loot. These bastards should be in a fairer world not allowed to gain from failure, be made to return all the money they have stolen and their assets sold off to repay some of the debt and charged with fraud and embezzlement, but they won’t it’s easier to fuck up the ordinary worker, it’s easier to penalise them, it always is.